Graphicszoo Review 2023: My Honest Opinion : Should You Buy?

Graphicszoo Review

Overall Verdict

Graphicszoo's unrestricted graphic design and writing services cost $449 per month. In addition to bespoke graphic design services, they also provide online graphic design services and unlimited revisions.

Out of 10


  • Both writing and graphic design services
  • Easy to use
  • White-label method
  • Team access system
  • Dedicated platform
  • Slack Communication included on all Plans
  • Designers available during US hours


  • Needs impovements in customer support


Price: $

Are you looking for an Unbiased Graphicszoo Review? Great! You have come to the right post.

You need a great graphic design for your next project but don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself. 

Hiring a freelance graphic designer can be expensive and time-consuming. You must find someone you trust who is available when you need them and can create the exact design you’re looking for.

Graphicszoo is the perfect solution for busy professionals like you. With their on-demand graphic design subscription service, you can access high-quality designs from professional designers in minutes. 

Plus, their prices are more affordable than hiring a freelance designer.

So let us check out Graphicszoo in detail. 

What Is Graphicszoo?

Graphicszoo Review

Graphicszoo is an infinite graphic design service that allows monthly subscriptions for design requests. All that is required of customers is to submit a proposal with exact details of their design needs.

In addition, it is ideal for providing references to guide designers toward the client’s preferences. The monthly charge for the online graphic design service is fixed, and there are no additional expenses for modifications.

The unlimited graphic design business model allows customers to submit many requests per account. Expect a turnaround time of at least 24 hours after the presentation of your preferred design, after which you will get your result.

You might suggest revision revisions if you obtain a design result that exceeds expectations. Graphicszoo features a fixed monthly fee with no required commitments. It implies that you may terminate your membership without legal concerns.

Graphicszoo: Pricing & How To Start?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Graphicszoo and click on ‘Pricing’.

Graphicszoo Review step1

Step – 2: Click on ‘Choose Plan’ below the plan of your choice.

Graphicszoo Review step2

Graphicszoo Review step2.1

Step – 3: You will be asked for payment information. Fill it up and click on ‘COMPLETE CHECKOUT’. 

Graphicszoo Review step3

That’s it. You are signed up and ready to go! You can start submitting design requests right away.

Based on your plan, you get a certain number of completed designs per day, for a set monthly fee. You may request an unlimited number of modifications until you are entirely pleased. Every day, they work on one new request. If you do not accept any of your designs or graphics during the first fourteen days of your trial, you will get a complete, no-questions-asked refund.

If you anticipate that your design volume will exceed the number of active daily requests, they advise you to create extra accounts to manage your design volume effectively.

Each design inquiry is fulfilled within one business day. Please bear in mind, however, that they prioritize quality above everything else. Your designer will be in frequent contact with you and keep you informed of the progress of your projects.

Your designer may create whatever you want. Everything from banners and posters to T-shirts and book covers. Remember that more extensive and intricate designs may take somewhat longer to complete. Since there is no obligation, you are free to cancel at any moment.

You can also ask their team to schedule a demo. 

Just go to the official website of Graphicszoo, and click on ‘Schedule A Demo’.

Graphicszoo Schedule A Demo

Then, choose a date and time convenient and click on ‘Confirm’.

Graphicszoo click on ‘Confirm

You will then be asked for some details; fill them up and click on ‘Schedule Event’. 

Graphicszoo click on Schedule Event

Why Do I Recommend Graphicszoo?

Source Documents:

Graphicszoo gives you an unlimited amount of modifications. This does not exclude you from modifying the files yourself, though. To guarantee that the file is consistent with the company’s branding, many companies have a team member do the final modifications. Graphicszoo will provide you with editable source files at no additional cost to make any additional adjustments if needed.

According to the guys at Graphicszoo, source files are more of a requirement than a luxury. Due to this, the source files for all of your projects are connected, allowing you to modify them as you see fit. Because Graphicszoo works with the Adobe software suite, the design will likely be sent to you as an editable Photoshop or Illustrator file.

Countless Revisions: 

The technique through which Graphicszoo’s business model was created is one of its primary selling points. They believe that consumers should have total authority over their projects and be able to request as many modifications as required. On freelance markets such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc., designers may limit the number of changes a customer may seek for a specific job. These restrictions were implemented to enhance the value of the designer’s work.

The issue with freelance platforms is, you will be left with a terrible design that falls short of your expectations since you ran out of changes. This is not an issue with GraphicsZoo. On Graphicszoo, you can ask your designers as many questions as possible and request adjustments as frequently as you want. Graphicszoo guarantees that you obtain a product that meets your demands without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Content Creation: 

Graphicszoo does not only provide services to those in need of graphic design. They also provide content writing services! They create a broad range of content, including blogs, annual reports, and promotional materials for your business.

Graphicszoo has developed into a one-stop shop for the bulk of the goods you’ll want for your advertising requirements. Similar to visual design, content writing focuses a heavy emphasis on practical feedback and evaluation procedures. Graphic design and content writing services have different prices.

Slack Communication: 

When trying to get a quality output design, communicating is essential. I was impressed when I talked to the Graphicszoo team about my design needs. I got precisely what I needed. Slack is included in all their plans. 

Designers Working in US Hours:

Because their designers work in the US hours, you can communicate with them throughout the working day. Other subscription services will leave you waiting for the team to work overnight on your projects. Which hurts you when trying to make quick revisions.


If you believe this role is a waste of time, you have never hired or worked as a graphic designer. Since several iterations are flowing back and forth, you continue to name files “v2,” “v3,” and other variants of the same file. Managing it is straightforward but becomes more difficult as you take on additional tasks.

Each file has several versions, and each project has its designs and color palettes. When displaying these drawings to others for feedback, they become cluttered. With Graphicszoo, you can stop repeatedly downloading and uploading files, substantially easing your life. Instead, the platform allows you to create a link that can be shared with all team members working on the same project.

Several User Profiles: 

There’s a strong chance that you’re not the only employee dealing with the graphics duty in your firm. There will be both superiors and subordinates on the same team as you. They will likely demand access to the designers as well. Graphicszoo does not charge additional fees for additional accounts. Alternatively, you may establish sub-accounts on your principal account. By asking for payment for the app’s membership fee just once, you may save a significant amount of money.

You may provide sub-accounts with full, unrestricted access to the platform or prohibit them from accessing it. You may also limit their usage by permitting just viewing.

In addition, you may let the accounts examine, comment on, and download your work. Graphicszoo’s team management function is handy for large organizations with several employees working on the same project. Graphicszoo promotes collaboration by going above and above.

Company Profiles: 

The most significant disadvantage of often switching graphic designers is that you must constantly explain the idea, the vision, and the general atmosphere of your work. You find it to be monotonous. Graphicszoo allows you to create a Brand Profile to eliminate the need for constant explanation.

Your graphic designers can access your brand’s regulations, logos, reference materials, and other assets through a brand profile. This will save you time since it avoids the small chat and back-and-forth required to communicate your brand standards. 

Also, there is no limit on the number of profiles, so you can work with the Graphics Zoo team for as many brands as you need.

Easy-to-Use Revisions: 

Designing graphics involves several changes. Your graphic designers understand this before production. Because they anticipate your desire, they are pleased to make improvements for you. However, the issue with requesting modifications is that you cannot adequately describe the desired design since it exists only in your head.

Consequently, Graphicszoo developed Interactive Revisions to facilitate revisions. With these revisions, you may define the changes you want and precisely where you want them, enabling you to propose alterations with the highest degree of precision.

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Conclusion: Graphicszoo Review 2023

While Graphicszoo is comparable to other on-demand graphic design services, the functionality of its platform sets them apart from the competition. They facilitate collaboration, from sharing design drafts with team members to providing input on a design’s draft page.

They are also aware of how priorities might shift within your organization and, as a result, allow you to reorganize or reorder design activities as necessary. Considering the adaptability of this solution, Graphicszoo may be the right service provider for your organization.

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