Fully Managed Cloud Hosting By Cloudways 2022 : All PHP Hosting Needs Solved

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Development always looks like a tedious job involving several hiccups and unwanted code disruptions. Yet, after completing the tough development process, the next big thing comes for the developers is to deploy that newly built application onto the hosting server.

With just a little initial assistance, most of the hosting servers don’t provide detailed deployment support to its customers. That makes tough for the users to fully maintain their applications keeping up with the dev process also on track on the server. That is where Managed web hosting for PHP comes into play and gives ease to the users to lay back with the server management job.

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting By Cloudways- Cloud Hosting

From reliability to speed, scalability to backups, Managed cloud hosting gives you several benefits which a conventional hosting solution simply doesn’t offer. It gives a sense of freedom to the dev administrators and saves their lot of time while keeping the server management easy.

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So, here’s what Cloudways is renowned for, a completely Managed cloud hosting solution providing advanced web features and optimum security support. Let’s dive down deep and see its platform more in detail:

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting By Cloudways 2022: Is It Worth The Hype??

A Little Introduction about Cloudways

Cloudways is one of the tops Managed cloud hosting providers in the world, having more than 60+ global data centers and thousands of worldwide customers. The platform is affiliated with some of the top Cloud providers in the world, including Amazon, Google Cloud Engine (GCE), DigitalOcean, Linode and Vultr.

Managed Cloud Hosting Platform- Cloudways Cloud Hosting

It is a perfect platform for the web agencies, online stores, retail hubs and other business entities to host their web application. From deployment to maintenance, the platform provides a complete managed to host solution with top of the line web tools and security features. It has several benefits to offer and is highly rated as the most affordable Cloud hosting solution in the market.

Below are some advanced features of Cloudways which make its name top on the list of managed cloud hosting service providers. 

Cloudways Thunderstack

To optimize the application’s performance from the core, Cloudways provides a powerful stack of tools called Thunderstick. This stack comes pre-configured with some of the known performance optimization tools including Redis, Memcached, Varnish, PHP-FPM, Nginx and many others. The primary purpose of Thunderstick is to give ease to the users in managing the performance of their application.

Cloudways Cloud Hosting- Features

Thunderstack comes pre-configured on every newly launched Cloudways application, giving flexibility to the users to not configure those tools manually. Moreover, managing these tools from the stack is also pretty easy, as it gives a simple option to enable/disable them according to your project needs.

Install Servers & Apps in One-Click

You can launch a server on Cloudways in just a matter of minutes, as the platform provides you easy one-click server launch with no extra manual configuration required. This features ease out the complex server setup process and allow users to focus more on the infrastructure details.

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting By Cloudways- Computer Hosting

Simply choose your preferred Cloud provider, server location and desired application, the platform takes care of the rest of the installation itself. So, just in a few clicks, your application gets ready on the platform configured with some of the best web optimization tools.

Automated Backups & CloudwaysBot

Cloudways provides automated data backups to ensure effective redundancy in case of any accidental failure. The platform also allows site administrators to set up their own backup schedule according to the server requirements. The backup feature gives administrators a sense of relief regarding the safeguarding of data, as the lost data could be easily retrieved back from the neighboring servers where data is mirrored.

The platform also has a very unique reporting tool called CloudwaysBot. It is built quite artificially, as it gives regular status updates, new feature notifications and other alerts about the server.  It is a very handy tool that also provides useful tips to optimize server and database performance. 

Cloudways Cloud Hosting- Innovative Platforms

Staging Environment

Cloudways provides a very unique site testing feature called Staging environment. It allows site administrators to easily test their newly built application on a separate testing server. This gives a great deal of flexibility to the users to trail out their applications for possible errors and bugs before taking them live.

The platform provides a separate domain where you can deploy applications and test its new features. Using some error logging tools, Cloudways Staging environment is pretty useful to know about the application’s run-time performance.

Pricing Plans:

Fully Managed Web Hosting By Cloudways- Pricing Plans

Install Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

Ensuring web security is one of the core jobs of site administrators and hosting platforms plays a huge role in it. Cloudways provides free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on its platform that helps protects web applications from various malicious attacks. The installation process of SSL certificate is also quite simple and could be done within minutes.

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting By Cloudways-SSL Certificate

Apart from just using Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate, the platform also allows site administrators to integrate external certificates. 

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Final Words: Fully Managed Cloud Hosting By Cloudways 2022 

Summarizing the above, Cloudways is one of those top Cloud hosting services in the market which provides optimized deployment and server management solution. The platform has a global footprint with more than 60+ data centers and ever-growing user community. It provides several pre-configured tools that help in optimizing app performance and giving users the ease to manage apps on the server easily.

So, if you still want to know more about the platform or have some questions regarding it, feel free to write down your queries below in the comments section.

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