Legit Ways To Get Paid To Watch Netflix 💰 2023: All You Need To Know!

Do you love to watch Netflix but struggle to find the time and money? If so, it’s time to get creative and start earning some money while enjoying your favorite show.

There are a few legitimate ways to get paid for watching Netflix movies, shows, or other streaming content. From taking surveys to becoming a DVD tester, you can make cash from the comfort of your own couch.

Read on for everything you need to know about Legit Ways To Get Paid To Watch Netflix.

Legit Ways To Get Paid To Watch Netflix

7 Legit Ways To Get Paid To Watch Netflix 2023

Below are the 7 best ways to get paid to watch Netflix.

1. Open Captioning Netflix Movies and Shows:

You may be paid to closed caption movies and TV episodes if you’re more interested in making part-time or full-time money than simply a few gift cards here and there.

When you watch a movie, instructional video, or television program under the closed caption, you precisely type what you hear. These closed captions are used by businesses on a variety of streaming services and shows.

The issue is that Netflix does not just employ this. Therefore, you would need to join a business that specialized in these services rather than working for Netflix.

Naturally, this implies that there is no assurance that you will get Netflix material to transcribe. You would more likely get a combination of YouTube videos, webinars, TV episodes, and even the occasional movie.

It is crucial to remember that these duties are neither enjoyable nor simple. You’ll probably have to stop and start the videos you’re captioning a lot in order to effectively transcribe them.

For this job, accuracy, and speed of typing are very important. Since payment is often made per video minute, your earnings will increase as you become faster and more precise.

Legit Ways To Get Paid To Watch Netflix

2. Pawns.app

Pawns.app is a platform that uses your opinions and bandwidth for commercial purposes such as product development, pricing research, brand protection, and content delivery.

Pawns.app Review

The platform is interested in your home IP address, which is used for these purposes. By sharing your opinions and bandwidth, you’ll help companies improve their products and services while earning money in the process.

Maximizing Your Earnings on Pawns.app

The amount of money you can earn on the Pawns.app is directly proportional to the number of surveys you complete and the amount of bandwidth you share.

To increase your earnings, you should consider using multiple devices with different IP addresses and fast internet speeds. This will enable you to complete more surveys and share more resources with the app, resulting in a higher income.

3. Run Promotions While Watching Netflix:

If you searched “How to Get Paid to Watch Netflix,” you were probably swamped with articles advising you that you could use Swagbucks or InboxDollars to earn money while watching Netflix. That is rather deceptive.

These rewards websites will compensate you for viewing videos but not for directly accessing Netflix. Instead, they compensate you for seeing the adverts they display inside their software.


However, you may still use this as a chance to make money. Simply register for your preferred ad-watching reward sites, open them, and let the videos play on your phone while you watch Netflix.

Although you won’t make much money, it’s still a really simple method to make a little money as you binge-watch your favorite program. Additionally, when you get enough points, you may exchange them for gift cards and treat yourself to a great treat.

4. Perform Mindless Tasks for Cash:

Pair your TV viewing with a mindless money-earning chore if you want to feel somewhat useful when you’re in the thick of a binge-watch. Many of these are available on reward websites.

You may earn some gift cards from them without exerting any mental effort.

You may utilize the time you spend watching TV to do some of your simple activities if you already have a side company or online store. Examine your email, organize your inbox, and make additional printables to sell in your Etsy business, as examples.

5. Allow Viggle to Monitor Your Netflix Visits:

Looking for a method to make money as you watch your favorite programs? Get the Viggle app now. Your Viggle points may be redeemed for gifts or gift cards.


It’s also interesting because Viggle may be used with any streaming provider; it does not need to be Netflix.

6. Create a blog for Netflix movie reviews:

Have you ever used a search engine to find the finest horror movies on Netflix right now or what to watch on Netflix? I am aware of my company.

You have, yes? Regardless of the language you choose while searching for anything on Netflix, you eventually find a webpage.

What if the website that other people were visiting was your own? It’s not simple or fast to create a blog or website, but it is a certain approach to developing an internet company.

You might start a site devoted to reviewing Netflix movies and episodes if you want to be paid to watch Netflix. There are many alternatives for the material.

So, if you like watching programs, writing, and having a little business acumen, this concept may work for you. Ad networks, sponsored articles, and maybe even affiliate marketing are ways to monetize your blog.

However, you should plan on working for many months to a year before you see a true return on your investment.

7. Become a tagger for Netflix:

Becoming a “tagger” for Netflix is the best method to earn money while watching the service.

Work-from-home taggers, also known as metadata analysts, are employed by Netflix to view content and add the proper tags. Language, genre, profanity, cast members, forms of violence, etc. are some of these tags.

Some of these positions need a high level of specialization, such as Kids Content Tagger.

I’ve mostly seen part-time, weekly positions for Netflix taggers that average approximately 15 hours. The duties of the position also involve showing up to weekly and monthly meetings in addition to viewing and labeling films. (Obviously, virtually.)

Keep an eye on the Netflix job vacancies website if one of these roles interests you since they fill up quickly.

If you are well-versed in TV or film and have prior analytical expertise, you are more likely to get recruited. Additionally, they favor applicants with at least five years of experience in the film business.

8. Put in place the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel:

This concept only applies if you watch Netflix on a computer and is only weakly linked.

An organization that does market research under the name of The Nielsen Group monitors consumer internet use. (This was the business that sent out a $5 check along with a TV survey form.)

In any case, they will pay you $50 annually and enter you into a monthly $10,000 lottery if you download their PC and mobile panel software.

As a result, watching Netflix on a computer or smartphone while earning $50 is passive. If you’re concerned about the information they gather, be assured that it is all 100% anonymous and never associated with you.

SJ Pulse is another business that operates quite similarly. SJ Pulse belongs to Survey Junkie. They will also monitor your internet use invisibly and give you points for the privilege.

Your SJ Pulse points may be exchanged for a variety of rewards, such as Paypal cash, a cheque in the mail, or gift cards.

FAQs On Legit Ways To Get Paid To Watch Netflix 2023

👉 How can I get paid to watch Netflix?

There are several legitimate ways to get paid to watch Netflix. You can take surveys related to TV shows, become a DVD tester, or join an app that rewards you with points for streaming content.

✔️ Is it easy to make money by watching Netflix?

It depends on the method you choose since some require more effort than others. However, if you dedicate yourself and put in the time required, it is possible to make decent money watching Netflix movies and shows.

💰 Is getting paid to watch Netflix worth it?

Yes, if you love to watch movies and shows and have the time available, then it is definitely worth exploring ways to make money from your viewing habits. Not only will you be able to earn some extra cash, but you'll also get the satisfaction of being able to do something that you already enjoy. Plus, with some methods, such as taking surveys or joining reward apps, watching Netflix can actually be quite fun!

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Conclusion: Legit Ways To Get Paid To Watch Netflix 2023

Getting paid for watching Netflix is a great way for movie lovers to make extra money with minimal effort.

Whether you take surveys related to TV shows or become a DVD tester, there are plenty of options available that can help you monetize your viewing habits.

With some dedication, you can make a decent amount of money just for watching and enjoying your favorite shows.

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