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Ease of use
Funnel Building


  • Lightning-fast quick stats
  • Cookieless tracking made easy
  • Unlimited custom domains*
  • High accuracy IP/Device data
  • Fast global redirects
  • Powerful, flexible reporting
  • Visual funnel building
  • Redirect or Javascript tracking
  • Exclusive Integration with the Optimizer
  • Lifetime Value Tracking


  • Technical knowledge required
  • Only 14 days free trial

FunnelFlux is a platform to track your marketing campaigns - from Facebook, Google Adwords, Taboola, email activities or anything you can think of. Many marketers say Funnel Flux is best funnel tracker in the market. It is powerful tracking solution and easy to use interface because FunnelFlux doesnt limit essential features at entry price.

Price:$ 49.5

In this post, we have featured FunnelFlux Review that includes all the detailed insights about its pricing, feature, and functionality. Also we will share FunnelFlux discount coupon code to save you $75 on their plans. 

Are you tired of trackers that somehow burn your money at high volume? Yes! Many times the costs get super high but in return, the results are not up to the mark. At some point in our Ads campaigns, we don’t have any idea of which ad targeting is converting the traffic and which one is just wasting our time and money.

Bottom Line Upfront: FunnelFlux is one the best marketing tool for campaign optimization and tracking. As FunnelFlux is constantly developing new features and improving the old features. FunnelFlux allows you to you can see how much money you spent on each of your existing traffic sources, how much revenue has been generated by the leads from those traffic sources, independently. This helps you in doing better campaign optimization to save your money. We highly recommend FunnelFlux Get 14 Days Free Trial

FunnelFlux Pro Reviews

What if I tell you, a new sales and funnel tracking software called FunnelFlux lets you try its services at $1. FunnelFlux lets you do things that other trackers can’t imitate. With FunnelFlux you can easily have the x-ray vision and uncover all the hidden pages right for any types of funnels.

FunnelFlux generally allows you to find out the most profitable traffic segments and also the non-profitable ones. Let’s take an example here-

Assume you do have a squeeze page and then you are promoting products on the backend. Basically, you are sending traffic to the squeeze page right through multiple channels like Solo Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads, etc.

And in the of the day, you will be quite interested in finding out where your ad spends is best allocated. That’s what FunnelFlux does, with tracking software like FunnelFlux you can easily find out how much money you are spending on all of the traffic sources and also how much revenue has been generated by the leads from those traffic sources easily without putting any efforts.

Right with these valuable data you can make changes on your ads targeting in order to only pay for the converting traffic and simply stop wasting time and money on the non-converting ads. And from a marketing point of view, that’s called as the fully fledged campaign optimization and FunnelFlux is the best software for this purpose.



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FunnelFlux Review 2021

What Is FunnelFlux?

Basically, FunnelFlux is a visual tracker that lets you relocate visual representations of your squeeze pages,  landing pages, your CPA, and Clickbank offers – and also monitors every one of the clicks and transformations.

FunnelFlux review 2018

If you really don’t have any idea of which traffic sources are profiting and which ones are just wasting your money then at that point, you will need-  FunnelFlux.

Other than using FunnelFlux as a tracker you can easily use it as a FunnelBuilder-(The Heart Of FunnelFlux). Just use the visual editor to simply build simple or complex funnels in minutes. You can simply select a funnel to preview up-sell & cross-sell, email opt-in funnel, typical affiliate funnel, advanced routing and more.

Why Use Softwares Like FunnelFlux?

At the point when a visitor comes on your site, they are entering your “funnel”. Do they click on another page, or subscribe into your pamphlet? Do they navigate on an affiliate link and purchase, or leave that business page without buying?

What they do next is impossible to say, except if you have advanced tracking introduced on your site. Google Analytics can help to a specific degree, however, when you pay for the traffic, you have to know precisely what your guest is doing on your site.

You need to know particular pages where you have a tendency to lose guests, or parts of the channel that change over superior to others. You have to know which catchphrases change over in your campaigns, which part of traffic works and which don’t and even the demographics of the purchasers and the tire-kickers.

Funnels can be straightforward or complex, yet regularly incorporate numerous branches to test what works best.

You need to make a funnel to get the most ideal change rate from that traffic, so you have to test to perceive what changes over the movement best.

Here comes the FunnelFlux that will do all the hard work for you will help you in tracking all your funnels easily and effortlessly.

What You Can Find out With FunnelFlux?

  • Does Bing traffic change over superior to Facebook, or the other way around?
  • What countries change over best with this offer?
  • Are the purchasers dominatingly male or female?
  • What age of mass is purchasing?
  • What level of guests sent through route get to the presell 2 page? What rate gets to the offer? What rate of purchase?
  • Does the long direct mail advertisement change over superior to shorter pre-sale pages linked together, or does a video direct mail advertisement perform better?
  • Which parts of this funnel have the greatest dropout rate?
  • The correct route taken by a guest, including the greater part of the pages they visit in the request went by.

FunnelFlux features review

Knowing this sort of data is great. You would then be able to adjust your funnels to expel non-changing over components and improve those that are changing over. Knowing this sort of information will enable you to transform unfruitful campaigns into exceedingly productive ones. This is the place FunnelFlux exceeds expectations.

Integration and initial configuration.

FunnelFlux works on an S2S basis and is very similar to other tracking systems in terms of integration with connected networks.

However, this tracker is characterized by the fact that the initial configuration requires the technical skills that the FunnelFlux team can help you with.

  • We compared Clickfunnel vs Builderall in a dedicated article. Do check it out and find which ones will serve your purpose the best.

Statistics: quality

The statistics of this tracker are incredible.

Firstly, it is possible to contact, among others, GEO, operators, IP, operating systems.

In total, you have around 60 KPIs at your disposal.

Customized tracking fields are built into statistical significance analysis.

FunnelFlux review - statics

With the powerful statistics engine and the Funnel Statistics Heatmaps funnel, you can find bottlenecks or gold mines visually stimulating in seconds.

The statistics are constantly updated and can work with the funnels of affiliates and direct suppliers.

API integration is also possible.

Being hosted on its own means you need to be sure that the capacity of your own server can handle the amount of information it processes.

It also has the so-called “value of the life of prospects”, which lets you know if the prospects you are paying provide a good return.

Most importantly, you also have a visual funnel builder that you can use to create and customize sources for various running campaigns.

Features of FunnelFlux Pro

FunnelFlux pro features

Funnelflux tracking

  • Point and click interface enables you to outwardly plan your funnels.
  • See the video additionally down for a showing of this interface.
  • Track deals, email options, and the sky is the limit from there.
  • Track funnels over various traffic sources.
  • Filter out movement originating from bots
  • Fantastic heatmaps to indicate you funnel bottlenecks for each traffic source, nation and/or numerous different measurements. This will enable you to locate the best marketing channels and wipe out the costly duds. There are heat maps for the transformation rate, income, and others.
  • Track guests by 40 unique indicators including gadget, area, and so on
  • Track changes in your email promoting efforts.
  • Conditional rules enable you to make multi-way funnels to cater, for instance, for individuals rolling in from various nations. Does your offer not accessible to those in Australia? At that point send Australian movement through an alternate branch of your funnel.
  • Powerful measurements enabling you to track everything. You need to see this to accept what is conceivable.
  • POWERFUL TECHNOLOGY enables you to in reality gather conversational information from your rival’s site, enabling you to rapidly test a market. Be cautioned, this would be considered by numerous to be Black Hat, yet it is so intense.
  • Self-hosted implies your information is private. FunnelFlux is quick and can be kept running from shoddy, shared hosting permitting a huge number of clicks every day. Cheap $15 hosting can deal with 1 million ticks for every day.


FunnelFlux in Action

Funnel Flux Discount Coupon Funnelflux review (2)

FunnelFlux is ground-breaking.

If you visit the business page, just look down a little and you’ll discover a video where you can watch the Visual Funnel Builder in real life.

In the event that you’ve utilized other funnel trackers, I think you’ll be exceptionally inspired by the way FunnelFlux enables you to make the Funnels and track all the campaigns easily.

What especially impressed me about FunnelFlux is the measurements offered by the program. You can find an awesome video demonstrating more on the details, with specific accentuation on the utilization of inherent heatmaps.

Landing pages and shared tests.

In this section, FunnelFlux is a kind of mixed bag.

You can run split tests and you can use any kind of landing page.

It’s great, no doubt.

With the “Visual Funnel Builder,” the whole process is very easy to use. No key technical skills are required to create different feeds for different campaigns.

Literally, the various parameters are “pulled” according to your requirements.

In other words, just connect the landing pages to tracking and start using the UI to make the campaigns run as easily as you like.

There is a trap!

With FunnelFlux you cannot create landing pages.

Yes, you have read it

Instead, you need an external software to create your undercarriage, which is a bit uncomfortable.

Using third-party software may increase your costs due to the paid licenses or the extra time you lose during the process.

FunnelFlux review - The Visual Marketing Tracker

Accommodation and security.

FunnelFlux is a self-hosted tracker.

what does that mean to you?

This means that you are responsible for finding the servers and physical structures needed to manage the information.

At the same time, the bill for these servers is paid.

FunnelFlux updates automatically so you do not have to take any extra steps to get the latest version.

This has the advantage that you are a system that you have created yourself, and that can be very useful if you have the resources you need, someone who oversees you full time, and some kind of internal specialist in this area.

On the other hand, it also means that you need to increase your capacity as your tracking needs grow.

In essence, this means that the “advertised” costs, which are very cheap, do not represent the total cost of the entire infrastructure.

I got it

The main threat to security is easy to understand:

If it is hacked, your entire system may be at risk, which is less likely in a cloud hosting system.

You need to make sure that your hosting is well-protected for backup issues.

The chart has four separate ways.

  1. To a short pre-offer page that connects to a second pre-sell page which energizes the “buy now” connecting to the offer page.
  2. Directly to the offer page.
  3. To a long-deals page which urges the guests to “buy now “, connecting to the offer page.
  4. To a video sales page, which has a purchase currently catch to the offer?

Funnel Flux Discount Coupon Funnelflux review (2)

The traffic coming into this funnel will be split similarly, so guests have a one-in-four shot of coming a specific way.

Expecting you can track everything about your guests, what will this funnel let you know?

Using FunnelFlux As A FunnelBuilder

FunnelFlux has a stunning capacity that allows you to testa market before you go to the inconvenience of setting up landing pages.

funnel flux landing page

It’s very basic….

In the event that you utilize funnels, do look at Funnel Flux. It’s an unbelievable tool that puts total power to control into your hands.

FunnelFlux Self-hosted Vs Managed Hosted 

Let us explain the difference.

A – flow of the funnel’s own housing

This means that you need to install tracking on your server. You will need to purchase a dedicated server or virtual private server (VPS).

This option is useful if you (or your team) know the technical aspects of servers and how to run and manage a server.

FunnelFlux helps you provide a Deployment Manager service through its control panel.

They also provide free installation and deployment when you buy a server from the following host companies:

  • Vultr
  • Linode
  • Digital Ocean

Consider the following minimum requirements for the server you are purchasing:

  • 2 virtual cores (ie 2 vCPU)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 45 GB SSD memory

Watch this step-by-step video to learn how to install FunnelFlux on your server:

If you choose a server in Vultr, here is a quick guide to installing FunnelFlux in Vultr.

If you choose DigitalOcean, follow these instructions: To install FunnelFlux in DigitalOcean.

All other servers of other host companies are very similar. However, you can still contact FunnelFlux support if you need it.

Is the self-hosted tracker good for you?

If you are a technician who understands the servers, then yes. If you want to control the tracking configuration 100%, this also applies. You are in control of all tracking data.

Would you like to select the country (server location) in which tracking should be installed? If so, it is also a good option for you.

However, if you’re new and want to learn more about affiliate marketing, this is a big NO-NO.

I tried it once and frankly, I did not like it much. I’m not a fan of technology. I prefer to invest my time and energy to find profitable campaigns and earn money.

We have to leave the technical part to the technicians. Focus on the essentials.

The cost: a flat rate of 99 USD per month. But wait! They read AffiliateGhost and need special treatment. Register here and you will receive:

The first month for only $ 1! Try it and if you do not like it, you have lost only one dollar!

10% discount per month.

Your plan also includes unlimited traffic. In other words, you will not be charged anymore even if you receive 10 million visitors per hour. However, check the capacity of the server with your host.

B – Managed tracker

You do not have to worry about a server or a managed tracking configuration. FunnelFlux support does it all for you.

Imagine it’s a self-hosted tracking tool installed and managed by the FunnelFlux team. You will manage and maintain the entire infrastructure.

Think of the game as a well-designed game running on PlayStation / Xbox instead of a Windows-based game with 10 million different hardware and software combinations.

FunnelFlux review - managed hosting

Pricing Plans of FunnelFlux Pro

FunnelFlux pro pricing
FunnelFlux pro pricing


FunnelFlux Self hosted Pricing

funnelflux self managed

How to Install & Use FunnelFlux

The Installation procedure for FunnelFlux is extremely important to WordPress. Along these lines, if you see how to introduce WordPress, at that point you can introduce Funnel Flux effectively.

IIt mainly takes a couple of minutes for its establishment, which incorporates

Creating a database, Uploading three records to your server, and Opening your program at the location of your documents and take after the straightforward establishment directions.

If somehow the establishment process looks excessively specialized and unpredictable, at that point, you can simply contact FunnelFlux Support Team and they will get back to you immediately and make it for you.

Aside from this, FunnelFlux auto-updates on its own and that’s the best part. Thus, you don’t have to wander here and there for the latest updates and all.

FunnelFlux Pro Review FAQ’s

🥇Does FunnelFlux offer any free trial?

They do offer $1 Trial

😍Does FunnelFlux offer both self-hosted and cloud-hosted tracker?

Yes FunnelFlux offers both of these services.

✅ Is FunnelFlux like ClickFunnels?

No its not. FunnelFlux is used for traffic routing and tracking. Whereas ClickFunnels is landing page builders, both of them are different.

🙄Does FunnelFlux offers 100% 3-Day Money-Back Guarantee and $1 Trial?

Yes FunnelFlux offers 100% 3-Day Money-Back Guarantee and $1 Trial, if you are not happy then you can for refund, they will refund you happily.

🔥Is FunnelFlux self-hosted?

Yes and no. If you want it to be. FunnelFlux offers a self-hosted option that you must install on your own server. They have a deployment mananger that helps you deploy FunnelFlux easily, and have documentation/automations to help with doing so on basic VPS servers.

🙄How fast is FunnelFlux?

Ofcourse It’s quick. Overall speed of course depends on where a tracked user is compared to the physical server you are running FunnelFlux on. This makes FunnelFlux extremely capable at the software-level of dealing with bursts of traffic and extreme loads.

✅I'm not a techie, is it difficult to install?

FunnelFlux offers the tech support and they can help you install the software.

😍Does FunnelFlux recommends a specific hosting company?

No, you can any hosting as long they have good speed and support. I will recommend Vultr for FunnelFlux.

✅What are the minimum requirements to install Funnel Flux?

The minimum requirement is PHP 5.6+ with the following extensions: ionCube Loader 5.0+, zip, mcrypt, mbstring, json, hash, curl, mysqli, sockets. 99% of the web hosts out there should have these installed by default

😍Does FunnelFlux offers discount coupon ?

Yes I have special discount coupon code for FunnelFlux, it will save your $75 on their plans.

😍Does FunnelFlux helps in migrate from another tracker?

Yes they do help, you can contact their support?

✅ What are best Alternatives for FunnelFlux in market?

There are 2 best options for FunnelFlux alternatives i.e Voluum and ClickMagick. They are robust and offers same features like FunnelFlux.

🔥Is FunnelFlux GDPR Compliant?

Yes it is GDPR compliant.

🔥What exactly does FunnelFlux even do?

FunnelFlux is a great marketing tracking, routing and data analysis software that allows you to find your profitable and the non-profitable traffic segments. FunnelFlux helps in campaign optimization.

😍Is FunnelFlux OK on shared hosting?

No FunnelFlux will not work on shared hosting, as shared hosting speed will be slow. You need good VPS server to make FunnelFlux work smoother.

FunnelFlux Pro The Visual Tracker

Funnel Flux Pro Features and FunnelFlux Reviews

Funnel Flux Team

Why do I like it?

  • No problems to install
  • Without server maintenance
  • SSL free
  • Selection of the server location (Europe, USA, Asia, etc.)
  • Automatic updates of the tracker.

I used self-hosted and managed trackers. I can tell you now that the managed option is obvious and has saved me a lot of time.

So, what’s the trap?

It is more expensive and has no fixed price than the self-hosted scanner. There are 4 monthly plans:

When you start do not think twice. Get the cheapest micro-stream for $ 179. As an AffiliateGhost reader, you can receive another special treatment: Get $ 75 credit to purchase a managed plan.

Pros and Cons Of FunnelFlux


Let me disclose you a couple of points  that makeFunnelFlux as the best funnel developer and tracker:

  • It has a visual funnel manufacturer so you can assemble various pages, numerous ways funnels in almost no time
  • No need to put any content on any page – elite innovation!
  • 60+ KPIs naturally tracked for you notwithstanding your custom tokens
  • Statistics module is significantly more great and adaptable than every single other tracker as you will find in the videos available.
  • In expansion to normal tabular details, you likewise have visual heatmap stats so you can see on your visual funnel graph, in almost no time, where your traffic drops off – in addition to transformation rates heatmaps and others
  • Self-facilitated however extremely quickly (1+ million ticks for each day on a $15 VPS) – additionally works quickly on cheap shared hosting!
  •  See in a split second the lifetime estimation of your leads without having to set up anything at your autoresponder, and without expecting to put any code anyplace! This is immense.
  • Allows you to KNOW the transformation rates of your rivals landers, review web journals and so forth…
  • Most intense restrictive traffic directing on the planet. There’s no other software enabling you to play with your activity as effortlessly and as precisely than Funnel Flux.



  • Beginner needs to play with FunnelFlux to make full use of it.

FunnelFlux Testimonials

Dan Iavorszky


FunnelFlux is magic!

I can now test, analyze and optimize a variety of campaign types in no time. Also building them, with the help of the visual builder is a dream come true.

And did i mention the gorgeous support they are offering? FunnelFlux is about making you money. Serious money. Worth every single penny, without any doubt.


Michael Gonzales


I wholeheartedly agree with the claim that FunnelFlux is the “Best Funnel Tracker in the Universe!”

I have been an online entrepreneur for almost 20 years and have never witnessed a more powerful and sophisticated software that delivers your data with pinpoint accuracy along each and every node of your sales funnel.

FunnelFlux is a “Next Generation Must-Have Software” for performance marketers who want complete control over their advertising budget.


Lloyd Adams


Instantly I noticed that FunnelFlux was very easy to install and initialize traffic sources, affiliate networks, and offers for your campaigns.

Setting up sub IDs is so easy, it’s night and day compared to the competition. Absolutely no hassle.

The stats are very straightforward and you can see instantly what is, and is not working with the new heat map feature. It’s really cool!

I think you’re really going to love the visual construction of your campaign funnels because you can easily construct landing pages, rotators, e-mail campaigns, and anything complex you can think of extremely fast with a click of a button.

Using FunnelFlux is a joy. Overall I think you’re going to love FunnelFlux’s ease of use and fast, “know what’s going on with your campaigns” operation.

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Final Conclusion:  FunnelFlux Review 2021 FunnelFlux Discount Coupon Code 50% Off

In our review, we have discovered FunnelFlux great Self-hosted Tracking Software. In this way, if you are hoping to purchase CPVLab or Prosper202, at that point we exceptionally recommend you to invest in FunnelFlux, and we are sure that you will be going to love this amazing tracking software.

Another plus point of using FunnelFlux is that- You can just FunnelFlux at $1 and that’s quite interesting. Click the button below to get- Get 75$ Credit exclusively for the BloggersIdeas reader.

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