FreshLearn Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype? (Pros & Cons)

FreshLearn Review

Overall Verdict

FreshLearn is a course creator platform that enables you to transform your knowledge into a profitable company by enabling you to develop and sell online courses.

Out of 10


  • Reports provide information about a student’s course progress.
  • All-in-one no-coding platform
  • Collaboration Tools
  • With no deadline, they have drip courses, more Zapier triggers/actions, and connectors in their plan.
  • Outstanding value for money.


  • Limited integrations. To address this, I advise them to provide extensive webhook management like Teachable.


Price: $ 25

Looking for Unbiased FreshLearn Review? Don’t Worry I got you covered.

Make an impact and expand your audience by using FreshLearn (formerly FreshLMS) to share your knowledge and talents with others.

Sharing your knowledge and experiences may be quite rewarding, particularly when you realize how you can help others improve.

Even if you believe you lack the confidence to educate others

Individuals, the notion of creating an online course appears appealing since an increasing number of individuals are doing so.

FreshLearn Review

Online courses have grown in popularity over the last several years as a result of the growing needs of individuals seeking education through the internet.

And, given the present pandemic scenario, online courses are highly recommended since they encourage participants to spend the majority of their time safely at home.

The following article discusses FreshLearn, a course creator platform that enables anyone to simply build and deploy online courses.

What Is FreshLearn?

FreshLearn is a course creator platform that enables you to transform your knowledge into a profitable company by enabling you to develop and sell online courses.

This course platform enables you to build, modify, and sell online courses, with everything from landing pages to payment processing handled by the platform.

FreshLearn enables you to create and sell courses on your learning platform. With 100 percent Whitelabel operations, our technology works quietly (and intelligently) in the background, creating an unseen yet critical pillar of support for your organization.

FreshLearn Review

Experiment with the appearance and feel of each course piece. Whether you’re looking to develop custom sales landing pages to gather leads, customize enrollment pages, or alter CTA buttons, there’s a prepared option for you.

FreshLearn allows you total control over how you customize your user experiences, encouraging learners to return for more.

How Does FreshLearn Work?

Begin with FreshLearn; after logging in, you’ll get a dashboard with quick access to metrics on your courses. Analyze the statistics for your courses collectively or individually.

To build a course, FreshLearn provides you with everything you need, from course development to a payment page. Furthermore, the complete system is as easy to use as Click and Add!

Modules and chapters are used to categorize FreshLearn courses. You’ll populate them with embedded videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sources, as well as audio, papers, and brief evaluations.

Keep your eyes peeled – in a moment, we’ll take a closer look at evaluations! Additionally, you’ll develop a short course description for your landing page and assign a price to this bad boy.

Once you’ve connected your payment gateways, you can begin receiving payments — it’s as simple as creating a Stripe or PayPal account. Additionally, FreshLearn configures a fully configurable checkout page that includes Terms and Conditions.

FreshLearn allows you to add a welcome screen for lead generation to evaluations, where you may record the user’s information. And, before you ask, FreshLearn integrates with marketing platforms like Hubspot and Mailchimp.

Then it’s time to generate questions! Simply click “Add Question” and it will be added. However, FreshLearn allows for more customization.

For instance, there are many response types available, as well as the ability to include a timer for each question. All of these modifications are visible in real-time!

Only a few more points to discuss, To begin, go to settings and create unique branding by uploading a logo and picking colors that correspond to your business. You will white label the URL in the Domain Manager.

Finally, after a minute of rocking and rolling, you may see extensive metrics such as comment reports, favorite and disliked chapters, and course performance.

Prepare your course material! With FreshLearn, you’re just minutes away from putting your knowledge in the hands of your students.

Who Is FreshLearn For?

It is for anybody interested in developing and marketing online courses, without the requirement for technical expertise.

Using FreshLearn, you may construct your courses with a simple editor and then offer those courses to your students.

It also allows video and audio files, and you can even submit your files and sell them as digital content.

It is a terrific platform for newbies who wish to offer online courses.

Major Features of FreshLearn

One of the features I like the most is how straightforward the platform seems and how it instills a feeling of security in its customers via its design and user-friendly interface.

This part will provide a summary of the software’s contents, so you’ll have a better sense of what to anticipate after purchasing the package.

1. Affiliates:

Additionally, FreshLearn enables you to develop an affiliate network for your online courses, allowing users to promote the courses and earn rewards when new members enroll.

Apart from the five previously stated functions, Apps, Catalogue, and Settings are also available.

2. Reports:

This section allows you to create exams and quizzes for your participants.

3. Courses:

This is where you can access all of your online courses and also where you can create new ones.

4. Members:

This feature displays information about your members, including their complete names, email addresses, phone numbers, and the date/time they were created/added.

5. Dashboard:

The dashboard is a convenient way to see data in one location.

It provides you with a summary or overview of your platform’s courses, members, income, sales, and course activity.

Major Benefits of FreshLearn

If you’ve been looking for a simple and user-friendly platform to educate your audience about your learnings and methods, consider FreshLearn.

FreshLearn is a cloud-based course creator platform that enables content producers to monetize their skills, expertise, and interests via the creation and sale of online courses.

It’s a no-code program that enables users to establish online courses in less than a day and has incredible features to get your first online course off the ground.

1. App Integration: 

FreshLearn was built for content producers, which is why the developers made it simple to link with third-party systems like as FreshLearn was built for content producers, which is why the developers made it simple to link with third-party systems like as Zapier, Slack, Google Drive, HubSpot, and Dropbox. 

Therefore, if you like to earn money by providing educational information, FreshLearn will assist you in achieving your goals in a short period.

2. All-in-one no-coding platform: 

The all-in-one software also includes a feature-rich video player, allowing you to provide a world-class experience to your subscribers like never before.

Additional options include those for uploading and embedding films, generating and adding documents, and making quizzes.

Thus, they will not miss out and will be able to see your courses wherever they travel.

3. Collaboration Tools: 

Additionally, the platform has tools that enable you to engage with users and provide them with access to your courses from any device.

4. Personalization:

Additionally, FreshLearn enables you to manage every aspect of the platform, including your audience, payment methods, and style.

In this manner, you may restrict access to your online course to members while still collecting money straight to your bank account without incurring any fees.

Additionally, you may offer certificates to participants who successfully finish the course.

This incredible all-in-one platform enables you to construct a variety of various sorts of sales pages, establish an affiliate program, offer discounts, and integrate with online marketplaces.

FreshLearn Pricing:

FreshLearn Free Trial:

Other online course systems provide free trial periods. This is not the case with FreshLearn.

FreshLearn offers a free, perpetual plan. This is a significant distinction from other online education systems.

Certain functions are restricted on the free plan. However, the free plan teaches you how to utilize it.

It is perpetually free.

– more than enough time to decide if it’s worth migrating from other platforms or starting from scratch!

Come have a look around and see how simple it is to use. Please contact the FreshLearn support staff if you have any difficulties while using the program. They should be able to assist you promptly and courteously.

FreshLearn Pricing

I’ve benefited from the FreshLearn team’s assistance several times.

They have one free plan (explained in detail above) and two pricing plans to offer –

Pro ($ 25 per month or $ 299 per year):

This one has all the must-have features that you may be needing for your business.

No Brainer ($ 59 per month or $ 499 per year):

This one has all the advanced features that you will need to grow your business rapidly.

FreshLearn Pros and Cons:

FreshLearn Pros

  • Reports provide information about a student’s course progress.
  • With no deadline, they have drip courses, more Zapier triggers/actions, and connectors in their plan.
  • Only focused on courses – this seems to be a positive thing, in contrast to Invanto, which is sparsely dispersed throughout other regions.
  • Outstanding value for money.
  • It seems to have a strong in-built video hosting capability and a fast loading speed.
  • Appropriate UI/UX.
  • Whitelabel capability – very beneficial if you’re in the agency industry.

FreshLearn Cons

  • Limited integrations. To address this, I advise them to provide extensive webhook management like Teachable. 

FAQs On FreshLearn Review 2024:

Where is FreshLearn from?

FreshLearn is a firm incorporated in the United States of America. They are adamant about working with faraway cultures. As a result, their crew is distributed globally.

What are the channels of customer support at FreshLearn?

They would be delighted to assist you by chat, zoom call, or email. Additionally, the full support material is available on their website.

Does FreshLearn do your migration?

Yes, without a doubt. You only need to subscribe to a Pro or No Brainer yearly subscription, and they will move all of your students and enrolments. They will complete four courses for pro and eight for the No Brainer Plan.

Do FreshLearn member's payments hit my bank directly?

Yes, you link the payment gateways to your account, and any payments made by your members will be sent straight into your bank account.

Is FreshLearn cloud-based?

Yes, it is a cloud-based solution. You may access this tool from any location that has an internet connection. You may easily create an online course website builder by using FreshLearn.

Is FreshLearn a Saas?

Yes, FreshLearn is a SaaS application (Software as a Service). That is, you pay for the service you need or want. It is a well-known tool for creating an online course website.

Is FreshLearn secure?

Although security is ultimately dependent on the development of the tools, this tool's payment is protected through a payment gateway. This transaction is protected by the AppSumo secure payment gateway. There has been no breach of this payment method so far.

Is FreshLearn hard to learn?

It's simple to utilize our online course website building tool. FreshLearn features are naturally designed to assist users in getting the most out of each item.

Why you should use FreshLearn?

If you're unsure whether you should get FreshLearn or not, you may identify your pain points while establishing online course websites and then compare their features. You may then select whether or not to purchase this tool.

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Conclusion: FreshLearn Review 2024

FreshLearn is a more affordable option to other platforms, and the price is well worth the lifetime access to infinite capabilities.

Additionally, the web software eliminates the need to learn how to code, allowing users to concentrate on providing high-quality material rather than developing sites and starting courses from scratch.

Due to the lucrative nature of the online course business, FreshLearn allows you to receive payments without incurring transaction costs during your first launch.

As noted before, you may expect a full refund within 30 days if you feel the course is too basic or too advanced.

However, with all of the incredible features, I doubt you’d have second thoughts about purchasing the device.

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  1. Freshlearn has been an absolutely horrible experience. They claim to have 24/7 support however support is more like 5/7 support and never available on the weekends. When you do get in touch with support, they never have the correct answers. What not to expect: 1) 24/7 support, 2) no business email integration, 3) no website SEO or optimization, 4) claim to be US based but all roads lead to India.

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