Economist GRE Tutor Review 2023 What Is Economist GRE ? Is GRE Tutoring Worth It?

Economist GRE

Overall Verdict

Maximise your full potential with The Economist’s online learning platform, and reach your target GRE score with 1-on-1 live tutoring sessions, official ETS® practice tests and essay reviews.

Out of 10


  • Their tutors offer AWA essay marking
  • Score guarantee
  • Full access to Quant + Verbal
  • ETS practice tests
  • Essay reviews


  • A Little Bit Expensive
  • Only 7 days Trial period


Price: $ 749

Looking for Economist GRE Tutor Review ? I got you covered today.

Preparing for the GRE is a lot of work. Studying for hours on end can be exhausting and time-consuming. Confused about how to prepare for the GRE?

Picking the right GRE prep course can be difficult, and you don’t want to waste your time on courses that don’t work for you.

You need to be at your best for this exam, so take advantage of The Economist GRE’s customisable plans.

The Economist GRE offers comprehensive, interactive lessons with thousands of practice questions and problem sets to help you prepare for the exam.

The Economist GRE offers videos on almost all GRE topics, as well as many practical questions, vocabulary, mathematical formulas, and other GRE information.

Bottom Line Upfront :

Online GRE prep from The Economist Includes practice tests, thousands of practice questions, and interactive lessons. Their all-inclusive plans are customisable to your individual learning style through our credit system. You can easily personalise your programme by redeeming credits for the services you want and need most: Economist GRE have 1-to-1 tutoring sessions, ETS official practice exams, and more—with no additional books or study guides needed. Their Premium and Genius plans offer a 6 or 7 point score improvement, money-back guarantee based on your performance on an official test

With Economist GRE you can enjoy unlimited access to the platform’s videos and tutorials for the duration of your plan. Stay motivated with our engaging and interactive video teaching approach, with professional support available 24/7 to help customise your plan and guide you in your journey toward your target GRE score. Try The Economist GRE for free.

The Economist good for GRE

Read my detailed The Economist GRE Review and get more information about the course.

Economist GRE Tutor Review

Table of Contents

Economist GRE Review 2023 Is The Economist Good For GRE? Top Pros & Cons 

Lets be honest studying for the GRE is stressful. You’re worried about whether you’ll be able to get through the exam in time. Whether you’ll score well enough to get into your desired school. Whether you’ll be able to afford the test.

The Economist GRE  is the comprehensive preparatory course for the GRE program, allowing you to master every section of the GRE.

They help you to achieve your goal in three ways:

  • Focus on your target areas so that you can achieve your target easily with adaptive learning technology
  • Prepare for Real Exams with Realistic GRE Practice Exams
  • The more time you spend in their GRE course, the more personal it becomes.

The Economist GRE Reviews

What does the The Economist GRE  include?

The The Economist GRE  has everything you need to prepare for the GRE, including a virtual tutor that adjusts the session to your strengths and weaknesses and live support at all times. To check what is proposed in each of their plans, please Check GRE Plan.

Who really made this amazing app?

I bet The Economist has developed this GRE app to provide Fruitful Knowledge for their user. There are many websites that offer low services at a high price, fortunately, the material in the The Economist GRE is really very good, especially for people looking for above-average grades.

I Really Appreciate that a brand like The Economist can produce something Extraordinary.

There are probably many people in The Economist who differentiate a good GRE product from a bad product: they are Professional test preparation teachers.

Key Features: The Economist GRE: Does Economist GRE guarantee a better score?

GRE Economist Review- Features

  • More than 5,000 questions about GRE practice
  • 6 full GRE simulated practice exams.
  • An unlimited number of Ask-A-Tutor messages.
  • 6 live sessions with a GRE instructor.
  • AI technology for efficient and effective preparation

1. Free trial for 7 days

Only then do you really know how well an exam preparation fits your learning style if you have the opportunity to test it? However, the Economist GRE course is not offered, so it can be scary to invest this child in a project of unknown impact. That’s why the 7-day test is so important. Depending on how quickly you work with the lesson, you can spend a few weeks trying out the tutorial feature. needs.

2. Money-back guarantee

The Economist Premier and Ultimate Plan give you 5 points, which means your GRE score will not improve. The GRE preparation course that’s right for you is the best you can do.

Preparation course for The Economist GRE

Information about the The Economist GRE preparatory course for economists
Increase 5+ or 7+ points, guaranteed in Premium or Ultimate Prep packages.

GRE Economist Review- GRE Economist

  • Comprehensive ERP preparation covering each section of the ERG with in-depth lessons, thousands of specific practice questions and realistic field tests.
  • Interactive learning that adapts to your academic strengths and weaknesses so you can focus on what you need to know
  • Custom AWA test character and tutor helper sessions in one
  • With mobile and desktop applications, you can access the studio around the clock
  • The table and interactive learning allow you to keep up with your progress
  • Try The Economist GRE Tutor 7 days without obligation online
  • A digital subscription to The Economist magazine for the duration of the curriculum

Detailed The Princeton Review

Best GRE Prep Course Coupons & Promo Codes

Here is the reason why you should register:

Up to a guaranteed score of more than 7 points

The The Economist GRE Tutor adaptive learning technology is only for those areas where you need to improve the most. The program helps to better understand what others are saying.

GRE Economist Review- Score 5 to 7 Point

Access to the online application around the clock for up to 6 month

There is more than enough time to learn and achieve your goal. And with unlimited access to GRE learning materials, it can fit into your busy schedule.

Access tutors when you need them.
Is there a topic for which you would like to receive one-to-one instructions? Just register in a tutorial and an experienced tutor wants Skype to guide you.

More About The Economist GRE

The The Economist GRE keeps GRE informed of the artificial intelligence used in Their GRE preparatory courses.

This artificial intelligence technology can help people avoid misunderstandings and bad habits that have led to mistakes. Do not ask me how this technology works, but keep in mind that with this program you can learn at your own pace and check your progress at every step. With the The Economist GRE Artificial Intelligence System, this course breaks clear patterns, examines their knowledge, strengths, and weaknesses, and identifies wrong judgments that lead to wrong answers.

GRE Economist Review- Interactive Tour

When you open your control panel, you have the choice of 5 sidebar options. Your score progress and dashboard, where you can track your progress and see where you are in your preparation.

The The Economist GRE where you can follow your GRE lesson learning path. Tests and tests where you can run simulated tests, send qualification tests and see explanations of questions. Your live tutoring sessions, where you can schedule individual meetings with a teacher. Finally, the Ask-A-Tutor Inbox, where you can ask questions if you find them during your training and receive explanations.

The user experience of this platform is very intuitive and the simulation tests are planned based on what you will experience on the day of the actual GRE exam. You can mark questions for later reference or ask questions. When you have completed your simulation exam, you will receive a full score and a progress report listing all the questions you have answered, rated and sorted by sections.

The materials: The Economist GRE

More than five thousand practice questions

No matter which plans you choose, every Economist GRE Prep or The Economist GRE tutor gives you access to more than 5,000 hands-on questions. Your artificial intelligence system gives you this, depending on your level of knowledge. Every day further practical questions are added.

This is how you can find the best GRE preparation course!

In-depth research identifies practice exams as one of the most effective methods of exam preparation. The more practice exams you take, the easier it will be for you to remember the course content and the strategies for taking the exam on the day of the GRE exam. Researchers consider this sampling process to be an appropriate transmission process. In essence, field tests allow your brain to familiarize yourself with the format and style of the final test.

GRE Economist Review- Efficient way to study

When your brain recognizes the structure of a particular question, it indicates the right strategy and information to answer.In other words, field tests will help your brain not only recognize the content of the test, but also perform it effectively. So we finished all the preparatory courses without practice exams.

You can buy additional exercise tests

You can always buy exercise exams separately if you want more than what your courses offer. However, this will not be part of the course workflow and you probably will not receive feedback from your teacher. Our key options include multiple practice exams that allow you to maximize learning time without having to buy additional resources.

The best GRE preparation course should also include several practice exams so that you do not get stuck in preparing for tests that you accidentally memorized.

We have awarded bonus points for preparatory courses with many practice exams. While some, like economist Gre, offer three exams, others like the Princeton Review offer up to eight practice exams.

How to build the Best GRE study schedule that suits you?

The best materials, the best teachers and the purest intentions will help you with the GRE … but not so much as a solid study program tailored to your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, and your life.

The panorama

The GRE is like most other standardized tests because of the overall success, even if you have experience or not in different sections, can only be achieved through constant practice. To get the best score out of GRE, you need to learn at least four times a week for a total of about twelve hours. Remember, this amount is based on the assumption that you have at least a few months to prepare.

A coherent biennial program is the best strategy for the GRE to get the grade it deserves: it’s not 10th-grade math or history test that can be “stacked” at night.

The ability of GRE tests (and rewards), not knowledge, and it is more effective to learn the tricks and pitfalls of the test more slowly than to deal with one or the other topic. The duration of each lesson is a question that only you can answer. Be honest to yourself! Do you better learn in small groups with short breaks between subjects or does your brain warm up after the first hour of study?

Getting started

One of the most common questions students have about GRE is: “When should I start preparing?” We recommend starting two or three months before the test, but as always, each person passing the test is one person.

If English is not your language, the first language should start your oral preparation earlier. Some studies say it takes twice as much preparation time.

Although getting started too early is not a big problem, you may start too late: Do not give up on the idea of ​​guided training just because you were away for just a month. In fact, a student with little time would greatly benefit from an outward-looking program, as a tutor can help you determine what kind of help you need and design a program that focuses only on one program.

the small number of subjects. Instead of trying in a few weeks to put the whole testing strategy in his head.

Each lesson needs to have a clear goal: today, I will review the geometry that GRE will propose to me. Tomorrow I will check the vocabulary. The purpose of each session must be determined before dipping. You do not want to drive off without knowing your destination, right?


Nobody but you (and your tutor or study partner) can tell you what to focus on, but one thing is certain: most of the time, you should spend with concepts and ideas that are not good ones. Many students want to find a simple solution during their studies and work on topics in which they already have good knowledge. This will not help your result.

The best way to determine your strengths and weaknesses is to test! When performing a self-paced preparation, you should first schedule a time for a complete, timed, and non-awkward test.

Then check your score to see where you need more help. This is where The Economist’s GRE tutor can help you: their diagnostic tests will qualify you and assign you a job based on your strengths and weaknesses, eliminating much guesswork in your preparation.


This should not be the last time before the test that you sit down and do a diagnostic test. You should take one every two weeks to assess your progress.

A test drive is a stop-watch for a marathon runner: an invaluable and objective measure of his position relative to his goals.

What makes the GRE difficult?

Why is GRE difficult? Here are six of the most challenging aspects of the test, as well as the individuals most affected by each factor and what you can do to solve the problem.

1. Difficult vocabulary

One of the most difficult aspects of GRE is its vocabulary. Half of the verbal thinking section tests your knowledge of rather obscure and differentiated vocabulary.

This section prompts you to select words or phrases to complete the empty sentences. Even if you’ve answered the questions about the SAT or ACT vocabulary well, the GRE has the most complex vocabulary, so you’ll probably still need to review it.

Who is the most affected? ESL students are less familiar with English.

Coping: Thankfully, GRE repeats many of the words he’s tested to help you learn and learn the most common vocabulary by creating maps and asking questions.

2. Difficult writing of questions

In addition to assessing your knowledge of several areas of mathematics, GRE will be even more difficult if you write the questions in a way that requires more logic and analysis to find the right answer.

This is especially true for the Quantitative Thinking section. Although the math test does not pose such a challenge, writing is often more difficult than the quantitative sections of the SAT and ACT.

How difficult is the Gre? This can be a particularly frustrating aspect of the exam because you may know all the content you need to get it right.

However, the formulation of the questions can be confusing if you do not understand the questions asked or mislead the selection of a particular question. wrong answer.

Who is the hardest hit: those who have not had standardized tests or not much experience lately.

3. Requires strong mathematical knowledge

Most people who attend SAT or ACT do so during high school and are likely to attend regular math classes. However, some participants in the GRE may take years to complete a math course the last time or have to use their geometric skills. Or you just do not like math and think you’re done with it when you’ve met your math needs.

Any of these situations can make GRE harder, as you may need to do a lot of groundwork so your math skills are where they should be.

GRE Economist Review- Economist magazine

The Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE evaluates algebra, geometry, data and graph tables, and basic statistics. You must have solid knowledge in each of these areas to be able to perform well in this part of the exam.

The people who are most affected: people who have not attended maths lessons or have used much mathematics lately, such as humanities careers, and those who have never felt at home is familiar with math.

How to handle it: Preparation books are a great way to improve your knowledge of GRE math. There are many preparatory books to familiarize you with the GRE math tests. You can also add additional resources, such as B. Khan Academy math videos for more in-depth information on a topic.

How to Overcome It: To avoid this problem, you must create so many practice problems that you start to see through the GRE stuff and you are no longer deceiving. Take multiple tests and practice exams and check any questions you have not answered well, and make sure you understand what did not work to prevent you from making the same mistakes in the future.

 The Economist GRE Review Pricing 

The Economist GRE pricing plans

The Economist GRE course offers candidates three options. The economist’s budget plan is your basic plan, which is $128.35. You will receive one month of access to 3 practice exams, 3 individual live sessions, 3 tests, 25 questions to a tutor and more than 5000 practice questions. This course does not offer a point guarantee.

His favorite plan is the Premium Plan, which now costs $ 192.53. This plan provides 3 months of access to the lessons, including more than 5,000 test preparation questions and 5 full practice exams (2 more than the base).

They also provide editorial comments, access to live help teachers, and the ability to chat with tutors if you’re stuck. Instead of the 25 questions you get with the baseline, you get 100 with the premium plan. You also get 6 checkpoints to master the AWA section. Finally, the premium plan includes a guarantee of 5 points or more.

The Economist’s Most Comprehensive Revision Course will be featured in the final plan, which provides six months of access to exam preparation resources, better access to teachers and tutors, and a field test. additional long-term. As a result, you will receive UNLIMITED questions to a tutor, as well as live one-on-one sessions and an additional essay note (7 in total). All this for an impressive price of $ 265.46.

The Economist GRE Tutor has some optional options: Basic, Premium, and Ultimate. The Basic option does not offer a point guarantee, so you’re wondering how much you trust this one-month curriculum. I recommend the bonus for 3 months (5 guarantees for the increase of the score) or the last 6 months (7 guarantees for the increase of the score). This money-back guarantee will reimburse 100% of the course when the course has completed the course and does not meet the guarantee of a higher score for Premium or Ultimate courses.

With the 6-month Ultimate Course, you have full access to the Ask-a-Tutor platform, 6 simulated full GRE exams, 6 live single sessions with a GRE instructor, 7 qualified exams and more than 5,000 practice questions,

GRE Economist Review- Customer Support

The reason why the GRE Tutor Economist is recognized as the best preparation course of the GRE for personal help is that unlike most GRE preparatory courses, which require more than $ 100 per hour for lessons. The The Economist GRE allows live tutoring on its already affordable learning platform. This tutoring can be done through the Ask-a-tutor e-mail platform or through live tutoring sessions where you can talk to a live tutor.

If you’re interested in this GRE prep course, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial to see if you like the platform and if it’s a good option for you.

FAQ’s on The Economist GRE Reviews

🔥What does Economist GRE Tutor include?

The Economist GRE Tutor provides everything you need to prepare for the GRE, including a virtual tutor that tailors each session to your strengths and weaknesses plus live support that's available whenever you need it.

🔥How can I sign up for a trial for The Economist GRE?

You can easily sign up for trial by clicking on free 7 days trial button available on the pricing page of Economist GRE>

🔥I haven’t had time to access my 7-day trial. Can I extend my access?

Yes you can extend access of Economist GRE, just simply drop them email suppor[email protected] and they will be happy to assist you ?

✅How does Economist GRE Tutor differ from other online courses?

The Economist GRE Tutor’s online test prep platform uses innovative technology to identify your learning habits and patterns. Their comprehensive courses will prepare you for all sections of the GRE and they are quite affordable in as compared to other market players like Magoosh & The Princeton Review.

✅Does GRE Tutor meet the needs of non-native English speakers?

Yes they do support non native English speakers. Although he course is taught in English, Economist GRE Tutor's curriculum does support non-native English speakers, their system will identify your skills and adapt to suits your need.

✅How long is the course?

The course at The Economist GRE is 1 year long but sometime cover the course within few weeks. It all depends how much dedicated to crack the GRE.

✅Will GRE Tutor prepare me for the Analytical Writing Assessment essays (AWA)?

Yes Absolutely Economist GRE online course includes a section that covers the theoretical aspects of AWA, and personal essay-marking by their expert instructors is included in every Economist GRE Tutor plan.

✅Is Economist GRE course 100% online?

The self-study part of the course is 100% online, including the lessons, practice exams, and your progress graph and score estimate. But you also get to speak to their team of expert tutors by utilizing the Ask-a-tutor feature or one-on-one Skype sessions.

✅Will GRE Tutor prepare me for the Analytical Writing Assessment essays (AWA)?

Yes Absolutely their online course includes a section that covers the theoretical aspects of AWA, and personal essay-marking by their expert instructors is included in every Economist GRE Tutor plan.

✅Does Economist GRE offers Live 1-on-1 tutoring sessions for all plans ?

No Live 1-on-1 tutoring sessions are available for genius plans only for now.

How Long Can You Access It for?

It is suggested that you use the system for at least 10 weeks prior to your GRE exam date. This is because the application will compile a complete learning plan depending on individual requirements. Some students study for significantly longer periods of time. Obviously, the amount of time you have access to depends on the package you purchase. For a charge, the company will allow you to extend your package for another three months. After that, you'll be able to pick up where you left off on your course.

How Does the Money-Back Guarantee Work?

Your baseline test score will be required from you by the Economist. This could be accomplished by taking a practise test within seven days of enrolling in the program, or by producing an official score sheet from a previously taken GRE test. Users must adhere to the system's terms and conditions, which include completing 90% of course content, attending at least three one-on-one sessions with instructors, and participating for at least ten weeks. If you can show that you followed the strategy correctly and didn't witness an improvement in your official GRE test result, you'll get your money back.

How Many Practice Questions Are There?

There are 5,000 test questions available, designed to comfortably help you prepare for each section of the GRE test.

Can I change plans after I've signed up?

Please contact [email protected] if you'd like to upgrade your plan. You can upgrade to a higher tier GRE Tutor plan at any time by paying an additional charge equal to the difference in price between your current plan and the one you want to upgrade to. You will not be able to downgrade to a less complete package, though. In terms of costs paid, any extension or upgrade to the program is not included in the guarantee refund; only the original amount is included.

How reliable are the practice exam results?

Even with the same amount of information or the same percentage of correct/incorrect answers, a score can fluctuate from one exam to the next. Where you make mistakes, how many errors you make, the difficulty level of the erroneously answered questions, and whether the last few questions of either section appeared to be guessed at: all of these factors can affect your score. Depending on where the mistakes are made, you can easily leap several points from one test to the next. Overall, the easiest technique for a student to figure out where he or she stands is to take the average after a few practise examinations. This should give you a good idea of where you are right now. In general, their students' scores on their assessments and the GRE simulation exams tend to be extremely similar.

Students Testimonials & Reviews of  The Economist GRE

314 to 319 with ExamPal GRE

ExamPAL raised my overall GRE score from 314 to 319 in a little over 3 months. After studying with another leading provider, I found the ExamPal GRE course better suited to my needs, helping me learn how to take the GRE rather than simply learning the concepts. Furthermore the team are incredibly responsive, and took a lot of time answering my questions ensuring that I truly understood why I got questions incorrect, and not simply telling me the answer. Additionally because the course focuses on using the ETS practice exams, I found I was much better prepared for the real test, and my practice exams reflected what I was able to achieve.
July 2nd, 2020


Quality study system that prepares you well

Economist GRE Tutor prepared me well for the actual test taking experience. This made all the difference in terms of comfort, having not taken an exam for a few years. The course content was well-structured and presented a logical flow through to the more complex issues. Unsurprisingly, this course requires a decent time commitment and would be worthwhile for someone completing at least 70 hours of GRE study.
December 21st, 2017


The PAL method works

The PAL method was completely different to what I was used to but it works. Substitute values for variables, use logic when needed and be precise when time allows. It got me a 168 on the Quant and 164 on the Verbal. Plus it felt like a game trying to get a high score so it was engaging
August 31st, 2020

Quick Links:

The Economist GRE Alternatives

1) Magoosh GRE

Magoosh GRE study is a good alternative if you want to ace the GRE test.

Magoosh GRE

Due to their first-rate GRE study plan materials and tools, affordability, and exceptional customer service, the provider’s subscriptions have earned a lot of positive reviews. Everything you need is available online, and you can use your computer, smartphone, or tablet to get it.

Every subscription comes with its own dashboard where you can easily submit any GRE question and have it answered by a coach. The features of the platform are simple and easy to use. All of these factors set Magoosh apart from the competition when it comes to GRE preparation.

This is a Magoosh preparation technique that works well for most people, especially postgraduates, who want a personalised learning experience. Users of Magoosh have access to video lectures, which allow students to listen to and watch intriguing and engaging video classes.

Preparing for the GRE exam, which stands for Graduate Record Examination, is difficult but not impossible. Most graduate institutions employ this universal standardised test, which might be thought as as a higher-education version of the SAT. The portions of the GRE test are normally as follows:

  • Verbal reasoning;
  • AWA (analytical writing);
  • AKA math (quantitative reasoning).
  • The GRE does not focus on a certain exam subject because it is a generic exam. As a result, don’t expect anything you’ll learn to prepare for this test to overlap with anything you learned in high school or university. You will discover your total reasoning abilities, both with numbers and words, by finishing this test.

Magoosh Coupon Codes

Magoosh SAT Reviews

2) Princeton Review GRE

The Princeton Review is a well-known company that helps students improve their GMAT, GRE, SAT, and other pre-college and business school test scores at colleges throughout the United States.

The Princeton Review was founded in 1981 in New York by two graduates who began tutoring students for the SAT, and it has since evolved to become one of the country’s largest tutoring and consulting companies.

They provide tutoring, test preparation, admissions counselling, and other services to undergraduate students in high school and graduates throughout the United States in order to assist them get accepted to their dream school.

Princeton Review GRE

The Princeton Review offers three separate course packages that include the entire package with highly comprehensive resources at a reasonable price. This is a course you should include in your top three because to its years of experience and real classroom learning across the United States.

The Princeton Review Prep Online package costs $499, but it includes access to all of their online materials, including 24 hours of video teaching and 3,500 practise questions. With our discount coupons, the price drops to $399. This will be an excellent alternative for you if you are a devoted student who is self-motivated. This bundle also includes eight practise tests that you can take at any time during your studies.

3) Kaplan GRE

Kaplan is a GRE prep course that combines in-person, live online, and self-study courses to help students get the greatest GRE score possible.

They have a large selection of study materials for students preparing for the GRE.

Kaplan, often known as Kaptest, has been in existence for about 80 years. For over 120 tests, they offer testing assistance, courses, test review, and practise resources.

Kaplan GRE

They have offices all around the world and are headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Over 36 nations are served by Kaplan’s exam and review services.

Full-length practise exams, prep books, practice questions, and other course materials are all included in the Kaplan test prep course. Live online sessions, self-paced online courses, private tutoring, and in-person courses are all available through Kaplan. They also provide financial aid to students who meet certain criteria.

You can purchase 6 months of self-paced access for a fee. The duration and cost of the live online and in-person sessions vary. Ten, twenty, thirty, or forty hours of one-on-one teaching are available in private tutoring sessions.

You might have questions like these for Economist GRE Tutor, I have tried my best to answer :

Which is better The Economist GRE Tutor or Magoosh GRE Study Plans?

Economist GRE tutor reviews by Students?

How can I get my GRE fee waiver?

How can I give GRE exam?

How do you make a GRE study schedule?

How does Magoosh GRE compare to he Economist GRE?

How hard is it to pass the GRE exam?

How long should you study for the GRE?

How much can I improve my GRE score?

How much does a GRE tutor cost?

Is The Economist Good For GRE?

Is the GRE test difficult?

Conclusion: Economist GRE Tutor Reviews 2023 Is The Economist GRE Tutor Worth For GRE?

I would definitely recommend using the Economist GRE Tutor  because this is the best product in the market.

The Economist GRE review by me, many of the students have improved their GRE score with this flexible and affordable on-demand subscription program. Your money back guarantee reflects The Economist GRE confidence in your product.

They Guaranteed that If scores do not improve by Five Points, then you will receive a full refund. It is an excellent offer. If you really want to get a high grade from GRE and get into the graduate school of your choice, The Economist GRE is definitely our first choice. Sign up to get your 7-day offer with no risk and try it for yourself.

In Short : 

– The GRE is the gateway to opportunities in business, finance and academia. An essential preparation for MBA programs and graduate schools.

The Economist GRE offers the most comprehensive GRE prep program available: every question, every practice test, and all interactive lessons.

– Aspire to higher scores through regular practice sessions using their proprietary online practices.

–  A fully-customisable method of customised GRE preparation that yields results tailored to your personal needs.

Want to Try The Economist GRE for yourself? Try it today to choose the perfect plan for you and also comment in the comment section about The Economist GRE Review and Pricing Plans.

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75 User Reviews on Economist GRE

  1. The Economist GRE is an easy way to review your GRE materials without travelling all the way overseas. The simulation tests are meant to be similar to what you would experience in reality. You can attend interactive sessions with teachers or message them through their Ask-A-Tutor Inbox when you have questions about your studied material, they also provide explanations for any questions that might show up on your practice examination! With this user-friendly platform, it becomes easier than ever before to prepare yourself for the day of the actual exam.

  2. I have always struggled with GRE over the years. I have spent so many hours studying, yet I never seem to improve my scores. This software is different from other options because it constantly identifies weaknesses and provides individualized feedback. The Economist GRE Software was prepared by top educators so students can achieve exceptional results in this demanding exam without having to study at length every day just before the exam date. Be one of those people who are confident about their grades now, not after wasted months that could do nothing for them because they were away!

  3. This GRE tutor is like having a one-on-one lesson with an expert. The tutorial was great and I learned many things that were not in the coursebook. They also made me feel comfortable to ask questions about anything, which is always useful when you’re paying for the lessons and want to get your money’s worth!

  4. There are many excellent GRE prep websites, but the material in The Economist’s app is pretty great. I’m happy to have found this one because it fit my needs, providing all of the explanations you would need and more if you’re looking for above-average grades. If not, don’t worry! Strategies like mind mapping or vocabulary list study will help out a lot too if your goal is at least target level on the GRE.

    There are probably other ways to be successful with these apps as well. Some people think they could get there by preparing before an exam date or by using other strategies like auditory input as much as possible every day so that their verbal facility gets stronger then when the time comes for them to learn grammar rules.

  5. I had no idea that there were so many different tests on the GRE. I felt lost in a sea of difficulty levels and strategies to take until this product came along! The Economist GRE Tutor offered me clarity on which test was the best for my strengths and weaknesses based on their extensive knowledge. They are professional yet make an effort to get to know each student individually!

  6. The Economist GRE Tutor was just what I needed to prepare for a recent exam. This comprehensive course left me feeling confident going into the test and with enough knowledge that I could tackle even the most difficult questions. The courses are well-constructed and cover all aspects of the test, grade by grade from early to late content. Even if my preparation had been limited, this incredible product would have happily filled in any gaps!

  7. The Economist GRE Tutor came in handy when it was time for a refresher. I had been out of school for a few years, and my knowledge on the actual exam-taking experience was lacking. The pace of this course is perfect if you’re looking to take between 60 and 120 hours of study; it moves at an appropriate rate that helps you not feel like you don’t know what’s going on. There are always quizzes at the end for your skill improvement which helped me gauge whether or not I needed more help in each topic area (spoiler: yup). This tutoring company is also good about accommodating specific needs in terms? accommodations, material covered, specifically tailored curriculum? All with personalized feedback!

  8. I’m writing this review so anyone considering purchasing Economist GRE Tutor can make an informed decision. The content itself was very well organized and I feel as though the time spent with it is sure to pay off for me come test day–who doesn’t like a cushy prep course? But before you buy, be aware that a ton of effort goes into completing just one section of it. Eighty hours total to complete seventy hours of instruction! And if you accidentally skip over something, there’s no way to go back and fix your mistake without starting all over again at the beginning because they don’t have any sort of navigation or search function in them whatsoever (not what I would expect from such a pricey program!). Bottom line: Brilliant content

  9. Economist GRE Tutor was my savior! I’ve been dreading this exam for months and they prepared me for the real deal. The content is structured well, starts at a lower level to work up, great course if you can commit at least 70 hours of study.

  10. When I was studying for my GRE, it seemed like there would never be an end in sight. There’s so much material out there and trying to find the right tutor with a similar skill set is intimidating to say the least. Thankfully, The Economist GRE Tutor came along and completely changed everything about how I prepare for this exam! You can tailor your learning plan to exactly what you need which means you won’t waste any time or money on useless lessons or information that could leave you feeling confused when taking the test in person (trust me- been there done that). Everything from vocab flashcards to productivity tips are available on their website so I always have something interesting looking at when I wake up each morning.

  11. Coming from a mathematics background, I was really intimidated by the idea of prepping for the GRE. What if I couldn’t memorize all those strange terms? How would I know which topics to focus on and what information to ignore? The Economist GRE Tutor is so well designed that it walks you through each section of study in an interactive way that really gets your brain moving. With its enthusiastic instructors who work with professional test-takers as part of their own education, tough questions are broken down into manageable pieces. You can see videos answering every question on the test as well as explanations about how different types of questions work. And don’t worry – they have students asking these same questions live, not some robot voice!

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    It’s a comprehensive study of GRE exam and helps you master everything by focusing all the required areas.

  13. I find a little bit expensive. Even though after a 7 day trial period I couldn’t know about the tutor much and the 7 days cannot be extended, so we do not get to know how the tutor works.

  14. The Economist GRE Tutor is a one-on-one program where you can receive the guidance you need for your goals. With unlimited access to learning materials and in time, this option could be just what you’re looking for.
    With a potential tutor accessible through Skype contact at any time, this was an easy choice for me when I wanted to study on my own. With more than enough time offered with all of my busy schedule necessities met with topics from Algebra to Writing Different Essays, The Economist GRE Tutor has been perfect for me!

  15. The Economist Includes practice tests, a large number of training questions, and intuitive exercises. Their comprehensive plans are customisable to your individual learning style through our credit framework. You can undoubtedly customize your program by reclaiming credits for the administrations you need and need most: Economist GRE have 1-to-1 mentoring
    Highly recommended👍

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    Thanks to practice papers and sample exam questions, you can use your GRE prep course to establish areas of strength and weakness.

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    One of the most impressive things about their system is that they provide so many opportunities for you to identify your weaknesses and brush them off: their interactive lessons and practise problems let you work through new concepts at your own pace and see them applied, while assessments allow you to evaluate where you stand with overall skills after taking into account all of those improvements. Honestly, I am capable enough now thanks to these folks.

  19. So here’s the deal, finding a good tutor can be tough so I thought I would give this program a shot. It seemed more intense than the pre-tests on their website but for some reason, it felt more terrifying so you know it must work. Anyway, nothing really jumped out at me in terms of difficulty with any specific section and since this is one-on-one tutoring instead of listening to an audio CD for three hours like most courses apparently do (don’t get me wrong – I love that they got all my favourite albums) that made things worthwhile.

    The customer service side was great too because when I told them about my skillset and whatnot they said we tailor-make our sessions with you which is seriously cool.

  20. I’m a student at a small-town school and GRE is probably not going to be too challenging for me. But I still want to make sure the budget it’s right for me, so I read reviews of course programs from people who have been through the same thing as me. Fulfilling that need, this site offers The Economist’s GRE Tutor that will tell you how well it works and what other students think about the program. Even better though, they offer help putting together a strategy with step-by-step instructions for each section of the math exam!

  21. I’m a working student, so I had limited time to prep for the GRE. The Economist helped me not just memorize vocabulary words or solve equations—it taught me how to think like the test makers and figure out their tricks. It was perfect because it speaks to your answer choices too – you always know why one is correct et vice versa. I loved that it included video lessons as well- since my time was even more limited, this let me learn at my own pace and review without needing full focus. I wish they offered a course on site exams; but in general, used online resources were key!

  22. This service not only offers comprehensive practice for those major tests, but they offer tailored programs to your specifications. If you need more help with the reading comprehension section of the GRE exam, that’s easy: you can redeem credits and buy a tutor to work through questions and problems with you! Highly recommended for anyone on top of their game who wants an edge against other competitors on test day.

  23. If you’re like me and your GRE score is the only thing standing between you and graduate school, then this course is for you. It has everything I need to prepare for my test day! Though they do have a lot of really advanced quiz questions which are difficult for an average student to answer, there’s still so much great material in this app. The interface is easy enough to navigate if someone wants to take it at their own pace with time management outside of class hours. Above all else, I’ve found that the instructors are really informative on topics that are confusing…and now I can say with confidence that my stats teachers never were quite as good as these professors teaching math again!

  24. The Economist GRE offers comprehensive, interactive lessons with thousands of practice questions and problem sets to help you prepare for the exam. With online GRE prep from The economist, you will be able to track your progress by taking periodic assessments arranged by difficulty levels so that you can stay motivated and keep on track. This online preparatory service is customized for your individual learning style through our credit system-you redeem credits for the services that best suit your needs like professor tutorials, official ETS practice tests or general knowledge building courses. To take test anxiety out of studying, they even offer elite one-on-one tutoring sessions; no additional books or study guide required!

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  27. The Economist GRE Tutor Review is a great app for those looking to score above average on the GRE and get a leg up into one of Harvard’s elite-face departments. With over 500 lessons in numerous subjects including math, science, English vocabulary, this prep program will walk you through the steps taken by The Economists (who are all professionally trained teachers) to ensure you’re ready to tackle any subject matter or topic under pressure.

  28. Start with the basics- The Economist GRE Tutor is for those who are looking to better their understanding of vernacular. It’ll help you improve your communication skills in order to shine brighter on that one-to-one app interview. If you need an adaptive learning technology that provides time management, there’s plenty here. And if all of this sounds too good to be true, don’t worry! There are absolutely no monthly subscriptions! Happy studying!

  29. The Economist GRE goes above and beyond cramming for the exam with interactive lessons, quizzes, videos, word problems. Tests are also included in the price of membership–no additional books or study guides are required! You can personalize your plan to what you need most through credits earned.

  30. The sound of cars whizzing by and the bustle of people on their way to work was enough to make me feel claustrophobic. “Yes,” I thought, “feeling trapped behind a desk all day is good and well but maybe it’s time for a change.” That’s when an idea popped into my mind: I could be greener and save myself some cash too with The Economist GRE Tutor adaptive learning technology. And that was just one thing; there are plenty more reasons you should go for this!

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  32. I was sceptical to use it at first, but I’m glad I did! The technology is so advanced and makes you feel like there are real people guiding you. It works to improve your understanding of what others are saying. Not only do the tutors have an MBA degree from Ivy League universities, but they also specialize in English communication for business purposes, which means that you’ll be sure to know every step of the way how to decode people’s dialogue.

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  37. The Economist GRE Tutor is one of a few online prep courses accessible to understudies reading for their GRE test.

    There are three Economist GRE plans, each giving admittance to a thorough library of online exercises that mimic the authority test. You’ll pursue working on your score through a given number of training questions and will approach support from experienced guides.

  38. I was a little sceptical at first to buy this product because it isn’t always easy, or cheap, to get help with the GRE. But I’m so glad I did. Getting access to The Economist’s resources made all the difference for me in my preparation. They have an interactive learning system that is customisable based on your specific needs and preferences- from one-on-one tutoring sessions with a certified economist analytic tutor through to learning tools like practice tests and problem sets– they literally have something everyone will need when preparing for the exam.

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    The Economist GRE prep materials can help you qualify for law school by providing top-notch GRE prep lessons that will focus on topics related to English grammar & analytical reasoning skills, among others.

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  49. Economist GRE Tutor turned out to be the right choice for me. I struggled with this course before and had always wanted to just get other people’s opinions about it because you know, there are some high school kids that don’t know how to do well on an exam either! But then I got past these self-doubts as they were really pointless at this point in my life and picked up a copy of Economist GRE Tutor anyway. The content was so synthesized yet comprehensive. You’re not going through information, but rather actually learning them because of all the repetition! Some parts can feel tedious and others seemed like too much time spent on certain material when there’s plenty else you could be working on.

  50. The Economist GRE Artificial Intelligence System is the only resource you need to get an A in Math, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. Peeking at your progress every step of the way; provides you with feedback on how to answer questions strategically. Furthermore, rather than focusing on understanding patterns or memorizing information for endless hours, this artificial intelligence system breaks clear patterns and examines their knowledge to identify wrong judgments that lead to wrong answers. What’s even better is that The Economist GRE will help you take all three sections to total under 6 months!

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  52. I love The Economist GRE. This app has made me one of the best students in my Math class! I used to struggle so much with this subject, but now it is so easy because they have these awesome videos where you are given a lot of practice questions to work on before the exam. You can also see explanations for each question that you get wrong, which really helps me understand what I missed and how to do it better next time. The worst part about being challenged – well there are no worst parts, actually – is struggling all alone until you finally find out that your bros have been through the same thing too! Hearing their stories only makes us want our lives back again after finishing this test prep course 🙂

  53. Economist GRE Tutor was my lifesaver! I struggled with it before and had always wanted to get some other’s opinions about the course but never got to. And then, when I finally decided that there were no more people who could do well on this exam either because high school students fail too, I picked up Economist GRE Tutor anyway. The content in this book is so synthesized yet comprehensive that you really learn information not only by knowledge-from-experience but from repetition itself; parts can be tedious at times and others stimulating, but hey, isn’t life just like that?

  54. Don’t you hate GRE prep books? I know, I do too. They’re so boring that sometimes it’s hard to keep reading through them. That was the worst part of my experience with Economist GRE Tutor: the course material is NOT boring! But don’t take my word on it; other reviewers were happily surprised by how engaging this content was as well:
    “I never looked forward to reading a preptest and textbook before, but this program made it fun-besides from the quiz questions.”

  55. How great do you think it is to have access to help when there are so many intimidating aspects of the GRE? It’s one thing to read about the test and another thing altogether to be able to take tutoring sessions, watch videos, create personalized study plans. This incredible tool will make sure that everything is covered in order for your to pass with ease.

  56. Learning for the GRE is as easy as watching a video. I never thought that with live support available at all times, that I could enjoy such an interactive and engaging teaching approach. The videos are beautifully designed and professional instructors walk you through any confusion on your way to achieving your target score. What more could one ask for?

  57. I was skeptical of Economist GRE Tutor initially, how can a course really make all the difference? But let me tell you, the work they put in on timing and pacing is brilliant. I’d never taken an exam quite that long before and having gone through a couple practice tests with them made the pressure of time clear. The exercises are challenging but not unrealistic which means it’s very possible to have a perfect score without cheating! “It would be worthwhile for someone completing at least 70 hours of GRE study”

  58. I really liked this product because it had adaptive learning which helped me to better understand what others are saying. I found that I enjoyed studying with the help of The Economist GRE Tutor so much more than studying alone. This is a phenomenal tool for anyone who needs work on their listening skills, pronunciation, or speaking abilities–especially those seeking acceptance into an American graduate school.

    With years of experience working in academia with various parts of the English language, they will teach you all you need to know about how to speak fluent American-English and excel at standard exams like the TOEFL test or GMAT exam with ease. You have access to unlimited materials specific to your field of study as well as tutorials for each individual GRE topic that guarantee success.

  59. I have always struggled in math, which has made it very hard for me to succeed academically. I was feeling hopeless when my friend recommended the Economist GRE Tutor! He said that they helped him get into medical school and that the tutors are quite accommodating. I took their advice and signed up for a FREE trial online. The program is so simple – you just answer a few questions about what your strength is and where your weakness lies- then it generates a custom study plan based on what you need help with! You can also work through different problems on your own or if you would prefer an explanation of how to do something, one of their skilled instructors will be happy to guide you via Skype from anywhere in the world!

  60. The customer support offered is great. The functionality and the comprehension of the practice tests is superb.
    The Economist GRE Tutor is a great resource and a highly worth the investment. It helps in knowing the strength and weaknesses with the help of practice papers and sample exam questions.

  61. The course is really well-organized, managing to take a complicated test and break it down into manageable parts. It’s probably good if you’ve never taken an exam in a while, but it does require the 70 hours of GRE study that they advertise. As someone who was about to take their exam – I’m glad that I had this course with me.

  62. This product is a comprehensive GRE tutor, perfect for those of you who don’t have the time to visit your regular teaching spot every day. This product makes it easy to schedule tutoring lessons online and allows users full access to simulated tests. It also includes tons of articles for brush-up study sessions on things like vocabulary or essay writing. I loved how much fun this app was!

  63. Studying for the GRE is time-consuming and daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! This app features videos of everything that you might encounter in such a test. The Economist has partnered with MIT to bring their readers even more advanced intellectual knowledge, which should prepare students well for this exam. Take advantage now because these limited – time offers won’t last forever!!!

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    I have had a great experience taking courses online from this site because they are cheaper than offline classes, which is affordable for me considering the financial crisis in our country. The platform’s interface is intuitive. It has helped analyze my weaknesses so now every time I take a test, those weak points will be fixed sooner or later!

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  66. You might not even know you need an Economist GRE, but there’s no better way to keep your chops on point during the summer before school starts again. And this is coming from someone that used it! Your friends are out on vacation or chilling on the couch for a week, and you’re here working away with multiple intense passages of content. That would be me by the end of class. I didn’t have any stars in my eyes until I had my first look at their virtual tutor platform—I tuned into his high-quality video lectures right after college finals ended. Fast-forward two weeks later, and boom! Goodbye days of searching Google results for what seemed like hours without finding anything relevant to study for upcoming studies nights.”

  67. I really enjoyed the book- it was so easy to read not only because of its friendly abridged style, but also because I felt that I actually got some language comprehension out of it. The multitude of exercises and tips at the end of each chapter turned my thinking into concrete strategies and plans for each particular section on GREs. A large part of what helped me with my preparation for GREs was direct feedback from others online, which is something this book lacks. Nevertheless, any student looking to better their understanding or try new strategies should check this out! For such a low price there isn’t much risk in giving it a go anyways!

  68. I can’t say enough good about how much I’ve improved my GRE score since using this on-demand subscription program. Just a few months ago, I was scoring in the 500s per section and now I’m at 800+. The best part is that you get to subscribe to it on your own timeline–every Friday afternoon at 4pm EST, they release new lessons for the week. It’s flexible and affordable. Sign up for their 7-day offer with no risk as well so you can see just how amazing this product is

  69. In need of a boost for your study sessions? The Economist GRE Tutor is the perfect aid! With hours that increase in quantity and quality as you make progress, this course features tips shared by experts, challenging question sets to work through, and even a friendly voice throughout. The tutoring tools offer great help so do not hesitate to use them. Overall I found the content sensible and well-designed; it was just what I needed for test day.

  70. The Economist Gre offers some cool fetaures like Course Personalization.
    The Economist’s new GRE Tutor program uses an interactive, video-based lesson format that explains concepts through animation, diagrams, and more, while encouraging you to answer questions and work through problems during the videos themselves.
    Regular videos can be helpful on their own, but the ability to actually answer questions and navigate through video sections as part of a lesson can help students lock in information.
    Great thing which is very beneficial!!

  71. The Economist’s new GRE prep partnership with examPAL has led to a course that’s intuitive, adaptive, highly-customizable, and jam-packed with features. The included GRE essay reviews, tutoring options, and practice tests alone put this course at the forefront of the competition, but the unique PAL approach to studying can put its lessons over the top for anyone who struggles to understand rigid and one-sided explanations.
    All in one I simple love The Economist Gre!

  72. The Economist GRE program has improved my GRE score by a great amount. I know that it takes hard work and dedication but there is something about this product makes me feel like it can do anything. It’s flexible and affordable, with an unconditional guarantee on your money. If you really want to find the most effective way to improve your GRE scores then come to The Economist GRE, because after all, they are certain not to disappoint you in any way.

  73. I really liked this product and it helped me get back on track with my studying. I had a three total errors out of the 50 questions, which is an amazing score! The practice exam was perfect for me to see what topics needed more study. The reviews have been all that they advertise; great review and question prep exams. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who’s struggling or needs some help getting better at answering GRE math questions in particular (like most people).

  74. Economist GRE Tutor is a very exhaustive and concise study guide to the test. It is much more than just a practice exam and it has some really great strategies for improving your scores the most efficiently. I would say that Economist GRE Tutor was also worth to have because it kind of became like an interactive book in which you could not only read, but learn! The tone of voice was engaging, witty, persuasive, creative organization made this text both interesting and easy to understand.

  75. The new Economist GRE Tutor program uses examPAL’s tried-and-true PAL system as an integral part of course instruction. When you answer practice questions through this course, the program will present you with a Precise, Alternative, or Logical solution, and will track your progress as you develop each of these problem-solving skills.
    The PAL approach identifies these various ways of working on problems so students can better understand complex concepts through their own point of view!!

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