How TO Do Free Retargeting Using Messenger Chatbots : Tutorial

Free Retargeting using Messenger Chatbots

In this tutorial, we will show how you can use Messenger chatbots to retarget your target audience on Facebook for free.

You might already have learned about the concept of Facebook Ads and while you were researching, you might have found it to be a time-consuming affair and installing Pixel, on the other hand, for every client website can give you cerebral pain. We will be using Chatfuel to make you understand how to use Messenger bots for retargeting.

We will be creating a cart abandonment bot using Chatfuel for an e-commerce.


Build your product or Funnel using the ‘Gallery’ card.


For the product, you created, add a plugin named ‘Set up user attribute.’ In the USER ATTRIBUTE section, mention the name of your product. In the VALUE section, put it under ‘seen.’


For revealing the drop-down menu, click on the yellow triangle of caution. Open the ‘Advanced Settings’ option and in the ‘AFTER PURCHASE SHOW THESE BLOCKS’ field, create a new block, say ‘thank you.’


The new block you created will carry the acknowledgment message from you to the users. It will be automatically sent to the users after they have placed an order. Now, repeat STEP 2, the VALUE field to be changed from ‘seen’ to ‘purchased.’


Now comes the trickiest part! Open your dashboard and switch to ‘BROADCAST’ tab. In the Broadcast tab, add a new SEQUENCE. Now for setting up the behavioral retargeting, click on the USER FILTER button on right side which will appear only when your store is connected to chatfuel.

The users will now be retargeted to the product we created in STEP 1.


The best thing about Messenger chatbots is that it allows retargeting the users and people for free. However, some click-through and high open rates are also available if you want to go to the next level of Facebook ad campaigning.

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