GetResponse Review 2023 – Should You Really Use GetResponse ?

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It is a trend with the internet marketers to collect email ids of visitors to their blogs. A survey in 2012 says that return of income in internet marketing is $40 per $1 spent. So who would like to miss the opportunity?  So like other bloggers even I try to build my list of visitors to make money out of it. I thought of sharing the features and cons of GetResponse so that you are sure that if you use GetResponse as your email service provider you are in the right track.

The basic features of GetResponse are not different from other email providers. But its USP lies in its advanced features. There are number of features to talk about, but I would like to discuss the features which are important and the features which make GetResponse outstanding.

GetResponse Email Marketing Software Review


  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Free, full-featured 30-day trial.
  • Third-party contact import integration.
  • Easy-to-use tracking tool.
  • Option to freeze accounts.
  • No message limits.
  • It provides all the basic features that any email marketing service provider should offer along with a lot of advanced features at a very competitive price.
  • With next-gen autoresponders and email analytics you have complete control over your campaigns and conversion.
  • With their web form creator and landing page creator you can create opt-in forms and landing pages in no time and start tracking them immediately.
  • Its easy to use and beginner friendly.
  • Get Response is a really good CRM.
  • Get Response answers the help line quickly, within 2-3 minutes
  • They provide mobile apps for Android and iPhone.
  • If you are looking for an all-inclusive, everything you need, email auto-response system, GetResponse IS THE #1 CHOICE!
  • You can embed your web form  directly to your Facebook page using their Facebook app.



  • No refunds, even on annual plans.
  • Sign-up glitches.
  • Must pay extra for dedicated IP address
  • No phone support on weekends
  • The form designer is good, but it is difficult to add an image – this could be simplified for sure
  • The newsletter design seems like it should be easy, but it’s not. It is hard to drop image blocks where you want them.
  • Get Response is very meticulous about letting lists be added to my subscriber base.

Let’s take a glance at the basic features

GetResponse Review- Email marketing services top features


  • Broadcast Messages
  • Web form creator
  • High Email deliverability rates
  • Multiple campaign messages
  • Follow up Autoresponders
  • Statistics – Click through and open rates
  • Autoresponder Service
  • Webinars support
  • Create landing pages
  • Mobile optimized
  • RSS to Email
  • Import contacts
  • Email Statistics (Clicks & open)
  • Easy to customize Email newsletter with pre-defined templates
  • Analytic integration
  • Social integration
  • Great support
  • Schedule Emails

Now let me take you through the features that sets apart GetResponse from others.

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Email Analytics

Email Analytics email marketing tracking GetResponse (1)

As an internet marketer it is very important to keep a track of every marketing campaign. With its feature email Analytics, GetResponse empowers you to track, analyze and measure conversion rate. With Email Analytics you can calculate bounce rates, open rates, unsubscribe rates and click through rates.

You can even set goals for your campaign and measure a huge set of other metrics.  With this feature you get the idea which feature works for your blog and help you in setting or changing strategies. So decision making becomes smart and easy as you can measure follow ups and calculate conversion rates.

Autoresponders 2.0 

Autoresponder Software from GetResponse Review

This is so far the best feature of GetResponse. With this updated feature, relevant messages can be created timely. Messages are created according to subscriber’s need and expectations and are send automatically. As a result open and click rates are higher. With time based auto responders I can create unlimited responses customized to the desires and requirements of audience.

With this new age feature, you can accentuate design messages from relevant subscibers with personalised one to one. So basically this feature gets you a never before high conversion rate.

Inbox previews

With this feature you can see your emails accross various browsers and desktops. Not all computers have features alike so with inbox  preview you have the advantage to see beforehand how your emails will look to various users.  So you can actually test your mails.

Email creator

Now, this is something I love personally because it makes your email look pretty and beautiful. With the basic blocks available you can drag and drop them into your texts to differentiate your content. You can also crop, resize and scale the images inside the editor.

If you are weary of creating your own templates then GetResponse brings in pool of templates in various colours and shapes, you just need to add the contents.  You have to use Email creator frequently to get the hang of it.

New Responsive Email design

 This makes it easier to create responsive emails. As mobile and tablets are often used now for reading emails you have to ensure that your mails are legible in mobiles and tablets as well. The statistics show that 88% people open and read mails on phones. So you have to be extra cautious of email outlooks on phone.

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Landing page creator and social sharing

GetResponse review- Landing Pages Creator

Landing Page Creator Get Response review

 You can create beautiful landing pages and even customize them by dragging and dropping interface. Connecting email campaign to landing pages is also easy.  You can also check visitors and subscribers by landing pages analysis.

The social sharing  is an unique feature of GetResponse. You can enable the option of sharing your contents in different social networking sites through this feature. Not only that you can even keep a track of  number of forwards for your article.

RSS to Email

RSS to Email GetResponse Review

 This is a very useful feature I must say. It automatically sends an email to subscribers with the blog post, as soon as it is published. Your Autoresponse will run parallel alongside this feature so no worries. What more? You can even customise your RSS mails for your subscribers.

Great Mobile apps

My phone is my constant companion for the entire day. GetResponse has swift features for android and smartphones. You can manage emails, blogs and campaigns via phone with the swift mobile app features of GetResponse.

Customer Suport

Any brand is incomplete without proper customer service. GetResponse customer support has bettered over the years. It provides 24 ×365 customer service in five different ways.

  • Toll free number
  • Live chat
  • Video training
  • Forum
  • Email

My stint with customer service on technical issues are pleasant and effective so I can confidently recommend you about GetResponse’s high quality customer support.

Pricing Plan

GetResponse Pricing options email marketing


Though the pricing details can change subject to company’s terms and conditions, I can give you a tentative figure on the pricing.

  • EmailThe basic email plan gives you unlimited email marketing, autoresponders and a landing page that can accommodate up to 1,000 visitors/month.
    • Up to 1,000 subscribers – $15/month
    • Up to 2,500 subscribers – $25/month
    • Up to 5,000 subscribers – $45/month
    • Up to 10,000 subscribers – $65/month
    • Up to 25,000 subscribers – $145/month
    • Up to 50,000 subscribers – $250/month
    • Up to 100,000 subscribers – $450/month


    Pro removes the limitations on the landing page and allows you to make as many of them as you want. You’ll also have access to webinars (up to 100 attendees). A Pro account can accommodate up to three users.

    • Up to 5,000 subscribers – $49/month
    • Up to 10,000 subscribers – $75/month
    • Up to 25,000 subscribers – $165/month
    • Up to 50,000 subscribers – $280/month
    • Up to 100,000 subscribers – $490/month


    The Max plan ups the number of users to five and the maximum webinar attendees to 500. You’ll also get a custom domain and an account manager.

    • Up to 10,000 subscribers – $165/month
    • Up to 25,000 subscribers – $255/month
    • Up to 50,000 subscribers – $370/month
    • Up to 100,000 subscribers – $580/month

You can avail discount for the annual scheme plan.

It is not possible for any service provider to not have any dry side. I shall even point out those.

  • If only RSS to mails feature can show the full length post instead of just the summary
  • The deliverability rate of GetResponse is below the 99.9% mark.

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GetResponse Testimonials & Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

GetResponse is very easy to use and has an excellent ‘Autoresponders 2.0’ feature which gives you a calendar view of your automated email sequences that you can easily visualize and use to build full email follow up campaigns. The interface is very modern and easy to use. They also have a landing page builder service that lets you create landing and lead pages for your campaigns. Email deliverability is very good, skipping the spam box. But the best part is that GetResponse is much more affordable versus the other big e-mail marketing services out there like AWeber. – Chad W., G2 Crowd 12/9/2014

When it comes to sales results, timing is critical and the features in GetResponse allow me to make sure my prospects get the emails when they are in the a buying mood. Of course all the cool features in the world mean nothing without deliverability so I ran tests and am happy to report that GetResponse has excellent deliverability. – B. Halbert, 6/18/2014

Mixed Review

I switched from iContact and I love the clean layout of the site. Drag and drop features are great and I also really like the live chat feature; support staff were helpful and quick. However, there is no way to create separate email lists per campaign, and there are some layout and design issues. – Marketing Manager, Trust Radius 4/16/2014

Negative Reviews

GetResponse falls short with respect to customization. I like getting my hands dirty with the HTML and form options, but I haven’t been able to see this through the app. You can upload templates in HTML, but the process is kind of annoying. Also, the UI is not intuitive and too busy. – Administrator, G2 Crowd 3/12/2014

I was using constant contact as our email marketing solution for years but it was becoming too expensive. I tried out Getresponse and what I didn’t like was the lack of customizable options compared to constant contact. If you need to really change the look of your email, then I do not think this is the best option. What I did like about getresponse was that had inbox preview. You can see what the email will look like using different emails like gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc. Price is good if you have a very high volume. For us we went back to constant contact. – Kevin K., Site Jabber 10/22/2013

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Should You Really Buy GetResponse?

GetResponse testimonials

After switching to GetResponse I’m in no mood to change my service provider. I feel it is better than its competitors. Being a satisfied customer of GetResponse I chose to present its review infront of my readers. So, if you are looking forward to a good email service provider you can make a wise decision now.

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  1. thanks for the post on GetResponse. This is my first day into testing GR’s 30day free trial. I currently use the paid version of AWeber. I have only been with them for about a month and chose AWeber because of the preponderance of top bloggers choosing and recommending AWeber. But I have found AW to be both confusing and not user-friendly (where there interfaces are concerned). From the little I have seen of GR, theirs are much clearer (for a newbie) and better user interface. – Do you think this is true?
    – Have you used AW? and if so, what did you think of AW compared to GR? I know you may be biased but do you think it would be a wise move for me to move from AW to GR? I don’t want to regret it down the track. I am not experienced with either to make a truly educated decision. (If i do make the move, this is a good time as my subscription list is still quite small). Thanks for any advice you can give.

  2. Thank you very much for this detailed review showing us both sides of the coins for this tool. The no refund policy is a big setback for them and I can see why some users are upset but then there is a 30-day trial period for users to make their decision. I am a user of Getresponse for a number of years already and still find the calender scheduling kind of confusing to use. Appreciate your effort in this great review.

  3. Dear Jitendra,

    Thanks for sharing such a great, very informative and useful review on Getresponse. I think you done a great job on this review and walked me through the detailed information. Very good stuff. I’ll come back when I have more time and see what else I find here. Thanks and good site! Wishing you all the very best!

    Your Friend,

  4. Thanks for the review. GetResponse sounds like a great email marketing tool.

  5. Thanks for reviewing Get Response – the thing I most wanted to learn about was the ability to setup rules to automagically take someone off a ‘prospect list’ and place them on a ‘buyer’s’ list. Aweber does this out of the box, but Mailchimp doesn’t seem to do it at all – how about Get Response?
    Also – the pricing is a little off in your review. Mailchimp is 100% free for the first 2,000 names in the database or $15/month for an unlimited amount of sends to 1,000 people – not $20 (just checked a minute ago).
    Lastly – one of the big advantages that I heard about Get Response is that you pay them according to each unique email address you have in the database. So if you had 500 names on 3 lists, you’d pay for only 500 names whereas Aweber would charge you 500 x 3. I don’t use Get Response – but this is part of the reason I’m giving it some thought in the near future…It would be awesome if you were able to verify this.

  6. Get response is simply awesome tool which is helping me to build email list from last 1 year. It is very attractive in terms of user interface and also have many useful features. I will definitely recommend to all the internet marketers to use Get response if they are serious about their business.

    Thank you Jitendra.

  7. I’ve been using GetResponse for about 4 or 5 months and I’m really happy with their product and service. The interface is easy to use, which is really important to me, and of course it offers all kinds of awesome features, as you have mentioned.

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