Gorilla ROI Review 2023: Is This Add-On Worth For Amazon Sellers?

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If you sell on Amazon and ever wished you could get your sales, inventory and product data without having to log on and download CSV or Excel reports, then Gorilla ROI will solve your needs.

In fact, with this addon alone, you would be been able to:

  • Eliminate over 10 hours of manual data entry per week
  • Share data between departments without having to send spreadsheets back and forth
  • People in the shipping department know exactly what to pack and send
  • Increase profit by not going out of stock like it used to

Today, I’ll share how to use the Gorilla ROI addon to automate your reports, stay on top of your numbers and eliminate a lot of the work that doesn’t add value to your business or operations.

Gorilla ROI Review 2023: Is This Amazon Add-On Worth For Amazon FBA Sellers?

Without further ado, let’s begin the tour.

What is Gorilla ROI?

Gorilla ROI is a Google Sheets add-on for Amazon sellers to automatically load their stats into Google Sheets.

Think of it as a Chrome browser extension, but for Google Sheets. You can take Google Sheets beyond the normal capabilities thanks to Google’s continuous improvement of Google Docs.

Gorilla ROI Review


It was created as we were exporting reports far too often and relying on people to update data manually.

This was time-consuming, contained errors and always out of date the next day. It had to be updated constantly.

With the addon, you can eliminate a lot of the manual process to focus on making decisions that will grow the business, instead of feeling like you are chasing and trying to keep afloat. Helium 10 also provides Many add-on for Amazon FBA, you can check from here right now with Helium 10 Review.

This is a screenshot of the addon once it is installed and enabled. You can use it just like any spreadsheet formula or feature within Google Sheets.

Gorilla ROI discount


Here’s a quick look at what you can do.

Gorilla ROI for Amazon



There is only one main feature of Gorilla ROI.

That is, to pull in your seller data directly into Google Sheets automatically

Everything is based on using regular spreadsheet formulas and function.

If you have ever used a formula like =AVERAGE(A1: A100), then you already have the skills to use Gorilla ROI to pull your data.

Gorilla ROI has many functions that you can use for specific or general needs.


With Gorilla ROI, start typing =GORILLA_ and the formula will start to autocomplete.

Gorilla sheets Integration


If I want to pull up historical BSR rank, it would look like this:


Gorilla RPI integration


This means you’re calling Gorilla ROI in the spreadsheet so you can use the additional functions you need. And if the plugin is setup correctly, Gorilla ROI will autosuggest/autocomplete functions for you.


Pull in Sales Data

The most used function is pulling sales data like how many you’ve sold and how much you made.


Gorilla ROI dashboard


This is a spreadsheet template that is provided for free. But if you want to create something like this, you would type in using:

=GORILLA_SALESTOTAL(period, [marketplace], [sku], [status], [start_date], [end_date])

Anything inside [ ] is optional.


Here’s a real example.

=GORILLA_SALESTOTAL(“last 30 days”, “US”, “A2: A244”, “all”)


  • “Last 30 days” is the time stat period you want to check
  • “US” is to pull data from the USA marketplace
  • “A2:A244” is the range that has my list of ASIN’s or SKU’s
  • “ALL” is the status of the sales like shipped, pending, canceled


Here is another example.

=GORILLA_SALESTOTAL(“This Month”, “ALL”, “IPHN3724”, “Canceled”)


This formula will pull the data for:

  • “This month” sales
  • Across “All” marketplaces I am selling in
  • For the product “IPHN3724”
  • That was “canceled”


You can see how much control you gain over the type of data you want rather than having to go through the troubles of download a big messy file, cleaning it up and then copying over what you need.


You can pull sales stats over custom periods, for bulk ASIN’s or individual ASIN’s. If you need to report sales for tax purposes, it’s so easy to enter a formula and get your data immediately without having to:

  • Log in
  • Click 3-4 times to go to the proper page
  • Export
  • Wait
  • Download
  • Open up the file
  • Clean up and create a pivot table
  • Get the data you need


You’ve already saved 30 minutes.


Pull Inventory Data

One of their biggest improvements to operations came from having up to date inventory numbers and being able to share it with the shipping team.


Inside Amazon’s manage inventory screen, you can see your inventory numbers. You can also get more detailed stats by download an inventory fulfillment report, but this becomes a big hassle when you need to download and copy over numbers multiple times a day.

With Gorilla ROI, you can import your inventory stats by using the formula:

Gorilla for amazon


GORILLA_INVENTORY(SKU, [marketplace], [status])

=GORILLA_INVENTORY(“B00YD545CC”, “FR”, “in stock”)

The ASIN is B00YD545CC, being sold in France and shows the total in-stock inventory.

Have 2,000 products and want to see the transfer status?

No problem.


=GORILLA_INVENTORY(A2:A2000, “ALL”, “transfer”)

This will pull up the number of units being transferred across “all” marketplaces for ASIN’s listed in cells A2 to A2000.

With this type of inventory data, you can create custom tables and dashboards to show when you are going of stock, how much to send and what to send.

Gorilla ROI Amazon sellers


This spreadsheet template is also included with Gorilla ROI.

Amazon for Gorilla ROI


And because this is a Google spreadsheet, our shipping department has this data open all the time to know exactly what needs to be shipped and ordered.

All without having to ask people for access to Amazon accounts, reports and needless emails.


Get Product Details

The last example is how you can grab product details to track within your spreadsheet.

Gorilla ROI reviews


You can load product information such as prices, rating, reviews, title, category, images and more.

With this type of data, you can create your own product monitoring database. I use this to make sure hijackers do not change any of my images or product information.

Hijackers will always change the title and image and I have been able to detect it within 10 minutes when the thumbnail and title to my listing changed suddenly.


=GORILLA_PRODUCT(A2: A10, “Title”)

This pulls in the title for the products SKU or ASIN listed in A2 to A10.



This pulls in the latest 5 reviews from the US marketplace for ASIN B00YD545CC.



This formula lists the lowest offered prices and information for a list of products in cells A2 to C10. Yes, their formulas also support horizontal and 2D directions.

Gorilla ROI Pricing

Gorilla ROI offers a free trial and it requires no signup. Further, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Gorilla ROI gives 4 plans with different features.

Goriulla ROI pricing



Who this is suited for?

The type of seller who finds success with Gorilla ROI are those who:

  • Are focused on optimization, automation, efficiency
  • Are data-driven? Want FBA data imported directly.
  • Are using Google Sheets and know how to use formulas
  • Want easier ways to share data across people and teams
  • Value time is the most important resource

Who this is NOT for?

No tool is perfect and they aren’t either.

Gorilla ROI is not for you if you are:

  • A small seller (less than 5 SKU’s and less than monthly revenue of $5,000)
  • Doing FBM (They do not support FBM. Only FBA.)
  • Bad with spreadsheets
  • Saving money is more important than time
  • Looking for accounting tools


Gorilla ROI (Pros)

  • Security
  • Data accuracy
  • No bloat
  • 100% customizable
  • Speed

The big upside to Gorilla ROI is a convenience to your data without sacrificing security or accuracy.

The company pulls data from Amazon and relay it straight to you. There is no UI to deal with, no clicking around. Your data is only accessible to you, and you alone. No other party can search for your product data or information.

You can imagine how convenient it is to just type a function to let Gorilla ROI populate your Google Sheet. Type it, let it do its work & then share it with your team.

Automatic and updated Amazon data in a format that makes sense. If the format doesn’t make sense to you, you can change the format like any other old spreadsheet. 

You can make whatever look or layout that you want in order to make your data easy to understand, easy to sort & easy to search. It’s Amazon data formatted using the whole functionality of Google Sheets.


Gorilla ROI (Cons)

  • Not for beginners
  • 10 minute set up involved
  • Reliance on Google
  • Spreadsheet only (no UI)
  • Too much data

Setup time can be confusing for non-technical people or people new to Google Sheets. They have solved this with their turn-key installation service.

There are also people who don’t like spreadsheets and people with little exposure to it will find the concepts and execution difficult.

Because it uses Google Sheets, it is dependent on the service. If you don’t have a Google account, you cannot use it.

As you have access to data directly, it can be too much data and not knowing the best way to display it in an easy to use manner. This is why Gorilla ROI provides a free suite of templates to you can get up and running without having to create separate spreadsheets. All the screenshots you see above are available for download immediately.

Please be aware that Gorilla ROI automatically pulls Amazon data into Google sheets for you to make sense of the data without the inconvenience of manually downloading, sorting and updating spreadsheets.  

Gorilla is not a sourcing app. It’s not a feedback management app. 

The service currently supports FBA only. Not FBM.


As with most web services these days, Gorilla ROI has geographical restrictions as it doesn’t support certain countries. 

Countries where Amazon does not exist or countries where Amazon is blocked. Also, countries where Google services are blocked.

For countries like China that block Google services, a VPN is needed to access Google.


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My Verdict: Is Gorilla ROI Worth a Try? Gorilla ROI Review 2023

If you have been looking for a way to load FBA data inside Google sheets, then give Gorilla ROI a try. You’ll save countless hours, get better numbers, stay on top of your business. You’ve got nothing to lose, but a whole lot to gain.

The free Gorilla ROI plugin is fully functional but limited only to 3 ASINs. It’s perfect if you just want to try it out or if they only have less than 3 ASIN’s.

Try Gorilla ROI today.

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