GoDaddy Website Builder Review 2023 : Pros and Cons

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GoDaddy, the hosting giant, is best known for its inexpensive Web hosting services and racy Super Bowl ads, but it also offers online website builder accounts. It offers massive storage and bandwidth, as well as no limitation on the number of pages on our site. We also get domain registration into the bargain.

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GoDaddy Website Builder takes us through a step-by-step process to get our Web presence live. First, we need to choose a domain or we could choose a domain registered with GoDaddy or Type a domain registered elsewhere.

Next, the Welcome to Website Builder dialog informs us that we were just three steps away from having a site later we need to select a theme, customize it, and click Publish.

Godaddy Website Builder review


  • 24/7/365 Phone, Live Chat, and Email Support
  • Easy to Use with Professional Design Themes
  • Create Backup Points & Restore Function


  • No free trials of its core website builder
  • Not possible to change your website theme without starting over from scratch
  • Lacks some of the best more full-featured platforms like Wix & Squarespace.

Next GoDaddy shows us a 1-minute video explaining the many site-customization options at our disposal and then we have to fill out a form of contact and business-type info and their site-editing interface are very intuitive, with a one-column floating toolbar showing page elements such as images, share buttons, maps, videos, and shapes.

A header along the top is where we can control overall site actions, such as adding pages, undo, preview, and publishing. From the Site Settings menu, we can add a favicon, turn on social-sharing buttons, choose whether we want the site to reformat for mobile devices, and set the Meta title and description for search engines to find our page.


GoDaddy Website Builder

Setting Up

We can save and preview our GoDaddy site before publishing it, which surprisingly is not something offered by all site builders we can preview as the same window as the editor, and we can switch between mobile and desktop views. After we hit Publish, a small dialog box presents our site link and buttons for sharing the site on Twitter and Facebook and our site is backed up automatically, so if we make unintended changes we will be able to restore our site to its previous state.

Drag and Drop

GoDaddy review drag and drop editor

Drag and drop is supported for just about every type of element, and as we drag, guides appear to help us to do our work without any difficulty. The Undo/Redo feature is actually noteworthy because we can undo every change we have made. Adding new pages is simple, but when we did so we just get a blank new page.



GoDaddy review adding images

Photos are the greatest strength of GoDaddy Website Builder. We get a bunch of stock photography with the theme we chose and any photos we upload are saved in our online storage for use on any of our pages.

We can also connect our Facebook and Instagram accounts to use our photos stored on those services by simply clicking on the full-page background image lets us edit or replace it. Online photo editing is provided by the very capable Aviary. Photo galleries are also simple to add and customize.

We get six styles (including rounded corners and snapshot borders) and can even specify exact pixel sizes for thumbnails and spacing.

This video will tell you how easy it is to add images, slideshows and photo galleries to your website.

Payment Options for visitors
GoDaddy review payment options

To get a Web store with our own checkout page, shipping info, and marketing features, we will have to get a separate GoDaddy Online Store account which costs around $9.99 per month. We can add PayPal buttons for site visitors to send us money from the Apps button below all the other page element buttons in the sidebar. We can even add an online menu of prices, as well as a reviews module (powered by Yelp) where our site visitors can make comments.

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Blogging and Social
GoDaddy review blogging

GoDaddy offers the share and follow buttons which all of us would love to have and if we chose the Business Plus plan, it can also match and sync with our Facebook Page or Twitter profile.

Although GoDaddy is a good website builder, you might want to consider other options before select a website builder for building your website. In our Webflow review, we analyzed and measured all the features of Webflow that we think makes it a very good platform for building websites.

GoDaddy review mobile compatibility

We can tell GoDaddy Website Builder to reformat our site for mobile devices and preview how it will look on them, but we can’t customize the mobile view of our site the way we want if we don’t want to display certain elements on mobile that make sense on desktop but on the positive side in mobile version of our site we have mobile-friendly features added automatically, including buttons for calling our associated phone number and mapping the location we entered for the business. It’s not an ideal mix of mobile capabilities.


Right from our Website Builder dashboard we can see an overview of our site traffic showing number of visitors by month, day, or year, and we can also view the average number of visitors which is shown through a line graph for those stats and we can also get a pie chart for top referrers and a heat map showing the locations of our visitors. It even shows the top five visitors’ towns.


GoDaddy review themes

Themes are grouped into 18 categories from Business to Music to Pets to Travel, World and the list goes on.


GoDaddy website builder pricing

GoDaddy Website Builder offers us three plan levels all them include domain registration but none of them include an online store and if we want those we will need a separate Online Store account

Personal Plan

For $ 1.00 per month, we get 1GB of storage and 150GB bandwidth and also offers 50 themes

 Business Plan

For $ 5.99 per month, we get mobile viewing of our site and increase storage to 10GB, bandwidth to 500GB, and we also get five email addresses and on top of that, we get to choose over 300 themes.

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Business Plus

For $10.99 per month, they add SEO tools and an SSL certificate the storage limit gets raised to 50GB and 1TB bandwidth per month plus we get to choose from over 300 themes and the service offers us a generous 45-day money-back guarantee.



    Most people looking for goods or services start on the web. Unfortunately, many small businesses can’t afford to pay someone else to build their website. That’s where GoDaddy comes in – we can show you how to create a website for yourself.

    Design your own website fast to ensure your customers find you early – while they’re still shopping around. In this fast-changing Internet age, there’s no time like the present.

    Don’t have a business? You’ll want a website to connect with family, friends, and others who share your passions. Luckily, it’s easy and inexpensive to make your own website.

    For more information, see How Do I Build a Website?

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Conclusion: GoDaddy Website Builder Review 2023

GoDaddy’s site builder feels like a minimum effort from the Web hosting and it is perfectly easy to use, they offer us customizable page building service, generous storage limits, easy, clear, drag-and-drop site-building, photo editing, and massive resources at their disposal, we can be sure of excellent service. Check GoDaddy Renewal coupon & GoDaddy VPS  Coupons.

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