Ultimate Guide To Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder 2021

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The Visual Composer has really become the best top selling page building WordPress plugins. It has mainly exploded more than the 150,000+ customers since its release in May 2011.

Are you looking forward to creating a new web project along with finding the backend and frontend editor then the ultimate option you have got WordPress as it will be very useful in order to create a stunning website?

And if you want to have multiple features along with multiple things for yourself then just make sure that you are building your website in WordPress and you will be able to create a stunning website with the help of the Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder.

Meet The Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder:

Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder

If you are somehow not familiar with the Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder plugin then don’t worry you will be familiar with this amazing WordPress Plugin. Basically, it takes the hard part out of creating the custom looking WordPress Post along with the pages.

Here no coding knowledge is required just install the plugin and you will be able to create your posts and the pages. It is also mainly compatible with the most of the free themes and many of the premium themes too and it is also mainly compatible with the most popular plugins such as Contact Form 7, Slider Revolution and many others too.

WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress

Installing The Visual Composer : Ultimate Guide To Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder 2021

Before building your own pages all you need to do is to download and install the Visual Composer. As you have two option in order to secure a copy of this plugin: the first one is by purchasing your own copy or you can simply purchase a premium theme which includes this plugin. Here the plugin will work same no matter which path you are selecting the only thing that count is the method how you install it.

 Purchase your own copy

The first way you can simply get this Visual Composer is to simply purchase the plugin for yourself. Just go to CodeCaynon and make a search for the Visual Composer or you can download it here. Just make a complete purchase here.

Then after that simply navigate to the download page and click on the Green Download Button which is next to the Visual Composer plugin. And after that select the Install WordPress File Only.

Now, just log in to your WordPress dashboard and simply navigate to the Plugins > Add New. And then click on the Upload Plugin Button right at the top of the screen.

And here select the zip file that you have downloaded from the CodeCanyon. And after that simply click install and activate the plugin.

Getting Started With Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder

As you have installed the Visual Composer now it’s time to get started with your plugin settings. Right in your WordPress Dashboard, you will see a new Visual Composer option. Just click it and open your settings page.

Visual Composer Settings

First of all, you will need to check all of the settings and see just set them according to your need. Just make sure you are going through every tab and simply setting it according to your requirement.

Visula COmposer Settings-Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder Guide

Right in the general settings tab, here you will be able to set the Google Font subsets according to your needs. And then after that, you should move to other tab and here you will find the Role Manager which is next to the General Settings tab.

Visual Composer Settings Tab-Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder Guide


Here as the name suggests you can simply manage the role of the administration, author along with editor and the contributor. You will also find many useful options right in this tab that you can give rights to many people along with managing their tasks.

Visual Composer Design Option Tab-Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder

Then in the next section, you will find the Design Options tab where you can easily manage all the custom designs. If you are willing to come up with a new custom design then you will have to check the option of the custom design along with managing the colors and the backgrounds. Right next to the Design Options Tab, you will get the option of the Custom CSS as there you can easily write the CSS custom code. And right after that, you will get two more tabs right for the product licensing along with the Shortcode Mapper.

Just after checking all of the settings along with giving them the desired values you can easily move the usage the Visual Composer.


How to use Visual Composer?

The next important thing you will need to understand the usage of this Visual Composer and definitely you will find the interesting things when you will start editing the pages. Most importantly you will find here that there is not been anything much easier than handling and creating pages right on the websites.

Use Visual Composer- Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder

When you find many of the built-in features and the elements by the Visual Composer itself. You will be able to find all the pages right on the Visual Composer. Here, when you will select the add elements options right on any page just by using the Visual Composer then you will see many page building elements.

Here you will also find many elements categorized right in different forms. And if you are looking for the best content building element then you can simply choose that is labeled as the Content. And if you are somehow looking to add social media links then you can simply choose the tab which is named as social.

Adding Widgets:

Add Widgets- Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder Guide

When we talk about adding the widgets, you should know that there are plenty of useful widgets that you can simply add right in the pages all with the Visual Composer. The best part is you will also be able to create widgetized sidebars right for your new pages and you can also create a stunning look for your pages.

Backend & Frontend Editing:

With Visual Composer, you are not limited to building and editing your pages. Right with this powerful plugin you can easily get the options to make changes form the modular backend or we can say right from the visual fronted.

Here if you will choose the backend editor for each of the elements that are being displayed as the modular element so that you can easily insert along with dragging and dropping right into the places. This method is really great if you are willing to have a quick layout a wireframe.

Visual Composer Editor- Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder

The backend editor is really easy to use. Just click on the blue button right for the Backend Editor for enabling the Visual Composer here for the pages and all the post you are editing that time.

Adding and Editing Page Elements:

It doesn’t matter whether you use the back or the front-end editor you will have the same option right for customizing many page builders elements. The option may vary b/w the elements and there are many features to simply beware of after inserting your elements.

Here no matter what you are willing to add to your page you should insert a row first. After insertion, you can simply hover right on the fronted elements for revealing the blue row options.

Add Elements- Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder

  • The first Row icon you will get when you click to drag & drop the row to a new position right on your page
  • Here the Pencil Icon open the options for your row settings. And it may vary with your theme.
  • Columns are meant to define any number of columns right in a row. You will get default options for the 6 columns and the best part is that you can also define your own custom layout.
  • Trash is simply being used to delete the entire row and columns along with its contents.

When you are basically creating a new element on the Pencil icon for the element you will just open the page builder elements settings. As these are split into multiple tabs in order to make it easier for you to see all of the customization options that are available for you.

Some of the Popular Compatible Plugins

There are many popular plugins that rea compatible with the visual composer and simply add their own page building element automatically. You will find many plugins the work seamlessly with the Visual Composer plugin for better page building. So, here we go with the list of plugins that are compatible with Visual Composer Plugin.

1) WooCommerce

WooCoomerce Plugin- Compatible with Visual Composer

If you are willing to build a store with WordPress then you should go with this amazing plugin so-called WooCommerce. As this plugin is totally free it also has awesome features and it is fully compatible with this amazing Visual Composer. After installing and activating this plugin it will automatically add its own settings along with adding its own option. And will also add 17 new page builder elements just for you.

2) Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution - Compatible With Visual Composer

Here, the sliders are a great way for adding an attention-grabbing and one of the content packed section right to any of the pages. Slider Revolution is one of the perfect plugins to do all the task seamlessly and it also integrates seamlessly with this image Visual Composer. Right with this plugin you can simply drag and drop elements such as the text, buttons along with images and videos. Here it also features added animations & effects in order to create tons of impressive sliders.

3) LayerSlider

LayerSlider 6- Compatible With Visual Composer

This one is another great option for the sliders. Here this one is the alternative of Slider Revolution but it has a slightly different interface and the options. It also includes custom transition builder so you can simply create one of a kind animations. And it is also one of the two premium slider bundled plugins with Total WordPress theme.

4) Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 — Compatible With Visual Composer

Here Contact Forms are one of the important parts of any of the website if you are blogger or business website. Complete Form 7 is completely free and it is fully flexible along with the Visual Composer so that you can insert all your contact forms is easy right with the custom form elements.


WPML- Compatible With Visual Composer

If you are willing to create a multi-lingual website with WPML and it is one of the premier options right for the translating for your post along with pages. Here WPML is mainly fully compatible with the Visual Composer as it is possible to translate each and every section right for your custom page you build.

6) Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO- Compatible With Visual Composer

Yoast really makes it easy for any website to improve onsite SEO. There are many important SEO functions which include the sitemap, meta description along with breadcrumbs and more. Yoast SEO integrates nice with Visual Composer so here you don’t have to worry about creating better pages instead of researching SEO.

Advanced Option for Visual Composer

If you are an advanced user then this section is for you as there many couples of extra options within the Visual Composer as you can use many of the custom shortcodes right to your page builder along with creating the custom media grids.

Here the very first thing you will get Shortcode Mapper. You can find this option within the Visual Composer settings and it can be used as to amp all your own custom shortcodes for the visual composer. Really this will be great if you are having a shortcode that you want to include right with the Visual Composer by the default.

Advanced Settings- Visual Composer

Screenshot Credit: WPexplorer

The second advanced option is known as the Grid Builder. Right with this feature you can easily create many custom grids along with your own layouts for the content. Like you can easily create a custom blog post grid right with the round images and the post’s author name in a bold font. Here you can easily build any of the grid layouts as you will get tons of elements, colors along with border, margins and more.

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EndNote: Ultimate Guide To Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder

There are various things you can do with WordPress and the Visual Composer. Hopefully, you like this guide to creating a stunning website the Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder. Drop your suggestions right in the comments section. Feel free to share this post on the entire social media platforms.

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