Gramista vs Kicksta 2024: Which Instagram Automation Tool is Better?

Are you confused between which automation tool from Gramista vs Kicksta to use to boost your social presence over Instagram?

Are you the one who is having a hard time choosing between tools provided by different players in this industry? Are you the one who has a grave thought towards Kicksta over its efficiency because it is a new name in the market?

If the answer to the questions mentioned above is ‘yes,’ then you are at the right place. In this guide blog, I will familiarize all the attributes of the Instagram automation tool ‘Kicksta,’ by comparing it head to head with another hugely popular alternative ‘Gramista.’ Towards the end, you will have a rational view that among the two automation tools will be a better bet.

But before diving into this discussion, I would like you to know what exactly an Instagram automation tool is in technical terms and what an ideal tool is expected to do.

What is the Instagram automation tool?

It is a SAAS (System-as-a-software). It is third-party software that intelligently manages your social media handles over Instagram, carry out activities like posting, and interact with your connections without your actual presence.

An automation tool for Instagram is expected to do the following two tasks:

  • A fundamental feature to automate comments and likes.
  • An advanced feature to manage analytics to know essential insights about your connections, reporting, and publishing to enhance your social reach.

A professionally backed tool can save time on monotonous tasks, increase your followers‘ count, and uncover some interesting insights regarding your reach.

The following actions can be automated using an Instagram automation software:

  • Story views
  • Analytics
  • Que up and scheduling of posts.
  • Direct messages(DMs)
  • Searching for important accounts that you may like to follow.
  • Reporting
  • Likes & comments

Gramista vs Kicksta 2024: Better Instagram Automation Tool To Increase Followers?

About Gramista

Gramista Overview- Gramista vs Kicksta

About Kicksta


How Well Kicksta Performs against Gramista?

In this article, we will compare and contrast Gramista against Kicksta. To those of you who don’t know what Gramista, let us tell you that Gramista is one of the alternatives that people have while choosing an apt Instagram automation tool. Just like any other software, its services automate liking, commenting, scheduling posts, and engaging with people just as a human being would.

To let you know which service, whether that of Gramista or Kicksta, would withstand your expectations, we will compare them side by side on various fronts.

How to Sign in?

Here, we will brief you on the steps involved in signing up with this software.


  1. Visit the official website of Gramista at
  2. On the top right corner, click ‘Register.’ After this, the web will direct you to the sign-up portal.
  3. Fill in the required details and click on sign up. Following this, you need to verify your email/phone number that you have provided.
  4. A screen appears wherein you have to connect your Instagram account by providing your username and password.
  5. The process is complete. Now, you are on your dashboard.


An account with Kicksta can be made in a few easy steps:

  1. Visit the official web address of Kicksta at
  2. Sign up with your email on the homepage. Then, verify your email address.
  3. This will direct you to the subscription page where you have to select the plan you wish to purchase and make for the payment.
  4. Click on ‘Get Started,’ and you are done.
  5. Your dashboard will appear before you, where you can manage your every activity.

Important attributes and functions


This automates all your activity without coming under the suspicious eyes of Instagram. Herein, you give some hashtags to the software to target users who interest you. You can also provide it with a location to catch hold of people who frequently visit a particular place. 

Gramista-How it works


In addition to all the features that Gramista offers, Kicksta has a broad palette of other features. This automation tool looks for people who have a large audience, as similar to you. Kicksta will then try to divert their attention to your account.  The fact that the user’s page is identical to yours, their audience must follow your page/account. Thus there is an organic increase in your followers’ count.  This process, when done with multiple handles, can increase your connection from scratch to the sky.

Plus, you can also use hashtags and locations to capture the targeted users to showcase your work.

You can see a tutorial video of the working of Kicksta at To know more features that it has to offer, you can visit the official webpage of Kicksta.

Our next pillar of discussion is the use and efficiency of filters.

How Kicksta works- Gramsta vs Kicksta



Gramista allows you to automate reporting, analytics, follow, commenting, etc. without specifying an audience. This is done through the ‘toggle’ feature, which is present in your dashboard. However, if you specifically want to target a group of people, you can always do so by optimally using locations, mentions,  hashtags, and other accessories.

You can choose hashtags, accounts, and locations with many posts connected to them. This would skyrocket your reach. If you don’t want to see a particular spammy site, hashtag, or account, you can block them straight away by the block feature of Gramista.


This tool centralizes on targeting those users who are somewhere or the other attached to your account or could have an impact on your account. It never interacts with those who are out of your target group in any way possible. It does not randomly target any group of users.

For this to happen, you have to choose some hashtags, locations, and pages/accounts.  By specifying these, you have a reach to those users who are connected with these hashtags, accounts, etc.

It is advisable that you stick to accounts with less than a million followers, as these accounts have a more potential audience. The same is recommended with hashtags and locations. Choose hashtags and locations with a middle-ranged audience, not more, not less.

Apart from this, users of Kicksta can also use the following feature to improve their social reach:

  • Blacklist Filter (Avoid specific people)
  • A Non-English Speaking Filter
  • A Gender Filter (male/female)
  • In case you are a company with a B2C model, the business account filter will be of your use.

Customer support aspects

Here in this section, you will know how both these platforms as regards customer care services that they offer.


There are ample ways to resolve your queries at Gramista. They are:

  • it has an enriched ‘how-to’ section, which tutors you about all its functions with step-by-step video tutorials.
  • It has a section where they have posted frequently asked questions with their answers.
  • It has a customer support portal where you can fill your queries.
  • Articles that elaborate every feature are also posted on their website.


Kicksta’s support service can be availed through the following ways:

  • They also have comprehensive FAQ sections with detailed solutions to which is very useful to customers.
  • It also allows you to ask queries through a live chat feature where can talk to the team of their support cell in real-time.
  • You can also resolve your doubts through email.
  • It has a dedicated customer support cell working round the clock, seven days a week.

Analytics & Reporting


Gramista keeps a record of each activity that it takes in your absence.


Kicksta gives you useful insights into your activities and progress at both individual and advanced levels. You can easily keep a tab on the total number of followers you have gained over time.

Plus, this tool analyses the performance of your clients. This helps you know the clients who are giving you positive leads. Accordingly, you can remove the non-performing leads and incline your time and energy towards trending spots and clients similar to the ones who are giving you good returns.

On the dashboards, you can know the impressions that your content was able to create on Instagram, like likes, comments, and story shares. You can also see how engaging your content is through engagement ratio, which is a ratio of likes and comments to your total followers. Using this, you can know which of your contents has maximum success and so that you share similar things ahead.

How Much Do They Cost?

This section will let you know the money that you have to spend to avail the automation services of these two tools.


It offers many plans depending on the size and nature of your page/account. The expensive subscriptions are more worth the money than the cheaper ones.

Before actually buying one, you can use a 12 hours free trial to know if it would all your needs and prospects or not.

Gramista Pricing- Kicksta vs Gramista


Kicksta has two monthly payment plans. You can witness the power of Kicksta’s Instagram automation tool via its amazing and affordable plans. You can get all its features, including some high-quality and scaled features with its professional plan.

Kicksta Pricing- Gramista vs Kicksta comparison

Is there any safety concern with Kicksta?

No. Kicksta is equipped with complex algorithms that remove spammy and fake accounts. All this is done through a series of filters. Some of them are:

  • Activity filter that filters out those accounts who haven’t posted in the previous three months.
  • Followers-to-following ratio filter
  • A private account filter
  • Profanity bad language filter
  • Age of account

FAQs: Gramista vs Kicksta

👉If there any chance that my account may be flagged by Instagram for suspicious behavior of Gramista?

The bot extension of Gramista is designed to deliver human-like behavior, thus escaping the scrupulous eyes of Instagram authorities.

👉The customer care number of Kicksta is on waiting. Is there any other way to contact them?

You can also resolve your doubts through the email address that they have provided on their website. You can also see their comprehensive FAQs section and know if something related to your query has already been answered there or not.

👉 Is there any video tutorial on the working of Kicksta?

Yes. You can follow this youtube link to go to the tutorials:

Quick Links:

The Verdict: Gramista vs Kicksta 2024 | Which Is Better Instagram Tool?

In addition to all the attributes of Gramista, Kicksta is suited when you want to connect with an audience that fits your demography. You can also do away with irrelevant accounts and hashtags using the block features of Kicksta. This filters your target audience so that you can efficiently reach out to them without wasting time and resources on the non-performing audience.

With these analytics in the arsenal, Kicksta carves a niche as an ideal platform for growing your account, without the use of bots.

If you really enjoyed Gramista vs Kicksta comparison then please do like and share this post with your friends. Also, share your experience with me in the comment section.  

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