GoToMeeting vs Zoom 2021: Which One Is The BEST (TOP PICK)

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Online meetings have paved a new path in our lives. The idea so simple, yet difficult to master has successfully been completed and acknowledged in less than a decade. This sure crafted a huge step in the technological world. And now, it is being used with extreme ease. During the extreme times of dealing with the COVID-19, while the entire world took a halt in the physical world, the virtual world bloomed into the most important aspect of the meeting. The world started working again with the help of virtual meets, be it commercial businesses, offices meeting, or even schools for that matter. Online meetings are a step closer to the very tech-filled future. 

Various platforms have been created to allow such meetings to take place. Every platform more or less pertains to the same result. In this article, you will find two such platforms explained and compared that is GoToMeeting Vs Zoom. Read along to find out more about GoToMeeting and Zoom. 

GoToMeeting Vs Zoom 2021: Overview

GoToMeeting Overview

GoToMeeting is created by the brand LogMeIn. This online meeting software was established in 2004. Amongst the first in the business, the brand has taken up it’s potential and now is one of the leading competitors. GoToMeeting also provides you with multiple options when it comes to user operations. 

GoToMeeting Overview

  • Quick Meetings:

You can establish and connect to a meeting from any remote location with good connectivity. You could host either a visual or an audio call, or you could be the host or an attendee to a conference call too! 

  • Turnkey Room Equipment: 

Your ongoing conference call could be turned into a collaboration center with the help of this feature. It creates a formal meeting space in less than a few minutes. 

GoToMeeting Room Equipment

  • Webinars for Business:

Webinars have become a new way to portray a more engaging experience for your users. Your attendees will surely be pleased to attend such amazing knowledge sharing platforms. 

Not only this but, GoToMeeting has been created to offer various features when it comes to the administrator’s point of view too. 

GoToMeeting Webinar

  • Security and Organization:

Security does become an important attribute when it comes to online sharing. Misusers may often cause mischief and exploit the sensitive information which is shared during the meetings. GoToMeeting takes care of your important meetings, protecting it with features like, SAML SSO logins. 

  • Automated Provisioning:

When you have a great number of corporates to invite, you can link your Active Database to GoToMeeting to make your life a little easier. 

  • Admin Center: 

Admin Center is the field where you can take care of your data and the functions your software provides. You can take care of the users and their access to your meeting. 

  • Diagnostics Report:

Here. you will find quality reports on each user’s performance metrics. 

GoToMeeting ongoing call Features-

  • Commuter Mode: 

This helps you to save a lot of data and you can attend and create meetings on the go due to this feature. This makes the software more reliable, easy-going, and distraction-free.

  • Room Launcher: 

You can book a room instantly with this feature anywhere you are as it gives easy accessibility to your mobile app too. 

  • Voice Commands: 

Want to join or connect to a meeting but are too lazy to type in the gory details? Well, guess what? You can operate GoToMeeting by asking Siri to do it! 

  • Cloud Recording: 

You need not worry about taking notes while the meeting is ongoing. The session is recorded in the cloud and you can access it anytime you want. 

You should consider this that GoToMeeting has the highest rating of users when it comes to the competition between the best online meeting apps. It is highly recommended and a very reliable source for many users. 

GoToMeeting Meeting Recording

It also has extended features like,

  • Office 365 Plugin: 

This allows you to join all your online meetings straight through your personalized calendar. This makes your tasks easy and now, you don’t have to go on entering meeting details throughout the change. Plus, you can now attend all your meetings without forgetting or missing anyone. 

GoToMeeting does give all the features a user is asking for when it comes to an online meeting. The sound and video quality is better than most of the other apps. It also gives a few added features. 

After going through this, let’s find out what zoom has to offer its users. 

Some Advantages for GoToMeeting

  • Maximum of 3000 participants can be allowed
  • It houses 25 active HD cameras
  • Has the Calendar Integration System
  • Included with the Call Me Feature
  • Video to Slides
  • Allows Unlimited Cloud Recordings
  • Hosts Personal Meeting Rooms
  • Allows Screen Sharing and to Draw
  • Mobile Application is available
  • Excellent Video and Audio capability
  • Offers Meeting Transcriptions

These are just some of the insights of the very useful software GoToMeeting. 

Zoom Overview

Zoom has been one of the most reliable sources when it comes to online meetings. People all over the world have turned to Zoom to attend their official meetings. Zoom offers various advantages to users. Let’s dive in and find out why zoom is liked by so many people. 

Zoom Overview

Zoom offers various attributes of online meetings, precisely: 

  • Meeting

This holds the various planned meetings, online meetings where you can use video and audio as your supports to communicate. 

The webinar option lets you host the meetings, where you can be the head of the meeting and present your data. It may work one way rather than two ways. 

Zoom Webinar

  • Conference Room 

The conference room allows you to create a safe space for all your important meetings 

  • Phone System

This is the more futuristic approach towards the normal calling techniques that we apply. 

  • Chat

Of Course, the software allows you to chat or text, just like apps like Whatsapp and Instagram allow you to do. 

Zoom Meeting & Chat

Reasons as to Why you should Prefer Zoom?

  • One kind of experience for all users and their modes of use. 
  • The software is designed to be working in the most optimized and reliable way. 
  • The software allows as many as 1000 video participants and 10,000 views. 
  • It is of course more affordable compared to other software.

The type of industries Zoom demands to be expanded are in: 

  • Education: 

Zoom believes that knowledge can be distributed via their software most probably and this could be the beginning of abandoning the traditional classroom and moving to a more futuristic way of learning. 

  • Financial Services:

Once you establish a much more trustworthy bond between your customer and yourself, you may find an increase in your financial gains. All of this possible because of the transparent communications you may have with your client, all of this possible via Zoom. 

Zoom For Financial Service

  • Government: 

This aspect is to encourage productivity and engagement of the officials to their jobs and create enthusiasm amongst colleagues.

  • Healthcare: 

The brand sees potential in the rise of health care to be made possible through zoom in the form of telehealth technology. 

Both platforms provide amazing features and advantages to you as users. However, we must compare the two to understand the depth of the app’s functionality and differences. 

GoToMeeting Vs Zoom Pricing Plans

GoToMeeting Pricing Plans

1- Professional:

This plan is the most basic plan present in the collection. You can buy this plan at the price of 12$/month, It allows you to invite as many as 150 people for one meeting. It does not have a limit to the number of hours you spend on a meeting. It does have the cloud recording feature like all the other plans and is secured with Security Socket Layer Encryption AES 256 Bits Encryption and Risk-Based Authentication. GoToMeeting has compliance with HIPAA Compliant.

2- Business:

Business overs the same security measures and allows recording too. However, in this plan, you get the advantage of inviting up to 250 people, with 16$/month. 

3- Enterprise

The same applies to the Enterprise plan, where you can invite up to 3000 people. 

GoToMeeting Pricing Plan

Zoom Pricing Plans

As for Zoom, it provides four kinds of plans.

Zoom has its security ensured with Security Socket Layer Encryption, AES 256 Bits Encryption and Password Protected Meetings. Zoom has its compliance set with FERPA, HIPAA, PIPEDA, and PHIPA Compliant. All the plans that Zoom provides can be cloud recorded. 

  1. Basic:

This plan is free of cost and gives a time limit of 40 mins for every call. You can invite up to 100 people via this plan. 

  1. Pro: 

With 14.99$/month, you can invite up to 100 people with a time limit of 24 hours. 

  1. Business:

You can buy this plan at 19.99$/month, it gives you the advantage of inviting 300 people with a limit of 24 hours. 

  1. Enterprise:

Even Enterprise is for 19.99$/month, which gives access to 500 people with a time limit of again 24 hours. 

Zoom Pricing Plan

GoToMeeting Vs Zoom- Cloud Recording

Both platforms share the common pro of having a system where you can record the meeting. Both Zoom, as well as GoToMeeting, allows you to record all your calls automatically. You also get the chats of the call recorded and can be sent over to different colleagues. 

Although the storage of these recordings may offer some issues with the user. For example, Zoom allows you to buy more storage space for you to have more space to store your recorded call. By paying 40$ you can get an added storage space worth 100GB. For 100$ you get about 500GB and for 550$ you get 3TB worth of space. 

The reason you have to pay so highly over Zoom Storage Space is that Zoom is aware of the sensitivity your data might hold and so has to make sure that it is stored extremely protected and free from theft haggles. 

On the other hand, GoToMeeting allows you to store unlimited data on your cloud. 

GoToMeeting Vs Zoom- Video Conference

It is very important to have good quality while you are a part of an online meeting. Often one may observe unclear images which may lead you to extreme irritation. But on the good side, both our Video Conferencing platforms offer a video quality of 1080p, given you have excellent internet connectivity. 

You can always adjust the way your image looks, while you are exploring in the settings under the video quality. You see the various attendees via a grid-like screen, which accommodates about 49 screens at a time, which is pretty huge given the amount of user flow that you might receive. 

GoToMeeting on the other hand allows you to edit your screen if you are uncomfortable with it. You can play with hue, saturation, and even white balance to make the screen look much clearer. It also has a feature called the powerline frequency, which helps you maintain the flicker on your screen.

GoToMeeting Vs Zoom- Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing becomes an important aspect when you are the host of the meeting. It allows you to share your presentations and progress with your group on the spot, while you can also talk to your group and receive valuable inputs on the same. 

Both Zoom, as well as GoToMeeting, have this feature inbuilt in their systems. 

GoToMeeting Screen Sharing

Both the software allow you to share your mouse and keyboard movements, passing screens to specific attendees, app-level sharing, sharing for windows and mac too, drawing tools for whiteboards.  

However, the host can manage who gets to share their screen and who doesn’t. Zoom also allows two attendees to share their screen in portions at the same time which is impressive. 

GoToMeeting Vs Zoom- Scheduling Meetings

Yes, both our competitors have the meeting scheduling feature. You can schedule the meeting according to your time and date preference and add them to your calendar. You can also send invites via various platforms. For GoToMeeting, you can send invites via Outlook or Google Calendar. However, Zoom allows you to send invitees not only via Google Calendar and Outlook, but also via Yahoo Calendars. 

In Zoom you also have the advantage of securing your meeting with the help of a passkey which is only provided for the people who are invited to control the unnecessary crowd and to control your security and secrecy.

GoToMeeting Vs Zoom-Annotation And Whiteboarding 

While you are presenting you might feel the need to point out or highlight something to make your point more clear. This is where this feature comes handy. 

GoToMeeting provides you with a few annotations and marks to do the trick. You may have access to the annotation in different colors or you may draw thin lines. 

Zoom on the other hand allows you to have a wider palette when it comes to annotations. You get the basics of pointing out, spotlighting, and even highlighting an area. Along with this, you can add text boxes on your screen, which can be altered with various font sizes and types and colors too. You can draw lines with whatever thickness you prefer and can also add shapes of various sizes and kinds. You can also add graphic objects to enhance your screen layout and of course, erase it all out if you are not satisfied. 

Zoom Whiteboarding

Zoom is more fun to work with when it comes to annotations. It also gives you the advantage of using the whiteboard. This allows you to put out your thoughts in a quicker, efficient way which makes data fun to understand for your viewers. 

GoToMeeting Vs Zoom- Group Chat and Break Out Rooms:

Group chats happen to make a huge difference in both the software. Group chatting gives you the advantage of sharing pictures, texts, videos, and files before, during, and after the meeting is in process. This allows your colleagues to understand your point of view while a third party is presenting. It also gives the benefit of preparing for the meeting before it has started.  

Zoom gives you an advantage when it comes to this feature. It allows you to convert your entire screen into a chat window. Zoom also has the feature called the Breakout Rooms, this allows you to break your meetings into parts and subparts, along with audio and video. This is a great way when you have several committees working to focus on one task with different perspectives. The host holds the power to divert the attendees into the groups of its liking. 

GoToMeeting Vs Zoom- Ease of Use

GoToMeeting has a variety of commands. Onset leading to the other, with multiple options to choose from. The navigation for the same may get a little tricky and times and handling so many new commands can get a little overwhelming. However, it gets easier once you get comfortable with the layout. 

GoToMeeting Ease to use

Zoom on the other hand displays all its commands on the main page. Where you can easily figure out what you want to choose from. The page is very well spaced out and does not confuse you into functions.

GoToMeeting Vs Zoom- Host/Admin Controls

In the most basic version of both the applications. The host gets the advantage of controlling the mute/unmute options for the participants. Hosts can also control the video options for the attendees, along with who they get to chat with. The host has the ultimate control of the meeting which makes it haggle-free and does not create chaos.

In the higher plans, the host also gets to decide who can be invited in and who is not. In Zoom the host can also remove a particular attendee if it wishes. Also, you could password protect your meeting which is again taken care of by the host. 

GoToMeeting also provides such amazing options but not in-depth like what Zoom is providing. 

GoToMeeting Vs Zoom-Transcripts and Storage

As mentioned earlier, both the applications provide recording options and lets you save them. GoToMeeting allows you to store unlimited amounts of data on the cloud which fairly is the better deal. Since, Zoom makes you pay if you need additional space to store your data, which honestly is a little pricey. 

Zoom makes you pay to store your data as it not only stores but also protects your data from any leaks and hackers. Zoom understands that the data you share is important and may carry sensitive information and hence makes you pay to keep your data safe. 

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👉What are the basic differences between GoToMeeting and Zoom?

Zoom gives you a free plan which lasts for 40 mins, with multiple-use and a minimum of 100 participants. GoToMeeting does not offer you any such free plans, but it does offer you with free unlimited cloud storage. If you want additional storage in Zoom you are going to have to pay for it.

👉Are both the apps safe?

Yes, both the apps have security walls for the users. Zoom also offers a password to use by every attendee, to enter any meeting.

👉What is the maximum number of people I can invite?

You can invite as many as 3000 people. But only if you opt to buy the Executive Plan provided by GoToMeeting. Zoom can only attend a maximum of 1000 people.

👉On what devices can I operate the two?

You can operate GoToMeeting and Zoom on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and web-based devices. GotoMeeting can also operate via Windows and Zoom via Android.

👉What languages do the Apps support?

Both GoToMeeting and Zoom support only the English language

Conclusion: GoToMeeting vs Zoom Comparison 2021

Both GoToMeeting and Zoom have their qualities and offer features better than the other. It is your choice and need which will make you decide which app is better for you. 

GoToMeeting is a very formal, corporate space. It gives the advantage of 24 hours of video calling which Zoom does not give. 

If you don’t have a lot of crowds to address you can opt for Zoom as it has a minimum of people quantity and later you could try using GoToMeeting when the crowds enlarge. 

Both the software have amazing video and audio qualities and hence this field is not debatable. Although Zoom can get a little pricey. The additional data storage Zoom provides does have high security attached but with the additional price, I would rather prefer GoToMeeting for this point.

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