Gravity Forms Review 2021 Top 5 Features & Pricing (Is It The Best WordPress Forms Plugin?)

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Ease of use
Value for money


  • Easy to Integrate Gravity Forms with Several Popular Web Applications
  • 30+ Ready to Use Form Fields
  • Conditional Logic
  • Limit & Schedule Forms
  • Responsive Design
  • Fight Spam
  • WordPress Multi-Site
  • Automatic Updates
  • Build Beautiful, Powerful, and Accessible Forms


  • No free trial
  • More pricing options needed

Gravity Forms is hands down the best contact form plugin for WordPress-powered websites on the planet. Gravity Forms allows you to quickly and easily integrate with a variety of third party services and provides for even deeper integration with WordPress through our collection of optional Add-Ons

Price:$ 59

Looking for a contact form plugin for your WordPress site?  Read our Gravity Forms Review. 

Many websites can use a form. For example, you might want to have a contact form for visitors to get in touch with you, sign up forms for newsletters, or surveys to evaluate user experience.

You can find free form plugins for WordPress on the internet but they are often simple and limited in their functionality. A premium plugin like Gravity Forms is much better because it allows you to do more with customizing your forms and handling the data from completed forms.

Gravity Forms has been getting a lot of competition recently, particularly from plugins such as Ninja Forms and WPForms. By the end of this review, we hope you will be able to make a decision about whether or not Gravity Forms is the right plugin for you.

Bottom Line Upfront :

There are a lot of free WordPress type extensions, but most of them are basic and have minimal features. In the meantime, premium type plugins such as Gravity Forms give you a lot better flexibility when it comes to customising your forms and managing information you get from them. Now build beautiful, powerful, and accessible forms with the most trusted wordPress form builder On the planet. With Gravity Forms you can easily generate leads, take payments & easily grow your business with high quality professional forms.

One of the best thing with Elite license of Gravity Forms is that it offers great features such as Unlimited sites, WordPress multisites, Priority Support and much more! With Add-Ons like Surveys, Quizzes, Polls, and Stripe, you can take your WordPress forms to the next level!

Try Gravity Forms and you will not regret it. 

Gravity forms customer reviews testimonials WP Plugin


What is Gravity Forms? Gravity Forms Review

Gravity Forms is one form builder designed for WordPress websites that has seen an increase in it’s contenders since its launch.

The tool is used by thousands of websites and has been acknowledged by several users and critics for being one of the most powerful and advanced WordPress form builders in the market right now.

In this post, we will go over all of the functionalities and details that you need to learn about the latest edition of Gravity Forms. So, without any further ado, LET’S BEGIN!

Gravity Forms- The Best Form Builder Plugin

About Gravity Forms Review

Gravity Forms is a popular premium WordPress plugin and extension tool that allows you to build and publish information on your WordPress website. You may simply add contact forms, questionnaires, and assessments to your websites with this application.

It is known for functions like conditional coding that displays or masks some questions depending on the responses to earlier questions, and sorting, which sends form entries to email accounts listed in the form submission’s content.

Gravity Forms has been here for over a decade now and it has established itself as a reliable name in the WordPress form plugin field. We will discuss how to set up Gravity Forms on your website and make the most of those functionalities in this article.

It is truly a remarkable and simple to operate type of plugin, with features that differentiates it from a standard communication type plugin.

Gravity Forms plugin WP reviews

It is among the most user friendly plugins for creating higher versions for your WordPress powered sites. Gravity Forms is by far the most popular form plugin among the WordPress users.

Gravity Forms Review- WordPress Forms Plugin Form Builder

What can you do with Gravity Forms?

Using specific Post Fields, Gravity Forms allows developers to build posts through form submissions. The submitted form would be generated as a regular WordPress post by prototype.

This module makes it possible to control the created post’s post form. There’s no need for a code! This feature also allows the user to add an unique nomenclature to the created article.

Stop wasting your important leads and instead use a reliable contact form to expand your company. Gravity Forms already includes a number of adjustment settings that will offer you full command over the forms. Within a couple of minutes, you may create stunning forms.

Contest Entry Form Gravity Forms

You may quickly build almost every sort of form through Gravity Forms, including user surveys, votes, or file upload forms, and also some online purchases quizzes, and support requests. It even has an area for rich text colour editing.

And you will have a lot more leverage about how customers communicate through your forms, thanks to the configuration settings!  Just after a few minutes, you can create and share your WordPress forms.

The biggest feature about this add-on is that it eliminates drudgery in favour of fast and simple form development.


Gravity Forms is a plugin that integrates with many different services. For example, it can connect to Dropbox, Fresh Books, Help Scout, PayPal, Slack and many more. There is also an option to enable user registration on your WordPress website through your custom forms.

If you’re not going to use Gravity Forms with other software, then the Basic license might be the right one for you. But if you are going to use it with other software, then a Business or Developer license is better. You can find more information on this in the Pricing section of this review.

Features of Gravity Forms : Gravity Forms Review

Gravity forms beautiful forms

The Gravity Forms plugin has plenty of ways to end up making your WordPress lead forms – quick and simple to use. Here are a few unique functions to help you improve the quality of your forms and properly collect user information.

  • Form Editor

The Gravity Forms creator is a drag and drop framework which is easy to use. You can quickly introduce additional fields, pick various types of fields, and reorganise the fields in the form editor. The plugin provides over 30 multiple kinds of form fields, allowing you to collect almost any information you need.

  • Email Forwarding

Gravity Forms will submit applications to different team members based on the information filled out in the application once the users begin filling it out.

Let’s assume that you own a pet care company with workers who specialise in various animal species. You could create a form that allows potential customers to select the weight or size of the animal they want to groom (for example a cat or a dog or a rabbit ).

Clients who choose “rabbit” can have their request submitted to an official who specialises in rabbit pet care. Your application may not be as cute, but it may prove to be quite useful. 

The conditional configuration option in the Gravity Forms may be  the most popular feature that allows you to expose or conceal different areas based on a recipient’s response to choosing a particular field in the form.

For instance, if one question says, “Do you own a pet?” and the client answers “Yes,” a fresh questionnaire emerges on the screen, asking the client to choose from a range of animal categories. The list field stays secret if the customer chooses “No.”

  • Payments

Inserting price fields to receive transactions is another common Gravity Forms feature. Gravity Forms is incorporated with PayPal, allowing you to accept payments directly from your form.

  • Data Export

You could also export information as an Excel spreadsheet if you really need to save form answers. This is particularly useful if you are collecting information through your forms over a longer period of time.

Gravity Forms also provides conversion data, allowing you to easily compare the amount of applications submitted to the number of customers who have viewed the form in an attempt to make adjustments and boost your sales.

  • Uploading Files

Users can add files, such as photographs or any documents in form submissions, which is a significant advanced characteristic of Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms is also capable of handling any user generated information. You should create a form for users to fill out in order to upload WordPress articles to your blog.

How to Use Gravity Forms?

With great power comes great responsibilities! While Gravity Forms is a feature-loaded platform offering you advanced tools for creating and editing forms, the developers have also made sure that the user experience of the platform is smooth and intuitive. Here are the steps on how to use Gravity Forms. We will also discuss these steps in detail.

  1. Download the Gravity Forms on your desktop.
  2. Install the Gravity Forms to your site.
  3. Activate the plugin on your WordPress site.
  4. Connect the license key.
  5. Customize the general plugin setup.
  6. Create a sample form and fill it out.
  7. Upload the form on your site.

1. Download the Gravity Forms on your desktop

You will be eligible to install the software as a zip file once you have purchased a Gravity Forms yearly licence. This document should be saved to your computer.

Download Gravity Form Zip File

2. Install the Gravity Forms plugin on your WordPress website.

Choose Plugins > Add New from your WordPress toolbar To import the Gravity Forms zip document and then Select Upload Plugin and navigate to it on your desktop.

installing gravity forms

upload gravity forms

3. Activate the plugin on your WordPress website

Click Install Now, and Enable Plugin once you have imported the zip file.

activating gravity forms

4. Connect the license key

When you buy Gravity Forms, you will get a license key that gives you accessibility to all of the plugin’s features, like help, automated upgrades, and add-ons. To resume setting up the plugin, add the license key in the area.

5. Customize the plugin’s general configurations

Thereafter, you will be redirected to a section where you can configure your plugin’s general parameters. The desired currency for purchases, error reporting, and context notifications are all included in these options.

You can set them as per your needs and preferences. Background upgrades are useful because they guarantee that your Gravity Forms installation is up-to-date and secure.

6. Create a form

You are now prepared to set up your first form after you have just correctly activated the plugin and selected all your preferences. Next, on the Forms tab, click on The Add New key after clicking Create a Form. You may give your form a name/ title and a summary on this tab.

Gravity Forms WordPress

And then you will be able to see the form editor, in which you can create the form you need with the drag and drop builder, categories, and configuration options.

7. Upload the form to your website.

Once you have finished your first form, you may add it to your site. Move to the Pages section on your WordPress page, and then tap on Add New or Select an Existing One.

create gravity forms

Just above the visual editor on the page editor, there’s also an Add Form key. When you click on the button, a drop-down list with all of your forms gets displayed. Tap Insert Form after selecting the form you have created.

After clicking Update for the page, go to your website and see the new form on your site.



Gravity Forms is the Easiest, Most Trusted Tool to Create Advanced Forms for Your WordPress-Powered Website.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

It's Easy to Integrate Gravity Forms with Several Popular Web Applications and Online Services

😩  Cons

Gravity Forms Do Not Offer Any Free Trial


If you want something more than just a basic contact form, Gravity Forms is the right choice for you, and it is highly suggested by us.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Embed Forums Using Codes

Gravity Forms has a built-in framework that supports embedding forms into your content using the WordPress Classic Editor and Gutenberg easy and hassle-free. You can also use the Form Widget, which is available in the Widgets menu in the WordPress Appearance tab, to embed your form into space in the widget areas of WordPress.

gravity form short code

But, what do you do if you wish to have the same form appear under all the contents you post on your blog? One way is obviously to manually embed a form for every post using the method mentioned above. However, that would take a lot of time and effort, and is not really  a smart way to accomplish the task. Right?

How to prepare a gravity_form() to call our form?

The first thing we need to do here is, to figure out what our form’s id is. Let me explain to you with my own form id. I am trying to embed my Newsletter form into my blog who’s ID is 5. This is the first and only necessary aspect of creating the gravity_form() function call will be this one. As a result, you may simply use the coding mentioned below:

<b style=”background-color:#FFCCCC”>

gravity_form( 5 );</b>

However, I’d like to allow ajax submission in this case to prevent the page from reloading whenever a visitor would click the form button. The sixth parameter is used to allow ajax submissions, and another critical parameter for the use case scenario we are discussing here is the echo parameter, which we must set as ‘false’, which would direct Gravity Forms to return the form rather than directly displaying it on the screen.

As a result, all of the parameters will have default values apart from the form id, the ajax request submission and then echo, which will have values of 5, valid, and false, respectively. This is how I’ll name my function:

<b style=”background-color:#FFCCCC”>gravity_form( 5, true, true, false, false, true, false, false );</b>

If you want more information about every parameter involved in this code, then you can check the details in the documentation for the gravity_form() function call. At this stage, we already know which parameters and functions we will be using to get this form.

How to enqueue the required scripts by preparing the gravity_form_enqueue_scripts()?

Now we must create the feature that will prompt WordPress to simply enqueue the necessary files in order for the form to appear and function properly. The functioning of gravity_form_enqueue_scripts() is governed by two parameters only: First, specify the form id, and second, to allow or disable ajax submission (disabled by default).

Since we wish to use the ajax submission for the form, we’ll use the following two parameters:

<b style=”background-color:#FFCCCC”>gravity_form_enqueue_scripts( 5, true );


Trigger functions using WordPress core the_content and get_header

Now that we have set up the Gravity Forms functions, all we have to do is call them whenever they’re required to do what we created them for. The function to enqueue the files will be run using the WordPress core get header hook, which runs just prior to wp_head, ensuring that the files have already been enqueued before Gravity Forms requires them.

<b style=”background-color:#FFCCCC”>

function gf_enqueue_required_files() {

    GFCommon::log_debug( __METHOD__ . ‘(): running.’ );

    if ( is_single() && ‘post’ === get_post_type() ) { // Do it only for Posts.

        gravity_form_enqueue_scripts( 5, true );



add_action( ‘get_header’, ‘gf_enqueue_required_files’ );</b>

An “if” statement in the snippet ensures that it only runs for default  posts on WordPress. Finally, we’ll use the following code to insert our form to the end of the content of our post:


<b style=”background-color:#FFCCCC”>function gf_add_newsletter_form_after_post( $content ) {

    GFCommon::log_debug( __METHOD__ . ‘(): running.’ );

    // Form added after the post content.

    $content .= gravity_form( 5, true, true, false, false, true, false, false );

    return $content;


add_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘gf_add_newsletter_form_after_post’ );</b>

Your Gravity form will instantly be inserted dynamically after every content you publish on WordPress once you’ve added the above snippets to your web. You still don’t have to delete any of your posts in case you change your mind later. Since you’re using snippets to embed the form on the fly, you can easily delete the snippets to prevent the form from being applied after your articles.

Gravity Forms: Creating a Contest Entry Form

Let’s walk through the steps of developing the form now that we’ve covered why you have contests on your website and what makes a successful contest entry form.

Creating a fresh form

Creating a brand new form is the first thing, to begin with. If you have already installed Gravity Forms, then just log in to your WordPress account, enter the dashboard, and then navigate to Forms > New Form. Give the form a name and, if desired, a definition, then click Create Form.

Gravity Forms Demo WordPress

In case you have not installed Gravity Forms, you will need to purchase a license, download the plugin and then enable it. Go to Plugins > Add fresh > Upload on your WordPress website after logging in. Select Files, and then find the zipped file you downloaded. Then select Install > Enable from the drop-down menu.

Adding Form Fields

It’s now time to populate your form with fields. Add the Name as well as Email fields to the form by selecting Advanced Fields from the drop-down menu. If you’re giving away a physical object, don’t forget to include the Address field.


Add the Consent field before entering your contest rules if you wish to show the contest guidelines on the form and want the visitors to agree to the rules. This field is always set up by default due to a privacy policy, however, you can change the text to accept the contest guidelines.

You may want to add extra fields to your form depending on the type of content you’re running. If the contestants must correctly answer a question, for example, checkboxes may be added. If they need to send a picture or some other form of documentation for their entry, you may include a file upload field.

Enable Form Restrictions

The majority of contests are timed. In other words, the contests usually have a fixed start and ending time. This feature is a great way to build up the hype and makes these contests really exciting, attracting more customers towards it. To prevent your visitors from joining the contest after it has ended, you’ll need to enable some form restrictions.

enable form restrictions

To begin, navigate to the Form Settings of your contest form and scroll down to a section called Restrictions. To begin, you can restrict the number of participants in the contest. This is a good idea if you wish to run a contest on a smaller scale and make the event even more unique and exclusive.

You also have the option to schedule a time showing when the contest form becomes active and when it becomes inactive to meet the contest’s deadline. If you check the box for scheduling the form, you will be easily able to modify the message that displays on the website page where the contest form is being shown, as well as the start and end dates.

Setting up Notifications and Form Confirmations

After you’ve finished creating the form, simply go to the settings for Form Confirmation to personalize the confirmation message of the form. You can even guide users to a specific page on your website after they’ve completed the form.

gravityforms notification list

Click the Form Settings tab to configure the confirmation message. Then, either edit the default confirmation message or generate a new one. Remember to set up the notifications for the form as well. New form submissions will automatically notify you, the site administrator. However, in addition to a user notification, you can generate alerts for someone else who wants to be informed of new entries for the contest.

Tap the Notifications tab to create a new update. Then press Add New and give the notification a name. Inside the Send to Email box, enter their email address if you’re sending it to someone else on your team.

Integrate an Email Marketing Provider, CRM, or Contest Entry Form

When your contest entry form is live and you begin collecting entries, you’ll need a way to keep contestants informed of any contest news or updates. You can also provide information about upcoming promotions and other marketing materials relevant to your business.

Gravity Forms Email Integrations

Gravity Forms interacts with a variety of email marketing and CRM platforms, allowing you to quickly communicate with your contestants. Services like Mailchimp and HubSpot fall into this category. Go to Forms > Add-Ons and allow the HubSpot Add-On, for example, to incorporate your contest entry form with HubSpot.

To send form submission data to HubSpot, you’ll need to approve your HubSpot account with Gravity Forms and create a HubSpot feed for your form.

Gravity Forms  Review Pricing 

Durability, Extensibility as well as scalability are all included in the Gravity Forms authorization, as well as safety and the strongest support in the world!


Priced at $59 per Year


  • Multi page forms
  • Unlimited forms
  • 1 website
  • Basic add-ons
  • Unlimited entries
  • Automatic updates
  • Conditional logic
  • Standard support
  • File upload


Priced at $259 per year


  • Multi Page forms
  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited sites
  • Basic add-ons
  • Pro Add-Ons
  • Elite Add-Ons
  • Conditional  logic
  • WordPress multisite
  • Unlimited entries
  • Automatic updates
  • File uploads
  • Priority support


Priced at $159 per year


  • Multi-page forms
  • Unlimited entries
  • Unlimited forms
  • Three websites
  • Conditional logic
  • Basic Add-Ons
  • Pro Add-Ons
  • Standard support
  • Automatic updates

When you become a customer with Gravity Forms, you would be given a fully activated Gravity Forms licence. Based on your licence form, tickets will be instantly sorted into preference or regular support lists.

Pricing - Gravity Forms Review




Plans of Gravity Forms:

Add-Ons Gravity Forms

1) Basic Licence ($59/Year)

  • 1 website
  •  Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited entries
  • Conditional logic
  • Multi-page forms
  •  file upload
  •  automatic updates
  •  standard support
  •   basic add-ons

2) Elite License ($259/year)

  • Unlimited sites
  •  unlimited forms
  •  unlimited in entries
  •  Conditional  logic
  • Multipage forms
  •  file uploads
  •  WordPress multisite
  •  automatic updates
  •   priority support
  • Basic add-ons
  • Pro Add-Ons
  •  Elite Add-Ons

3) Pro License ($159)

  • Three websites
  •  unlimited forms
  •   unlimited entries
  •  conditional logic
  •  multi-page forms
  •  automatic updates
  •  standard support
  •   Basic Add-Ons
  •  Pro Add-Ons

What more does Gravity Forms offer?

Gravity Forms has a lot of effort and time saving features, and this is the sole WordPress form software you will ever require to build beautiful forms easily. The developers of the software have made sure that you get access to all the necessary tools for building attractive forms for your business in one single platform. Here are some more useful tools and functionalities that you get with Gravity Forms.

  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Multiple form entry notifications are supported.
  • Front end registration forms are possible to build
  • It enables you to customise the availability of forms based on time, position of the user, amount of entries, and other factors. 
  • Conditional logic allows you to show a form which is actually proportional to the value achieved in the preceding field or, in other words, stand from being exposed to various receivers. 
  • It comes with a wide range of authorized and third party add-ons to expand the features, as well as integration with mail services like AWeber and MailChimp.


Gravity Forms is the Easiest, Most Trusted Tool to Create Advanced Forms for Your WordPress-Powered Website.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

It's Easy to Integrate Gravity Forms with Several Popular Web Applications and Online Services

😩  Cons

Gravity Forms Do Not Offer Any Free Trial


If you want something more than just a basic contact form, Gravity Forms is the right choice for you, and it is highly suggested by us.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Add-Ons and Integrations

Gravity Forms Review- Integrations and Add-Ons

Gravity Forms integration with a variety of common website software and web services is extremely simple. Essentially, Gravity Forms allows users to conveniently incorporate new designs of third-party applications such as PayPal, Stripe, and MailChimp, as well as offering data integration with WordPress through available add – ons.

Getting The Viewers to Participate in Gravity Forms

Forms are important bro consider in order to  design the WordPress site for creating confidence in your customers and successfully increase sales. It’s well worth the price to spend in a high – quality plugin to guarantee that your data compilation is smooth and enjoyable for your customers.

This is why we suggest Gravity Forms, a versatile add-on which will elevate your forms to new heights. You can completely customise each form, from whatever the customer views to what they can send and about who gets the answers by using it.

Gravity Forms will enable you to do everything with your WordPress site, whether you need easy contact forms, email sign ups, or perhaps even intend to make sales forms.

10 Benefits of using Gravity Forms 

Gravity forms customer reviews testimonials WP Plugin

Till now we’ve told you what Gravity Forms is, what they offer, what all you can do with it and how much the platform will cost you. That gives you the basic outline of Gravity Forms and its utility. Now that we’re through, we will now be discussing some of the key advantages you would have if you use Gravity Forms for building forms for your online business

  • Simple, convenient ,advanced and powerful forms

Through WordPress and Gravity Forms, you can instantly and efficiently create forms online. By using the visual form online editor, you can easily create and customize your WordPress forms.

  • 30 plus type fields that are instantly  to use

Gravity Forms allows you to use a variety of forms with feedback that is always at the  touch of your finger. You just need to simply choose whatever spaces you would like to fill in.

  • Conditional Logic

Depending on the recipient’s choices, you may customise any of your forms to display or mask areas, sections, pages, as well as the submit option This will help you to conveniently monitor which details your users are asked to include on the website, as well as customising the application to fulfill the necessities

  • Email Alerts

With email alerts, you will have access to all of your privacy privileges. Gravity Forms does have an email autoresponder that will notify you if a form has been sent.

  • Elite Feature

Simply step apart from the crowds and demonstrate your form-creating skills. Take your whole building to the highest point with function add-ons like surveys, polling, and questionnaires.

  • Limited and planned forms

You can simply use a scheduling form to restrict the amount of submissions a form can obtain so that you may easily control when and where you gather information.

  • WordPress Post Creation

 You can create user generated material with the use of Gravity Forms and you can also quickly build WordPress posts with a post end form.

  • Fight Spam

Hardly anyone likes to receive a large amount of trash material in their inbox!! So, with the assistance of Akismet and Google Recaptcha choices, you will be able to combat mailbox spam.

  • Responsive layout

Gravity Forms has a versatile interface that makes it easy to use on smartphones. And here, the forms are made up to look fantastic on a wide range of platforms. It makes no difference whether or not your form is visible; it will still look stunning!

  • Integrations

Gravity Forms combines Stripe,MailChimp, Dropbox, PayPal, Zapier, and plenty of other services. Well, you can combine your forms with a wide range of resources and software currently on the marketplace.

Gravity Forms Customer Testimonials & Reviews :

Gravity forms customer reviews

Gravity forms WordPress plugin for forms reviews (3) Gravity forms WordPress plugin for forms reviews (3) best Gravity forms WordPress plugin for forms reviews (3)


If you run a WordPress site, Gravity Forms is the one plugin that experts agree is a must-have.

See why millions of WordPress sites rely on Gravity Forms every day for their most critical data.

Posted by Gravity Forms on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Gravity Forms Affiliate Program

Once you have purchased one of the 3 subscription plans that Gravity Forms offers, you are eligible to join the Gravity Forms Affiliate Program. Whatever your background or occupation is, be it a true affiliate marketer, eCommerce business owner, online influencer, online coaching platform or what not, you are free to join the program as long as you have a valid Gravity Forms subscription. Signing up to the program is absolutely free!

Here is a quick guide on how to quickly get started with the Gravity Forms Affiliate Program. Just 3 simple steps, and you will be earning 20% commission on every referral you make.

Register with the Affiliate Program

You may have been using Gravity Forms for a long time and know all there is to know about it. You may be a company that advises all of its clients to use Gravity Forms. Maybe you’re a blogger or influencer searching for a new product to promote.

Promote and share Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms wants you to enjoy being a member of our thriving culture, so they go out of their way to help you along the way. The organization offers an easy-to-use affiliate website, as well as an integrated affiliate support channel and extensive information on affiliate best practices, tips, and strategies.

You may refer us to your customers, write about us on your blog, or promote us on social media. You have complete freedom to interact and share Gravity Forms with your audience as you see fit as long as you follow our guidelines.

Earn your commission

Partnering with the Gravity Forms Affiliate Program will allow you to get paid 20% of commission on every sale that you refer to people. The amount you earn depends on the Gravity Forms Subscription you have purchased. Here is a quick overview of how much you can earn, depending on the package you choose.

  • If you have purchased the Basic License of Gravity Forms, which costs $59, you can earn a commission amount of $11.80
  • If you have purchased the Pro License of Gravity Forms, which costs $159, you can earn a commission amount of $31.80
  • If you have purchased the Elite License of Gravity Forms, which costs $259, you can earn a commission amount of $51.80

Gravity Forms Review FAQ’s :

🔥What does Gravity Form Do?

Gravity Forms is a powerful WordPress form management plugin that lets you quickly create and publish WordPress forms. The plugin comes with a slew of time-saving tools and features that render creating forms a breeze. Simply choose your fields, customize your choices, and use the built-in tools to easily insert forms on your WordPress-powered site.

🥇Can I integrate Gravity Form With 3rd Part Apps?

Gravity Forms allows users and businesses to seamlessly integrate their form building processes with leading third party Web Applications and Online Services like Hubspot, Zapier, Paypal, Stripe, Slack, Twilio, Survey, MailChimp and mane more to Make Your Forms Even More Powerful and Flexible

✅What Features Do I get With Gravity Forms Elite License??

The Gravity Forms Elite license is a full-featured package that includes Unlimited Pages, WordPress Multisites, Priority Support, and more! You can take your WordPress forms to the next stage with Add-Ons like Surveys, Quizzes, Polls, and Stripe!

What if I dont Liek Gravity Forms? Is there any refund?

No issues! If even after signing up and using their services, you feel that their performance is not as per your satisfaction and you wish to pull back, you are free to do so within the first month thanks to their 30 Day Risk-Free money back guarantee. You will be given a complete refund of your amount if you cancel your subscription and file for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

How do I map a Form from a custom post type?

It’s simple. You just need to add a Post Title area to your form and launch the field settings by clicking on it. Next up, you will find the Post Type category located just below Description field category. From the drop down menu, choose the preferred post (by default, it is set to Posts).

👉How do i link a field to a custom taxonomy?

The area to which the customized nomenclature is to be applied should be specified. Fields such as drop down menus, radio keys, multi select boxes and checkboxes are currently supported. After clicking on the field and selecting the Advanced HOW TO MAP A FORM FROM A CUSTOM POST TYPE? section, you can access the field parameters. Tick the box just next to Populate with a Taxonomy. From the drop down menu that appears, choose the preferred taxonomy.

How to use a single line text field to connect the saved post to taxonomies?

Single Line Text field is a perfect option for clients to pick and introduce new taxonomy terminology. Gravity Forms makes it very easy to get this done. You just need to attach a Single Line Text field to the form. Now by tapping on the field area and selecting the Advanced category, you can access the field configuration settings. Tick mark the box besides the How to map form from a custom post type? Save to Taxonomy Button. Now, from the drop-down menu that arises, choose the appropriate taxonomy. To allow an impressive tag input type UI, tick the Enable Enhanced UI checkbox. Note: Existing term titles will be allocated to the created post if the users enter them. If the user enters phrase names that do not exist, they will be attached to the chosen taxonomy and then attached to the created post as well.

How to use the drop down field to create a parent post?

You might want to configure and set up the selected post as the parent post for the created post while filling out a Drop Down field with a post form. Attach a drop down field to your form. To access the field's configuration, tap on it. Then choose Advanced from the drop down menu. Tick the box next to Populate with Post Type. From the drop down menu that gets displayed, Choose the post type. Now choose the very same post form as the one for which the post is now being created.

What are gravity forms?

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin. With it, you can create forms to collect information for contact forms, WordPress post creation, calculators, employment applications and more.

Is there a free version of Gravity Forms?

There is no free version of Gravity Forms. If you pay $59 a year, you get Gravity Forms Basic and can add on to it for more features. You can also pay $99+ for features in other options listed.

Is gravity forms for WordPress only?

Gravity Forms is the most powerful, and the best form solution for WordPress. All of their licenses include Gravity Forms extensibility, scalability, reliability, security and the best support in the known universe!

Does gravity forms work with Elementor?

Elementor does not have a built-in element for adding a Gravity Forms form to your pages.

How do you use gravity forms in Divi?

Divi Gravity Forms Plugin Type Gravity Forms into the search box and click to add a code module. Click on your form you want to show. Optional: You can change how your form looks by using the design tab (requires paid version).

Do I need gravity forms?

This question comes up often. You need a form that can upload files and you want to control the file type. For these, you use Gravity Forms. It is very powerful and has many good features.

How do you hide the title in gravity form?

The form window has a button that says title. If you uncheck the button, then there won't be a title on your page. You can also manually add a shortcode if you want to with the title=false argument in it.

How do you override gravity forms in CSS?

You can override the default styles of Gravity Forms by specifying more specific styles in your theme's stylesheet. If you don't, then you need to specify even more specific styles in your theme's CSS to override the default Gravity Forms style.

How do I download plugins and add-ons for Gravity Forms?

If you have an active Gravity Forms license key, you can download all the plugins and add-ons that your license permits.

Is Gravity Forms Worth it For WordPress Geeks ?

This is a high quality, fully customizable and very flexible form builder plugin for WordPress that can be used to create contact or subscription forms, order forms, sign up pages and more. The plugin has several nice design templates each with their own color scheme so you can match it to your website’s theme.

It includes 33+ fields including text areas, checkboxes, various text boxes, date pickers and more. You also have the ability to add custom fields. Gravity Forms support is excellent but the only caveat with this product is that it’s a bit difficult to use for non-techy people. Gravity Form users can take advantage of Gravity’s paid add-ons in order to get additional functionality including payment integration, sending emails based on submitted forms and more.

Conclusion: Gravity Forms Reviews

Without any doubt, Gravity Forms has proved to be a versatile add-on that enables it’s users to build forms, and moreover the varieties of forms you can develop are endless. Gravity Forms is incredibly simple to operate and in addition to this , it comes with so many add-ons to expand its capabilities.

Gravity Forms is a great plugin. It can make forms without limits. You have control over the form’s settings and options. If you want to use more features than they offer, then you can pay for them with other people’s products and services. For this, it is not hard to use the Gravity Forms. The different types of forms are easy to create and change because of Gravity Forms’ drag-and-drop builder tools, but there are also settings that allow you to change how your form works and what it does.

So now, if you want something more than just a basic contact form, Gravity Forms is the right choice for you, and it is highly suggested by us.

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35 thoughts on “Gravity Forms Review 2021 Top 5 Features & Pricing (Is It The Best WordPress Forms Plugin?)”

  1. Gravity Forms has been really fantastic for me. You get thousands of features to choose from and they are all customizable. I love the drag-and-drop editor too, it is so easy. And if you need help, there’s a forum full of people who will be happy to answer your questions at any time day or night!

  2. Gravity Forms is a great plugin for making forms without limits. You can change the settings and options of your form to suit it for almost any situation, but there are also some things that you need to pay extra for. It’s easy to use with their drag-and-drop builder tools, and the different types of forms available makes it easy too!

  3. The good news is that this plugin does not make it hard to use. The drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to create forms, and the settings are intuitive because they are presented well. This plugin has a lot of third party add-ons and extensions, which is a positive aspect.

  4. I love Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms has many different add-ons. The integrations with other services are an important part of Gravity Forms because they make us different from other plugins. Look at the list of available add-ons if you want a plugin that performs specific functions, such as integrating with Dropbox.

  5. Beautifully powerful. Simple yet deep. My favorite plugin ever! Gravity Forms is a must have for any WordPress business because it does so much and won’t slow down your website with overloading features you don’t need. They offer great support, access to all options and settings, a detailed series of videos to help you become an expert in no time, clever sharing options that please both customers and affiliates alike, as well as the capability to customize each form with easy to use CSS classes. No other product on the market offers this level of customization without applying too many themes which end up overwhelming clients who want full control over their site’s styling but aren’t experts themselves.”

  6. This plugin is a gem. There are so many features and options for creating a form, you can’t go without it. You’ll be in good hands when using Gravity Forms! I’ve been very happy with their customer service too.

  7. Gravity Forms is a great plugin. It can make forms without limits—you have control over the form’s settings and options. If you want to use more features than they offer, then you can pay for them with other people’s products and services. I’ve been very happy with Gravity Forms’ features, pricing, and support. Incredible plugin with endless possibilities!

  8. Gravity Forms can integrate with other services such as Dropbox, Fresh Books, Help Scout, PayPal, Slack and many more. There is also an add-on that allows your website to register users through custom forms.
    This is one of the best features of Gravity Forms. The plugins is very much advanced and it solved the purpose forms plugin easily.

  9. Gravity Forms is one of the best web form plugins that I’ve used. You can do anything to create your forms with this plugin. It has an easy navigation and if it doesn’t have what you want, there are plenty of free add-ons for other developers to purchase. The customer service was prompt, helpful, and quick when handling my issues. Truly great plugin

  10. Gravity Forms is an excellent form builder! They make it easy to create a great looking, responsive and engaging product. You can have control over the settings and options with this plugin. If you want to use more features than they offer, then you can pay for them with other people’s products and services. I especially love the customer service and community support with Gravity Forms because it makes everything easier!

  11. Gravity Forms is an all-in-one form tool. It’s perfect for getting the right amount of information with minimal fuss. Gravity Forms offers great customer support, making it easy to get help when you need it or figure out how to make things work your way.
    It’s simple and easy to use interface makes customization a snap without harsh learning curve. Interface is universally compatible with browsers, operating systems, and screens ( across devices).
    It has endless possibilities in creating custom forms that aren’t limited by too many features or requiring additional plugins like some competing software do. Gravity Forms does one thing really well: offer easy ways to collect data in better ways than other automated solutions on the market today.

  12. I have used Gravity Forms many times on websites. Sometimes I have used 8 or 9 forms on one website. When I use the GravityView extension, it is easy to see the data. I have used both stripe and paypal with no problems on conference sites. One of my favorite options is for long complicated forms is the save and continue option.

  13. Imagine the possibilities. With Gravity Forms, your forms are limitless. Control over fields, automation, conditional logic—you can make them with endless options through their settings and create great form experiences for your customers. It’s easy to use too! I’ve seen this plugin work on many sites of all sizes that have created complex forms without limitations by using some other people’s services to get what they need.
    Wind up some creativity with months of support from their responsive team!

  14. I have been using Gravity Forms for years and love its simplicity. Large forms are a breeze with it as I can customize where the form field begins so people don’t have to scroll down to find the first input box.

  15. There are a lot of different WordPress plugins for contact forms out there. I use Gravity Forms and it does everything that I need. Sure, the app is not perfect: you’ll sometimes get an error message or whatever–but why not use this plugin and make all your problems go away? Seriously, give Gravity Forms a try; it’ll be worth your time!

  16. Gravity Forms is a regular plugin that you can get for free. It has no features we didn’t like. But if you want to get it, here are some things that you might want to know. First, there is no easy way to set the currency or number format- but if you use javascript and functions.php, then you can fix this problem! Second, the review page doesn’t have a separate step in the progress bar- but by editing HTML with your hands, then this can be fixed too! Third, the review page cannot be enabled on the admin panel- but by creating a new hook in php code and using it instead of functions.php or javascript code, then this problem is solved too!

  17. Gravity Forms is an amazing form builder that also has some additional features. They offer excellent customer service and the community of users is pretty active too, giving feedback on how to improve it. It’s great for intermediate web-builders like myself because it’s easy to use! Get more out of Gravity Forms by buying any number or all of their addons which are really cheap with other products’ help.

  18. Gravity Forms is the most popular plugin for WordPress. It’s drag-and-drop features allow you to create customizable forms with limitless possibilities in just minutes. I love this tool.

  19. Gravity Forms is a one-stop shop for anything that goes into making great forms. Whether you want to create something basic or more complicated, they have got you covered. With an easy tabbed back-end interface, it’s possible to tell the plugin what fields are necessary and what size they should be, all without creating any code whatsoever. It also comes with several prewritten scripts which can do things like adapt its layout based on what field has been submitted, send form entries in the same template as your website looks in order to avoid confusion when users fill out their details…

    Why don’t you try it for yourself? Give Gravity Forms a shot!

  20. The most amazing forms plugin. Even the free version you get gets you 50+ field types and lots of pre-built templates to organize your form’s data incredibly easily, with sleek design and beautiful animations for when a user fills out a form. One of my favorite features is that it can do conditional logic on the front end which allows me to create more interesting forms without resorting to HTML or JavaScript, because I’m lazy like that.

  21. The Gravity Forms plugin is a great WordPress form builder. It’s an amazing alternative to the time consuming process of setting up a form from scratch, and it will save you from downloading plugins for each possible type of submission that you want to collect.

  22. I was hesitant, but it turned out to be the absolute best form plugin available. Customization is easy and the integration with different platforms make it reliable for any size website.

  23. The good news is that installing this advanced features and options won’t make your website hard to use. Gravity Forms is easy to use. The drag-and-drop form builder makes creating forms easy, while the settings are intuitively presented. The Gravity Forms ecosystem of third-party add-ons and extensions is a good thing too!

  24. The Gravity Forms plugin is a great WordPress form builder. It’s an amazing alternative to the time consuming process of setting up a form from scratch, and it will save you from downloading plugins for each possible type of submission that you want to collect.

  25. There are few things more frustrating than a complicated forms or one that does not work properly. Thankfully, Gravity Forms has answered these needs with their simple and effective plugin. With customizable settings and tailored options to suit your design needs, this is the perfect tool for those who want control over how they can use their website’s forms and easily create them as well. They even provide other services you could choose to purchase should you need added features such as adding fields to your form just by tapping on the screen of your computer! It’s also inexpensive and very easy compatible with WordPress, so anyone can do it without worry! This is one of the most useful plugins I have found so far and I would recommend it to everyone.

  26. I had to uninstall some other form builder plugins I was using because they were clunky and not working well with the Gravity Forms plugin. The customer service at Gravity Forms is excellent, too. It’s nice to have conversations with people who are not just trying to sell me more expensive services.

  27. I’ve used the WordPress form builder before, but this is so much better. I think this plugin is great for any WordPress site, both big and small. Not only does it have amazing features that are easy to use, you can also just buy more if you want something extra! Plus their customer service was excellent when I had a few questions about how to configure some fields on my new form. Highly recommend it!

  28. I have used Gravity Forms for all my forms. I like how it manages them on the front end and organizes them on the backend. There are tons of settings that can allow you to call off form submissions, open multiple fields at once, or create your own custom password field.

  29. Gravity Forms is a great plugin. It can make forms without limits. You have control over the form’s settings and options. If you want to use more features than they offer, then you can pay for them with other people’s products and services. For this, it is not hard to use the Gravity Forms. The different types of forms are easy to create and change because of Gravity Forms’ drag-and-drop builder tools, but there are also settings that allow you to change how your form works and what it does. I love this tool very much!

  30. When I can’t figure out a design issue, Gravity Forms is the go-to plugin. My clients have seen a dramatic increase in satisfaction levels after hearing how easy to use and edit their forms are. They ask for this plugin every time they hire me!

  31. This is an amazing plugin. You can make forms without limit with this amazing product. Plus it’s easy to edit and configure, and there are lots of add-ons available for purchase if necessary. The customer service and community support is top-notch and very responsive to questions, which I need!

  32. Why do you want to make forms without limits? Get Gravity Forms, the drag-and-drop builder that is loved by many people. This plugin is such a time saver and easy to use (you don’t need any prior knowledge). It comes with different types of forms and does not cost too much for extra features.

  33. I love Gravity Forms. It’s a great plugin. This powerful tool lets you build any kind of form without limits. You have full control over the form’s settings and options, with drag-and-drop builder tools to make it easy to change your forms when you need something new in the future. The different types of forms are easy to create and change because of Gravity Forms – I think that using this awesome plugin is an excellent choice!

  34. I love Gravity Forms. It’s a great plugin. This powerful tool lets you build any kind of form without limits. You have full control over the form’s settings and options, with drag-and-drop builder tools to make it easy to change your forms when you need something new in the future. The different types of forms are easy to create and change because of Gravity Forms – I think that using this awesome plugin is an excellent choice!

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