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GoTranscript Review

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Since 2006, GoTranscript has been a well-known company that does transcription services. It was started in Scotland, and its main job is to analyse and turn audio and video files into text.

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  • Custom Orders & Integration
  • Beginner-Friendly Platform
  • 100% Human-Generated Transcriptions
  • Exceptional Quality Assurance
  • Easy Sign-Up Process
  • 99%+ accuracy guaranteed
  • Customer Loyalty Discount


  • Pricing options can be better
  • Not Available on App Store


Price: $ 0.77

Are you looking for an Unbiased GoTranscript Review? Great! You have come to the right post.

Many transcription services are available, but knowing which is best for your needs can be challenging. 

Not all transcription services are created equal. Some offer poor-quality transcriptions, while others charge too much money. 

GoTranscript offers professional audio and video transcription services at an affordable price. They use the latest technology to ensure accuracy and speed, and their team of experienced transcribers will get your project done quickly and efficiently.

What Is GoTranscript? 

GoTranscript is a renowned UK-based transcribing firm founded in 2005. They deliver services in more than 18 different languages. In addition to transcription, the platform provides subtitling, captioning, and translation capabilities.

GoTrasncript Review

GoTranscript Services


GoTranscript Services Transcription

Their transcribing service guarantees precision and dependability. They use extensive monitoring and feedback tools to track the performance of transcribers and retain the best employees.

Other inexpensive transcription services depend on machine-based transcription and sacrifice quality. Their approach allows the transcribers to achieve near-perfect quality by typing every word.

They select the best experienced and trained international transcriptionists to work on general and domain-specific content.

GoTranscript Transcription 4 step process

GoTranscript Video & Audio Transcription – 

Video transcription provides several advantages, whether for business or communication. Due to the inability of search engines to index video, an online transcription of your material will significantly improve SEO. This makes your content more discoverable and increases your exposure to new audiences. 

From YouTube transcription to promotional material, entertainment, and webinars, a video transcript service can assist you in enhancing the clarity of your message. Don’t forget that they also provide translation services so that your captions and subtitling may easily reach new international audiences!

There are various advantages to transcribing your material, whether for lectures, seminars, interviews, podcast transcriptions, or business meetings. In contrast to other media, search engines may analyze your writing for keywords. This increased exposure aids in reaching a larger audience without the need for further advertising. 

GoTranscript Transcription Services Pricing Plans – 

GoTrasncript Review: GoTranscript Transcription Services Pricing Plans


If you’re contemplating employing closed captioning services to improve the quality of your video material, don’t delay. In several nations, including the U.S., closed captioning of television shows is required by law. Even though these regulations do not necessarily apply to internet material, video games, or DVDs, it makes sense to establish a reputation as an accessible content supplier. 

In 2015, 119 million individuals in Europe suffered from hearing loss. Considering the overall population of Europe in that year was 738 million, you are losing a significant number of customers by not using video captioning services.

GoTranscript Captions Pricing Plans – 

GoTranscript Captions Pricing Plans


GoTrasncript Review: GoTranscript Translation

Translation of written materials, audio, and video files widen your audience. Translation services are the key to achieving your objectives, whether you are a business person, politician, activist, or blogger. The translation is beneficial for almost everyone with an internet presence.

Their international pool of highly skilled translators enables them to conduct operations around the clock. GoTranscript’s method allows customers to get orders promptly and in excellent condition.

Their hallmark quality is supplied swiftly and affordably to suit all of their customers’ significant demands and constraints. Consequently, they never compromise on quality or price.

They prioritize superior quality above operational efficiency yet can provide accurate translations at a reasonable price. GoTranscript’s clients appreciate the personal touch in their work and customer service.

Languages supported by GoTranscript Translation – 

Languages supported by GoTranscript Translation

GoTranscript Translation Pricing Plans – 

GoTranscript Translation Pricing Plans

Foreign Subtitles:

Foreign subtitles translate a video’s original language into a foreign language to reach an entirely new audience. This translated text appears on-screen so viewers can follow along with the video. Subtitles assist viewers who can hear the audio but do not comprehend the language. Subtitles appear as written text over the visuals, often at the bottom of the screen, similar to captions.

Their first goal is to guarantee that your message is effectively communicated across all markets and cultures. Their subtitling translation services never provide literal or word-for-word translations. Instead, your video translation and subtitling seem to be written in the target language, inside the context of the original video.

A translation might need more characters than the English original, depending on the target language. This phenomenon, known as “word swell,” is accounted for in their subtitling translation process to keep the synchronization of your movie subtitles.

GoTranscript Foreign Subtitles Pricing Plans – 

GoTranscript Foreign Subtitles Pricing Plans

Why Do I Recommend GoTranscript?

Custom Orders & Integration: Any specific need for your documents? They will comply.

  • Instant Ordering: A few straightforward and uncomplicated actions separate you from making your purchase in a matter of minutes.
  • Rush Order Option: Specifying the turnaround time can help you meet deadlines and maintain your work pace.
  • Verbatim Results: They work on it with legal-level precision regardless of industry, accent, or language.
  • Customer Loyalty Discount: The lowest costs for everyone, as well as discounts for repeat clients who have faith in their superior quality.
  • 20,000 staff members: The GoTranscript team comprises around 20,000 highly educated and accredited transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer service representatives.
  • 10,000 clients: One of the fastest-growing transcribing businesses online, GoTranscript has over 10,000 active customers.
  • Over 15 years in the business: Since 2005, new and returning international clients have entrusted them with hundreds of audio/video hours.

Human work depends on humans, not robots, to provide the most accurate transcription services possible.

  • Guaranteed security: They secure your privacy using 2048-bit SSL encryption and a non-disclosure agreement by stringent corporate or academic standards.
  • Some additional features for Enterprises like – 
  • Integrations: Save time and money by placing orders straight from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Confidential: Your data is protected against unwanted access. Their professionals all signed nondisclosure agreements and rigorous confidentiality agreements.
  • Enterprise support: GoTranscript provides consolidated billing and monthly pricing for many customers.
  • API: Utilizing their API, integrate GoTranscript into your internal systems.
  • Timestamps: Sync each word with audio for an extra $0.25 per audio minute. Ideal for examining audio files.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: They are just concerned with the utmost customer happiness. In the event of any problems, they must handle them swiftly for the client’s advantage.

FAQs On GoTranscript Review

Is GoTranscript Free?

GoTranscript provides various useful free utilities. However, no completely free transcribing service exists. The good news is that you may test out the professional service for the equivalent of a coffee.

Is GoTranscript good?

Yes, GoTranscript is an excellent general-purpose transcribing service. It provides multilingual audio and video transcriptions, subtitles, closed captions, and translations. It is reasonably priced and comes with complimentary tools.

Is GoTranscript legit?

Yes, GoTranscriptcan provides professional-quality audio and video transcription. It employs human transcribers and ensures accurate output.

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Conclusion: GoTranscript Review 2023

As you can see, GoTranscript offers excellent transcription and other services. The best part about GoTranscript is that it relies entirely on human work. That is important because no matter how useful AI is today, it still needs much work. 

Also, if you compare the prices of GoTranscript with other similar service providers, you will see that GoTranscript is a lot cheaper. Hence I would say that GoTranscript is something I would recommend. 

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