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Create high-performing and captivating landing pages all in one place!

ClickFunnels Gives You Everything You Need To Market and sell Your Products and Services.

  • White Label
  • Tutorials
  • Lead Capture
  • Customer Support
  • Automation
  • ROI Performance
  • Value for Money
  • User Interface
  • Pricing
  • SSL Encryption
  • CRM, SMS, marketing automation included
  • White-label SaaS
  • One-on-one customer service calls
  • Plans suited for both corporations and agencies
  • Complete control and customization
  • Best ROI-value for the price
  • Easy to use
  • Automates email marketing
  • Conversion funnel templates that have been pre-built
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Lack of good landing page templates
  • Support can be slow to respond
Ease of Use

GoHighLevel is less user-friendly as compared to ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels in this part since their platform is generally simpler to use

Value For Money

GoHighLevel has cheaper pricing plans as compared to ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is costlier than GoHighLevel

Customer Support

GoHighLevel offers one-on-one support, Livechat 24/7

ClickFunnels also offers good customer service

Are you looking for an unbaised ClickFunnels Vs GoHighLevel Comparison? Don’t worry, I got you covered.

Both platforms provide tools and tactics that eliminate the need to recruit a technology staff or invest in several applications.

Additionally, they both concentrate on generating business leads and converting them into clients.

ClickFunnels is a tool that is mostly used by businesses to help them create sales funnels and convert leads. GoHighLevel is geared toward marketing companies looking to expand their businesses.

We’re going to compare the two platforms and debunk some of the myths around them.

GoHighLevel Vs ClickFunnels

🚀 Bottom line upfront:

GoHighLevel boasts a user-friendly interface with a focus on automation, making it a great choice for agencies and small businesses that want to streamline their marketing efforts.

Meanwhile, ClickFunnels emphasizes its drag-and-drop functionality and sales funnel templates, making it ideal for entrepreneurs who want to quickly launch a marketing campaign.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which platform aligns with your business needs and marketing goals.

Main Differences: GoHighLevel Vs ClickFunnels 2024 

Major differences between GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels are:

  • ClickFunnels is a software company that focuses on enabling businesses to create “beautiful” sales funnels that convert visitors to leads and customers.
    Due to its URL, GoHighLevel is more generally referred to as GoHighLevel. GoHighLevel is a major white-label platform software as a service provider (SaaS).
  • ClickFunnels incorporates a slew of features and tactics without requiring you to have any technical or coding knowledge.
    Additionally, it eliminates the need to recruit or depend on technical staff.
    GoHighLevel is a marketing agency-focused application that allows users to tailor their marketing agency’s (client) demands, hence boosting lead quality and sales follow-up procedures.
  • There are three offered plans at ClickFunnels. The basic plan is $ 97 per month, the platinum plan is $ 297 per month, and the elite plan is $ 2,497 per month for really high achievers.
    The beginning plan at GoHighLevel is $ 97 per month, the Agency Unlimited plan is $ 297 per month, and the third white-label option for the unlimited account is $ 497 per month.

What is ClickFunnels and How Does it Work? 

ClickFunnels is a behemoth in the world of affiliate marketing. It’s been around for a few years now, and despite its youth, it’s amassed quite a following.

You’ve enabled the incredibly flexible promotion of your items using this platform.

Its program is structured in such a manner that you no longer need to cope with a large number of the issues that other marketers often confront.

This platform is also designed to appeal to certain niches, which means you may utilize it for several objectives.

This is one of the tools that has been developed in such a manner that it can be used by practically everybody on the planet, regardless of their specialization.

It makes no difference if you’re a plumber or an e-commerce marketer; there is one product that can meet the demands of anybody.

ClickFunnels was created for a particular reason. As you can see, it’s intended to enable you to sell your items online using simple, but strong, and successful approaches.

ClickFunnel Overview - GoHighLevel Vs ClickFunnels

This software enables you to develop several funnels that can significantly increase your revenues. It’s a program that enables you to easily design sales funnels!

This is mostly due to the ease with which this program may be used.

Additionally, it is designed to appeal to all niches and demographics, which means that your marketing strategy will be completely generic.

You may build an efficient marketing plan that will increase your revenues without having to worry about its effectiveness.

What’s more intriguing is that it was created to increase sales by using current web trends.

This implies that you’ll be able to employ it in a way that enables you to gain inexpensive and effective leads without investing excessively in the process.

What is GoHighLevel and How Does it Work?

GoHighLevel is a very valuable tool for people looking for assistance in scaling their company.

With this fantastic piece of software, you can be confident that you’ll have access to a slew of features aimed at assisting you in efficiently marketing your items.GoHighLevel overview - GoHighLevel Vs ClickFunnels

This platform is created in such a manner that it is capable of performing miracles for a broad variety of marketers.

I enjoy how it enables you to discover everything you need to construct a great marketing campaign without having to worry about the associated issues.

This implies that it enables you to concentrate entirely on the good parts of your company while simultaneously eliminating all of the bad ones.

We’ll discuss its primary characteristics later in this text. For the time being, let’s examine how it works.

One can only ask so much of a platform of this kind. The program’s advantage is that it is intuitive and simple to use.

You’ll be able to get all you need by simply browsing the layout and using the built-in features. All you have to do is decide how you want to market your site and get started.

What’s more, you can develop a bespoke on-brand dashboard to help you manage everything from a single platform.

GoHighLevel Vs ClickFunnels: Features Comparison 📦

1) CRM

Customer Relationship Management is critical to marketing success, and if you want your company, agency, or clients to succeed, you need a CRM system that can manage everything.

Consider the first time you visited Google Analytics — the sheer volume of data gathered and arranged on a single platform is somewhat overwhelming.

However, centralizing all of this data enables you to identify irregularities, track progress, and identify issues, not to mention monitor leads and increase client retention!

As a result, you’ll need a solid platform that centralizes all of your consumer data and KPIs.

GoHighLevel is a much better match for this than ClickFunnels, especially for marketing companies.

The analytics and dashboard provide a centralized view of how your marketing is doing. Forget about simultaneously opening 100 distinct browser tabs and twice as many spreadsheets.

Additionally, if you choose the higher-priced GoHighLevel plans, you may brand this CRM for your customers.

With ClickFunnels, the CRM is entirely focused on the funnel’s performance. Integrations with other marketing activities are a bit of a loose connection.

It’s a reasonable method if you simply have one company website powered by ClickFunnels and have no plans to grow. However, it is prohibitively restrictive for agencies.

GoHighLevel Dashboard

2) Email Marketing

Email marketing remains an efficient method of communicating with and nurturing prospects and current consumers.

Both ClickFunnels and GoHighLevel include the website and funnel builders necessary to collect consumer emails and contact information (though I prefer GoHighLevel’s form builder for this purpose)…

However, when it comes to using this data and automating email marketing, GoHighLevel is much superior.

All GoHighLevel products feature an email builder and email automation. Additionally, you may build multi-channel follow-up marketing to communicate with customers by email and SMS at the same time.

You will, however, need to download the full-featured GoHighLevel app for this.

Additionally, there is a useful campaign/workflow function, as well as segmentation and all the other elements necessary for customizing an email marketing strategy.

ClickFunnels does provide a reasonably priced email marketing bundle as well, but it is only accessible on the second tier of the pricing structure – $297 per month.

If you’re already using ClickFunnels for a single website or company, paying $200 per month to get access to email marketing capabilities is absurd.

As a consequence, the majority of ClickFunnels clients decide to arrange their email marketing independently.

To send and receive emails, both GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels need you to configure and connect with a third-party SMTP server. You can use mailgun, which costs $ 35 a month for up to 50,000 emails.

If you merely want an SMTP server, Sendinblue and Google Workplace (a.k.a. GSuite) are other popular possibilities.

As previously stated, the majority of ClickFunnels clients choose to utilize third-party tools for all aspects of email marketing.

This quickly doubles the cost in comparison to using SMTP alone and only gives email marketing capabilities equivalent to those available with GoHighLevel!

3) Membership Sites

This is where ClickFunnels feels most at ease. Creating funnels to acquire members or sell a digital/virtual service or product is what ClickFunnels was intended for.

Additionally, they provide a membership funnel design that you can drag and drop onto your website.

Simply provide your information and you may have a fully functional membership website up and running in less than an hour!

I do suggest ClickFunnels to our partners and customers if all they need is a simple membership site that converts like crazy.

However, ClickFunnels is once again oversimplified for marketing companies and anybody looking to create a more expressive website around their membership funnel.

While GoHighLevel requires more time and work to develop a membership site (it is entirely possible, but you will not have the benefit of a template like ClickFunnels does), it allows for more customization.

If you’re simply interested in developing a membership site, ClickFunnels is the way to go. If you want a membership site with room to grow and a slew of marketing options, choose HighLevel.

4) Website Building

When it comes to developing a website (or several websites), GoHighLevel is your best bet.

If having a comprehensive and well-structured website with bespoke pages and a killer menu is critical, GoHighLevel is your only option.

GoHighLevel’s platform includes a website builder that provides you with complete control over personalization. Custom menus, surveys, and membership sections are all possible.

Everything is at your fingertips. The issue with ClickFunnels is that its website builder is significantly weak in functionality.

They provide a variety of layouts, but each is built on a three-page sales funnel. It may convert, but it provides no independence for you (or your customers).

At the end of the day, your ClickFunnels website will resemble the majority of other ClickFunnels websites. GoHighLevel is beta-testing WordPress hosting at the moment.

The team was granted early access to some new Google CDN and certificate management technology, which will help them to grow their hosting of WordPress sites.

The current target date for implementation is Q1v 2024.  Therefore, if you’re seeking lightning-fast WordPress hosting, your search will quickly end with GoHighLevel.

This is a significant game-changer, and it’s fair to say we’re a bit freaked out!

5) Funnel Building

Following that, each of these systems provides a funnel builder. This tool enables you to develop landing pages without investing an excessive amount of time and money.

It is versatile and can be used for a variety of reasons, which is something to consider before making a purchase.

For instance, if you’re in e-commerce, you’ll want to have a strong sales funnel that maximizes your conversions. The funnel builder function enables you to develop successful sales funnels without spending a fortune.

What I enjoy most about the GoHighLevel funnel builder is how it integrates seamlessly with its landing page builder.

This implies you may build a marketing plan that will increase your sales without encountering the normal difficulties. It’s far simpler to use than ClickFunnels.

Some may claim that this is true when comparing a drag-and-drop builder to a page builder.

GoHighLevel enables you to establish an efficient sales funnel by enabling you to design landing pages and link them to specific conversion steps.

This is something that enables you to maximize your cash flow, which is always beneficial.

ClickFunnels has a funnel builder that enables you to quickly and easily develop successful and strong sales funnels without having to invest a lot of money.

What I enjoy about it is that its drag-and-drop functionality makes it even simpler to use. What’s more, Funnel Builder Pro includes a slew of automated traffic production options.

These are highly successful in terms of marketing campaign effectiveness. It’s rather straightforward if you understand how to utilize it.

You may create funnels without much difficulty, and it’s fully focused on assisting you in increasing your sales without having to worry about a variety of various things. There is, however, a little learning curve.

clickfunnel- funnel building

6) Customer Support

GoHighLevel has a slew of support and assistance tools. If you have a problem, the first place you should go is to the Help Center, which has several “how-to” videos.

They’re also excellent for assisting agency customers with the usage of their new software since you won’t have to explain every feature individually.

You also have other alternatives, like Live Chat, if you want an immediate response.

If you have a more specific issue or do not want urgent assistance, you may submit a support ticket or schedule a 1-on-1 Zoom to live help session a day or two in advance.

Additionally, there is a beneficial Facebook group network with which I am directly connected.

I urge that you join the GoHighLevel Official Community group at the very least to be informed of new features (which are released regularly). Additionally, the Pro-Agency Group provides specialized agency training.

ClickFunnels offers a more robust help center, but fewer choices for one-on-one support or technical assistance.  Their live chat support is open 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

And they also provide a ticket assistance system that is available 24/7, albeit you may have to wait quite a while for your problems to be answered unless you have paid for priority help.

GoHighLevel support

7) Ease of Use

We’re going to start with ClickFunnels in this part since their platform is generally simpler to use (but there’s a catch).

As an established advertising business that works with tools such as GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels daily, any platform will be intuitive for us – and any other marketing agency.

According to the majority of users, ClickFunnels is very simple to use for novices and small company owners. I concur based on our personal experiences.

It’s quite simple to use, especially if you’re unfamiliar with technology. While this is not as simple as paying someone to construct your websites and funnels for you, it is far less expensive and a nice middle-ground alternative.

Bear in mind that this simplicity has a significant drawback: the platform is oversimplified. We’ve had some success selling a single informative or digital product online for our customers.

Additionally, it works rather well for developing a subscription site (see more about this below).

However, if you have many goods or a more complicated company structure, the process rapidly becomes difficult.

The essential point is that ClickFunnels is simple to use… in part because it is so little accessible. Because the features are restricted, there is naturally less to understand about how to utilize them.

Once you’ve mastered ClickFunnels, you’ll quickly understand how constrained you are.

On the other side, GoHighLevel is a bit more difficult to use due to the sheer number of functions accessible. However, it is more convenient to utilize in the long run.

With all of your marketing resources in one location, you’re set once you’ve mastered the system!

There is no stress associated with acquiring knowledge of numerous sophisticated marketing software applications and attempting to combine them all.

Remember, GoHighLevel was built with marketing agencies and companies in mind, which means it’s organized in a manner that makes day-to-day navigation simple for busy agencies and marketing executives.

8) Lead Capture

Both systems provide robust lead-capturing capabilities that enable you to collect leads and automate your sales funnels. Both of these platforms provide a variety of various features.

However, I believe that ClickFunnels is a wee bit more strong in this regard.

ClickFunnels has several excellent tools, such as the Lead Magnet, which attracts high-quality visitors and makes it simpler to acquire leads and generate a constant flow of revenue to your site.

Additionally, each of these systems includes robust lead-generation capabilities. This is advantageous since it enables you to acquire the leads you want and turn them into sales.

Additionally, ClickFunnels’ email marketing is highly effective. It also has an autoresponder, which makes it easy to generate leads interested in your items.

The only drawback is that it is not perpetually free like the one they give.

GoHighLevel offers a variety of tools that enable you to convert individuals who click on your lead capture form into sales and close the deal.

This implies that you’ll have no trouble capturing and converting a large number of leads into sales.

9) Automation

While both systems provide a variety of automation possibilities, it’s no secret that they’re both quite capable when it comes to integrating with some of the industry’s leading applications.

What I enjoy most about the automated features is that they’re meant to assist you in optimizing your cash flow and ensuring that you stay on track with your objectives.

The automation capabilities enable you to develop automatic sales funnels, which makes managing your numerous campaigns and campaigns in general much simpler.

This is an area where I believe GoHighLevel excels, but ClickFunnels wins the cake simply because it is a wee bit more powerful than GoHighLevel.

Having said that, automation on each of these platforms is quite strong in and of itself. I would not claim that you are losing ground on issues like these.

Both of these platforms provide automation tools that may be utilized to increase your cash flow, making it almost hard to find a platform that is more powerful than both of them.

GoHighLevel - Automated booking

10) Courses & Resources

Additionally, each of these sites provides courses and resources that include a wealth of knowledge. These resources provide step-by-step instructions as well as extra suggestions for developing a successful funnel.

I like how you can acquire complete access to each platform’s knowledge base to develop the most efficient campaigns possible.

Additionally, you may be pleased to learn that each of these platforms provides business help to entrepreneurs in need.

Consider ClickFunnels; it has a membership site to which you may subscribe and is jam-packed with a slew of various bonuses. Additionally, it provides seminars to educate you about the platform and sales funneling in general.

Additionally, you may permanently enhance your conversion rates by up to 300 percent by using the website’s many information resources.

I believe that GoHighLevel might benefit from some of these services, but they are pretty affordable for what they give.

11) Upselling & Down selling

Upselling and downselling are critical components of developing a successful sales funnel. This is a feature that both of these systems provide.

They both provide upselling and down selling capabilities, which enable you to build an efficient sales funnel.

You may provide a variety of items and bundles depending on the worth of what you’re selling, ensuring that your consumers have an easy time acquiring them.

This is because both of these platforms make it simple to develop fantastic sales funnels. However, GoHighLevel outperforms ClickFunnels when it comes to upselling and down selling.

This mostly has to do with how simple it is to utilize the platform and how much customization is possible when compared to ClickFunnels.

This is the primary reason for their success in the marketing sector. There are several tactics for upselling and down selling, and it’s relatively simple to modify them to raise conversions.

12) White Label

One thing that truly stuck out to us while writing this GoHighLevel review was their White Label Mobile App & Custom Zapier Upgrade option…

An unbelievable deal for agencies looking to resell the High-Level software under their brand and to their customers.

With the GoHighLevel white label option, you can rebrand the whole GoHighLevel software package (including the sales funnel builder).

And resell it as your own SaaS product, giving you complete control and generating recurring money for your business. This is the point at which ClickFunnels falters and GoHighLevel shines.

ClickFunnels does not provide anything comparable, and although the price is high, many agencies can easily justify the cost and even profit from the product sold to their consumers.

If your firm has a large client base, why not generate recurring income and increase brand loyalty by being the software supplier rather than simply the software advocate?

GoHighLevel white label platform

GoHighLevel Vs ClickFunnels: Pricing Comparison 💰

GoHighLevel provides a 14-day free trial, so you won’t have to pay anything to try it out for the first time.

All levels come bundled with “core” functionality such as CRM, pipeline management, website builder, email builder, and standard connectors.

The first tier is ideal if you’re looking for marketing tools to utilize only for your company. This is a reasonable deal for $ 97 per month.

You get all of the capabilities you need to manage your marketing effectively and efficiently from a single platform. That is certainly worth the price.

The Freelancer Account, the next tier up, offers outstanding value for money. You get access to all of the capabilities included with the Starter Account to do marketing for your company and/or customers.

The monthly fee is $ 297, but with limitless sub-accounts for all your customers, it offers far more value than the beginner account.

Finally, the Agency Pro account is designed for professional marketing firms that need all of the bells and whistles to keep their customers pleased. For $497 per month, you get all of HighLevel’s capabilities plus the SaaS option.

This enables you to resell GoHighLevel to your customers, providing them with a platform with your branding and pricing structure to handle their marketing.

To summarize, the first tier represents exceptional value for money considering the breadth of capabilities available for the monthly fee.

The second and third levels are ideal for corporations and agencies, providing an incredible potential to increase ROI via limitless customer accounts.

GoHighLevel pricing

You may add HIPAA compliance and white-label features to further customize their programs. If you wish to save some money, you may also pay for your plan yearly.

On the other side, ClickFunnels’ price structure is less transparent. If you’ve visited their website, you’ve seen how often they promote their 14-day free trial… nonetheless, a monthly pricing quotation?

Nope, they do not emphasize that!

The ClickFunnels Account and ClickFunnels Platinum Account have restrictions, implying that the ROI you can earn from them is likewise limited.

For example, you can only connect up to nine client domains to a single account before purchasing a whole new plan.

The Two Comma Club X is a private club that provides members with access to special information, including one-on-one coaching sessions.

It costs $ 2,500 each month, but you can alternatively pay $ 25,000 yearly. This price tier is more costly, but it is aimed to turn you become a ClickFunnels expert.

Weekly peer review hackathons, priority chat assistance, and an infinite number of funnels and pages are all included.

However, $ 2,500 a month does not cover all of the things that GoHighLevel provides for $ 297!

You are still limited to ten sub-users (10), twenty-seven domains (27), and twenty-seven payment gateways (27), i.e. one per domain.

I have not spoken with any 2CCX members and cannot suggest the club to any of our customers since GoHighLevel offers superior service at a cheaper price.

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

The significant distinction is that GoHighLevel concentrates on giving limitless packages to allow companies and agencies to expand (and increase ROI).

ClickFunnels subscriptions have limitations, which means that if you want to utilize ClickFunnels for your customers, you’ll need to upgrade when you reach the domain limit.

GoHighLevel Vs ClickFunnels: Pros and Cons 


Pros Cons
Automates email marketing Limited number of domains available and self-hosting not available.
Converts quite well for straightforward membership websites/funnels Restricted customization options for funnels and site design
Conversion funnel templates that have been pre-built Price plans restrictes the number of domains, funnels, and sub-users
A superb collection of instructional videos and lessons for beginners
Extremely user-friendly, even if you’ve never created a website before.


Pros Cons
CRM centralizes all parts of your marketing Takes time to get familiar with all of the many features
Automated marketing across several channels, including email, SMS, and phone Not recommended for individuals with insufficient technological expertise and knowledge
Features tailored specifically for agencies, such as white-label SaaS
Integration with self-hosted domains, complimentary SSL & impending WordPress integration
Complete control & customization of marketing funnels & website design
One-on-one customer service calls available in addition to variety of other possibilities
Plans suited for both corporations & agencies entities
Numerous features available across all payment plan tiers

GoHighLevel Vs ClickFunnels: Customer Reviews 


GoHighLevel Customer Review


Clickfunnels Trustpilot

Quick Links

FAQs- Related to GoHighLevel Vs ClickFunnels

💁‍♂️ Are ClickFunnels worth the money?

ClickFunnels is a comprehensive marketing platform that automates the process of promoting and selling your items. It has practically every tool and integration imaginable. Yes, it is costly, but one gets what one pays for. It is worthwhile.

🙋‍♂️ Is there a free alternative to ClickFunnels?

Kajabi is a one-stop-shop for marketing campaigns, online courses, website design, and landing page creation. It is one of the greatest ClickFunnels alternatives since it offers high-conversion layouts and themes for your online company. It features code-free landing pages.

✌️ What is a cheaper alternative to ClickFunnels?

Cheapest ClickFunnels alternative: Simvoly's funnel builder is an excellent tool for quickly creating landing pages, sales funnels, and e-commerce sites. Additionally, Simvoly is a very affordable alternative to ClickFunnels, with rates starting at only $ 12 per month.

👍 What is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is the industry's leading sales and marketing platform, enabling you to scale your company effortlessly. Additionally, they provide a 14-day free trial. The trial provides you complete, unfettered access to everything: infinite funnels, marketing automation, and websites, among other things. Try it out; you will not be disappointed!

🙌 Is GoHighLevel a CRM?

GoHighLevel is a customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation tool created specifically for marketing companies.

🤘 What is the GoHighLevel app?

GoHighLevel is the industry's first all-in-one platform, providing you with all the tools, support, and resources you need to run a successful agency. Access to all necessary tools in a single platform without the need to duct-tape numerous platforms together!

Conclusion: GoHighLevel Vs ClickFunnels in 2024 

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing automation platform and customer relationship management system designed to generate leads and nurture them into paying customers.

It received top marks in this GoHighLevel Vs ClickFunnels, outperforming ClickFunnels in several areas.

It’s the greatest solution for agencies that service local companies since it includes many fantastic tools for acquiring new customers and managing client campaigns.

Additionally, it is simple to use and will save you time and money by centralizing your agency’s operations and supplanting various other products.

ClickFunnels enables you to create high-converting sales funnels for your company and is particularly well-suited for selling digital items and subscriptions.

On the Platinum plan, you may manage your affiliate programs and have access to a wealth of instructional resources.

Whether you operate an agency, an e-commerce firm, an online course, or a digital goods business, sales funnels will work for you, and you should try ClickFunnels.

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