GetAmbassador Review 2020 #1 Referral Marketing Software (300% ROI)

GetAmbassador Review
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Email & CRM Integrations


Payment Integrations


Affiliate Programs


Advocacy Programs


White Labeling


  • Easy to use editor
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • A demo for all solutions
  • Integrations with platform
  • Offline Tracking and Reporting
  • Perfect for all types of businesses
  • Professional and easy to use tools for the marketers
  • Rated #1 by Marketing Leaders
  • 38M+ referral touchpoints created
  • $1.7B+ referral LTV generated
  • Cross-department user permissions
  • Success coaching with a managed service
  • An easy-to-use visual editor
  • Enterprise Security Settings


  • High pricing
  • No live chat

Young startups and business need a medium to grow. There are a number of methods to grow and promote your brand to the audience but what matters most is that if you are doing it the right way!!

In recent years, the marketers believe that the traffic driving tools for the websites have become popular and it would certainly grow in the coming years. I have used various tools for referrals to grow business.

The best tool for the referral and the affiliate marketers that I have found recently is Get Ambassador. It goes perfectly with the websites that are willing to earn and grow by using giveaways.

In this post, we have featured Get Ambassador Review 2020 that includes detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionality and more. Let’s get started here.

Get Ambassador Reviews 2020: Is It Worth The Hype?

Ambassador is an effective powerful affiliate and referral marketing tool for the marketers. This effective tool helps you target potential customers with ease.

Other software in the market complicates the referral marketing whereas Ambassador simplifies the referral marketing for you. It also automates the process of enrolling and tracking, rewarding your customers, affiliates, influencers, and partners.

 Ambassador Review- World Class Referral Programs Software

It works for every size of the brand and all B2B companies as well. This technology has become popular and Ambassador is being used and recommended by various brands such as Hewlett-Packard, SAP, Ria Financial, SunPower, Frank+Oak, NutriBullet, and the American Marketing Association.

It was founded in 2010 and since then it has been flourishing in the referral marketing industry. It promises to grow the renowned brands.

Ambassador Review: What’s It All About?

Although sold primarily as a marketing tool, several solutions are grouped together in a series of products.

The first is referral marketing, which convinces its customers to share their products or services with anyone. These can be friends, family, and colleagues. In return, customers receive rewards for anyone they recommend.

The second part of the ambassador is affiliate marketing, which is aimed more at people who write about their products and services.

All successful online stores need brand ambassadors and influential online people who are happy with what you sell. In fact, it’s often better to work with bloggers, podcasters, and YouTube influencers than to publish a press release. The reason is that these people have subscriptions with hyper-targeting. You can find the ones that most affect your product.

Third, we have affiliate marketing. This type of marketing allows you to work with agencies, resellers, and reference partners who can then track leads for you and potential information in your CRM. GetAmbassador retrieves the information provided by its partners and automates the distribution of revenue and commissions.

Fourth place is the Influence Marketing module, which is the best way to reach experts in certain areas. This can be a social media star or blogger. Ambassador provides these employees with automated emails, blank labels and links to promote their brand.

Finally, with the Ambassador’s brand marketing tool, you can interact with your customers to make sure the right content is shared across the right channels. This system seems to give more power to their recommendations, with options to display their rewards, track progress, and provide feedback.

Obtain the Ambassador Association Program

  • enroll

Register here to access the content you can post on your website or blog, as well as the personalized link that you can send to your customers. After registration, we will email exclusive content describing how the Ambassador receives sponsorship, affiliation, association and influence programs for brands around the world.

 GetAmbassador Review -enroll

  • Respectively

Tell us about the customers you want to present to GetAmbassador or give them the opportunity to discover us through their links and shared content. We will follow and assign all references. Finally, we do that too. We value our agency partners and will ensure that you include all our communication with your customers.

  • Win

For every new customer recommended to register with Ambassador you will receive a commission of up to 20%. If you prefer to apply your commission to your customer’s first annual rates, you can do so. In addition, members can receive references from our sales and success team.

Made for dealers

An intuitive user interface puts sellers on the driver’s seat. Our turnkey solution simplifies the entire process from day-to-day management to reporting to communication. Ambassador is an easy-to-manage platform that offers:

  • An easy-to-use visual editor
  • Automated workflows
  • Predefined designs.
  • Strong portals of customers and partners.
  • Seamless integration

Brand experience

Tailor-made, personalized, personalized: no matter what you call it, our platform is designed for you. Do not give up your competitive edge with brand pages. Use a blank screen to keep your brand experience consistent across all contact points. Ambassador enables your reference marketing programs:

  • Customize your existing customer experience perfectly
  • Stay true to your brand and style guidelines.
  • Use single sign-on (SSO)
  • Use our open REST API

Marketing reference

Do not waste time searching for numbers if the data you need to generate additional references is an Ambassador. Our solution provides powerful yet intuitive tools that help you analyze actionable performance data and optimize your entire SEO program to increase ROI. Based on common testing and conversion rates per channel and program, our intelligent platform gives you the tools you need to:

  • Copy of the A / B test, prices, and placement on the page.
  • Identify and segment partners, influencers, customers, partners, employees, and other advocates.
  • Customization of reports and analyzes.


The good thing about Ambassador is that B2B and B2C online shops are successful with the platform. Not only that but also the size of your shop does not matter. The ambassador seems to have something to offer everyone, even if it is a basic reference program for a startup. However, if the ambassador says that a program is “simple”, it is always much more advanced than what you would normally receive from using the Shopify program.

Ambassador has several features, depending on the price plan you want to set. You can find everything from smart segmentation to multiple campaigns. As mentioned above, five suites are available to configure different frames of reference, affiliations, associations, and others.

Although we did not want to highlight all Ambassador features, here are some of our favorites:

  • All-in-one Platform

Ambassador is known to have the reputation of boosting the business by offering the tools that do the wonders. More importantly, it is a platform that offers all kind of solution and does not merely stick to the one.

It is so flexible that it runs affiliates, referrals, influencers as well as the partner and advocate programs all in a single place.

Ambassador Review- All In One Platform

This platform has got the ability to manage multiple campaigns and has multiple functionalities. It identifies the potential ambassadors for your brand and pays more attention to them.

You can also track, measure and optimize your program at one place. Get more traffic and more referrals by rewarding your ambassadors.

  • Intelligent segmentation

Your sponsorship and affiliate programs will be much more effective if you can segment communication between different partners. For example, you can have two types of partners: bloggers and YouTube influencers. Both are interested in affiliate links but do not always have the same format and message. Bloggers may want banner ads for affiliate links, while creators may be more interested in a short video. This is an approximate example, but there are no two identical partners.

  • Performance

Ambassador is known to provide the flexibility and the ease of use to the customers to the customers. Experience the flawlessness in your work and watch your campaign bringing more conversion.

Ambassador Review- OPtimized Performance

Ambassador gives the flexibility in each kind of devices and is fully optimized with all kind of devices; PC, Mobile app or a physical store. The mobile optimization, as well as the online/offline mobile capabilities and reporting, are the base.

It unfolds your website’s stats and manages everything just with ease. The software is designed and takes care of the features such as; Mobile app functionality, Multi-language function and Offline tracking and reporting of campaigns.

  • E-commerce integrations

With Ambassador, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce and all major e-commerce platforms can be connected.

  • Email and CRM integrations

If you use a site with a specific CRM, integrating with Ambassador is no problem. The same applies to your e-mail portal because you need to stay in constant contact with your partners.

  • Crafted for marketers

Ambassador is perfectly designed for the marketers. It offers the best solution to marketers with the best tools and an automated workflow to its users.

Ambassador Review- All In One Platform For Referral Marketing

It reports the entire day-to-day process of reporting and communication from tracking to designing. It becomes easy to manage everything with the flow.

Ambassador offers the tool which boosts your business and is much easy to manage:

  • Seamless Integration
  • Fully Automated Platform
  • Easy and Intuitive Visual Editor
  • Strong Affiliate Portals and Customer Feedback
  • Variety of inbuilt templates and designs
  • Customizable designs and a variety of widgets.


  • Fast payments and coupons

If you find brand ambassadors, partners, and references, you can offer them more than they return, so you do not have to think about it much. However, these references are the cornerstone of your business. Therefore, you want to delight your partners by sending fast and automated payments. Ambassador offers multi-currency support as well as multilingual tools, gift cards, and personalized rewards.

  • Segmentation

Ambassador is known for the smart segmentation it does for the partners.  In the partner’s program, you might have two partners such as one of them is a blogger whereas the other one might be the YouTube Influencer.

Ambassador Review- Referral Solution

If both of them are interested in affiliate links, you can share your message with them. But the problem that persists is that you can’t share the same format and messages again.

Thus, you need to share a different format and messages for your partner. If you are sharing the affiliate link with the bloggers, then you might need a banner ad for this whereas, for the YouTube influencer, you would need short video clips with the affiliate link.

  • Coupons and Quick Payouts

Ambassador is as good as for your partners as well as the influencers as it is for you. These referrals and affiliates are an important part of your business.

Your partners and affiliates need to be connected to you so that your business goes well. To make your partners happy, ambassadors release fast payments and send quick payouts to your customer.

Besides this, it also has got the multi-currency support as well as the multi-language support system as well as the gift cards. You can also create coupons for the giveaways to the customer and the influencers.

  • Great Customer Experience

With more influencers and more partners comes more responsibility for you. The platform is customized, tailored and perfectly designed for your all marketing needs.

Ambassador Review- Customer Reviews and Stats

Ambassador has got its foot to all the necessary touch points and thus enables the referral programs to work:

  1. Easily and seamlessly to fit for all your marketing needs.
  2. Get the open REST API
  3. Use Single Sign-On
  4. Use guides and designs to start
  • Omni-Channel Referral Marketing

The referral marketing platforms need meaningful data to grow the business. You need tools to grow your business through referral marketing. These tools can help optimize the entire referral program to increase ROI with these tools.

Ambassador Review- Omni Channel Referral Marketing

Ambassador empowers you with the tools for the split testing and grow your conversion rate by the channels and programs. It gives away the tools for:

  • Create the reports and tracking analytics for your campaigns
  • Create the segmentation of your affiliates, partners and influencers for better tracking.
  • A/B Test copy and rewards as well as on-page placement.

GetAmbassador Benefits

Designed primarily for salespeople, GetAmbassador brings the most common features to your table with a touch of innovation. It’s very easy to use, so you do not have to be a technology expert to use this software.

You can use the visual editor with multiple widgets to configure your product. Various customization options allow you to present your product according to your wishes. So that you can start immediately, you have several ready-made templates at your disposal.

You can also automate workflows with this software. This saves managers a lot of time and makes it easier to manage their daily tasks. In addition, detailed work reports are provided so you can create statistics and numbers that are useful to your business.

The ambassador also offers payment processing and billing. You can trade with multiple currencies. With multilingual features, you can communicate effectively with your customers.

You can manage multiple campaigns with this software. To help you more effectively manage your ambassadors and users, the segmentation and registration features are also available. Perform multifunctional activities and monitor the performance of your business with clarity and conviction.

GetAmbassador Dashboard

Once you’re in your affiliate, an easy-to-use, easy to understand control panel tells you what you’ve earned so far and what you can afford:

The Statistics tab displays the clicks, the references, the revenue generated by your business, and the commissions for the partner:

The Commissions tab displays the date of the commission, the name and email address of the customer (the affiliates receive the email from their customer), the revenue, the commission, and whether the transaction was approved or not commissioned.

The Payments tab displays the payment date, the customer identification, the payment amount, the payment method you want to use to pay members (usually Paypal), and the status (paid or unpaid).

The Assets tab lets you upload your content assets to help affiliates advertise online for your business, such as ads, banners, guides, and logos.

GetAmbassador Marketing Solution

  1. Referral Marketing

Encourage and empower customers to share the products and services that they offer to with their customers or any network they have. The referral program tool is a treat for the customers as it gives the ever-lasting experience for you.

The mobile optimization as well as the ease of sharing and offline/online tracking across the email, mobile app, store or anywhere can be made easy with this app.

It integrates seamlessly well with various CRM, e-Commerce and billing platforms help brands to bring their products to the market quickly.

Work with your customers and employees to ensure the promotion of good content through the most valuable channels.

Integrate advertising into your existing brand experiences, track engagement, pinpoint results and automate rewards. Use our turnkey portal so attorneys can share specific products or services, track their progress, see their rewards, and provide feedback.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

If you are willing to grow your brand with affiliate marketing, Ambassador is the right choice for you to choose the desired affiliates. With branded email pages and automated email communication and smart branding, get the right affiliate.

The platform also gives complete control to you about who can get access to promote your program or give access to anyone who registers.

Besides this, it also gives the customizable affiliate portal that your affiliate needs for the tracking as well as promote. The payouts are quick for the affiliates when they integrate with PayPal using the ambassador.

You can also track and trace which affiliate is generating sales and getting more profit with live reports. Get full control over the affiliates and keep an eye for the fraud so that you can ban them.

Create customized campaigns to ensure that only partners and ambassadors of the right brand have access to advertising for your brand. Automate payments and take advantage of our advanced analytics.

Give your partners a first-class experience with our partner portal, which contains all your links, content, payments and statistics.

  1. Partner Marketing

This works well!! Integrate with your partner and grow your brand. Ambassador connects you with the partner and lets them share your products and services on their websites and emails.

You can share the revenue and profit with your partners. Design your branded portals with customized and give your partners the ability to promote your products and services within their network and nurture leads.

Integrate your CRM to allow a partner to enter directly leads and receive updates. Engage partners by delivering real-time email communication and providing different dashboards.

Ambassador traces all your partners’ report and performance count their profits and share so that they get equal profits. The world-class partner team scales and automates the partner program.

Getambassador review - influnce

Generate more from your best prospects and customers with our fully integrated partner portal. Customize the affiliate application and allow any agency, reseller, or referral partner to add your potential customers directly to your CRM.

Enable members to advertise on their websites and emails as you track all important activity and automate the distribution of revenue and commissions.

4. Influencer Marketing

Moreover, the top influencers can be targeted to create a custom program that makes sense for your brand.

It provides the influencers with the custom links, codes and dashboard to track the performance and generate organic impressions, tracks, leads, and sales.

Set custom conversion events such as performance incentives t the top influencers. Customize your emails and messages while delivering the gifts as well as the rewards in real-time.

Benefit from experts in the field, influential people on social networks and bloggers who want to encourage their subscribers to use their products and services. Our automated e-mail, personalized sharing links, and the blank marking system make communication with your key influencers and their management easier.

Customer Support

Ambassador has got excellent customer support. It gives the dedicated email as well as phone support. Some plans do provide the success coach for growing the brands in all type of solutions.

Ambassador layouts every process by using their designed platform and a team of experts so that you don’t have to thrive harder.

The company has got a lot of articles and materials to promote referral programs. It has a Resource center including articles, blog posts, videos and eBooks offering a guide on all kind of marketing solutions.

GetAmbassador vs iDevAffiliate: a detailed analysis

GetAmbassador and iDevAffiliates can help your business in two ways. First, it can help you to recruit an army of affiliates who promote your products and services. Second, it can help you to put yourself on the right side of influential people so they are more motivated to share your brand with their followers. That’s why choosing the right software is essential to the success of your brand. With that, I will see these programs on a deep level. I will examine the different facets of the software and the reward points for the company that has performed better. From there I explain the winner.

GetAmbassador Testimonials

“Ambassador is an awesome marketing partner for us. The product is very flexible and does everything we need, plus much more. And Ambassador’s success team is always on top of it; it’s great to work with true experts.”

Sean Callaghan – Manager, CRM

“In our first 6 months since launching the referral program, we’ve generated more than a 9x return on our entire annual investment in Ambassador. We’ve also found that our customers are 3x more likely to convert when they’re referred.”

JK SparksLifecycle and Affiliate Manager

GetAmbassador Review Pricing Details

For prices, you should contact the GetAmbassador to organize a demonstration and receive an offer. Generally, this means that they have a rather difficult selling point, but it also often turns out to be a serious business that is more focused on individual needs.

Therefore, one company is likely to call and receive another offer from a completely different company. In my experience, this is generally a good thing, as it provides the best possible service and is expected to be paid for only what it intends to use.

What we know are the types of maps provided to Ambassador users:

It has three pricing plans to choose:

Ambassador Review- Pricing Plans

Startup Plan: $800/month (annually)

This plan is designed for start-ups and small businesses that need a simple affiliation and placement program. At first glance, any small e-commerce store would appreciate this plan, especially because it can update itself as your business grows fast. A visual editor is included so you can manage and view the changes in real time.

  • 1 Campaign
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Email Integration
  • Mobile SDK
  • Up to 5,000 Ambassadors
  • Support
  • Payment and Billing Integrations
  • API Access
  • Refer a friend widgets

Professional: $1500/month (annually)

Large and mid-sized businesses choose this plan because it allows them to manage all of their business relationships and to ensure that these partners have the best tools to talk about your brand. The goal is to configure one or more programs and to adapt each of the programs to the different partners.

  • Perfect for Mid-sized companies
  • Single Sign-On
  • Additional Campaigns
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Multi-language
  • Automated Payouts
  • Up to 10,000 Ambassadors

Enterprise- Custom Pricing

This is a fully custom reference program that can be used in an omnichannel network and can be created globally. It is also a white-label solution that avoids any traces of the Ambassador brand. In general, the Enteprise Plan is the definitive solution to segmenting your members and partners so that everyone has a wealth of experience and support in promoting your brand.

  • Preferred for global brands
  • All features of a professional plan
  • Invoice Billing
  • Custom Tools
  • White Labelling
  • Security settings

It all depends on the plan you decide, but the ambassador says that some of the following features are available:

  • Omni-channel functions.
  • Influence programs.
  • The affiliated companies
  • Defense programs.
  • Intelligent segmentation.
  • Telephone support and e-mail.
  • A coach of success.
  • integration
  • E-commerce integrations.
  • Email and CRM integrations.
  • An open REST API.
  • Much more

Pros and Cons of Ambassador


  • Professional and easy to use tools for the marketers
  • Integrations with platform
  • Perfect for all types of businesses
  • A demo for all solutions
  • Offline Tracking and Reporting
  • Easy to use editor
  • Excellent Customer Support


  • High pricing
  • No live chat

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The Final Verdict: Does Ambassador help you grow your Brand? GetAmbassador Review 2020 #1 Referral Marketing Software (300% ROI)

Ambassador is a perfect solution to grow and promote your brand. It gives all the necessary tools and guides that you would need to promote your products through various marketing solutions.

It has got a great marketing concept and thus manages all the tasks such as communication as well as the portals with great ease.

If you are just a  startup and willing to start the referral program, I would recommend using the demo for it. If you have got a medium sized business and you want to boost your brand, I would go for the Ambassador then.

This was my detailed review of Ambassador referral software for all the marketing needs. If you have used it earlier or after coming here, please leave a feedback of Ambassador for us.

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