Guide To Use Cryptocurrency 2023: How Do You Use Cryptocurrency Effectively?

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Cryptocurrency is a fast-paced industry. There are a variety of ways you can invest in crypto, so we’ve put together a Guide To Use Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have broken all the barriers of limitation and are now expanding exponentially. 

Have a look at a few years back, and nobody would have imagined this level of future cryptocurrencies. But, the digital currencies created the future, and you can easily see them in every sector. Hence, it is the actual future of the finance world. 

Now, this inevitable technology is creating its place in the life of common people as well. Thus you can easily use crypto in your financial systems and traveling. 

If you also find it fascinating to use cryptocurrency in planning your entire traveling or vacation. 

In this article, we have covered all the angles of using cryptocurrencies in traveling. 

Let’s dive into it !! 

Why Should I Use Cryptocurrency To Travel?

Many airlines, booking sites, and hotel chains are now accepting crypto. Plus, so many countries and cities worldwide appreciate the acceptance of bitcoins

This allows you to freely use your cryptocurrency from pickup for your vacation to reach home safely. 

If you are also a crypto holder and find the use of crypto in traveling fascinating. 

Then read the article for 5 min. You will know all the benefits, downsides, and opportunities regarding crypto.

How To Travel Using Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are one of the secured forms of payments, and you can at a lot of places as far as traveling aspects are concerned. 

Guide To Use Cryptocurrency

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We have picked them all here:

1. Book Hotels and Accommodations

Booking hotels and Accommodations ranks at a top place as far as paying with cryptocurrencies is concerned. 

No matter where you will travel, you will have to rent the accommodations and hotels for your stay until and unless you have a property in that city. 

You can easily book any of the best places according to your wishlist and securely make transactions with cryptocurrencies. And almost every hotel is familiar with crypto transactions

2. Buy Air Tickets

If you are planning to travel with the flights, then crypto can help you here. 

You have to purchase a traveling ticket no matter where you’re planning to travel. You can easily make transactions with the help of crypto to the airlines and any other transportation medium. 

Even all the old companies are also accepting cryptocurrencies. You can book your tickets with the crypto through both the agent and website directly. If you want to purchase now, you can also buy gift cards.  

3. Bitcoin-friendly Travel Locations

All the cities around the world are not accepting cryptocurrencies, but still, you can select your travel or vacation location from the places where crypto coins are accepted.  

We have also made a list of the entirely crypto-friendly places:

  • El Salvador: Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin will be completely legal in El Salvador from 2021. And, if you want to have the experience of cryptocurrency there, you can visit the beach town El Zonte, dubbed “Bitcoin Beach.” You will experience absolute freedom there. 
  • San Francisco, United States: San Francisco is the tech hub of the U.S., and all the traveling businesses accept cryptocurrencies there. Thus, you can travel there. 
  • Malta: Malta is also called “Blockchain Island ” because there are numerous fintech companies and business organizations. And, under these companies, there are so many traveling companies that accept cryptocurrency very freely. 
  • Vancouver, Canada: Vancouver is the first place with a Bitcoin ATM. And in the current time, more than 50 businesses are accepting crypto transactions. 
  • Prague, Czech Republic: In Prague, you can freely use cryptocurrency; for example, you can easily use your cryptocurrency or bitcoins in bars, restaurants, hotels, and many other businesses. 
  • Restricted locations: In places like Algeria, Bolivia, China, Egypt, Nepal, and Vietnam, you are restricted from using the cryptocurrency on any purchase or stay.

4. Pay For Ground Transportation with Crypto

As you have landed at the place you will travel to, you will need to rent other ground transportations such as cabs, trains, etc.

 The best thing is that all these ground transportations are also accepting cryptocurrency. 

  • Book rental cars with crypto: It is straightforward to pay the rent of cars with cryptocurrency in today’s modern world. 
  • Cover train travel and public transportation with crypto: Do you want to travel by train, bus, trolley, or tram? Guess what? You can use your cryptocurrency to make all these payments. 
  • Pay for cabs and ride-sharing apps with crypto: In this time, people often use the online cabs application like uber to book the cabs, and all these known applications accept the crypto payments. 

5. Pay For Excursions, Adventures, and Experiences with Crypto

This depends upon the place you’re going to travel to.

If cryptocurrencies are widespread, you will surely get all the excursions and adventures with your cryptocurrency. 

There are so many online guide agencies that will help you do all the adventures like snorkeling with turtles, taking helicopter tours, seeing historical sites, and much more. 

The Drawback of Paying With Crypto

Cryptocurrency will undoubtedly be a beneficiary if you want to use it in your travels. But, there is also a drawback. 

If you somehow selected the destination where crypto is not friendly enough, it would lead you and your holidays to trouble. Hence, there is always a high risk involved depending only upon the crypto for your entire trip. 

Firstly, to tackle this drawback, you can plan the crypto travel only after doing good research about the place. Second, you should always have a credit card and hard cash in your backup. 

And you would also be needed to deal with the price swings because of the volatility of the cryptocurrency.  

You can make your crypto payments more secure by applying two-factor authentication, encryption, and good digital hygiene. 

The Benefit of Paying With Crypto

If you’re also a promoter of a cryptocurrency, then it would help in the global adoption of cryptocurrency. And people will start understanding the future. 

At an individual level, cryptocurrency will reduce the additional foreign transaction fees, and you will save some unnecessary waste of money. 

Benefit of Paying With Crypto

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Sometimes, digital currency makes people feel theft-proof, as you don’t need to be worried about extra security. But, still, you should always carry a sufficient amount of cash with you for some unwanted circumstances. 

Tips To Keep You Safe While Traveling With Crypto

We interviewed many crypto travelers and asked them about their traveling feedback and considered all those real-life examples. 

Here, we have hand-picked some of the best and most useful tips for your  

1. Use a multi-signature wallet  

You should use a multi-signature wallet for your savings that will also help you keep day-to-day money. 

It will help you if you lose your mobile phone and do not have your hardware wallet backed up. 

Then, this simple tip will help you a lot. 

2. Two-factor authenticate your life 

You should carefully take care of your digital identity, especially spending with cryptocurrency. 

Thus, you should activate your two-factor authentication to keep you safer and more secure. 

3. Use CoinMap to find bitcoin-friendly cities

You should travel to bitcoin-friendly and accepting places. If you want to find such sites, you can easily use CoinMap. 

CoinMap consists of almost all the bitcoin-accepting venues all over the world. 

This application works on crowdsourcing, and crypto is also volatile, so you should make sure that all your information is updated. 

4. Book tickets and accommodations on

If you are also looking to book a flight with cryptocurrency or bitcoin, you should use CheapAir and Distenia. 

We recommend you try CheapAir first, as they have been in the field since 2013, and they have been booking the flights with the cryptocurrency since then. 

They are also dealing in litecoins and Dash Payments.   

5. Make a google voice account that is linked to a different email

If you want to create more secured payments while traveling, you should make google voice phone numbers. 

And you should, of course, use this number as your mobile number as it is easily traceable and will be linked to your identity. 

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Final Verdict: Guide To Use Cryptocurrency 2023

We hope this article helped you gather all the essential information regarding travel with crypto. 

We have mentioned all the necessary tips and everything to have your best travel with cryptocurrency or bitcoin. 

Happy Journey !!

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