Graphy Vs Skillshare 2023– Which One Is Right for You?

Here in the article, we are going to make a fair comparison between the two most efficient online learning communities namely Graphy vs Skillshare.

The pandemic made everyone move online, almost overnight. Online is the new normal. keep on reading the article.

Now, India has the world’s highest number of 10 to 24 year olds, which stands to be around 242 million people.

What does that mean? Simple, as an online educator you have the ability to reach out to one of the largest markets in the world. The online educational platforms are reaching greater heights and breaking all sorts of records everyday. There are multiple options of online course creation platforms.  

You have done your research and narrowed down to the two most appropriate ones – Graphy Vs Skillshare . Makes sense, because both are very much noticeable for various individual reasons.

So now you, as an educator, are confused about which platform to choose between Graphy and Skillshare. They are definitely two of the strongest platforms in the online course creation market.

Want to know which out of the two is a better option for you? Worry no more because you have landed at the right place. Here, in this article, I will be telling you all you need to know about both the platforms. Especially, if you are an educator based in India – this article will help you to make an informed decision regarding which one to choose. So, stay with me till the end.



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$ Pricing
₹2,999/month $ 32 per month
Best for

This service is an excellent method to share and enhance your learnings with your audience

Skillshare is also a digital platform for the online learning community for those who are keen to learn and grow from educational videos

  • Graphy Live Classes
  • System of Cashback and Coins
  • Emails That Are Completely Automated
  • Affiliate Program Integration
  • Workshops
  • Gallery of Recent Projects
  • Length of Course
  • Courses on a Self-Paced Basis
  • Easy To Use DIY Platform
  • Affordable Plans
  • Indian Payment Gateway
  • Free Trial
  • Many Categories
  • Great platform for students
  • It might be difficult for beginners to navigate through the portal without a demo since it has a lot of features to offer.
  • No Certification
  • Very limiting for educators
Ease of Use

It is easier and faster to operate as compared to SkillShare.

You will get high-quality courses and materials easily as it is an easy to use digital platform.

Value For Money

It’s a subscription-based model, no revenue share.

The monthly pricing for Skillshare is $ 32 per month

Customer Support

Offers 24 x 7 chat support

Quality of support is not good.

Graphy Vs Skillshare 2023: Overview

What Is Graphy?

Graphy is a learning management solution that assists educators in developing, marketing and selling online courses by creating your own white-labeled website and mobile application.

It was founded with the goal of developing a technology solution that would empower the online education industry.

They have over 3000 course authors and 5 million active learners on their platform!

Graphy’s admin interface is attractive and well-organized.

graphy- Graphy Vs Skillshare

It has an intuitive and beginner-friendly interface that lets you easily create your courses.

In addition to providing recorded sessions, Graphy also lets you host live classes to build a truly engaging online community. 

Graphy makes course creation easy and adaptable. You have the ability to build an endless number of courses and lessons.

Following the creation of a new course, you may add lessons using the Course Builder.

Graphy’s platform facilitates the creation of a range of comprehensive classes.

What Is Skillshare?

If you’re unfamiliar with Skillshare, allow me to briefly explain what it is and how it works.

But first, watch this Skillshare review video to learn the most frequently asked questions about the platform.

Skillshare is one of the top online learning platforms for anyone interested in acquiring new talents or honing current ones.

It began in 2012 with just 25 courses. However, it is mostly used by students or people who want to acquire better skills.

Let me tell you that this amazing portal is highly student centric. 

The platform is continually expanding, and they already offer thousands of lessons across a variety of sectors.

skillshare- Graphy Vs Skillshare

Skillshare charges a monthly membership fee for full access to programs, but they also provide a large number of free lessons.

Skillshare courses are not certified, and participants will not get a certificate at the conclusion.

However, you will get something more valuable – transferable skills. 

Skillshare, in my opinion, is the future of education. However, it is very distinct from conventional schooling.

Skillshare’s principal purpose is to provide students with high-quality knowledge and to ensure that they complete practical tasks and use newly acquired abilities in real-world scenarios.

This is a very good option for people who are looking out to leverage their skill set in order to maybe improve their career.

It is not for people who want to scale their business as online educators. Come, let us understand why?

How are Skillshare and Graphy Different as online course Platforms?

Before we dive into the details of comparison, it is important to understand some core differences between the two platforms.

While Skillshare is a great way to learn skills if you are a student, Graphy is your platform if you are an educator and want to build a complete course platform, which is truly yours.

With Graphy, you get your own white-labeled website and mobile application, which becomes your custom platform to teach your students, interact with them and build an engaging online community.  

When considering building your online courses, you will have to take into consideration the pricing and revenue generation.

Graphy is a SaaS platform that helps you create custom courses, build beautiful no-code websites, or launch your own app – everything using just one platform. 

They are a subscription-based model, meaning you can purchase a plan that works best for you on a subscription basis.

Once you have purchased a plan, there is no additional transaction cost or revenue share you have to worry about. Everything you earn with your courses is all yours.

On the other hand, Skillshare is a discovery platform where teachers earn revenue based on a royalty system.

Each month, 30% of Skillshare’s total Membership revenue goes to a royalty pool for teachers.

Here, teachers are paid from the royalty pool based on their share of the paid minutes watched by students each month.

For example, if a teacher’s classes receive 5% of the minutes-watched by members, that teacher receives 5% of the royalty pool (i.e. 5% of 30%). The lion’s share of the revenue remains with Skillshare. 

Thus, Skillshare is essentially a student-centric platform, whereas, Graphy is an educator-centric one.  

With Graphy, you have complete ownership of your content and courses and you decide how you want to price them.

You can set up a name, value, and even validity to your course – in simple terms, you decide what the price is and how it works.

For example, if you want the course to be valid for 90 days and want it to expire after that, it is possible.

Plus, if you want to list the price as INR 2000 and want the final pay as INR 1800, it will show as 10% off for the student. No such options are available on Skillshare. 

Graphy Vs Skillshare: Battle of the Features

Here are the Features of Graphy and Skillshare:

Major Features And Benefits Of Skillshare:

1. Skillshare Professionals & Aspiring Teachers:

Experts may create new courses on Skillshare. The experts are expected to adhere to a defined standard Teacher Handbook while creating project-based, self-contained classes. 

2. Groups:

The groups were added to the Skillshare platform recently in response to the company’s huge growth.

It’s not simple to sift through millions of other learners on the site in search of colleagues and partners.

With the new development of regrouping, you can interact instantaneously with your colleagues and be adept in industry trends.

Skillshare Groups is a wonderful tool for skill development with the added advantage of peer evaluation.

3. Workshops:

If you like to connect with other like-minded learners in a community setting, Skillshare provides regular seminars in your virtual learning environment.

Workshops consist of two to three concurrent classes organized according to the schedules of the teachers in your subject specialization.

The final four weeks are held concurrently with similar-minded students.

Therefore, if you like the traditional “classroom feel” and the presence of a Community Manager to assist you in achieving your learning objectives, this thorough, intense learning experience is a fantastic choice for you.

4. Gallery of Recent Projects:

Utilize the concepts presented in the course choices by viewing the project gallery from inside your Skillshare account.

You may see recent projects completed by advanced members here. To quickly get to a certain course project, sort the gallery by highest-rated, most recent, or most popular.

5. Length of Course:

The duration of the course is determined by your educational objectives. Once you’ve chosen a course that fulfills your requirements, review the course overview.

Read the system’s evaluations and comments to get further insight into the course’s perceived worth.

If you’re certain it’s the proper path to take, get started immediately with the accessible learning resources. It’s simple to enroll in Skillshare courses.

They may be launched from a laptop or a mobile device. Additionally, the courses are offered in video format, allowing you to study at your own speed.

skillshare feature

6. Courses on a Self-Paced Basis:

To get access to the Skillshare platform, you must first register as a new member and download the Skillshare course catalog.

You may sign up for a free membership and begin with basic courses, or upgrade to a premium membership to access more categories and comprehensive course descriptions.

Once you’ve chosen your desired membership level, browse the hundreds of relevant courses available.  

A single course might generate over 1200 possible search results. In order to reduce your search for your particular study material, use the filters on either paid or open sources.

Major Features And Benefits Of Graphy for Educators:

1. Graphy Live Classes:

As an instructor, you may use a variety of material types to educate students online. Along with Live Classes, you may construct a mix of video course material, PDFs, and quizzes.

Not all online learning systems have built-in live courses.

However, Graphy does. Within Graphy, you can either use their in-house platform or use Zoom along with YouTube Live to host your live lessons.

Although, as a creator you have to integrate your personal YouTube Channel with Graphy’s platform.

graphy feature

2. System of Cashback and Coins:

Numerous eCommerce firms entice clients by using the wallets & credits approach. This functionality helps your learners gain virtual currency that they can later use to buy your courses.

Additionally, you may combine it with a referral policy, and help your learners earn even more virtual credits.

The course developers have complete authority over the Coins rules that apply to learners who purchase your course.

You may choose percentages, and of course, the Payable Price, the Maximum Credits Allowed, and the Validity of Earned Credits. This function is really beneficial and is not offered on a large number of course systems.

3. Emails That Are Completely Automated:

Graphy lets you send out emails in response to the occurrence of certain events. You do not need to transmit them manually.

These are pre-designed templates that you may modify or turn off.

4. Affiliate Program Integration:

An affiliate scheme for online courses would enable you to utilize your current network and sell via it.

Here, you compensate someone for promoting your online course by offering them a specific proportion of the course’s sales value.

Simply choose the courses you want to market through affiliates. On the Graphy platform, you can generate unique affiliate links that even new learners may use to join up.

Anyone who joins using a unique affiliate link gets a commission determined by you. Graphy’s affiliate program is easy to implement for course authors.

5. Enrollment in Bulk:

Bulk Enroll allows you to enroll an infinite number of learners in your courses using a CSV file.

You do not need to complete the whole procedure manually. This is a critical feature if you operate an offline institution from which you have previously received the money.

Rather than manually entering the learners, you may just submit a pre-formatted CSV document containing all of them.

Additionally, it is beneficial while moving to Graphy from an old platform.

In this situation, you may also easily import the data. Bulk Enrollment is available on all paid Graphy plans.

6. Certificate Creation and Issuance:

If you are able to present your students with a certificate of completion, your branding potential is enormous.

Graphy ensures that you do, without you having to worry about the whole procedure. You may use the default template or modify it.

7. Create Amazing Landing Pages:

You do not need to use a third-party solution such as Clickfunnels to create stunning landing pages.

Graphy enables you to do so directly from the course’s website.

Being able to design your own stunning website with simple drag and drop functionality lets you truly own your brand as an online educator, without the hassle.

graphy features

8. Security:

Graphy’s security features are one of the best in the Indian market right now. With Graphy no one will be able to pirate your content through their Content Protection and Encryption feature (Digital Rights Management).

Graphy does an incredible job by  breaking the video into multiple parts after which they provide an alphanumeric key which protects it and can only be unlocked by them.

They do not even keep the raw files with – meaning even Graphy does not have the means to download it. 

If you are an online educator, you can rest assured while teaching that nobody will be allowed to record your screen through their Dynamic Watermarking feature.

If someone tries to do it then the person’s email address and phone number along with the company’s URL will be displayed – which means the watermark will be blinking on the screen.

So even if someone leaks the video, he/she will be leaking their personal information along with it. 

Another headache that comes with online teaching is one person sharing his/her credentials to a bunch of other people.

Common, how many of you actually own a Netflix account? However, Graphy has successfully come with a solution for this as well.

Device Restriction, which means the educators can decide if they want the learners to limit the number of devices to access the course.

For example, if only two devices are registered like laptop and mobile – no other devices will be allowed to access the course. Also, out of the multiple devices that are allowed to access – only one works at a time. Isn’t that amazing?

Last but not the least, mobile apps by Graphy are also completely secured which means it does not allow screen recording, screen shots, screencasting, and does not work on emulators.

On the other hand, it offers Secure Offline Downloads – if the educators want, they can allow their students to download courses. 

Graphy Vs Skillshare: Features Verdict 

As you can see, Graphy’s features help you create a rather authentic online presence, own your content, and grow your business seamlessly. We can easily say that Graphy is more competent for educators than Skillshare.

Pricing Comparison: Graphy Vs Skillshare

Here is the comparison of Graphy vs Skillshare:

Pricing Of Graphy

Their plans start from $39 per month and go as high as $249 per month.

graphy price- Graphy Vs Skillshare

Pricing Of Skillshare

Their plans will cost students around EUR 11.99 per month.

The number of students who enroll on Skillshare decides the revenue pool, which in turn decides the revenue you as an educator will be able to earn from the platform. 

skillshare- Graphy Vs Skillshare

Graphy Vs Skillshare: Pricing Verdic

As you can see the pricing plans of Skillshare are cheaper than that of Graphy, so the clear winner here seems to be Skillshare right? Well, as an educator who wants to flourish his/her business online, you should be looking at the larger picture.

Every business requires an initial amount of investment. All the major features and benefits are there in front of you which you need to sit and analyse now. 

The features you get with Graphy will help you to create your own website and own all of your content.

Skillshare, on the other hand, does not provide unique features like refer and earn, dynamic watermarking, promo codes, and most importantly – the option to choose any country with its own currency and any payment method.

This is an excellent option for online educators who want to not just grow their business 10x, but reach international markets as well. 

A business requires you to have the appropriate apparatus to monetize your skills to the fullest and by the above mentioned features, you know who can provide you with the best of them.


Graphy Vs Skillshare: Pros and Cons

Graphy Pros

  • Easy To Use DIY Platform
  • Affordable Plans
  • Multi-layer Content Security
  • Branded Websites and Apps
  • Fabulous Customer Support
  • Indian Payment Gateway
  • Advanced Drip Scheduling

Skillshare Pros

  • Free Trial
  • Community
  • Mobile App
  • Many Categories
  • Great platform for students

Graphy Cons

  • Graphy consists of a plethora of features. So, for a beginner it might be a little difficult to navigate through without the help of a Demo or a relationship manager.

Skillshare Cons

  • No Certification
  • Only in English
  • Quality Varies
  • Very limiting for educators

Quick Links

FAQs About Graphy Vs Skillshare

Who is SkillShare appropriate for?

Premium users/learners get access to over 27,000 courses on Skillshare. You may study everything from sketching and cooking to investing, bitcoin, and expanding your company. You can take as many courses and acquire as many new skills as you desire on Skillshare. The sky certainly is the limit in this case. So SkillShare is basically for people who want to LEARN and not TEACH.

What is the structure of Skillshare classes?

The majority of Skillshare programs are half an hour or an hour-long, so you won't be wasting much time. And even the half-hour courses are divided into halves, making it simple to view a segment when you have time and return later to complete. For me, it's more convenient to set out a specific amount of time each day for studying and then watch everything all at once. Even after a long day at work, I can go to my sofa with a cup of tea and my tablet to unwind and learn something new. This relieves my stress and provides me with a feeling of achievement. While Skillshare programs are not live, they do offer Live Sessions, another interesting approach to learn. I'll discuss Live Sessions in more detail later.

How can I clear up any doubts I may have about Graphy?

The best way to do this is - go to and click on the DEMO icon. Someone is sure to reach out to you and clarify all your doubts. You may contact support staff. They are accessible by phone and email.

Is there a free trial available with Graphy?

Yes, Graphy's basic plan includes a 15-day free trial.

Final Verdict – Graphy Vs Skillshare

Graphy has some incredible features whose level cannot be matched by Skillshare. Also, Graphy is easy to use, has better support, and customer reviews as well. Hence, we can say that Graphy is the winner here. Graphy’s 24×7 customer support is what you will need while beginning as well as growing as a business.

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