Three Ways To Make Sure Your Guest Post Is Google Friendly

So, you’ve been offered to be a guest poster on someone’s blog. To you, this is an opportunity of a lifetime, a chance for your reach to extend beyond the boundaries of just your blog. You may be happy about it, but you must ask yourself if Google is happy.

If you don’t take certain precautions, you might have less people flocking to your site and a very unhappy blogger that won’t allow you to post on their site ever again. That said, there are many ways to improve your guest post for Google of which we cover three below.

Guest Post Is Google Friendly

Keywords, Keywords Galore

By now, everyone knows that keywords are, well, key in getting your content out of your website onto the search engines, and with guest posts this should be no different. Think of keywords that are relevant to the content of your guest post, but are not common, and add them to your title as well to the article itself.

Do not plaster them in every single paragraph, but make sure that there are enough keywords for Google to pick up. Also, don’t use them excessively to the point where your writing sounds unnatural. This all leads to the next step of

Making Sure That Your Guest Post’s Content is of Great Quality

Quality is important, very important. A bad post filled with grammatical errors will make the reader and the owner of the guest blog unhappy. Also, while Google doesn’t actually check grammar and spelling with its algorithm, a site full of errors looks unprofessional, which will eventually negatively affect your rankings because fewer people will link back to your content.

Spellcheck is definitely your friend in this world, and if you are not sure about grammar, then don’t be afraid to look it up. Make sure your articles are in your own words as well.

Reposting something from your site would be a no-no when it comes to Google. Instead, write unique articles. Avoid spinning one of your old articles unless you can add some real value by updating an old article.

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Reply to Comments

When your post is done, don’t just run away, make sure that you are there for the commenters. Comments on articles come in all shapes and sizes; some are spam, some are just a few words, some are from trolls who are not worth responding to, but some have something important to say.

Positive feedback, constructive criticism, their take on whatever it is you’re writing about, the possibilities are pretty much endless. That said, encourage discussion and reply to comments that are helpful. Bring forth conversation, and the increased activity should have an effect on Google, and more helpful keywords may unintentionally be spawned from it as well.

Your guest post, as said before, is your chance to get yourself known. So don’t just make an average post and go away, but make sure that your post is reader and Google friendly so that you will attract more visitors.

It will make you happy, it will make the guest blog happy, and most importantly, the viewers will experience quality content that will have them flocking to your site. So remember to take measures before you hit the “post” button.

Author Bio: Zane Schwarzlose is an SEO at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin Internet marketing company. Zane finds it very meta to guest blog about guest blogging.

Do you have any other tips to make your Guest Post Google friendly!!  Share it here I would be happy to know that.

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  1. Having written close to 300 guest posts, one of the top things that “completes” a guest post is the discussion in the comments – the discussion between the guest author and the commenters. Apart from adding value to the post, this is a win-win for both commenters and guest bloggers – the guest blogger gets to interact with the audience of a bigger blog.

    Thanks for sharing Zane and Jitendra.

  2. Hi Jane,
    I am glad that you that stumble upon my blog. I am your big fan. The discussion between the guest author and the commenter is very important for any guest posting. I always follow this practice of blogging. This helps readers to get connect to us more appropriately.


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