George Bush Masterclass Review 2024: Things I Love And Hate!

George Bush Masterclass Review

Overall Verdict

George Bush’s Masterclass offers valuable lessons that any aspiring leader can benefit from. His experiences as president are interesting and informative, providing insight into what it takes to be a great leader.

Out of 10


  • Bonus material with information and applicable exercises.
  • An expertly curated course.
  • Focus on promoting values both for high-profile leadership positions, and leadership in daily life.
  • Super-friendly interface with a lot of useful extras.


  • There's a heavy emphasis on politics, so not everyone can use it, but the concepts are universal.
  • Extremely detailed, case-by-case instruction.
  • Several pieces of guidance are stated repeatedly (which does demonstrate consistent values and facilitates learning).


Price: $ 180

George Bush’s Masterclass provides an in-depth exploration of the former president’s life and career. It is intended to help aspiring leaders learn from his example and develop their own leadership skills.

The course covers a wide array of topics, including personal stories from his time as president, insights into decision-making techniques, and advice on how to be a successful leader.

George Bush Masterclass Review

This George Bush Masterclass Review will provide an overview of the course content and discuss its strengths and weaknesses.

What is Masterclass?

A-list celebrities and well-known business figures offer classes on a variety of topics via the online learning platform Masterclass.

As of January 2023, there are more than 180 MasterClass courses accessible, covering a wide variety of subjects from acting to singing to cooking to acting to personal development and much more.

Classes normally last between 2 and 5 hours and are made up of 20 brief video sessions, enabling you to pick up new abilities in as little as 10 minutes.

Who Is George Bush?

He is an American politician. He was born on 6 July 1946. He is a Bush family member, a Republican, and the son of the 41st president, George H. W. Bush.

Bush piloted jets in the Texas Air National Guard while he was in his twenties. He worked in the oil business after his 1975 Harvard Business School graduation. Bush made an unsuccessful bid for the House of Representatives in 1978.

George Bush Masterclass review

Before being elected governor of Texas in 1994, he subsequently shared ownership of the Major League Baseball team known as the Texas Rangers.

In his capacity as governor, Bush was successful in introducing bills that improved education spending, raised academic requirements for schools, and overhauled the criminal justice system.

Additionally, he contributed to Texas being the country’s top generator of energy from wind.

Bush prevailed against Democratic incumbent Vice President Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election despite losing the popular vote after a close and contentious victory that featured a Supreme Court decision to halt a recount in Florida.

How Much Does It Cost?

A beautifully diversified platform is MasterClass. You may enroll on a subscription basis, which gives you access to all 150+ of its courses and outstanding teachers.

An individual yearly membership now costs $15 per month ($180 per year). When you consider the variety and caliber of the courses offered and the world-renowned instructors that teach them, I believe this pricing is amazing.

Masterclass Pricing Plans

Even better, you may save money by sharing the cost of your membership with friends or family. A family membership (for six individuals) costs only $23 per month and just $20 for a duo.

For leadership training that is in great demand online, this is a really affordable price. This course is a steal because of the marketable skills and never-before-heard advice from the former President.

Additional leadership courses are also offered, giving you access to a wide range of advice from people like Bill Clinton and Anna Wintour.

And if you decide the plan isn’t for you, MasterClass has a 30-day return policy. However, based on my own experience, I believe that once you get access to the outstanding programs provided on this exclusive platform, you won’t want to stop.

What Did I Love About This Masterclass?

5 Things that I loved about this Masterclass are:

1. Bonus material with information and applicable exercises:

Anyone who enrolls in the course has access to a 56-page PDF that, in addition to providing excellent background material about your teacher, elaborates on Bush’s teachings and suggestions and offers an opportunity for you to apply your knowledge via practical tasks.

2. An expertly curated course:

The course has a great balance of pace, structure, and flow. Bush carefully crafts the overall picture of a leader who is aspirational yet achievable by taking you to step by step through every facet of the finest sort of leader.

3. Experience is the best teacher:

George W. Bush has the experience, boy. The subtle, current examples from the former President’s life and work show off his insight.

4. Humanity and humility are key components of leadership:

A common misconception about leadership is that it attracts attention away from the purpose and the people you are working with to accomplish it and instead emphasizes the leader.

With his collaborative and team-based methodology, Buch challenges that perspective.

5. Advice for life and leadership:

I thought it was great that much of President Bush’s counsel could be applied to both public leadership roles and everyday leadership circumstances.

His emphasis on personal ethics, behaving with purpose and honesty, and always striving for improvement is praiseworthy.

Is This Masterclass Worth It?

This training is interesting and, in my view, worth your time and money, especially in light of the extra advantages of using the MasterClass platform.

This course offers excellent useful information if you’re interested in politics.

Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about the mysterious President Bush, these programs will provide a window into his life before, during, and after his tenure in office.

This course may not be suitable for people who vehemently disagree with certain of Bush’s political positions, but it may provide light on the reasons behind them.

Bush views effective leadership as a collection of wonderful human traits that we can all use and aspire to.

Additionally, you may choose from 150+ courses taught by today’s top political, social, and cultural figures when you subscribe to MasterClass. All are backed by a 30-day return guarantee. Why not try it out?

FAQs On George Bush Masterclass Review 2024

👉 What is Masterclass?

A-list celebrities and business titans may be learned from online via the website and app Masterclass in a variety of professions. On smartphones, tablets, PCs, streaming TV equipment, and smart TVs, the Masterclass app is accessible.

⏳ What is the normal duration of a Masterclass?

The majority of Masterclass courses include around 15-20 brief video lessons and run for a total of 3–4 hours, however, each course is unique.

👉 How are the Masterclass Sessions conducted?

Sessions are a brand-new, more engaging Masterclass feature that allows you to pick up a skill in only 30 days. Even after the class has ended, the syllabus's freely accessible tasks and materials are still available. You may engage in numerous interactions with your peers and learn about their initiatives. They are a part of your yearly membership and come with no additional fees.

✅ Can I revoke my membership?

Yes, you may simply and swiftly discontinue your Masterclass membership at any time. The canceling procedure is rather simple, albeit it does differ somewhat depending on how you first subscribed.

✔️ Do I have to make any more payments besides the yearly fee?

Only one annual payment of $180 is required of you. Depending on the location of the globe you reside in, you may have to pay taxes while making this payment, but other than that, there won't be any more fees during the year.

❌ Do I need any prerequisite knowledge or experience in order to participate in a course?

No, as long as you have the desire to learn, Masterclass accepts everyone. They provide a wide variety of lessons that are suitable for both expert and unskilled students.

🤔 Where can I sign up for the Masterclass?

The process of signing up is rather straightforward and entails entering all the information required to create an account on any other website. These consist of actual email addresses, contact information, billing data, etc.

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Conclusion: George Bush Masterclass Review 2024

Overall, George Bush’s Masterclass offers valuable lessons that any aspiring leader can benefit from. His experiences as president are interesting and informative, providing insight into what it takes to be a great leader.

While there may be some areas that could be improved, the course is well worth the price for anyone hoping to develop their leadership skills.

If you are looking for an in-depth exploration of George Bush’s example and advice on how to be a successful leader, then this Masterclass is definitely worth considering. 

By taking advantage of the lessons learned from George Bush’s Masterclass, aspiring leaders can gain valuable insights into what it takes to lead successfully.

Whether you’re a seasoned executive or just starting out in your career, this course will provide invaluable advice that can help take your leadership abilities to the next level.

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