GenM Apprenticeship Review 2023: How GenM Apprenticeships Work ?

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Are you a newbie in digital marketing or someone who needs a part-time trainee in digital marketing as an apprentice or a freelancer?

Digital Marketing is indeed flourishing and it would certainly be a big plus for the businesses ahead. Small businesses or entrepreneurs need digital marketers as well as content writers for a certain time period.

You can start your career as a noob and learn from experienced marketers with time. GenM gives the platform to the students to learn and start the apprenticeship. In this post, we have shared a detailed GenM Review 2023 with all the features and deep insights into it.


🤔What is GenM Apprenticeship ?

With GemnM Apprenticeship gain more experience through apprenticeship. Here with GenM you can get more exposure and experience by learning skills and doing apprenticeship at GenM.

✅Is GenM Reliable?

Yes! No doubts, GenM is a reliable platform for students as well as for business. And the best part is that they are offering courses for free. Just make sure you’re using this opportunity to get started with GenM and learn new marketing skills.

🔥Does GenM Offers Free Courses?

Yes! GenM does offer courses to students who really want to learn and acquire new marketing skills easily. They offer many courses that anyone can get started for free

GenM Review February 2023: Is It Worth Your Hype? Is GenM Legit?

Detailed GenM Review

GenM was founded by three friends; Richard Shaw, Marco D. Tundo and Moe Abbas with a motive of giving free courses and training to the people who are willing to have a career in digital marketing. It offers training for all aspects such as Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Advertising, and Analytics.

 GenM Review- The Future of Apprenticeships

Create your profile in 2 minutes and you ready to go. GenM is specifically designed for the students as well as the businesses.

GenM for Students

It is a perfect start to the digital marketing career if you are willing to learn it. GenM offers a number of courses and then 3-month apprenticeship which you can add to your resume.

It offers various courses for the students and you can choose any number of courses. You will be given a curriculum-based o the industry standards and according to the industry demands.

GenM Review- Free Marketing Courses

The list of courses that it offers is Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, Analytics, SEO and other soft skills.

Once you have completed the course, you will be mentored by 1-on-1 by professionals in the industry. A digital apprenticeship for a month or 3 months will be assigned where you can work for a minimum of 5 hours to a maximum of 10 hours. In return, you will be given mentorship and valuable feedback.

As you progress further, you will be assigned the mentorship. They will provide full support to the students.

GenM for Businesses

Be it the small business or a flourished business, you can hire either the apprentice or freelancers for the small projects. No need to hire employees anymore.

Apprenticeship: Hire for your business

It can prove to be really beneficial for businesses. Businesses can get the apprentice and in return, they offer the work. A minimum of 3-month marketing can be given by each apprentice.

After the completion of 3-months, it is up to the businesses as if they want to hire or not. You can polish their skills and hire them lately.

GenM has designed the apprenticeship timeline to avail more benefits from each apprentice.

  • Month 1:

This is what you can offer to the students that are willing to learn. In the first month, the business can focus on strategies such as social media content planning and blog writing. They can learn about the products to sell and how can they sell the products.

GenM Review- Month 1

In the first month, you can offer tasks such as Social media management, live chat website support, blog writing, and Guest post outreach.

  • Month 2:

In the second month, businesses can train on more advanced levels and outreach. The apprentices can learn the execution and targeting of the customers, as well as, understanding the business potential.

GenM Review- Month 2

In the second month, the apprentices can also learn about the landing page optimization, conversion rate, copywriting etc. It includes tasks such as Community Management, Landing Page Optimization, Conversion rate, and Copywriting.

  • Month 3:

In the third month, you can focus on growth hacking strategies. You can help your customers focus on the referrals, customers making, running ad campaigns, customer segmentation. The apprentices can also learn the influencer marketing and analytics for which they can later prove to be an asset for your company.

GenM Review- Month 3

The membership for the GenM businesses costs just $49 per month which is indeed affordable. You can also get lifetime access by sharing it with the community and save on your business. GenM gives you free credits and lifetime access for the referrals.

 Hire Freelancers for Business

If you are not someone who needs an apprentice for a period of 3 months, you can get Freelancers for small projects.

Businesses can hire freelancers for small projects. You can hire the freelancers at $20 per hour.

However, freelancers are paid according to their experiences and demands. You can look into the pool of freelancers with different services.

To begin with, you need to first select from a list of the pool. Just fill in your requirements and you will be matched with a pool of freelancers. Browse profiles and proposals, get the reviews and you can hire them accordingly.

GenM offers collaboration tools, workflow systems, and payment systems to satisfy your service.

  • Beginner: $20 per hour (Eligible for freelancers who has completed 4 digital apprenticeships)
  • Intermediate: $30 per hour (For them who has experience of 1-3 years of digital marketing)
  • Expert: $40 per hour ( For them who has 4+ years of experience in digital marketing)

Benefits for the Freelancers

If you want to become a freelancer with GenM, you will have to first become an apprentice here. After completing the 4 apprentice programs for 1 year, you are eligible to be a freelancer.

If you have the experience of at least 6 months in digital marketing, you can apply with the resume and references. You can be hired as a freelancer after acceptance. Check our detailed Thrivecart review to get in-depth insights into this shopping cart platform.

 How much can you earn as a Freelancer?

As a freelancer, you can earn as low as $870 per month. As your level increases, you can make earn a pretty good amount of sum.

The freelancing plan works according to pay as per you go plan. You can opt for a minimum of $10 hours per week to a maximum of $40 hours per week.

 GenM Review- Pricing Plans

Beginner: $20 USD per hour

  • 10 hours per week- $869 per month
  • 20 hours per week- $1,738 per month
  • 30 hours per week- $2,607 per month
  • 40 hours per week- $3,476 per month

Intermediate: $30 USD per hour

  • 10 hours per week- $1,304 per month
  • 20 hours per week- $2,607 per month
  • 30 hours per week- $3,911 per month
  • 40 hours per week- $5,214 per month

Expert: $40 USD per hour

  • 10 hours per week- $1,738 per month
  • 20 hours per week- $3,476 per month
  • 30 hours per week- $5,214 per month
  • 40 hours per week- $6,952 per month

What courses does GenM offer?

GenM offers various courses for digital marketers. It includes various courses such as social media to analytics.

GenM Review- Apprenticeship Training with Online Courses

Social Media Marketing: This course consists of everything related to social media marketing. It includes 5 courses in all.  

  • Facebook (8 lessons)
  • Google Business (5 lessons)
  • Instagram (6 lessons)
  • Twitter (6 lessons)
  • Yelp (6 lessons)

Paid Advertising: In this program, you can learn how to use online advertising to reach people who are interested in your products. It has 4 courses.

  • Ad Networks (5 lessons)
  • Landing Pages (5 lessons)
  • Facebook Ads (7 lessons)
  • Google Ads (6 lessons)

Content Marketing: Considered for the content marketers, Content Marketing courses offer you the secrets and insights into content marketing and choosing the blogging platform.

  • Content Marketing Basics (8 lessons)
  • Blogging (5 lessons)
  • Videos (6 lessons)

SEO: Learn SEO for ranking your page higher and optimizing it well.

  • On-Page SEO (6 lessons)
  • Off-Page SEO (5 lessons)

Email Marketing: This program will cover everything related to email marketing and business.

  • Email Marketing basics (5 lessons)
  • Email Content (5 lessons)
  • Campaign Optimization (4 lessons)

For the full list of courses, refer to the website.

Why GenM is better than the others?

  • Benefit for Students: Students can learn and gain skills to have professional relationships in marketing.
  • Vocational Working: The students will only be assigned the work related to their vocation and no extra work.
  • Limited Access to the members
  • Variable courses for the Digital Marketing
  • Excellent Customer Support

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Final Verdict: GenM Reviews 2023 | Is GenM Legit? YES LEGIT TOTALLY

GenM is one of the best platforms for learning and excelling in digital marketing. If you are a newbie willing to make a career in digital marketing, you can join these courses without paying nothing in return of apprenticeship.

It fits perfect for the businesses as well as freelancers. It is preferred by a number of businesses such as Shopify, Harvard, Google and a number of digital agencies around the world.

Overall, it is beneficial for the businesses as well as the noobs willing to learn internet marketing. This was my detailed review of the GenM online digital marketing courses. If you have used it and found it valuable, leave us feedback in the comments box.



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2 thoughts on “GenM Apprenticeship Review 2023: How GenM Apprenticeships Work ?”

  1. I tried to find an apprentice on their platform and had zero success. The process to find an apprentice was really laborious. I reached out to them many times with suggestions on ways I needed to sort or filter through the students and they didn’t work on any of those ideas. For example, I was getting approached constantly from people in time zones that just would not work for me to apprentice. I can’t teach someone something in the middle of the night. I needed to be able to sort who can apply to me by time zone but thats not allowed. There were a ton of other suggestions as well that seemed super obvious to me that they just replied with canned responses on.
    The apprentices mostly had zero experience, most had not even take a single class yet on their platform. They market as if these are qualified folks and they are not. I understand the meaning of an apprentice is to teach them on the job and I was fully prepared to do that but that just meant I needed time to interview them for their potential not their skill, which takes time to asses. Time they will not give you.
    I tried for a month and it was just such an overwhelming experience I wanted a refund. They refused to refund me because of the refund policy of 14 days. Its super hard to sift through qualified applicants and interview them and select them for a job in 14 days let alone someone with zero experience. I tried really hard to get them to give me a refund because I didn’t even get to the interview phase with a single candidate (they notoriously canceled or ghosted me!). They can see in my messages I was unable to successfully interview anyone. I finally let them know that although I can respect they have a policy just because it is a policy does not mean its whats best for the users.
    Gen M has a very long way to go before it’s a useful platform. Don’t use it. It is a waste of money.

  2. I have been on and off GenM for several months. I have completed all of their free training and found that it gives the new digital marketer a broad understanding of each topic. Further in-depth courses are needed to become proficient, and it is best to specialize to become a master of one or two specific skills.

    I have completed one internship with a lovely legitimate company. The second internship I started offered great training, however, I did not agree with the morality of the product they were selling, for the price they were asking. Unfortunately, I could not in good conscience, continue the internship. I’m seeking two more internships to become a freelancer with GenM. I believe the hands-on experience will certainly result in landing a full-time, high paying, position in SEO and PPC advertising.

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