How Taking On Genm Apprentice Can Help Grow Your Business 2023

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At one point or another, we’ve all been apprentices. We’ve volunteered or worked for little to no wages just so we can gain a reference and add some substance to our resume.

At some point, we all move past the apprentice stage and we are too qualified to work for no wage. We move on to bigger roles, or start our own business, or become a manager in the field. For some, maybe an apprenticeship tells you that this isn’t the right area for you.

How Taking On An Apprentice Can Help Grow Your Business

But before any of this, we need to get our feet wet through an apprenticeship. If you are a student, or you want to launch a career in a certain field, you should definitely consider an apprenticeship.

If you are a business, I hope you will consider taking on an apprentice to help your business grow. At the same time, you’ll be making a big difference in someone’s life.

How Taking On An Apprentice Can Help Grow Your Business (MUST READ)

What is an apprentice?

An apprentice is a person who is learning a trade from a skilled employer, having agreed to work for the hands-on experience an apprenticeship provides. An apprentice is in the early stages of their career and desperately needs this real-life work so they can move to the next step of their journey.

An apprentice can be in many fields in many different sectors. Determining what area you’d like to have an apprentice help with is the first thing a business should do before beginning their search for an apprentice.

An apprentice is someone who wants to gain valuable, real-life work experience in a positive setting. So make sure you give the apprentice just that!

How an apprentice can help

While taking on an apprentice will help them launch their careers and gain experience, an apprentice can really help the company as well. For the most part, an apprentice is an eager, ambitious student who wants to launch a successful career in the field they are apprenticing in.

Through tasking them with small or less important tasks, you’ll see their impact on a weekly basis as they move toward a goal set by you. The apprentice will be excited at the opportunity of being creative and to put their skills into action.

It will be important to set a common goal and make sure they have everything they need to reach it. Once the parameters are set, they’ll be able to get started and operate somewhat independently in their day-to-day work.

With an apprentice working at the smaller tasks, you’ll now have the opportunity to work at bigger things happening in your company and things that are more long-term, not day-to-day. In short: you focus on the big picture and the apprentice handles more of the smaller tasks.

How an apprentice saves you time and money

As I said below, an apprentice can help with the smaller day-to-day tasks while you manage the bigger items on your to-do list. This can be a huge asset to something with a small staff, and with big dreams.

By taking on an apprentice, you’ll also save money instead of having to hire someone. While an apprentice is not an employee who will apprentice with you forever, they can fill a valuable spot for a number of months. By hiring an apprentice, you’ll save yourself time and valuable money.

What can an apprentice do

Apprentices can do a number of things for you. But one area that apprentices can especially help with is in your marketing efforts. It’s a field that can be accessed remotely, allows you to be creative, and can make a big impact on your business.

 Taking On An Apprentice Can Help Grow Your Business-Unlock New Ideas

Tasking an apprentice with handling your social media, website writing, email marketing, and other marketing tasks is the best way to grow through the use of an apprentice. They can spark new ideas, make an impact and track their progress.

What apprentices think of GenM

A free platform to take certified training, chat with successful business owners and gain work experience to launch your career – what’s not to love for student marketers!

 Taking On An Apprentice Can Help Grow Your Business-Successful Business owner

For more stories of success from GenM Students, read about former students like Elijah Shoesmith and Amanda Menke, who have gone on to launch their careers after using GenM as a student!

 Taking On An Apprentice Can Help Grow Your Business-Why Business love Genm

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How to find an apprentice today

With GenM, it is easy to find a digital marketing apprentice.

For a very affordable $49 a month, you can access a talent pool of student marketers wanting to become apprentices, interact with them and hire one. 

 Taking On An Apprentice Can Help Grow Your Business-Growth Hacking

Conclusion: How Taking On Genm Apprentice Can Help Grow Your Business 2023

So what more do you need to know! GenM is affordable and can connect you with the perfect apprentice. But don’t take my word for it, listen to other businesses who have used and loved GenM.


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