Free Funniest Android Apps 2018: You Should Not Miss

Nowadays technology is something which has made life easier. There are ways that can make us feel good through technology. One such way is to laugh while browsing the world wide web. It is said that laughter in the best medicine to anything. One can find humour through various websites, but today you can also have it through a variety of apps available on your android phone.

So now we will consider 10 free funny android apps which can just make your day.

I will bet my boots that you won’t regret installing any of these free funny android apps on your smartphones. Here is best funniest  Android apps of 2018 list, we show you the top apps in all categories that you should download on your phone for free.

1) Snapchat

snapchat - Funny Android Apps

One of the trendiest app today through which people can share their mood, stories and much more. It’s a fun app which includes various fun filters to images and videos. People can chat by sharing their images. Doesn’t matter you are a fat cat or not, you can enjoy using Snapchat from any corner of the world (even if the earth is round. 😛 )

Download app here

2) 9gag

9gag - Funny Android Apps

Yet another fun app that’s popular among people which has a large collection of gifs, hilarious videos, failed images and funny facts. Few things which may not be funny stuff but you can have cute things like furry dogs and favorite comic characters. It also includes sharing and boarding messages.
9gag does not have a single app alone to make you laugh out.

Download app here
3) Funny Jokes

funy-jokes - Funny Android Apps

It’s one of the most popular app to create laughter among people through various jokes (like momma jokes, riddles….) available on it. You can also share variety of jokes through texts, SMS, twitter or facebook. Sharing your reviews is also one of the features of this app. So, create humour to impress your family and friends.

Download app here

4) Talking Tom

talking-tom - Funny Android Apps

This app is so popular that every person must have used it once in their lifetime. Nourish your cat, feed him, playing with him till it’s grown up. Tom is something whose mood swings according to how you treat him. A variety of cats with different furs are available on this app. Various levels for the treasure hunt, collecting coins or adventure games can also be played with your pet. This app is like having your own baby kitten which by you help grow a cat.

Download app here

5) Funny facts free 8000

funny-facts - Funny Android Apps

If you want to know more about your body and world, just swipe to navigate through various facts. It contains 8000+ facts related to human body, laws, science, celebrities, world records, statistic and much more. You can also share these facts with your family and friends by a long press. You will never get bored of this as it contain a huge collection and there are still more to come.

Download app here

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6) LOL pics

lol-pics - Funny Android Apps

This app is also important as far as fun apps are concerned. This app is similar to those apps which are used to create more humour in life. It contains various funny images, videos, gifs and memes. New stuff is added to it after every 24 hours. Just scroll it to find your jam and share it to your facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, text message and more.

Download app here
7) Cheezburger

cheezburger - Funny Android Apps

This app is similar to that of 9gag and LOL pics but different in its own way. It adds a lot more to your fun through its collection of various interesting images, gifs, videos and much more. You can also have your favorite stuff and remix it in your own way. Create fun by starting memes among your friends. Follow various Cheezburger sites, friends and profile you find.

Download app here

8) Memedroid

memedroid -Funny Android Apps

As the name suggest, the app contains a huge collection of memes to make you day more fun. You can also create a meme of yours. Share and vote for your favorite meme from funny people around the world to celebrities and politics. Get new meme each day. Become popular user of memes and connect with memes and fun lovers across the world through this app.

Download app here

10) Mixbooth

mixbooth - Funny Android Apps

Want to have fun with your photograph and someone else? Merge them together and enjoy funny image this app would create. You can also do it with your favorite celebrities. Merge two images together without the use of various software and save it to your gallery or share the result with you family and friends via. Mail, facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and more.

Download app here

11) Make me old

make-me-old - Funny Android Apps

Want to see how you would look when you grow old? Go for this app. Select any image of yours and turn it into a picture of the age of your grandparents. You can even add things like glasses or moustaches to old you and laugh over it. Save the result to your gallery or share it via social networking sites with your friends and family.

Download app here

Wrapping up

So far we have come across various applications for android phones to make your day fun and happy. Life is not about being serious, it’s about humor and fun which you can get even being at one place on your android phone that is not only good but great.

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