GoPBN Review 2018 : Host PBN’s Safely Without Leaving FootPrints

Trying to rank in google for your desired keywords and could not reach the top? Tired of trying various techniques and still **not getting the results**? Tried PBN and penalized by Google?

  • Having Perfectly on page optimized site, but unable get quality backlinks?
  • Being a reputed SEO agency and unable to deliver the result within the deadline to your clients?

If Yes, Keep reading the article. I am going to talk about a awesome tool which will help you to come out of all problems mentioned above.

Before looking into the tool, Let us see some of the factors which are keeping your site away from ranking your site. Ranking in Google is becoming tough nowadays. There are two reasons behind this situation.

– Google Algorithm is becoming smarter as they are being updated frequently

– The Competition is increasing day by day.

Let us Look at the number one reason.When google started their search engine, they simply relied on backlinks and keywords used on the website. People are smart enough and manipulated the search results by keyword stuffing and spam link building..


Google is full of smart people and they started to work on finding all spam activities and started to penalize the websites. They used various algorithms to judge the quality of the websites. Here are the major algorithms which have affected many webmasters online presence.

Google Hummingbird

– Google Mobile-Friendly Update

– Google Panda Update

– Google Penguin Update

– Google Pigeon Update

– Google Payday Update

– Google Pirate Update

– Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update

– Google Top Heavy Update


If you are doing SEO for a long time, you might have been affected by any of the above algorithms.

The Reason Number 2

In earlier stages of search engine evolution, many people are not aware of SEO.


Today almost all people who tend to start website knows a little bit about SEO. They all are started to optimize the site for google at their known level. It resulted in high competition.

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Now, Many webmasters are trying to rank for many keywords. So, your job becomes tougher everyday.

One thing is out of your control

Google ranking relies on two main factors. They are

– On Page factors

– Links to your site

You can take full control of your on-page factors along with good SEO Copywriting. But the link building task is always out of your control..

Because In today’s search engines era, only quality links works. Building quality link is not an easy task, you have to try hard for that and work for long times.

At the same time:

You have a short time and need to rank your website faster.

As you are depending on other webmasters for getting quality backlinks, it becomes lengthy and time consuming tasks for you.

If you have the business website which can bring you a lot of revenue, you have to rank them in google. If you have blogs which bring you the revenue, you have to rank them well in the search engines. It is a very hard part for you to do link building for those sites in this high competition.

In order to rank your money site, you should build quality links around it. It is very hard job to find good link building sources which can link to your site. Even if you can get links, it will be only in single digits. In this high competition, it is not possible to rank the money site with few links.

You need many of them.

What can you do here?

Having own powerful websites is the only way to acquire quality links for your site.

How can you do this?

The answer is simple. “Use PBNs”

Here you have some problems:

  • Creating PBNs without Footprints are very tough.
  • Maintaining all of them are time-consuming Job
  • Individual hosting will give you a headache

These tasks should be carefully handled and if you make any mistake, Google will penalize your sites. All your effort will be gone waste.

Still, you can escape from google penalty. For all of your problems related to PBNs, there is a perfect solution available.

And the solution is GoPBN

GoPBN review

GoPBN is the advanced tool to build PBNs without footprints

What exactly is GoPBN?

In a simple word, “GoPBN is a PBN Hosting Platform”.

How can GoPBN help you?

When you create a PBN, you have to host it on multiple hosting companies. You will receive different billings and different logins.

You have to remember all of them. You should not leave any server side footprints.

But in GoPBN, you can create multiple PBN sites under a single platform.

There is **no server side footprints.

One Billing for All your PBNs

###What Makes GoPBN so special?


1.Simple and Easy to Use

You can create your PBNs faster. You can deploy 10 blogs less than 10 seconds. Look, How fast you can deploy your domains. You can host up to 100 domains.

2.Multiple CMS


Hosting your PBN with different CMS is important. All **links from a single CMS**(WordPress) will get your site into the google’s eagle eye.

There are three CMS used in GoPBN, They are




3.Powered by Cloud

GoPBN powered by cloud

All your sites are hosted on some of the world’s top cloud service providers. So your websites are in safer hands.

4.Strong Support(24/7 round the clock)

You can get instant access to their support team all the day and all the time.

5.Different IPs

If you are simply hosting PBNs on some shared hosting, you will get single IP for all your sites. It will surely get caught by google and will be penalized.

Most People who don’t have deep knowledge about building PBNs are doing this mistake and they are leaving the perfect footprint to the google.

Here in GoPBN, Each of your blogs will be allocated with a different IPs. So No Foot Prints.

6.FootPrints Free

GoPBN Footprint

GoPBN does not leave any server level footprints. So you are on the safer side.

7.Good GUI

They GUI is very good and easily understandable. Anyone can use it.

8.Multi Locations

Multiple Locations are available. You can choose any of the twelve locations to host your site. So, your blogs will look more natural.

9.Created By Experts


The product is the creation of SEO expert Udit Goenka and Hosting Expert Oscar Hernandez. Previously they were used GoPBN to maintain their own PBNs and now they made it available to the public.

Udit Goenka is a PBN expert, reputed online marketer and entrepreneur.

He has seen a lot of success with creating PBNs and ranking websites. GoPBN is customized more and more to ensure that it helps people to build and host PBNs without much trouble.

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10.Deploy PBNs in Three Simple Steps

GoPBN deploying

You can deploy all your PBNs with only three steps.

  1. Enter your domain name
  2. Select your CMS
  3. Select your Location

That’s all.

You will get your CMS username and password instantly. Deploying the PBN is lot easier than hosting your domain with any web hosting service provider.

Here is the short video tutorial which will you how easy is setting up the PBN with GoPBN.


GoPBN Pricing

GoPBN pricing

GoPBNs price varies based on the number of blogs you require. The price is inversely proportional to the number domains you purchase.

The Pricing starts from 5$ Per month for a single domain and decreases based on the number domains.

Monthly Price

1 Domain – 5$ per month

10 Domains – 40$ Per month(4$ per blog)

50 Domains – 187.5$ Per month(3.75$ per blog)

100 Domains – 350$ per month(3.5$ per blog)

200 Domains – 600$ per month(3.25$ per blog)

500 Domains -1500$ per month(3$ per blog)

1000 Domains – 2750$ Per month(2.75$ per blog)


Annual Price


1 Domain – 50$ per year

10 Domains – 400$ Per year(3.33$ per blog)

50 Domains – 1875$ Per year(3.13$ per blog)

100 Domains – 3500$ per year(2.92$ per blog)

200 Domains – 6500$ per year(2.71$ per blog)

500 Domains -15000$ per year(2.50$ per blog)

1000 Domains – 27500$ Per year(2.29$ per blog)

For better Pricing, Choose the Annual Billing. You will save more money.


Final Thoughts

Once your domain is penalized due to footprints, you cannot use that again. Many PBN hosting providers does provide the footprint-free Platform whereas GoPBN provides the Foot Prints Free Platform. Using GoPBN, You can save time and money and can rank your money site faster. You can host 1000 PBNs in a single account it makes your job easy.

So, I recommend GoPBN strongly for hosting your PBNs Safely. I hope you like GoPBN review in detail and dont forget to share your experience with GoPBN in comments.


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  1. Hi Jitendra,

    Thank You so much for covering about our article on your blog. GoPBN is indeed a fantastic platform for PBNers who can really take leverage of the PBN Hosting platform that we have built. I understand we are new but we have a lot of good brands associated with us. In short, we have been around for the last 9 years in the Hosting and SEO industry.

    With that, I hope people would start refocusing on PBNs again because it’s the ultimate way to rank n bank 🙂

  2. Hey Jitendra,

    Nice review. Thank you for introducing me to this awesome tool. I became fan of it’s work, also it is simple and easy to use. Glad to hear, we can host upto 100 domains. Thanks for adding screen shots along with description, will be easy to understand. It’s safe also, since it doesn’t leave any server level footprints.

    Since it is design and developed by the SEO expert, works good. Also, helpful for people because it will be easy to build and host PBN without any problem. I must say reading it’s features and work ability, a powerful tool to rank website top. According to it’s work and features the prices are good.

    GoPBN is best for hosting PBN very safely.
    Thanks for the information.
    – Ravi.


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