G Core Labs CDN Review 2023: How Good Is G-Core Labs? (Pros & Cons)

G Core Labs CDN Review

Overall Verdict

G-Core Labs provides much more than hosting; however, they do provide dedicated servers and virtual machines that may be customized to your precise requirements by utilizing the Server configurator.

Out of 10


  • A CDN network with a capacity of more than 90 terabits per second
  • Guaranteed 100 % Uptime
  • Analyses in real-time
  • SSL Certificates for Free
  • Significantly lower pricing than Akamai and AWS
  • A programming interface for integrating with development processes


  • Better pricing options needed


Price: $ 35

Are you looking for a G Core Labs CDN Review that can provide your business with the resources it needs to succeed? If so, G-Core Labs may be the perfect option for you.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what G-Core Labs has to offer and discuss why it might be the right choice for your organization. So, if you’re interested in learning more, keep reading!

What Is G-Core Labs CDN?

G-CoreLABS, founded in 2011, is a hosting service that assists in extending and improving online website platforms at a fair price.

Their website is accessible in English, Russian, and German, and they have over 5000 peering partners worldwide to offer high-speed networks! By 2020, they will boast over 60 CDN Points of Presence (PoPs) located around the world, as well as 25 data centers from coast to coast.

G-Core Labs provides much more than hosting; however, they do provide dedicated servers and virtual machines that may be customized to your precise requirements by utilizing the Server configurator.

You can choose from a variety of Intel Xeon processors or 1 to 8 vCPUs to create a highly customized experience based on the number of cores you want available on each instance, as well as RAM sizes ranging from 64 GB to 256 GB and disk space available anywhere within reason via SSD-based solid-state drives.

G Core Labs CDN Review

20 GB per 600 gram hybrid HDD 2 TB hard drive combinations RAID types hardware+software (for Dedicated Servers), with proprietary storage solutions available as an option.

It’s never been simpler to purchase a hosting server from G-Core. You may choose from a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Windows Server, and even Solaris!

If that isn’t enough, they also offer access through our pay-per-month ISPmanager control panel, which provides you total control over the software installation on your virtualized domain space.

G-Core provides a dizzying number of servers that may be configured to meet practically any need. Whether you’re searching for a low-cost dedicated server or want all the bells and whistles included with your virtual machine plan, G-Core offers everything you need!

The company’s new starter package is meant to ensure that even tiny enterprises can get started with a hosting service without encountering too many roadblocks.

Major Features and Benefits of G-Core Labs CDN

1. Detailed Statistics:

The G-Core Labs control panel offers access to all critical reports. Here you may see specific information about your current CDN use, ranging from the amount of bandwidth consumed to monthly usage statistics and the resources served through CDN.

If you’re interested in learning more about how CDN works for your websites and applications, there is an advanced analytics section available.

G-Core Labs CDN Detailed Statistics

Comprehensive information on all elements of content delivery is available here, from visitors by the nation to the browsers, devices, and operating systems they use. The information is displayed graphically, making it easy to comprehend even for inexperienced users.

Advanced analytics enables G-Core Labs CDN customers to closely monitor content delivery performance and make necessary adjustments immediately.

2. Flexible CDN settings and easy-to-use control panel:

G-Core Labs offers an intuitive control interface in addition to complex CDN settings. With a single button click, you may enable or disable the CDN for your website or app, rapidly clean cache, and disable any features you are not using.

Speed improvement is accomplished by browser caching and sophisticated HTTP request routing, which delivers cached sites in milliseconds over encrypted connections. It speeds up the delivery of your material by 40 %.

A personal account’s UI seems easy enough to make CDN management simple for even unskilled users. Advanced users have access to an API that enables remote configuration and update of any CDN settings.

3. Instant cache purge: 

G-Core Labs enables you to immediately delete cache with a single click. It is critical when there is a sudden spike in traffic and advantageous when you need to update your site or application, as this option enables you to quickly give users the most up-to-date version of the material.

Server-side caching in the future ensures that frequently accessed material is accessible from the G-Core Labs CDN cache servers, enabling content to be delivered to end-users more quickly.

4. Server load balancing: 

G-Core Labs employs load balancing to spread incoming traffic over numerous edge servers to maintain content availability even if the server goes down or becomes momentarily unavailable.

These servers may be situated in a variety of locations, and clients can choose which nations should serve their websites and apps.

Automatic load calculation across all CDN servers enables G-Core Labs to provide clients with quicker delivery speeds and the maximum possible availability of their content to end-users in any place on the planet.

5. Advanced security options: 

G-Core Labs has a lot to offer in terms of security. The CDN of the providers is combined with the newest generation of DDoS and malicious bot security, providing real-time protection against assaults of any sort and degree (including L3/L4/L7).

Additionally, it has a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that protects clients from application-level assaults. Additionally, the platform enables you to customize your TLS version, IP addresses, and ciphers.

If your website is still utilizing HTTP, the CDN will reroute all requests to HTTPS automatically. Additionally, it includes complimentary SSL encryption.

6. 100 % Uptime:

The organization is prepared to keep a constant uptime of 100 percent regardless of the circumstances. The security precautions stated above, as well as the load balancing mechanism, guarantee that even an overload does not jeopardize the performance of G-Core Labs CDN.

Load balancing distributes traffic across numerous points of presence to prevent any of them from being overloaded, resulting in a crash or delay.

This, paired with G-Core Labs’ extensive coverage, ensures that the load is well distributed and that even the busiest times see minimum performance loss.

7. Excellent Security: 

This CDN is very secure, with built-in safeguards against DDoS assaults, malware, and bots, all of which help ensure that it will remain operational in the face of any threats.

While I was evaluating the service, I was thrilled to learn that G-Core Labs provides free SSL certificates.

To create an SSL certificate, just scroll down to the SSL certificates tab and click the Create button. This is a significant benefit, given that SSLs can cost in the tens or hundreds of dollars, depending on where you get them.

8. G-Core Labs Free Account: 

G-Core Labs provides an excellent free plan. It includes access to 28 points of presence, 1 TB of free monthly traffic, and a minimal overage fee of EUR 0.0025 per GB. However, when it comes to support, you’re on your own, with just the knowledge base as a backup.

G-Core Labs CDN Ease of Use and Customer Support

G-Core Labs provides much more than hosting; nevertheless, it does provide dedicated servers and virtual servers that may be customized to your precise requirements by utilizing the Server configurator.

1. Datacenter: There are 18 foreign locations (for dedicated servers) and 11 international locations (for virtual private servers) (for virtual servers)

2. RAID: Software or Hardware? (for dedicated servers)

3. Disk: Up to two (2) 2 TB hard disk drives or solid-state drives (for dedicated servers) or a 20 GB to 600 GB SSD (for virtual servers)

4. RAM: 64 to 256 gigabytes (for dedicated servers) or 512 to 32 gigabytes (for virtual servers)

5. CPU: Numerous Intel Xeon processors (for dedicated servers) or between one and eight virtual CPUs (for virtual servers)

Additionally, you may choose a preconfigured dedicated server or virtual server, which eliminates the need to provide values for all of those parameters.

Due to the nature of G-server Core’s capabilities, you may install almost any operating system you want: numerous flavors of Linux, Windows Server, or even Solaris.

Additionally, SSH access enables you to install any program and operate an unlimited number of websites. You may take control of your hosting server using the ISPmanager control panel, which is available for a fee (Lite or Business version).

G-Core supports both IPv4 and IPv6 and provides a comprehensive selection of (pay-for) SSL certificates from top vendors.

What you will not find here is a comprehensive collection of beginner-friendly tools such as simple website builders and one-click installations.

Customer service is available by phone, email, live chat, and online form. Customers who already have an account may contact support by sending a ticket using the control panel. When I checked the live chat help, I discovered that the person was responsive yet uninformed.

G-Core Labs’ support documentation for its hosting, CDN, and media platform solutions is excellent. Additionally, it includes extensive documentation for the Application Programming Interface (API) used to administer your services. However, take note that this is very technical documentation:

G-Core Labs CDN Pricing

Each package includes a 14-day trial period or 300 GB of bandwidth. After the trial time expires, the chosen plan will be activated. Let us check out their pricing plans –

G-Core Labs CDN Pricing- G Core Labs CDN Review

Free (EUR 0 per month): This one is for personal blogs and websites. This one includes –

  • Knowledge base technical support
  • EUR 0.0025 per GB, EUR 0.0075 for every 10,000 requests overage
  • 1 TB of traffic, 1,000,000,000 requests included per month
  • L3, L4 Protection, Basic WAF, vulnerability, and DDoS protection
  • 28 PoPs in the core network 

Start (EUR 35 per month): This one is for small business websites. This one includes –

  • 8/5 email technical support
  • EUR 0.0023 per GB, EUR 0.0075 for every 10,000 requests overage
  • 1.5 TB of traffic, 1,000,000,000 requests included per month
  • L3, L4 Protection, Basic WAF, vulnerability, and DDoS protection
  • 140+ PoPs extended core network 

Pro 5 TB (EUR 100 per month): This one is for professional web projects. This one includes –

  • 24/7 email technical support
  • EUR 0.0020 per GB, EUR 0.0075 for every 10,000 requests overage
  • 5 TB of traffic, 1,000,000,000 requests included per month
  • L3, L4 Protection, Basic WAF, vulnerability, and DDoS protection
  • 140+ PoPs extended network 

Pro 10 TB (EUR 150 per month): This one is for large online services. This one includes –

  • 24/7 email, chat, and phone technical support
  • EUR 0.0015 per GB, EUR 0.0075 for every 10,000 requests overage
  • 10 TB of traffic, 1,000,000,000 requests included per month
  • L3, L4 Protection, Basic WAF, vulnerability, and DDoS protection
  • 140+ PoPs extended network 

G-Core Labs CDN Pros and Cons

G-Core Labs CDN Pros

  • Significantly lower pricing than Akamai and AWS
  • Premium technical assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through telephone, chat, or e-mail (English, German, Chinese, Russian)
  • Support for required protocols (HTTP/2, IPv6, TLS 1.3 with support for 0-RTT, and HLS)
  • Control panel that is simple to use
  • Integration with further G-Core Labs services, such as a streaming platform for managing turnkey Internet broadcasting, public cloud, hosting, and cloud storage.
  • A programming interface for integrating with development processes
  • Customizable CDN
  • Load balancing is based on the current state of the system’s load
  • Analyses in real-time
  • SSL Certificates for Free
  • Tariff exemptions (Up to 1 TB of free CDN storage (overage is EUR 0.0025 per GB))
  • Guaranteed 100 % Uptime
  • A CDN network with a capacity of more than 90 terabits per second
  • Integration of DDoS protection, malware bot prevention, and a web application firewall
  • Integrating WordPress
  • 6300+ peer-to-peer connections and links to all major telecommunications carriers (again, a direct impact on CDN speed)
  • More than 140 own points of presence in 130+ locations throughout the world’s five continents. The network is global in scope (unlike the same MaxCDN, Incapsula, CacheFly, KeyCDN, LimeLight, BunnyCDN, CDN77, MetaCDN, whose points of presence are concentrated in certain regions)
  • Worldwide, response time is less than 30 milliseconds; in certain places, it is as little as 3-5 milliseconds. This is the primary attribute of CDN, and they outperform the major American firms in this area, including AWS CloudFront, Akamai, Fastly, CloudFlare, and Microsoft Azure.

G-Core Labs CDN Cons

  • None

FAQs On G Core Labs CDN Review 

What is G-Core Labs CDN?

This is the content delivery network for G-Core Labs. While G-Core Labs provides a variety of technologies, the CDN is focused on providing digital information to your consumers quickly and effectively, regardless of their location.

Are G-Core Labs legit?

Yes. Numerous satisfied clients, as well as myself, testify to this in their G-Core Labs evaluations. My evaluation time lasted a few days, and I had no difficulties. When I joined up, the service needed authentication through a EUR 1 payment and, upon completion of the procedure, the Euro was returned to me without issue.

How good are G-Core Labs?

It's fantastic. G-Core Labs provides extensive coverage with superior performance, load balancing, and stability. This makes it an excellent solution for consumers worldwide since it ensures clients enjoy seamless, continuous service regardless of their location.

How does a CDN help businesses save on capital and operating expenses?

Without a CDN, you must construct your infrastructure and engage people to maintain it. This is too pricey. However, if you subscribe to G-Core Labs CDN, they take entire control of content delivery. You are not required to invest in equipment improvements, personnel growth, or employee training.

Does a CDN help SEO?

Algorithms used by search engines consider reaction time. The lower it is, the more opportunities the site has to rank well in the search results. The average time visitors spend on a website, the number of active activities, and the bounce rate all affect rankings. The quicker your website loads, the more likely people will remain long enough on it, take active activities, and therefore elevate your site in search results.

How does a CDN help increase user loyalty?

Nobody likes web pages that load slowly. Numerous studies indicate that 40 to 50 % of consumers abandon a website that takes longer than three seconds to load. A CDN optimizes response times and speeds up page loading. Your users will be satisfied and will not seek services from rivals.

What happens after the G-Core Labs CDN trial ends?

If you choose a payment plan before the trial period expires, the service will be automatically activated after the trial period and the applicable price will be charged. Without selecting a plan, the service will be discontinued and access to resources will be restricted. To re-use the CDN, you must choose and activate a payment plan; otherwise, the resources will be destroyed shortly afterward.

What is included in the G-Core Labs CDN Free plan?

The free plan offers 1,000 GB of traffic per month, unlimited access to all CDN services (except for optional extras that are charged separately for all plans), and technical help through a knowledge base. There is no advance payment necessary.

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Conclusion: G Core Labs CDN Review 2023

With its extensive coverage, load-balancing capabilities, 4K streaming capacity, and substantial bandwidth allocations, I highly suggest the G-Core Labs CDN—particularly for entertainment businesses.

While there is a learning curve for novice users, the CDN is a rock-solid asset. Additionally, there is the G-Core Labs grant for a startup program—the company’s contribution to the advancement of the information technology industry.

That concludes my evaluation of 2022 G-Core Labs, but you do not have to take my word for it about the service’s value.

There is a free plan available, as well as a 14-day free trial of the premium features.

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