Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms 2020: Which One Is Best For You? (Our Pick)

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      Do you know what is the biggest asset of a business?

      Customer Data.

      It helps you plan your marketing strategies, helps you retargeting and it helps you in several ways.

      Irrespective of what your business is about, it is very important to have customer data.

      One of the best ways to collect data on your website is through forms. Websites have several types of forms which include, Subscription form, Contact form, Order form, Registration form, etc.

      Forms are an essential part of websites. It helps you collect data that benefits your business in various ways.

      Today, we will talk about the most highly recommended WordPress form builders.

      When you look out for plugins or third-party tools to create forms for your WordPress site, there are very few options but not all of them are worth spending money on. As of now, GravityForms & NinjaForms are the most highly recommended and most used form builders.

      Gravity form has been around for a quite long time whereas, Ninja form is a newly created form builder and it is slightly different than Gravity Forms.

      Both the form of builders are excellent.

      Are you thinking, if both are best then which one should I go for?

      Well, by the end of this blog you’ll know which is the right form builder for you.

      In this blog, we will talk about the key features, pricing, and other important details about these plugins. Basically, it’ll be a head to head comparison of GravityForms & Ninja Forms.

      So, let’s get started with the first plugin, i.e. Gravity Forms.

       GravityForms Overview:

      Gravity form vs Ninja form Comparison - GravityGravityForms is basically a WordPress plugin that was initially used only as a contact form builder. But, it is also used as WordPress post creation, Employment Applications,  Calculators, WordPress post creation, etc.

      Gravity Forms can be customized as per your requirements, it is easy to use, reliable, and completely secure to use.

      It also allows the integration of other thor party tools.

      Key Features of Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms

      • Ready to use form fields

      Gravity forms offer you with 30+ ready to use form fields. It offers you a wide variety of forms field inputs to your fingertips.

      Gravity_Forms Field

      You can choose from the options and even create your own fields. You can pick and choose the fields you want and your form will be ready to go live.

      • Conditional Logic

      It is one of my favorite features that Gravity forms offer. Conditional logic allows you to easily control what information your user will be asked to provide on your form on your WordPress website.

      Gravity - Conditional Logic

      This feature allows you to modify the form accordingly.

      Conditional logic allows you to configure the form, you can show or hide the fields, pages, sections, etc. You can even embed the submit button based on user selection.

      • File Uploads

      In case you need your visitors or users to submit an attachment of photos or documents, you can add the option of “File Uploads” in the form and the files or attachments they upload on the website will be saved on your server.

      Gravity - Features

      • Calculator

      This feature will be highly useful for Gyms, Yoga instructors, Doctors, CAs, etc.

      Gravity forms offer calculators too, which offers advanced calculations.

      You can set the calculator as per your requirements.

      For instance, if you’re a gym owner, you cans set the fields and formulas to calculate and display BMI.

      • Email Notifications

      Are you wondering how will I know about the data generated on my site?

      Do I need to start the entire system to know it through the backend of the site?

      Well, No. You don’t need to take so much effort to know about the leads generated.

      Gravity forms have an email autoresponder where you only need to update your email ID and you’ll be notified every time a lead is generated.

      • Easy to use

      The best part about Gravity forms is, it is easy to use. You don’t need to have any prior technical training or coding knowledge to use Gravity forms.

      Gravity Forms can be built quickly and designed on WordPress by using the visual form editor.

      You can configure the form as per your requirements, select the fields, and embed the form on your WordPress website just by using the built-in tools.

      • Limit & Schedule

      With Gravity Forms, you can Limit the number of entries a form can have. In case you want to schedule to receive entries from a particular time and stop accepting entries at a particular time you can even schedule that.

      • WordPress Post Creation

      One of the most unique features Gravity forms has is, it can help you create WordPress posts by using the front end forms.

      Gravity - WordPress Post

      You’re allowed to create user-generated content with Gravity forms.

      • Responsive Design

      This is the most important feature in which a form must-have, it is very important to have responsive designs.

      Most users who visit a website are mobile users. And in case, if your page is not mobile optimized then you may face a high bounce rate which will lead to a loss in the business.

      Gravity forms offer a mobile-friendly styling. With Gravity Forms, you can design forms that are suitable for all devices.

      • Fights Spam

      Gravity forms support Google reCaptcha, Really simple captcha, Akismet options which helps you fight spam and inbox clutter.

      • Supports Integrations

      Integrations are highly important for 360-degree functioning. Gravity forms support integrations of the most used third-party tools, to name a few, PayPal, MailChimp, Highrise, Stripe, Dropbox, Zapier, etc.

      _Gravity - Integration

      Gravity forms support all types of payment gateways, CMS, Email Marketing tools, etc.

      • Save & Continue Option

      This can be a highly important and useful option if your forms are big and can take a while to complete.

      With this feature, you can allow your users to come back and complete the form later if they’ve already filled the form partially.

      • You can join the Elite Form Scene

      This feature can make you stand apart and make your website look more interactive and personalized.

      You can add surveys, polls, quizzes, video recordings, etc.

      This allows you to take your form building to another level.

      • The Ecosystem

      Gravity forms basically have 3 pricing plans to offer, about which we will talk about later in this blog.

      Gravity - Ecosystem

      With a premium plan, you can get addons like Gravity Wiz, Gravity Flow, Gravity +, Jetsloth, Gravity view, Gravity PDF, etc.

      With Gravity forms, your imagination is the only limitation.

      GravityForms Pricing:

      Gravity forms basically offers 3 pricing plans, Basic License, Pro License & Elite License. Let’s know what each plan has to offer and how much does it cost.

      Gravity - Pricing PlanBasic License:

      Basic license costs $59/ Year.

      Key features of Basic License:

      • Supports one website
      • Unlimited entries
      • Unlimited forms
      • Multipage form
      • Automatic Updates
      • Standard support
      • Conditional logic
      • File uploads
      • Basic addons

      Pro License:

      Pro license costs $159/ Year. It includes all the Basic Addons.

      Key features of Pro License:

      • Supports 3 websites
      • Unlimited Entries
      • Limited forms
      • Standard support
      • File uploads
      • Pro addons
      • Conditional Logic
      • Automatic updates

      Elite License:

      Elite license costs $259/ Year. it includes all the basic and pro addons.

      Key features of Elite License:

      • Unlimited Sites are supported
      • Unlimited entries
      • Unlimited forms
      • Multipage forms
      • WordPress Multisite
      • Automatic updates
      • Priority support
      • Conditional Logic
      • Elite Addons

      Pros & Cons of Gravity Forms

      Pros of Gravity forms:

      • Looking at the features offered, pricing is worth it and affordable
      • Easy to use and manage
      • Supports integrations
      • Email notifications for leads

      Cons of Gravity forms:

      • The basic form does not have a lot to offer
      • No ready to use templates

      Let’s move on to our next tool, Ninja form plugin.

       About Ninja Form Plugin

      Gravity form vs Ninja form Comparison - NinjaformNinja Forms is also a form building plugin for WordPress. It enables you to make an online/ virtual form for your website.

      Ninja forms support all types of w=forms which include. Registration form, subscription form, etc.

      It allows users to upload files like documents, photos, PDFs,  etc.

      Ninja form is not so old in the market and it still managed to gain a lot of users. Currently, Ninja forms have been used on over a million websites.

      Ninja forms also support third-party tools. Let’s know more about Ninja forms.

      Key Features of Gravity form vs Ninja form

      • Build Beautiful Forms

      With Ninja Form, you can make professional-looking forms just by using drag & drop feature. You can display and hide the fields you want. You can design the forms which are required for your form and business.

      Ninja_Forms_ Beautiful Forms

      With Ninja Forms, you can create beautiful and professional forms across pages.

      The best part is, you don’t require any technical knowledge or coding skill to use Ninja Form.

      • Save & Continue Feature

      This feature is the same as Gravity form’s feature, in case your form is big to fill and it is difficult to fill it completely in one go then Ninja forms allow your user/ visitor to come back and continue filling the form.

      This can help you reduce the bounce rate.

      • File Uploads

      In case you want to add a field to add documents on the form, Ninja forms support it.

      Users can upload the document or photograph. The uploaded file will be saved on the server, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc.

      Users can upload images, media, documents, videos, etc. You can control the file type and file size too.

      • PDF Form

      In case you need to send a form’s copy to someone. You can generate a PDF copy of the form, export it, and send it.

      • Excel Export

      In case you want data of a particular date range, then you can export data of that particular date range in excel format. You can choose the fields you want to include.

      • Payment Support

      Ninja forms support integration, you can easily integrate payment gateways to your forms and pages.

      Ninja_Forms_ Payment Support

      With Ninja Forms, you can securely accept the payments.

      • Advanced Features Supported:

      With Ninja Forms, you can explore all the advanced features which include, the export of data into excel format and PDF format, Google sheets, etc. You can send data as an attachment to any format you want.

      Ninja_Forms_ Advanced Features

      You can do everything without hiring a developer.

      • Layouts & Styles

      Ninja forms support Drag & drop feature, Which allows you to edit fields, rows, columns, etc. You can even resize the fields, add/ remove background, customize borders etc.

      You can design beautiful forms without a designer.

      • Conditional Logic

      With Ninja form you can build dynamic forms, you can choose the fields to show and hide.

      Gravity Forms has a similar feature.

      • Multi-Part forms

      In case you need to create a long-form, With Ninja Forms, you can create multi-page forms.

      Ninja_Forms_ WordPress

      You can add breadcrumb navigation, progress bar, etc, and other tools to navigate your audience to the next page.

      • WebMerge

      Ninja forms support WebMerge which helps you create formatted templates from an uploaded Word document or PDF. Then you can auto-fill from any WordPress form submission.

      Pricing GravityForms vs NinjaForms Comparison

      Ninja_Forms - Pricing PlanNinja forms basically offer 4 pricing plans. It is a one-time purchase, you can only renew extended support annually if you want.

      Let’s know what each plan has to offer along with its pricing.

      • Personal Plan

      The personal plan costs $49.

      Key features of Personal Plan:

      • Supports One site
      • Form building essentials
      • Conditional Logic
      • File Uploads
      • Layout & Styles
      • Multi-Part forms
      • Payment Gateways
      • PayPal Express
      • E-mail Marketing Integrations
      • Constant Contact
      • Emma
      • EmailOctopus
      • Convertkit
      • Campaign Monitor
      • MailChimp
      • Professional Plan

      The professional plan costs $99.

      Key features of the professional plan:

      It includes everything personal plan offers, it also includes:

      • Supports 20 websites
      • User Management
      • User management login & registration forms
      • Update profile forms
      • Save form’s progress
      • Post creation forms
      • Integrations
      • Webhooks
      • Zapier
      • Payment Gateways
      • PayPal Express
      • Recurly
      • Stripe

      Agency Plan

      Agency plan costs $249

      Key features of the Agency plan

      Agency plan includes all the features which professional and the personal plan includes, additionally it includes:

      • Supports unlimited sites
      • All Ninja forms add ons:
      • SMS & Slack notifications
      • All CRM integrations
      • Advanced Analytics
      • Email Marketing Integrations

      A La Carte Plan

      A La Carte Plan cost range from $29-$129.

      With this plan, you are allowed to choose the features you want.

      Key features of A La Carte Plan:

      • Supports 1-20 sites
      • Upload files
      • Multi-Page forms
      • Layouts & styles
      • Dynamic conditional forms
      • Email Marketing integrations
      • CRM Integrations
      • Export to Excel, PDF, Google sheets
      • Priority Support

      Ninja form comes with a 14 day trial period.

      Pros & Cons of GravityForm vs NinjaForms

      Pros of Ninja Form:

      • One time payment
      • Extended support can be purchased yearly
      • Supports integration
      • You can choose the pricing plan as per the features you want


      • Supports the only WordPress
      • Quite difficult to understand

      Gravity form vs Ninja form Comparison & Testimonials?

      Gravity Review

      Gravity_Forms_ TestimonialsNinjaReview

      Ninja_Forms_ TestimonialsQuick Links:

      Conclusion: GravityForms vs NinjaForms Comparison 2020

      Gravity form and Ninja forms are the best forms of creating plugins for your WordPress website. Both Gravity form & Ninja form are highly recommended tools.

      GravityForms is a completely premium tool while NinjaForms offers a 14 day trial period.

      When I was writing the review, I couldn’t really find much difference between Gravity form & Ninja form. Whereas the pricing of both tools is quite different.

      Are you wondering, When both tools are similar then which one is the best?

      Well, There’s no answer to this question.

      You can choose the right tool as per your business requirement and which best suits your budget and business model.

      If you’ve used any of the plugins please do share your experience with us.

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