Funnel Scripts Review 2022 Is Funnel Scripts Worth It? (Pros & Cons) What is a Funnel Scripts?

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Value for money
Ease of Use


  • Makes copywriting less cost-effective and faster
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Automatic Email Follow-ups
  • Faster Teaser And Tweets Scripts
  • Webinar Promotion Scripts
  • PPT Sales Videos
  • Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts
  • Short Scripts For Headlines


  • With Funnel Scripts you might sound like a lot of the rest of the market in your copy rather than being unique
  • More pricing options needed

Price:$ 67

Copywriting is very important for funnel marking. A copy of writing will give your business a separate identity. It takes a lot of time to do copywriting manually.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

You have to hire the writer for copywriting. It takes a lot of time and also it cost a lot of money. What if you can do copywriting with the script?

Yes, it will be possible with the funnel script. We will discuss the funnel scripts review today. This software is unknown to many. 

Funnel Scripts is an awesome online tool & authors of this tool Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson share their best draft scripts to create a compelling copy – a copy that engages the audience and converts them to take specific actions.

These top notch sales copies are created according to your target market, customer needs, challenges, problems, and how you think your product or service can solve all of those.

So, today, we will discuss the details of this including the uses, benefits, and opportunities, etc. Hopefully, after reading today’s review you will get a different speed in your funnel marketing. Especially you will not work manually for copywriting

Everything will be faster through scripts. You will only need to provide the input in the right place, and then the scripts will do the rest of the work.

Funnel-Scripts Reviews

So we will not increase the talk and we will go to the original review now. Listen to some interesting information about this excellent script.

Funnel Scripts in Depth Review 2022 | Is It Worth Your Money?

But how does it work?

Well, the sales copy is generated by combining proven, manually for copywriting with some basic user input, such as information about your product, as well as the benefits of using it.

And yes, this method isn’t too dissimilar to manually dynamic elements of associate degree existing sales example, but Funnel Scripts guides that process and even generates multiple variations you can use from a single click.

Who owns Funnel Scripts?

Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson Creator of Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts was birthed out from the idea of inefficient time wastage on copies by marketers, burning amounts of cash driving traffic to non-converting copies and hiring of expensive copywriters. The software was developed by Jim Edwards (a copywriting wizard) and Russell Brunson (CEO of ClickFunnels).

Funnel Scripts in Depth Review - Opt - In Funnel

They both saw that a lot of funnel builders suffered from writing great copies that were supposed to hit their target audience right at where they will be compelled to take action…

And hiring good copywriters is damn expensive especially for startups. So, the Funnel Scripts became the savior.

Who Is Funnel Scripts Targeted Towards?


If you’re selling products or capturing leads online, you absolutely need a copy that engages and converts your prospects.

Some people have the talent and time to write this material themselves, from scratch. If that’s you, then you probably don’t need Funnel Scripts.

But for those who are more inclined to hire this task out to (an often expensive) copywriter so you can focus on other areas of your business — then Funnel Scripts is for you.

FunnelScripts is designed for busy, cash-strapped entrepreneurs who need proven sales copy on demand, without having to sell off their eldest daughter for the privilege.

Why do you need Funnel Scripts?

Russell brunson Masterclass

Save time, save money save stress

Writing a good copy isn’t an easy task as we all know. No matter how skilled you’re in marketing, you’ll still find it a daunting task coming up with breathtaking copies.

Content creation (copywriting) is already a kind of a boring experience for all – honestly – I can attest to this because putting up contents on khrisdigital takes a lot from me.

Funnel Scripts in Depth Review - Classes

To be realistic here, it takes a whole lot to actually tap into our audiences’ pains and pleasures to be able to come up with the exact points that resonate with them.

It will take you couples of hours to come up with a good copy (and it’s not even guaranteed to convert)

With software like funnel scripts, you get good copies in less than 10 minutes.

Can Funnel Scripts Help Increase Your Sales?

Without a doubt and from the bottom of my heart, the answer is YES. At first, I assumed the full Funnel Scripts idea was terribly straightforward and perhaps not even definitely worth the cash, however, once seeing Funnel Scripts in action and hearing thus many success stories from people using it, I decided to take the plunge and give Funnel Scripts a go.

Funnel Scripts not only provides a copy that converts, but it also saves time. As I’ve grown in business, the importance of outsourcing and using time savings tools have been key to my success.

You can quite literally have a sales letter typed up in minutes using the power of Funnel Scripts.

Is Funnel Scripts Easy To Use?

To use Funnel Scripts, you just simply complete the blanks asked in a set of forms (product name and description, etc.), click a button and BANG, you have a large list of suggested copy that has been proven to convert by some of the world’s best marketers. Super convenient and an absolute time saver. All generated copy can be exported and saved for later.

Funnel Scripts in Depth Review - Registration

You can see Funnel Scripts in action and get training on how to use it. There isn’t much of a learning curve because it’s very easy to use, but still great to see it in action before purchasing.

Funnel Scripts Webinar

This is just like an introductory training to Funnel Scripts where you will be shown the ins and outs about this tool. It will enable you to understand how Funnel Scripts work before putting your hard-earned money in line.

What you get inside Funnel Scripts


I do not need to go over how to use Funnel Scripts because when you get on board, you’ll be given detailed instructional training videos on how to use this it.

According to another Funnel Scripts review done by Stephen Esketzis (dream car winner), there are seven categories of scriptwriters inside FS with various types under each:

Sales Copy & Video scripts

Below are the types of scripts under this category:

Amazon/Ecom scripts: This covers scripts that can be used for Amazon sellers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. Everything you need in order to produce and engaging copy is right inside here.

All you need to do is enter a few details about your products and customers and let Funnel Scripts complete the rest.

Call to Action Scripts: These are scripts used to for creating customized CTAs for your images, texts and CTA buttons

Funnel Scripts in Depth Review - scripts

Lead Capture Scripts: If you suck writing lead capture copies, then this is what you need to make people submit their contact info without thinking twice.

Magic Bullet Scripts: Another script commonly used for a physical product that capitalizes on the Big Payoff.

Million Dollar Testimonial Scripts: This is the perfect script if you’re looking for a write up to convince your customers to write a good testimonial for you.

Order Bump Scripts: If you’ve ever read the Dotcom Secrets book, you’ll realize that adding more complementary products or services to your funnel will make you richer.

Order bump script gives you the perfect words to use when adding an Order Bump in your funnels.

There many other scripts format inside this category – like the: Origin story scripts, OTO offer Done-for-you scripts, OTO Next Thing Scripts, PPT opt-in video scripts, Special offer scripts, Webinar opt-in Scripts, Who What Why How Scripts.

Funnel Scripts in Depth Review - scripts

Bullet Scripts

These are scripts meant for marketers who want to make their bullet points more compelling and engaging, allowing their target market to know more about their offers.

Below are the types of scripts under this category:

  • Brunson Bullet Scripts
  • Feature, Benefits, Meaning (FBM) Bullet Scripts


The Scripts under the advertising category are responsible for helping you create engaging and high converting Ad copies.

Here are the scripts you will find under this:

Funnel Scripts in Depth Review - Course

Curiosity Ad copy Scripts: This will help you create curiosity-driven ad copies that compel and inspires your target audience to click on your ads out of curiosity.

  • Facebook Newsfeed Ad Scripts
  • Stealth Close Scripts

Content Creation

The content creation scripts are responsible copies that help you in promoting your content. Check the scripts below:

  • Free Report scripts
  • Seinfeld Email Topic Idea scripts


This Funnel Scripts writer helps in writing high-converting follow-up emails and promotional emails.

See the writers below:

  • Auto Email Follow-up Scripts
  • Faster Teaser and Tweet Scripts
  • Promote Your Webinar Scripts
  • Webinar Follow up Scripts


The title is a Scriptwriter in Funnel Scripts which takes care of all your title creation or subject lines. It responsible for helping you writes:

  • Email Subject Line Scripts
  • Killer Headlines V2.0
  • Short Headline Scripts
  • Profitable Title Scripts

Sales Letters

Sales Letter is the last type of writer under Funnel Scripts that takes care of your sales copies of any kind.

  • Long-Form Sales Letter Scripts
  • Short Sales Letter Script
  • PPT Video Sales Letter Script

There are more to these to what you get inside Funnel Scripts – from access to the training materials, demo videos to help you get started, to the ability to edit your scripts the way you want and updates.

Funnel Scripts Cost: Funnel Scripts Lifetime Offer (Funnel Scripts Discount)

Funnel Scripts Unlimited

Funnel Scripts pricing comes as a yearly subscription software plan which costs $497 annually. You get all the features, training and bonuses that will turn you into a copywriting wizard in the twinkle of an eye. Do you get a complete copywriting machine at $41.42 per month?

Not just that, you get to try it out for free to see how it works and there’s also a monthly update by Jim Edwards himself, which makes the whole package a no brainer.


You will be given access to bonuses worth close to $5,000

Here are the things you’ll get below:

  • 30+ Pre-Built Million Making Sales Funnel Template ($2997) – You don’t need to stress over reinventing the wheel – these sales funnel template will help you shortcut the whole process of building sales funnels from the scratch.
  • Complete ClickFunnels Training Course White-label rights ($1997) – You’ll get to learn how to build any type of funnels using CF

Pros and Cons of Funnel Scripts

Pros of Funnel Scripts

  • Outsourcing your copywriting can be sometimes inauthentic, so using software like Funnel Scripts makes it easy for you writing your copies and being yourself.
  • Makes copywriting less cost-effective and faster
  • If there are scripts you don’t see available there, you can make a request for it
  • You don’t need to learn any line of code to be able to use Funnel Scripts. Anybody can use it.
  • Tons of training available in Funnel Scripts plus monthly training

 Cons of Funnel Scripts

  • With Funnel Scripts you might sound like a lot of the rest of the market in your copy rather than being unique, but here’s the thing; when you narrow in on what you want to use it for, it can be really effective and make your voice stand out.

Funnel Scripts Reviews FAQs: 

What Is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a platform that aims to replace your copywriter by providing you with custom sales copy for everything from sales pages to webinars and email sequences.

How does Funnel Scripts work?

The sales copy is generated by combining proven, manually for copywriting with some basic user input, such as information about your product, as well as the benefits of using it.

Who owns Funnel Scripts?

The Funnel Scripts software was developed by Jim Edwards (a copywriting wizard) and Russell Brunson (CEO of ClickFunnels).

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Final Thoughts: Funnel Scripts Review 2022

We hope that we have been able to make you could understand the importance of scriptwriting. At the same time, we have suggested the automatic software to save time and money. It can be done easily with the software that cannot be done by a human in a few months. At present, everything is becoming automated.

In the Funnel Scripts review, we made it very nice to describe everything in its usage, how you can benefit yourself. If you want to save time, there is no alternative to copying software for you. You can try the funnel script for several months. It is not a so-called script. On the back of it, there is a strong and skilled team. So now you can keep your confidence in it. All the best wishes for your online business and it is all for today.

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