Why Should You Go For An Affiliate To Promote Using ThriveCart

Is your business failing to generate the expected revenues despite putting optimum efforts in the production process?

You probably didn’t do your homework well. The job of business does not come to an end by producing bulk defectless products. It is a myth that only value additive goods and services generate the highest revenue. Customers are the reason for carrying out any business.

So, do not estimate the power of promotional activities since they are the voice of the product and play a vital role in establishing a larger customer base. The task of promoting is not easy unless you find the right group of people to join hands with you.

However, the team of ThriveCart has put an end to your struggles of finding the right type of promotion. They have jolted their skills and come up with the brilliant idea of providing an option to insert your affiliate promoter online. Cool, isn’t it?

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ThriveCart is designed in a very user-friendly manner making lives easy. Walk yourself through the following track of steps for creating an affiliate for your products.

Why Should You Go For An Affiliate To Promote Using ThriveCart

How To Use Affiliate To Promote In ThriveCart 2023

Firstly, make sure you already have your bunch affiliates on the go. If you don’t, no worries, we can help you with that.

     1. Creating an Affiliate:

You can see a symbol showing two hands shaking beside the symbol of a person. It represents affiliate activities. Click on it and you will be directed to all those activities related to affiliates.

After you reach there, go to the My affiliates tab where you have the option of importing more number of affiliates along with creating one. 

ThriveCart Creating your affiliate links

Here you can find the My affiliates tab between the Payouts and Product options. After affiliates sign in then, you will see the number of pending affiliates, and the number of approved ones after you approve them. Incomplete applicants are those who have not filled in their complete details. Keeping all these aside, tap on the create new affiliates button.

You will be directed to a page asking the basic info of the affiliate you want to create as shown.

The details to be filled are shown clearly and are easy to fill. Go to the next tab i.e. the Product Access tab

Select the products you wish to affiliate and click the save button. Voila! We are done creating a new affiliate. Simple, isn’t it?

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     2. Adding Affiliates for Products:

Before you start adding affiliates for your products, be clear as to which products need high promotion. Not every product might not require promotion since customers may be well familiar with many of your products. Generally, products that are newly launched require higher promotion and affiliate promoters are tagged for such.

Go to the Affiliates tab sitting beside the customer, and check the box asking for confirmation of affiliating the product.

Then the following details shall appear automatically,

You see an option asking you to allow new affiliates to sign up.

Choose any one amongst the three as per your convenience and security. It is better to go for the Auto-approve option when your product requires a lot of promotion.

In such a case you will be provided with many people to choose from based on their background and capabilities. Manually approve and disable sign ups when the requirement for a promoter is quite low. 

Adding Affiliate URL in ThriveCart

Last cookies are widely preferred since you are promoting with the help of your affiliates. These are also called as the third party cookies and are apt for affiliate promoters. Set the span for its expiry beginning from a few months to lifetime. Do not go for Lifetime when the product is temporary and is decided to stop production after the set target of sales is reached. 

ThriveCart has served you with not only one link to activate but multiple target URLs. This option gives convenience to your affiliates and prevents restricted workflow. It also allows them to bring your customers to other pages promoting your products such as a survey or webinar.

Adding Affiliate Products in ThriveCart

*In case you don’t have enough affiliates you can import them, from the option shown in the My affiliate tab beside the create an affiliate option.

So, you can update the product list associated with the affiliate promoters anytime.

     3. Setting Commission Rates:

The commission type can be both percentage and amount based. However, affiliates who are experienced and skilled prefer a percentage-based commission and those who have joined with a view to learn and gain practical experience should be paid amount wise, irrespective of the price of the product.

Set the due date of commission to be paid as per the funds available with you. Setting too few or too many days can render the behaviour of the affiliate to be careless or stressed out. A moderate number of days is preferable. Click the save button.

You are done with adding an affiliate promoter in a couple of minutes. Simple tips and tricks will take you farther with ThriveCart.com in your hands.

ThriveCart Setting Commission Rates

Advantages of going for an affiliate promoter:

  1. You can focus on other areas while your affiliate is taking care of your product promotion
  2. Lower levels of workload and stress
  3. It is a good employment opportunity for your affiliate
  4. Guaranteed results
  5. Larger outreach

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Conclusion: Reasons To Choose Affiliate To Promote 2023

Apart from generating greater revenue you also keep a track of affiliates performance through the affiliate dashboard. This feature helps you to be vigilant as to which affiliate is sincerely working upon sales and which one is the sloth bear. 

You can also adjust the rates of commission timely based on their performance. The graphical representation of the rate of performance makes it easy for you to interpret it.

This tab displays clearly the amount of commission earned, paid, scheduled (automatic) and manual ones. As you can see below, there is a list of top products and top affiliates making your decision of incentivizing easy. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey of promotion by adding affiliates to your products and see the results.

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