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Images Always plays an important to make your content more appealing and enticing. Getting tempting images is really difficult, bloggers always search for images which are very attractive, but couldnt get due to copyright issues. Today I am giving you few websites list where you can get copyright free images. So I hope this will give you a sense of pleasure of having enticing images in your content.

Free Images sharing websites

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In articles it help encourage readership; on websites it make readers focus on where we want them to. It always encourages readership of your blog and people will like to link to your blog more effectively. They will prefer to read your content instead of content without images. However, getting the right images isn’t easy sometimes. We tend to search here & there but we couldnt get desire images for our content. Sometimes Google images doesnt help much in getting required images.

Websites List

So I hope this list will help you a lot in getting images for your content. So always link your content with right images, it is always pleasing to audience. With increased cost of quality stock photos, these are a real gem websites that will help you.


These are  number of the most effective sites to search out free stock photos on the net. I simply need to repeat one factor concerning using stock photos: whether or not you buy a photograph or not, I recommend ensuring that you’re using it underneath its licensing terms. If unsure, contact the author for clarification.

Any more websites you have drop in the comments I would be happy to know that, so keep sharing more websites !!!!!

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  1. Hi Jitendra,

    Do copyright issues still exist if the images are edited? I have seen many developers take pictures and edit them to avoid copyright.

    I don’t know, is it legal?


  2. Thanks for sharing these sites for free images. It is always difficult to find proper image that is not copyrighted. So it is better to use those images from these kind of site.

  3. Thanks for sharing such a nice list for free copy wright images for new blogger like us thanks .

  4. Jitendra – I really appreciate this list of places I can find copyright FREE images. It is so important to have copyright free images for a blog. I’ve been using FreeDigitalNet and microsoft most of the time. It’s great to have a list like this in one place, thanks!

  5. Great article, this list will help bloggers to publish the article with the right image, and make it more attractive. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi Jitendra You have provided me a wonderful list of copyright free images, this is very helpful for bloggers like us.

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing these images sites with us. Mostly selecting a photo from Google images for uploading in a blog can take blogger on a risk of copyright issues. Therefore, blogger should be very careful in the selection of images for their content.

    • Hi Thomas Thnxx for stopping by here, These images sites are very helpful for bloggers. Yes Google images can run into copyright issues, so always be on safe side.

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