Top 10 Best Apps To Go Live On YouTube In (2023)

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Sharing your great moments with your friends, family or loved ones has never been so easy. But nowadays we are living in a world full of possibilities, here you can easily get a new class of live streaming apps that really make it possible for them to join you in real time.

Live Streaming Apps are one of the most effective way to get connected with your viewers and with that you can easily increase your fan following in the market with that you can easily get popular on the Internet. Don’t worry here you will get best Live Streaming Apps for your Android Device through you can easily live broadcast using your devices.

In the market, you will find many popular Live Streaming Apps which is easily available for Android Devices, but here we have hand-picked some of the best Apps to Go Live On YouTube. Let’s start the list here. Its super easy now to start live broadcasting simply by using your smartphones.

List Of Best Apps to Go Live On YouTube In 2023

1. Emoze

Here it comes the most awaited Go Live application is now available for Android as well as an iOS platform. Emoze will assist its user in directing their users live on YouTube channel via portable devices. In this platform, users will get one-click installation facility.  With that facility, users can easily get connected to their channel, video along with followers and viewers just within seconds. Using this app you can easily Go Live on YouTube.

 Go Live On YouTube- Emoze

Key Features:

  • It supports HD transmissions.
  • It offers unlimited broadcast time for live content.
  • It also provides customized video effects.
  • It also allows you to switch between horizontal and vertical mode right during the time of broadcasting.


2. Omlet Arcade

No doubt Omlet Arcade is well known for its most convenient collection of the tools that basically assist mobile gamers. It has exclusive and highly interactive chat room along with easy to share and upload facilities. Here users will love its intuitive functionality that will make content sharing on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter very easy.

Omlet Arcade- Go Live On YouTube

Key Features:

  • It basically hosts an active forum where gamers can easily explore information about all the new stuff.
  • It also offers game chat feature where anyone can spend unlimited time. Here using this feature you can also connect via region chat along with group chat and SMS option.
  • You can easily enjoy easy recording along with fast uploading of videos and it will also possible to develop the personal community for your favorite games.



3. YouTube App

Do you know you can easily Go Live on YouTube just by using the YouTube app? Now it’s the time to enjoy many interesting things on a single platform on the go. Here this YouTube platform will allow you to stay connected to the most popular music videos, entertainment along with game hotspots and news etc. Basically here it is possible to subscribe to different channels and share awesome content with friends and people using YouTube app.

YouTube App- Go Live On YouTube

Key Features:

  • You can express your thought via shares and comments.
  • Here users can browse their personalized recommendations on the Home tab.
  • Its subscription tab will assists users to get connected to their favorite channels very easily.
  • With this platform, it is possible to develop customized videos just by using its top quality filters and music editing tools.


4. YouTube Gaming

Here as the name suggest YouTube Gaming application will let its users stay connected with their favorite players, games, and culture. Basically, YouTube live will feature live stream and videos that come with interactive chats, let’s play option along with reviews, trailers, and speed runs.

YouTube Gaming- Go Live On YouTube

Key Features:

  • It allows you to enjoy chatting while live streaming your content.
  • Here it is possible to browse designed pages for all the games, channels and publishers.
  • And with this YouTube gaming application, here you will be able to place Go Live on YouTube as well as videos at the same place.



5. Live Screen

Here Live Screen is the application which is well known for its easy to use interface along with simple sign up process.  In this platform, the basic widgets are basically designed pretty fine with the collection of templates. Beginners will definitely find it super easy to explore all the hot new features.

Live Screen- Go Live On YouTube

Key Features:

  • Here users can easily define many numbers of phrases for the quick access in form of the tags.
  • This platform will offer numbers of integration just to end along with SugarCRM and Highrise etc.
  • Here on this platform, you will find it awesome mobile support from the service professionals.


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6. CCTube

Here Stream Tube application will come with many advanced features.  This app will definitely assist its users in easy live streaming. It also supports HD as well as SD content but here the stream quality can be easily adjusted per need. It comes with a donation system, that has the ability to surf safari while live streaming and easy to Go Live on YouTube. You can also change YouTube servers as per as you need.

CCTube-Live Stream On YouTube

Key Features:

● It comes with Youtube uploader
● Also provides VOD recording
● It also Real-Time take a picture
● It comes with Continuous background live streaming



7. CameraFi Live

Basically, CameraFi Live app is designed for Android device only. Here this app will make a direct connection with Facebook and YouTube just for going live broadcasting of videos.  No doubt, you can easily Go Live on YouTube using this amazing application. The best thing is that CameraFi live can be easily used with the smartphone camera and you can also connect it to USB camera unit. Here the interactive user platform will assist you with fast response.

CameraFi- Go Live On YouTube

Key Features:

  • You will enjoy its ability to broadcast games just with much impressive content quality.
  • With this application, you can easily broadcast amazing videos without any restriction on time just by using CameraFi Live.
  • It comes with professional video quality and it will give a smooth performance when it is connected to the DSLR and camcorders.



8. Live in Five

No doubt, Live in Five is the best option you have got to Go Live on YouTube. Here the interface which is provided by this app will be easy to use and you can record the videos in high-quality. This application also comes with many more awesome feature which really makes it easy to Go Live on YouTube.

Live in Five- Go Live On YouTube

Key Features:

  • It allows you to live stream to YouTube
  • You can set resolution up to 1080p.
  • It allows you to stream in portrait or landscape mode.



9. HD Live Stream on YouTube

No doubt, this one is the most awaited application for Android in Google Play Store. Here this app will allow you to Go Live on YouTube channel just by using your Android device. With this app you can just with one click installation you can be able to connect to your YouTube account easily in minutes and you can also connect your subscribers and viewers through live streaming.

HD Live Stream- Go Live On YouTube

Using this app you can easily share your moments and activity on your YouTube channels. It allows you to broadcast live in HD quality straight through the YouTube. Here this app is basically used by many of the YouTubers to steam their content to their YouTube channels.

Key Features:

  • It gives unlimited broadcast time.
  • It also gives a dedicated button for Auto Focus.
  • It also supports HD resolution live transmissions- 1080p and 720p.
  • It allows you to change vertical and horizontal modes during the broadcast.



10. Cameleon

Basically, Cameleon is the broadcaster software through which you can easily Go Live on YouTube along with free video streaming from your mobile, GoPro, webcams along with any CCTV and IP Camera. Here this app is made to open the limitless possibilities without needs of any of the technical knowledge. Without having any second thought this one is the best live streaming app through which you the process of broadcasting live videos is super easy.

Cameleon Companion- Go Live On YouTube

Key Features:

  • You can run it on Windows and Mac.
  • You can also use it on your laptop, phone or table.
  • It allows you to broadcast videos directly to YouTube.
  • It is capable of turning any camera into a powerful live video streaming tool.





EndNote: Go Live On YouTube

Now I have ended up with these top applications through which you can easily Go Live On YouTube and broadcast live videos just by using your Android phones. As the above-listed app will provide the best user experience along with a super easy process to broadcast live videos.

I hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to add many other awesome apps through which we can Go Live on YouTube right in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this post on all trending social media platforms.

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