5 Enticing Perks Of Working As a Full Time Blogger

With time the blogging world has changed its trend and people are pursuing this even as Full-time profession. There are many advantages of blogging and that is why it has become my professional career. You can start blogging in many different ways; you can join a blogging company or start with your own blog.

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It has also been one of the simplest ways to mint money from home. Below are some points I have mentioned as to why you should get your laptop and start blogging right after reading this article.

Have a look at 5 Perks Of Working As a Full Time Blogger.

Full Time Blogger

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1) Have Your own Working Hours 

If you are blogging, you don’t need any set of working hours from morning 8 till evening 5 types. You can work according to your own convenience and ease. And when you switch from part time to full time blogging, you can give more time.

Now before you join the world of bloggers, I would advise you to take into account all the aspects, i.e. you have your liberty and can do anything, you can plot your work and work on it. You are the boss here. No limits at all.

Check out this video : blogging as a career option

2) Work with Full Energy 

Now get up in the morning with full energy and start blogging. You must be in a routine of going to the office in the morning, and then come back in the evening all tired and start writing for your blog.

It’s a difficult thing to cope-up with. Your boss used to slurp all the energy out of you so you favored sleep instead of working. But with blogging as a full-time career, you can choose your own working hours and work enthusiastically.

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3) Work with Full Concentration

Here no one will ever give you orders. You can work without any other thought in your mind. You can give full devotion to your work and write more and more number of posts in a day. You can perform your work in a planned way. Everything for you becomes focusing on work, simple and disapproving your work.

4) Find Clients with Ease

If you provide services such as blog consultancy, blog designing or any other services related to blog then you can be available to them all the time. You can dedicate your time to your client and in the meantime find new ones.

So all in all there is no time limit and no frustrations.

5) Buildup your Blog Revenue Easily

All the topics mentioned above will lead to increase in blog revenue. You can easily beat your monthly salary with blogging. If you have the luck running along with you then you will get more and more work from time to time. You can easily earn two to three times you day job salary.

If I tell you my story, when I left my day job and started blogging, I was actually making more profit out blogging than the latter. And now my income from writing articles has increased enormously by ten times!

What more to say?

Blogging also includes the social networking part where you have to answer people’s questions and for that to happen in a systematic way you have make reading a habit.

You should have basic good writing skills, SEO skills and soft skills to an A grade blogger.

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  1. Top, top post. 😀
    I think Blogging is surely going to be a popular career option in the years to come.

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  3. Emmanuel

    Hi Jitendra,

    If there is one thing I am tempted to add,it has to do with the sort of freedom blogging has to offer.
    Having the power to devise your own means of making some cash is really interesting and blogging of course offers such luxury.

    That was a wonderful piece highlighting the benefits of working as a blogger. Do have a great weekend bro.

    PS: I found this on kingged.com

    • Thanks Emmamuel. Blogging is certainly a beautiful way to earn while you enjoy life!!

  4. Hii Jitendra,

    you covered a very impressive topic which everyone wish to read and know more about it. These 5 Perks of Working as a Full Time Blogger is explained in this article in a balanced way and the purpose of this article is very clear.

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