GreenGeeks Review 2024 (🚀Features & Pricing) Is GreenGeeks Hosting Good?


Overall Verdict

GreenGeeks provides a complete solution for creating your website, using easy, fast, and secure technologies. GreenGeeks automatically handles your domain renewal too.

Out of 10


  • Unlimited Bandwidth,
  • Single Free Site Transfer
  • Money-Back: 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Quick account activation
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
  • Easy signup process


  • No 24/7 phone support
  • Don’t take ‘unlimited’ too literally


Price: $ 2.95

Looking for GreenGeeks Review, I am going to help you today to decide whether to invest in GreekGeeks or not.

Do you get frustrated when a website is slow or your website crashes?

You’ve been hosting your website with a company that’s always crashing and going down. You’re tired of the excuses and the hassle.

GreenGeeks Review

Not all hosting is green. Most people are using cPanel, and the old server technology isn’t ideal.

It’s time for a hosting provider who will make it easy and fast to create your website, while helping the environment. Completely risk free with their 30-day money back guarantee.

There are tons of web hosting services available in the market, which has made it difficult to find balance between price, features, support and performance, this why today I am writing this review of one of the most famous Web hosting service provider ‘’GreenGeeks’’. If you want reliable, fast, and cheap hosting, choose GreenGeeks.

Greengeeks is a great hosting company. I have been with them for over two years now and they have never let me down. They are very supportive of projects that I am working on and make sure that my site runs smoothly. They are pretty much the best at what they do, and have an engaging staff in place to take care of your questions and concerns.

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Bottom Line Upfront 🚀 Is legit?

As a GreenGeeks customer, you will never have to worry about your website going down again. Their servers are up 99.99% of the time and their 30-day money back guarantee means you can try them without risking anything.

You have full control over the server configuration and can choose from a variety of packages. They offer you at least three different hosting plans, each with different flexibility and features.

Though I’m not a fan of green power, I am in awe of the green hosting services available to me. I have been making use of the hosting service for a while now and have always been satisfied with it’s performance. They have a great range of plans and have an easy to use interface.

Greengeeks customer reviews

You may have questions for GreenGeeks like : I will answer everything for you today

– What is GreenGeeks?

– What are the benefits of hosting with GreenGeeks?

– How did I get started with GreenGeeks?

– What makes a GreenGeeks good hosting company?

– Why I decided to use GreenGeeks?

– GreenGeeks Users Reviews ?

– What are the GreenGeeks hosting pros and cons ?

– My experience with GreenGeeks?

– What is the difference between a shared and dedicated server?

– How does GreenGeeks compare to other hosting companies?

What is GreenGeeks ? GreenGeeks Review

You’ve put so much time and effort into your website. How do you know your hosting company is giving you the best service possible?

GreenGeels offer reliable hosting for your website. With 99.9% uptime guarantee and lightning fast servers, you’ll never have to worry about your website going down. GreenGeeks offers top-notch hosting for a reasonable price.

Greengeeks Hosting Review

GreenGeeks was founded in 2006; they are based in LA, California. They offer a wide range of web hosting products and services.

Doesn’t matter if you are a small business owner or want to make a personal website, GreenGeeks will help you with everything you need to run a successful website. I have used GreenGeeks services and never had any issue with it.

GreenGeeks is a great company for hosting and domain registration. They have a great range of products that are affordable, easy to use, and easy to manage

. I’ve used GreenGeeks for a few years now and I’m still happy with my hosting experience. is one of the leading web hosting providers in the United States.

They offer a nice variety of hosting services and have been around for more than 10 years. They are a company that has been around for a long time, and they have built up a good reputation over the years. I like GreenGeeks because they offer great support and are very reliable with their hosting services.

– The cost of having your website hosted by GreenGeeks is covered under the guarantee.

– Your website will be hosted in an environmentally friendly and safe environment.

– You can choose the hosting service that provides green features such as: no hazardous chemicals, recycled paper and energy efficient appliances.

– They recycle all products that you use to print your pages; they are sorted, sorted, and recycled so they are saving huge amounts of paper.

– All their servers can be monitored 24/7 via real time monitoring tools such as Uptime Robot or Pingdom. You can see what’s running on them 24/7.

What I like about GreenGeeks? Top Pros & Cons of GreenGeeks Hosting

GreenGeeks Recognition

Featured in PC World – GreenGeeks was featured in PC World multiple times.

Accredited Business – They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

500 List – GreenGeeks made the 5000 fastest growing companies list.

EPA Green Power Partner – GreenGeeks has been invited to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership.

A Green Company

GreenGeeks Green Hosting

One thing which makes GreenGeeks unique is their initiative of using green and renewable energy, they use wind energy to counterbalance carbon output of their servers, while you are using GreenGeeks to run your blog or online business you are helping the environment too. With 300% carbon offsetting, you won’t be causing any harm to the environment.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose GreenGeeks for Your Business ? GreenGeeks Review

Greengeeks Hosting options

GreenGeeks is a web hosting platform that offers top-notch web hosting services and is built with your individual requirements and success in mind.

For more than a decade, this hosting company has been keeping clients happy and satisfied.

When you choose GreenGeeks to build your business website, you open up a world of possibilities for it to develop. The first step is to select a basic hosting option, such as shared hosting, reseller hosting, or WordPress hosting.

GreenGeeks also provides security and storage space in addition to the basic features. Hosting an unlimited number of websites on one account and site backups are two of the capabilities accessible on their services.

Website Layout

Their official website is designed to be simple yet informative so that anyone can understand it. This may be accomplished without the use of any specific previous knowledge, which is a compelling argument to use GreenGeeks.

They don’t use a convoluted terminology while presenting their services, demonstrating that they genuinely care about their customers and prioritise their needs.

Go Green

One of the many advantages to choose GreenGeeks is their environmentally friendly service. Trey Gardner, the company’s CEO, is open and honest with his clients regarding pollution.

The following are some of the ways GreenGeeks is combating environmental pollution:

  • As the company’s name implies, the company reduces its carbon footprint by using renewable wind energy to power their servers.
  • As an EPA Green Power Partner, they are obligated to use green power to reduce the negative effects of pollution on the environment. They are now one of the most environmentally conscious web hosting companies in the industry.
  • In their data centres, they use energy-efficient, up-to-date processors.
  • They encourage other businesses to use a “green” web hosting service for their websites and to pay attention when it comes to choosing environmentally friendly firms.

Selecting a Data Center

Greengeeks FAQ

This option allows you to host your website in one of five data centres across the world, two of which are in the United States, Phoenix and Chicago. There are another two in Canada, in Montreal and Toronto, as well as one in Europe, in Amsterdam, Holland.

The advantages of these hosting platforms are the same regardless of the centre you choose. Some of them have excellent scaling capabilities, allowing customers to access data quickly and securely. All of this is based on environmentally friendly technologies.

Every data centre has its own set of characteristics and specifications:

  • Excellent backup plans and generators are in place to ensure that data is stored safely.
  • Financial records and statements from the auditor are available upon request.
  • There are fire suppression systems and procedures, as well as climate control systems and temperature sensors.
  • A biometric and key card security system is used to ensure security.
  • Data centre technicians and engineers keep track of everything that happens throughout the day.

Greengeeks awards

GreenGeeks’ customer service is available 24/7.

Customer service representatives make every effort to be available to you and to react to your questions as professionally as possible. If you prefer to do your own research, there are several articles, suggestions, and tutorials available for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento. On their website, you may also configure your email, which can be useful if you need a rapid response to an issue.

GreenGeeks has three main methods to communicate with its customers:

Live Chat

Live chat is available 24/7. Because people want to know what’s going on right away, every agent is knowledgeable and ready to assist right away.

Agents are well-versed in the company’s policies and provide thorough explanations.


Despite the fact that this is an antiquated method, GreenGeeks has something for everyone.

This choice is excellent for you if you prefer hearing the explanation for yourself and if you like to be thorough and ask a lot of sub-questions.

Issues are fixed in 15 minutes or less, and phone help hours are reasonable. GreenGeeks technicians are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to midnight, and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If you choose GreenGeeks for your business website, it appears to me that you can’t go wrong.


Technicians who are efficient and responsive are standing by to assist you.

Depending on the issue, there are many e-mails to pick from. You can contact the sales, support, billing, or affiliates teams, as well as report abuse.

GreenGeeks and Speed

GreenGeeks’ server speed is superb thanks to the latest technologies they use. They deliver on what they claim, which is why they are the ideal for your business website.

On the list below are some of the reasons to pick GreenGeeks:

  • Using SSD hard drives rather than HDD hard drives provides more protection and performance.
  • With optimised web and database servers, page loading times are reduced by 50 times.
  • Better, custom-made in-house caching technology is used to serve applications.
  • Depending on your geographic location, CDN, distributed servers allow you to have better load times.
  • HTTP/2 and PHP 7 are now enabled, resulting in faster load and execution times in the browser.

Free Domain Name Transfer and Website Migration

Another key benefit and incentive to choose GreenGeeks is their absolutely free data transfer service from your old to new hosting account. The GreenGeeks Site Migration team will also provide you with full instructions.

The process can take anything from 1 hour to 48 hours, depending on the size of the account.

Another alternative is to transfer your domain name, which is also completely free of charge.

You’ll need to submit information like how the domain was registered, the expiration date, the authorization number, whether it’s locked or privately secured, and whether you’re the administrative e-mail contact.


GreenGeeks assures the safety and security of your website’s data, therefore it might be argued that this is one of their strong suits.

For years, one of the most important aspects of the company’s services, as well as one of the reasons to choose GreenGeeks, has been security.

The servers are PCI compliant, have redundancy, pro-active server monitoring and real-time security scans, spam protection is enabled, and automated updates and nightly data backups are included.


You don’t have to pay any additional fee for setup or for transferring your data from one hosting website to another; you just have to pay your monthly web hosting fees.

This is something which everyone considers before choosing a web hosting service and could be a deciding factor in your search for a web hosting service.

GreenGeeks Hosting Review

Daily Backup Policy

GreenGeeks support a nightly backup, which is a rare feature to find; nightly backup ensures that your data remains safe even in case of any disaster, hacks, and server or hardware failures.

The following characteristics illustrate the enhanced security:

Every account has its own processing resource and secured virtual file, thanks to a container-based architecture. As a result, despite data traffic, accounts cannot affect one another.
The Secured virtualized File System prevents accounts from accessing each other.
Real-time security scanning, powerful clustering threat analysis, and proactive server monitoring make it simple to spot threats.

Scalable Computing Resources

Highly scalable VPS are essential if you have a growing website.

If you want to scale up your business website, one of the reasons you should utilise GreenGeeks is if you want it to be more powerful.

When you choose GreenGeeks to host your website, you get the same benefits as previously, such as technical support, server maintenance, security, and backups.

GreenGeeks Servers & 99.9% Uptime Performance : GreenGeeks Review

These are UptimeRobot stats of one of our website which is hosted on GreenGeeks. 100% uptime looks impressive (and it mostly is).


Uptime hosting and uptime speed

Uptime screenshot hosting


Does GreenGeeks Hosting Really Speed Up The Website ?

Hosting google page speed results

Google page speed stats hosting

Yes our  page speed scores aka core web vitals scores looks pretty good when we hosted our website on GreenGeeks hosting. Core web vitals are important ranking factor to rank your websites on top positions.

GTMetrix Grade A and Performance score of 97% should be sufficient to prove how fast GreenGeeks is, especially considering the fact that this is just their most basic package!

Gtmetrix score

Servers purchased by the company are of the highest quality. Intel Dual Quad Core Xeon processors with 64GB DDR3 RAM and huge SSD RAID-10 storage arrays power the servers. Because uptime is the most crucial characteristic for clients, it is also the most significant feature for the organisation.

GreenGeeks guarantees 99.9% uptime, but they haven’t shared any uptime statistics on their website to prove it. There is a 99.9% uptime service agreement in their terms and condition, but there is no provision of any refund. There servers are based on Supermicro rack-mountable servers with Intel quad-core processors, these servers are monitored 24/7 and data is backed up on a nightly basis. Their data centre has 24/7 on site security and UPS system. When I was using GreenGeeks I never had any issues related to website downtime.

When hardware fails, nightly backups are made to keep data safe until the websites are restored

Low Number of Sites per Server

In order to amplify their profit other web hosting companies put as much websites as possible on a single server, but that is not the case with GreenGeeks. They don’t over crowd websites on a server, which gives you better speed and sleek experience. They make nightly backups and keep your data safe.

How to Install GreenGeeks Hosting on WordPress

GreenGeeks makes installing WordPress quite easy. In reality, it may take a person mere minutes to have a fully functional website up and running. The hardest part of the process is deciding which theme to use once the installation is done. So in this tutorial we will learn how to install WordPress on GreenGeeks hosting.


GreenGeeks Hosting Review

How to Start a Blog with WordPress With GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks uses the popular cPanel platform for web hosting management. It comes with a variety of tools to help guide a developer to create a successful website. This tutorial is based on using that system.

From cPanel, scroll down and click the “Softaculous Apps Installer” tool.


Web hosting app installation

Softaculous is loaded with a myriad of management systems. This software can be used to create backups of websites, perform updates or alter administrative settings in the event a password has been forgotten or lost.

Click the “WordPress” icon displayed on the front page. You can also access the WordPress installer by clicking on “Blogs” in the left column.

Install WordPress

Softaculous displays a lot of information regarding the various platforms it has available. In this screen, users can read an overview or go over the features of the system.

Click the “Install Now” button below the opening paragraph.

Install WordPress

In this next screen, you will set up the information WordPress will use to perform the install.

  • Software Setup

Choose whether the site is using Secured Sockets Layer or not. You will also need to select where WordPress is being installed. Using a drop down window, users can select what domain or subdomain WordPress is going to be placed on.

  • Site Settings

The site’s name and description will be used in the meta information of the website. These can be changed at any time from within WordPress after the install is done.

  • Admin Account

This is where you put in the username, password and email of the administrative account. These can also be changed at anytime once the install is complete.

NOTE: It’s advisable that you do not use “admin” as the username. This is a security risk and the admin account should be a unique name.

  • Choose Language

This is a bit self-explanatory. Select the primary language you are installing for WordPress. Coincidentally, WordPress currently supports more than 30 languages.

  • Select Plugins

Softaculous gives the option to install a couple of plugins automatically to help get the site started. These are: Limit Login Attempts and WPForms Lite. They are helpful for protecting the site as well as creating contact forms later on.

  • Advanced Options

Advanced options give you access to the database name, prefix, automatic upgrades and backup information. These are optional controls, but they may be helpful such as setting upgrades to work automatically.

  • Select Theme

WordPress comes with default themes already installed. However, Softaculous in GreenGeeks also provides a handful of free layouts to choose from. This is not a permanent selection and the theme can be changed at any time.

Once the information has been entered, click the “Install” button.

WordPress Install Button

After the installation is complete, Softaculous provides a link to the site as well as the admin panel so you can get started working on the site right away. You can also tweet the installation on Twitter if you want to be supportive.

Click the Administrative URL that is displayed on the page. This will open a new tab and may automatically log you into the admin area of the new website.

Admin URL Link

From this screen, users can immediately begin customizing the website and adding content.

Wordpress dashboard -adding content

In reality, this entire process can take less than five minutes. It’s one of the quickest ways to get a site up and running in as very little time as possible.

The WordPress installer from Softaculous within GreenGeeks will do all the heavy lifting. There is no need to create databases manually, upload any installation files or make coding changes in configuration files to get the site to work right. A few moments after you click “Install,” the site is up and ready to go.

GreenGeeks Review Hosting Plans

Web Hosting Best Website Hosting 2021 - GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks’ services are reasonably priced, and you may pick between three different packages.

First, let’s go over what you can receive with the basic three Web hosting and WordPress hosting packages.

One of the reasons GreenGeeks is a good choice for your business website is that if you are not happy with the services after a 30-day trial period, you can get a complete refund.

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting

WordPress Starter Package is now only $2.95 per month.

You get an unlimited amount of storage space and bandwidth, as well as e-mail accounts and hosted domains, among other things.

The only difference between the Starter, Pro, and Premium Packages is that when you upgrade to these packages, you get better performance.

When comparing the Starter and Premium Packages, for example, the Premium Package provides 4X higher performance.

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting

GreenGeeks VPS Hosting

GreenGeeks VPS Hosting

GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Plans

Reseller hosting is ideal for companies that manage multiple hosting accounts.

The Reseller 10 Package is $19.95 per month and includes unlimited bandwidth and SSD web space. On the platform, accounts are setup, and a WHMCS billing system licence is supplied.

The amount of control panels is the key difference between the Reseller 10 and Reseller 50 packages.


GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Plans

GreenGeeks Dedicated Servers

GreenGeeks Dedicated Servers

GreenGeeks  Shared cPanel Web Hosting

More than 20 features are offered with shared hosting, including unlimited bandwidth and storage space. The monthly cost of the Starter plan is $9.95. You get SSL certification, extra physical memory, inodes, and e-mails per hour when you upgrade to the Premium package.

GreenGeeks Shared cPanel Web Hosting

GreenGeeks server run on Linux and UNIX. They don’t support windows hosting that requires ASP or .NET support.
GreenGeeks plan includes unlimited disk storage, bandwidth and unlimited domains at a reasonable price. For resellers, GreenGeeks offer 5 different plans; they all include unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

They also have 5 VPS hosting plans, which start from 25 GB of storage space, 512 MB of memory, 500 GB of bandwidth to 125 GB storage space, 2,048 MB of memory and 1,500 GB bandwidth.

GreenGeeks Coupon Codes

Here you find GreenGeeks coupon codes (2015 update – tested and working) to save you money on hosting plans from GreenGeeks. Use this GreenGeeks coupon code and get 20 percent off.

Use coupon “take20off”

Get 20% off all GreenGeeks hosting plans. Packages for as low as $3.96 a month!

GreenGeeks Affiliate Program

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Money Back Guarantee

Greengeeks money back guarantee

If you are not happy with GreenGeeks web hosting service, then you can ask them to refund your money within 30 days. You can cancel your account anytime; there is no hidden cancellation fee.

Control Panel

GreenGeeks provide the latest version of the cPanel to its users, which is one of the leading control panels in the market. This makes it easy for the users as cPanel is a very popular form of control panel.

GreenGeeks Hosting Reviews Pros & Cons


  • Free Domain Name for Life of Account
  • Unlimited Number of Domains can be Hosted
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Email
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Uptime is guaranteed at 99.9%.
  • Solid State Disk drives (SSDs)
  • PowerCacher Technology
  • Free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL
  • Cloudflare CDN is available for free.
  • Server Isolation for Hosting Accounts
  • Proactive Server Monitoring
  • Security Scanning in Real Time
  • cPanel’s User Interface
  • Data Backup and Restore for Free
  • Scalable Computing Resources
  • SEO Tools for Free


  • Does not provide hosting for Windows servers.
  • Dedicated and VPS hosting plans are slightly more expensive than other hosting solutions.
  • The pricing structure is a little misleading — to get the advertised price, you must commit to a 3-year plan.
  • Your domain name will cost more than at most other hosting companies if you take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

GreenGeeks Offers Exceptional Customer Support

GreenGeeks offers U.S based customer support, they offer support over the telephone, email ticketing and 24 hour live chat, average weight time on the phone is 5 minutes.

There are bunches of video tutorial available which will guide you step by step in many elements like cPanel, Drupal and WordPress. Their website has Education Centre where you can find articles and ‘’how to’’ information.

They are also active on major social networking websites like facebook and twitter.

GreenGeeks Hosting Customer Reviews & Testimonials :

Greengeeks customer testimonials Greengeeks customer reviews and testimonials

GreenGeeks testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on GreenGeeks Review

🔥Is There a Money-Back Guarantee Available For GreenGeeks?

They do, in fact, provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. It won't be a complete refund because they'll deduct the purchase of the domain name as well as any set-up or transfer fees.

🔥Is there any forum support provided by Green Geeks?

GreenGeeks does not have a forum, but it does provide an online Help Center with a searchable knowledgebase and FAQs to assist users in troubleshooting typical web hosting issues. On the GreenGeeks website, there is also an Education Center with plenty of lessons, videos, and useful articles.

🔥Is Reseller Hosting Available?

GreenGeeks also offers reseller hosting as part of their comprehensive service offering. You can rent server resources to other website owners and start your own small-scale web hosting business with a reseller account from this web host.

🔥What are GreenGeeks nameservers?

If you have a domain name that is not registered with GreenGeeks, you must update the domain name's DNS to GreenGeeks nameservers: and in order for your website to work.

🔥Where are GreenGeeks servers located?

GreenGeeks operates many data centres. They have servers in Chicago (USA), Phoenix (USA), Toronto (Canada), and Amsterdam (Netherlands) (Netherlands).

🔥What kind of support do I get?

GreenGeeks provides email and live chat service 24/7. Phone service is accessible from 9 a.m. to midnight EST Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST on weekends.

🔥What is the cheapest hosting package offered by GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks' Lite shared hosting service, which costs $2.49 per month, is their most affordable option.

🔥Is it possible to register a domain name with GreenGeeks?

As part of your web hosting subscription, GreenGeeks will register or transfer your domain name for free.

🔥Is it possible for me to install WordPress?

GreenGeeks' one-click installation tool is included in the package. With a single click, you'll have access to over 150+ ready-to-install programs, including WordPress.

🔥What is the best GreenGeeks package for WordPress?

GreenGeeks provides customized WordPress hosting with a one-click installer, automatic updates, real-time security scanning, brute force and DDoS protection, and much more

🔥What kind of webmail software provided by GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks offers SquirrelMail, Roundcube, and Horde as well as the usual cpanel email installation. People might choose based on their own personal experiences.

🔥 Is there any type of promotion available?

For each duration commitment, GreenGeeks offers a 20% discount. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly prices, on the other hand, are different. A better pricing and a 20% reduction will be provided if you choose a long-term plan.

🔥How did GreenGeeks get to be 300 percent green?

It's all about GreenGeeks' server optimization and energy consumption. GreenGeeks was the first company to use the term green to describe a web hosting service. Their people use up-to-date hardware manufacture with reduced electricity utilisation in order to make full use of power and reduce power consumption. Their workers have completed necessary tests in either server system optimization or physic computer construction. They only buy wind-generated electricity, which has no carbon footprint in the atmosphere.

🔥Is CDN assistance available from GreenGeeks?

Yes, GreenGeeks has included a free CDN service from Cloudflare in their control panel. Clients can quickly contribute to the website by following the step-by-step instructions.

🔥What sets GreenGeeks' WordPress hosting apart from the competition?

GreenGeeks truly does not have a WordPress-specific package. Instead, it's supported in combination with a shared hosting server; GreenGeeks just adds extra features to this program, such as real-time scanning and DDoS prevention. The rest of the technical aspects are the same as with ordinary accounts.

🔥How much storage space and bandwidth does my account have?

GreenGeeks does not impose any restrictions on disc space or traffic per account. Each customer account is segregated from the others, ensuring that no overuse issues will affect other accounts.

🔥What's the server setup details?

SSD RAID 10 discs and SAS storage drives are used in all GreenGeeks server systems. Their team is attempting to utilise all available hardware resources in order to create the most powerful server platform possible.

🔥Is SSD server hosting available from GreenGeeks?

Yes, SSD RAID 10 is used for system drives on all GreenGeeks hosting servers.

🔥What is the GreenGeeks' policy on backups?

All server accounts are backed up nightly by GreenGeeks as a courtesy. To ensure the optimum performance, the job is set to execute automatically at midnight.

🔥Is GreenGeeks CMS scripts friendly?

Yes, GreenGeeks is a basic linux hosting provider that works with practically any CMS software, including WordPress and Drupal.

GreenGeeks Hosting Alternatives 2024

1) Bluehost

Bluehost, which currently hosts more than 2 million websites, is the most popular web hosting provider available on the market. Because of its secure hosting options, domain registration, and various other professional services, we believe that Bluehost is not only the most popular web hosting provider, but also one of the best overall.

This is especially true for users who are constructing a website on WordPress.
Bluehost not only offers full integration and advanced features for users of WordPress, but it also offers safety, design freedom, and an easy setup for all clients developing on top of any CMS at a low cost. This is all made possible by Bluehost’s shared hosting platform.

Bluehost is a hosting solution that is more comprehensive because it makes it easier to construct a beautiful website without breaking a sweat, making it suitable for both novices and seasoned professionals alike.

When compared to the best web hosting services now available, Bluehost has earned its well-deserved reputation for a number of reasons. Bluehost is an alternative that meets the needs of the majority of customers since it offers comprehensive scalability, excellent customer support that is available around the clock, and affordable prices.

Because of its flexibility and the ease with which it integrates with WordPress, Bluehost is our number one recommendation. This is one of the reasons why the company is so well-known and trusted today. Not only that, but Bluehost also offers very good security, reasonably-priced shared hosting options for beginning businesses, and straightforward plan upgrades as your company expand.

Best Web Hosting - Domains - WordPress - Bluehost

Check out Bluehost Coupon Codes.

BlueHost Coupon Codes- Get It Fir $2.95


  • The initial term is inexpensive, but be aware of the high renewal rates.
  • Solid uptime: In general, my Bluehost uptime tests have always been positive. They do not, however, give a SLA (Service Level Agreement) that ensures a minimum uptime, unlike other providers.
  • Storage: Their shared hosting options come with a lot of storage.
  • Unmetered bandwidth: Bluehost will not place a limit on the amount of traffic your website(s) can receive.


  • Constant upsells: Their system is constantly bombarded with upsell proposals, which can be irritating.
  • The speed could be improved: Bluehost’s speed wasn’t precisely at the top of the chart in our tests. It isn’t, however, bad.

2) Hostinger

Hostinger has grown from a modest web host to one used by over 29 million users in just over a decade, thanks in part to its WordPress-specific plans. Furthermore, Hostinger makes its server status public, and its uptimes are consistently high.

Create A BLog Easily- Hostinger

It’s no surprise that many new website owners find this to be an enticing alternative.

Let’s take a look at some of Hostinger’s ideas to get started. Shared, cloud, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated solutions are all available.

You can also choose a WordPress-specific package, which includes additional support and one-click installation. These plans are shared hosting plans that are inexpensive and suitable for a wide range of website kinds. You can choose from single, premium, or business plans, though if you’re using WooCommerce, the business plan is advised. Check out Our Latest Hostinger Reviews.

If you’re looking for a shared hosting package to get your website up and running, Hostinger has you covered. It has the following features:

Hostinger hosting plans

  • 24/7 WordPress support in 20+ languages
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • A free domain name
  • Enhanced security features, such as daily backups and a free SSL certificate
  • Practically unlimited bandwidth
  • Hostinger’s shared WordPress plans, as you can see, have a comprehensive collection of features. You’ll have all you need for most first-time website owners. Moreover, all of this is available at a reasonable cost.


  • One-click WordPress installation and a free domain name
  • Shared hosting plans at an affordable price
  • The United States and the United Kingdom, in particular, have had strong performance results.
  • Server status that is visible to the public


  • Support response times are moderate.
  • For sites outside of the United States and the United Kingdom, modest performance outcomes were obtained.
  • The uptime is a little erratic.

3) Nexcess

The Nexcess is a beast of hosting. It used to be its own company, but now it operates as a subsidiary for Liquid Web and provides services that its parent company does not offer. Servers, both virtual and real, are Liquid Web’s area of expertise. Traditional shared hosting is Nexcess’ area of expertise; the company places a premium on maintaining an easy-to-use and quick infrastructure.

The managed hosting service for WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce that Nexcess provides is the company’s main product. It also provides other services such as enterprise hosting and flexible cloud hosting for its customers. All popular content management systems, including Drupal, Craft CMS, and even plain old ExpressionEngine, are supported.

In a nutshell, the issue is around reasonably priced publications and internet retailers. Although this hosting isn’t exactly inexpensive, the fees are manageable if your website already brings in money. Does it make sense to invest your own hard-earned money in a premium WordPress hosting plan?

Instead of offering a plethora of fancy WordPress-specific features (like InMotion Hosting’s BoldGrid site builder plugin), Nexcess is dependent on its server architecture and offers a very standard WordPress experience. This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, but it is something to think about when you’re making judgments about what to do.

Nexcess overview- nexcess vs cloudways

Check out Nexcess Reviews and Nexcess Coupons Promo Code.

Nexcess support

Overall, I like the features that Nexcess offers.

All WordPress plans have the following features:

  • All WordPress and WooCommerce plans have a free CDN that is pre-configured.
  • Email accounts with no limits
  • SSL certificates are available for free.
  • WordPress comes with a cache plugin installed by default.
  • Automatic picture compression and lazy loading – both of these features can significantly boost site performance.

Overall, Nexcess isn’t terribly difficult to use, but there’s little hand-holding. In terms of hosting, the entire service relies on you knowing what you’re doing. You’ll get the hang of it quickly if you’ve ever constructed a website using traditional hosting. If you haven’t already, services like Hostinger make it much easier to get started.


  • Professional support on Magento 2
  • Well-optimized for Magento 2
  • Magento official parter
  • PCI Compliant for every hosting plan
  • Stable and fast hosting
  • High uptime
  • 30-day money-back


  • High prices
  • Limited bandwidth and other hosting resources
  • SiteWorx admin panel which may be difficult to use

4) Liquid Web

Businesses require dependable web hosting services in order to sustain their online presences, and Liquid Web is one of the most well-known providers in the industry. The company’s cloud server, dedicated server, reseller server, virtual private server (VPS), and WordPress server packages have been utilized by a variety of businesses, including Eddie Bauer, Home Depot, National Geographic, Porsche, and Symantec.

However, you should be prepared to pay a premium for this amazing, managed, enterprise-class service; Liquid Web does not offer a shared hosting option that is offered at a moderate cost. Individuals and smaller companies may find that our Editors’ Choice selections, DreamHost, HostGator, and Hostwinds, which provide services at prices that are more affordable, are the most appealing.

Liquid Web Hosting Services

The fact that Liquid Web is so good at managed hosting led to the publication picking the company’s service as an Editors’ Choice. If a corporation makes use of managed hosting, it is not required to keep its servers in-house at all times. Instead, a web host utilizes its own datacenter to house its server infrastructure. Despite the fact that this may sound like a description of every web hosting provider, Liquid Web goes much beyond simply providing data over the internet.

The organization is capable of managing all administrative and support tasks at the site, regardless of how complex or extensive the location may be. Large businesses are the target audience for this particular kind of service, as you might imagine. The managed hosting offered by Liquid Web is similarly incredibly pricey, but it includes a substantial number of useful extras.

Liquid Web is without a doubt one of the most capable web hosts that PCMag has evaluated, and it is the web host that we recommend most highly for managed website hosting. It provides a lot of devices that have genuinely fantastic characteristics, but those specifications come with a hefty price tag attached to them. Even though Liquid Web does not offer shared hosting, the quality of its dedicated and virtual private server hosting services is sufficient to place it among the most prestigious web hosting providers.

Liquid web online support Liquid Web Hosting Reviews and testimonials Liquid web online support Liquid Web Hosting Reviews

That isn’t to suggest that DreamHost, HostGator, or Hostwinds aren’t important. For individuals looking for more budget-friendly web hosting choices, they remain Editors’ Choice overall award winners. Still, if your business requires high-powered, managed web hosting, Liquid Web will do the job very well. Check out Latest Liquid Web Coupon Codes 


  • Dedicated, VPS, cloud, and reseller options are all available.
  • VPS plans that are prorated
  • Specs for a powerful, high-end server
  • Excellent client service
  • In testing, there was no downtime.


  • There are no shared hosting plans available.
  • It’s pricey, and there aren’t many refund options.

5) RunCloud

Runcloud hosting review

RunCloud is a popular server management interface that enables users to execute PHP applications on the servers of any cloud hosting provider of their choosing. It does, however, come equipped with various features that are unique to WordPress, such as the following:

  • WordPress can be installed with a single click.
  • Sites for staging WordPress installations.
  • Server-side caching in conjunction with an appropriate WordPress plugin. Both Nginx Fast CGI caching and Redis caching are available as choices.
  • Backups are important.
  • Using ModSecurity, you may set up either a web application firewall or a WordPress 6G/7G firewall for your website.
  • Free SSL certificates are offered, and users have the option of installing them with just one click and having their renewals handled automatically.

RunCloud is compatible with any Linux-based cloud virtual private servers. Each of DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, UpCloud, and Amazon Lightsail have their own proprietary API connections. Because of these interconnections, it is quite simple to set up a new server for your WordPress blogs.

When you install WordPress, you have the choice of selecting either a stack composed entirely of Nginx or a hybrid stack composed of Nginx and Apache, such as the one offered by Cloudways. A LiteSpeed server is also being developed by the team, and it is anticipated that it will be ready in the near future.

After considering all of the different alternatives to GreenGeeks, I’ve decided to go with RunCloud. For those who aren’t developers, it’s just as easy to use as Greengeeks, and it has a far more cost-effective and effective technology stack. RunCloud and the Vultr High-Frequency servers have been really helpful to me in my work, and I have achieved a lot of my goals with them.

RunCloud - PHP Cloud Server Management Panel

RunCloud costs $8 per month for a single server (regardless of resources) and $15 per month for an infinite number of servers. Both options allow you to create an unlimited number of WordPress sites. Keep in mind that, unlike Cloudways, you’ll have to pay directly to your cloud infrastructure provider. RunCloud is more expensive than Cloudways for a single low-resource server, but it is less cost in almost every other case.


  • The UI is simple and easy to use.
  • Installation of numerous CMS software with a single click.
  • There are other stacks available, such as NGINX simply or an Apache-NGINX hybrid stack.
  • Allows several WordPress staging sites to be created.
  • Provides a list of URLs.
  • It is possible to monitor the site.
  • It has a fantastic file manager interface.
  • With a single click, you may install the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.
  • SSH keys can be easily managed.
  • Activity logs are available.
  • Site authentication is a feature that allows you to lock/unlock sites from the public.
  • Allows you to keep track of your server.
  • The price is quite reasonable.


  • Many advanced functions can be intimidating to newcomers.
  • By default, phpMyAdmin is not installed.
  • They will not provide technical help for site hosting. Developers that know what they’re doing are the target audience for the platform.
  • There is no support for installing OpenLiteSpeed WordPress.

GreenGeeks Awards

GreenGeeks Awards Recognition

GreenGeeks vs Dreamhost

GreenGeeks and Dreamhost are both low-carbon web hosting providers. Green Geeks is more expensive, but you get a discount if you pay annually. These companies offer different plans for different people.

GreenGeeks vs InMotion Hosting

GreenGeeks is a green hosting provider. They are US-based and they offer a few features that InMotion Hosting does not have. Namely, they offer support for PostgreSQL and Ruby on Rails, which InMotion Hosting does not do.

InMotion Hosting provides WordPress hosting plans that are fully managed by them.

Conclusion : My Experience With GreenGeeks : GreenGeeks Review

If you are serious about making money online and looking for a reliable web host with outstanding features and good customer support team then GreenGeeks is what you should go for.

Packed with experienced staff and easy to use tools and technology GreenGeeks will help you grow your business and make some serious money online. The company’s eco-friendly policy makes it unique and separates it from the bunch of web host companies. No other hosting company is doing more than 300% green.

To Summarize :  Is GreenGeeks Hosting Good?

Features: They guarantee you will never have to pay a penny more than you paid for the hosting.

Advantages: No hidden monthly fees, no random cancellation fees, and no hidden or sneaky payment plans.

Benefits: Being completely risk free ensures you can concentrate on your business without worrying about any financial issues from your website’s host. Also, choosing GreenGeeks means that you are supporting an Australian based company and helping their local economy by recycling as much as possible.

GreenGeeks team consists of people having more than 15 years of experience. When it comes to web hosting I trust GreenGeeks more than any other hosting companies, and it will always be my recommended choice. Follow GreenGeeks on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Linkedin.

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