How To Guest Post Like A Boss

Ever wondered why you’ve never successfully landed a guest post or even if you’ve then why you’ve never done so on a popular blog? See, there are so many reasons for it and I am here to clear some of those. Make sure you read it, there’s no chance that you would like to miss this one if you’re trying to get into blogging.

So, without wasting any time further, let’s go on topic.

How To Guest Post Like A Boss
How To Guest Post Like A Boss

Where To Guest Post:

See, I’m not being rude or something but don’t waste your valuable time on guest posting on small or unpopular blogs. It’s complete waste of time. My own blog is notΒ something big or popular and so I don’t even ask someone to guest post. Create a list about all the popular blogs in your niche and contact them one by one regarding your pitch.

Points to keep in mind:

*) Make sure you start from the most popular blog.
*) Start writing only when they accept your pitch or it will be a total waste of time if they don’t accept it.
*) Keep your article descriptive, brief and really informative.
*) Keep grammar to it’s finest (as much as you can).
*) Proofread the article again and again till you’re completely satisfied. This will help you in eliminating unnecessary text and also improving the article.

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P.S: It’s not like what you think. You people believe that big blogs will only accept or consider you if you have a BIG portfolio and great influence, that’s incorrect.

Out of 100% your reputation and influence will only count like 5%, they look at your content (that’s what the rest 95% is about). So, have confidence in what you’ve written if not then doesn’t matter how good your content is, it will end up being rejected. Write golden content and you’re in.

What All To Ask After They Accept Your Post:

There are couple of things you need to DEMAND after the other blog accepts your guest post. Again, confidence is important if the Editor of the site is arrogant.

*) A follow up link with your author byline. (Make sure your author byline is brief and descriptive much so people visit you)
*) Ask for authorship ship credit if possible. It will help you become an authority in the eyes of Google and hence your blog will rank better.
*) Also, along with 1 or 2 links following your site, ask them to also add links to your social networks. (Will be explained later)

How To Get Maximum Out Of Your Guest Post:

Now, I’ll tell you how you can maximize your results and make it worth it to guest post.

*) Start building your email list.

-> It’s important. Even though, if the user takes time to visit your website then how will they remember you? No matter how great content you have on your site, people will not remember you so make the best out of their visit and have an opt-in form on your site. Add some appealing content (bonus) and make them subscribe your newsletter.

Also, make sure you’ve your auto-responder up with some good lines so the audience can trust you. Manipulate their psychology (positive).

*) Follow up people who share, like or comment on your guest post.

–> Possibly makes sense that if they’re sharing your guest posted content then they will share your content as well. Ping them on Twitter or Facebook. Also, visit their site if they have one and start reading, commenting and suggesting on their site. Slowly make some good reputation with them.

Make sure you don’t waste much time on this, exceptions are if the person is a influential person in your niche then follow them up and try make good relation with them because you know, if they recommend something on their social profiles or blogs then you’ll be bombed with traffic.

Also, make so good relation with them that when you request them, they may add a relevant post of your blog in their post and again a blast of traffic.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t get arrogant with small or novice bloggers. They can help you a lot as well. My point was just to focus on popular one’s more. Also, don’t demand for too much. They may end up rejecting your post if you’re overwhelmed with pride. Just make a perfect balance and please them but don’t get too cheesy.

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About vikas kumar

This awesome guest post was by Vikas Kumar who blogs at . At he publishes articles on productivity, motivation, inspiration, lifestyle, etc. As a matter of fact you're wondering why I guest posted here (because it's not my niche) is that, I wanted to share my knowledge regarding guest posting because I've already guest posted on sites like Hongkiat and Lifehack so I've the experience. Visit and subscribe to my blog and I swear I'll improve your life for the better. P.S: My blog is new. ^_^. Connect with him on Google+


  1. Awesome Article Vikas. Really Loved it! Thanks!

  2. Great info here. Guest blogging does work. I think when it becomes spam and not relevant is the issue. I pretty much gathered this from Matt Cutts talking about it. He claims guest blogging may become a thing of the past though due to all the spam and spammers. Hard to argue with the poster boy of Google though. What do you all think?

    • Agreed. Due to continuous link building spam Google has now tend to think that way. I don’t blame them for this but the people who are using black-hat techniques to outrank the one’s who put there time and hardwork in creating quality content. The quality of web-search is slowly degrading due to spams. God knows what’s next to see.


  3. Guest posting could be one smart way of reaching out at a great number of potential customers for our blog. I see guest posting as a tool to interact with new audience, get more exposure and a lot more. You’ve given a great overview on guest blogging.
    Choosing the right blog is the first step. You needn’t choose the best or most popular blog. You just need to catch up blogs that keep a good audience interaction. Guest posting is not just for back-links and traffic. It’s the best way to meet and interact with new audience.

    Good one Vikas !

    • Thank you and I agree with you. With guest blogging we can reach masses to different audiences. The potenial is unlimited. We just need the right mindset and purpose. πŸ™‚


  4. Yes guest Posting is best method for getting quality dofollow links from popular website but if you have quality content too

    • Agreed. But it’s not like that, many authority blogs don’t give do-follow links. Foe example, when I did a guest for lifehack then they gave me a no-follow link.

      It’s basically about the readers, my friend. πŸ™‚


  5. Helpful and candid tips. Guest posting on popular blogs is a plus for a new bloggers. At least it would help increase exposure.

    Following the rules of guest blogging set by the host is very important.

    More so, tips to get maximum out of your guest blog post are really important, and they should be followed to sustain successful guest blogging!

    This comment was shared in – the content aggregator website where this post was shared for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – Contributor to

    • Thank you for your comment. Hope this was of some use to you.


  6. Guest posting is undeniably beneficial.

    I must agree that you should not waste your time writing a guest post on unpopular blogs. One of the benefits of guest blogging is the increase of your online visibility. If you’ll write for blogs that is not really popular, chances are that you will not get enough exposure.

    The reminders pointed above are all remarkable. Bloggers who do guest posting should put these in their mind. Also, the tips given are indeed wise and effective.

    Thanks for the shared knowledge! πŸ™‚


    By the way, I found this post shared on

    • I’m lately seeing that even Jitendra is getting traffic from Kingged so it’s time that I join it as well.

      Thank you and I hope these tips will be of some use to you.


  7. Well, in my opinion, Guest post should be of good quality and in should be posted in same style as other posts are shared on guest posting blog. As, every blog or site has some unique style of posting, so guest bloggers should adhere to the same pattern too.

    Further, one should track every action performed on one’s guest post such as social media shares, comments on the post etc. So that, the real author can interact and respond to the comments and queries if any.

    After all, guest blogging is very beneficial as mentioned in the post through some points such as building email list, increasing readership and connections and of course improving overall site rank too.
    Anyways, thanks for sharing with us. I found it shared on

    • Totally agreed. Guest blogging if done in the right way is really beneficial. Hope your guest blogging utilization will increase.


  8. Follow up with guest post fans Vikas to build bonds πŸ˜‰ Thanks!

    • Thanks for commenting. πŸ™‚ And you got it right!


  9. Awesome article, I am really glad to see you(Vikas) here…
    Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the appreciation. πŸ™‚

      Couldn’t do without you.


  10. Fantastic Post Vikas!

    You’ve shared some really helpful points. I am going to submit my guest post on one blog and i saw this post. It’ll be very helpful to me.

    You are right. You’ll not get something great if you post on new blogs or not so popular blog. Posting on high authority, high PR blogs gives us great traffic, we get new audience and possibly a awesome dofollow backlink.

    I’ll implement this points in my guest post. Thank you for sharing this awesome post with us!

    Well, i found this post on and kingged it!

    • I’m really happy that they were helpful to you and yeah, go for it. πŸ™‚

      You can do it, you can make it.

      Here’s some quote for you:
      “When life knocks you down, try to land on your back because if you can look up, you can get up.” ~ Les Brown



  11. That is a good idea. Most newbies are scared to try guest posting on popular or on well-known blogs, however you are right, guest posting on an unpopular blog won’t create a massive change and exposure for you, particularly while you are on your first step in building trust and brand. Well, it wasn’t discouraged, I know.

    Reading their list of qualifications is very important to do before submitting your guest post. Your pitch, voice, and grammar should be proofread; popular blogs won’t publish poor and not well worded content.

    I have shared this comment in the content syndication and social bookmarking and networking website for Internet marketers – where this post was found.

    • Agreed. All of the points you listed are important. πŸ™‚ Though, this post was basically about how to make the most out of guest posting.


  12. Sandra

    Guest Post are always beneficial and you cleared all of my doubt about guest posting .you provide a very interesting and helpful knowledge about guest posting.Thanx

  13. It’s been a real pleasure reading your amazing post.Great stuff,thanks for this.

  14. yeah, guest post are really good idea to kick start your social presence.
    thanks for sharing this great post Jitendra sir

  15. Hey Vikas !
    Thanks a ton for this wonderful post. I am a newbie in blogging and your artcile made me more clear towards the guest post.

  16. Jo Ann McLellan

    Great informative ideas. Vikas you put alot of time into this site and the blog posts, I think everyone can learn a bit more. Thanks


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