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      Today we can find many people who make millions thanks to Amazon FBA.  If you really want to be an Amazon marketing agent and get a big profit from selling products on Amazon, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we have actually compared three best Amazon Seller tools: Helium 10 vs Viral Launch vs Sellics Comparison 2019 that includes detailed insights of their pricing, features, functionality, tools, pros & cons and more.

      We’re here to help you because, in this booming digital age, everyone wants to try Amazon’s FBA business. Getting started with Amazon FBA is very easy and straightforward. However, finding the right product ideas, optimizing the product description, and tracking your success is one of the most difficult tasks. In this case, we take part in an expensive course or use a tool that allows us to easily manage all these tasks.

      Helium10 vs Viral launch Vs Sellics - Review

      Again, the question is, how many tools will you buy so that your Amazon FBA company can easily complete all the tasks? And if I told you that we have a complete solution with incredibly powerful software tools for Amazon marketers.

      Yes, there is a reliable and powerful platform called Helium 10: It’s a set of tools that help you find high-level keywords, optimize your product lists, and increase your number of sales and profits, and more.

      In this publication, you can find a detailed overview of Helium10 vs Viral Launch Vs Sellics, which contains detailed information on prices, functions, functions, etc. Let’s start here.

      Among other things, this comparison between Helium10 and Viral Launch Vs Sellics will show you how to find new product ideas, search for keywords, optimize your SEO, and track your success.

      Helium10 Vs Viral launch Vs Sellics: Which One Is Best??

      Detailed Helium 10 Review

      Helium10 is a powerful software suite that includes dozens of tools that allow Amazon marketers to easily find high-level keywords, spot trends, spot competitors, and fully optimize their product lists. to increase their sales. exponentially. With this tool, you can easily discover product ideas and deepen the market to explore and validate these ideas.

      Helium10 vs Viral launch Vs Sellics - Insanely Powerful Tools For Amazon Sellers

      As the name implies, it has more than 10 tools available to Amazon marketers, allowing them to make big profits at no extra cost. The helium 10 software package includes various tools like a black box, x-ray, magnet, brain, and many others. Do not worry, I’ll go through all these tools and explain how to use them effectively to get the most out of them.

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      How To Claim Helium 10 Promo Codes ?

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      Helium 10 Features

      Check out the list below of some of the outstanding Helium 10’s features:

      • Black Box (Product Research)
      • Magnet (Keyword Aggregation)
      • Cerebro (Competitor Keyword Strategy)
      • Frankenstein (Amazon Keyword Processor)
      • Xray (Product Research Chrome Extension)
      • Keyword Tracker
      • Index Checker

      helium 10 reviews helium 10 discounts

      Helium 10 Various Spy Tools

      1. Black Box

      Helium10 Black box is a very effective product search tool, or you could say it’s a product search tool that helps marketers find profitable products they want to sell. regardless of their criteria.

      It is one of the most powerful tools and can actually deliver exceptional results based on a number of factors you can specify to find what you are really looking for.

      Save time and energy by searching for Amazon’s most profitable products for sale in Amazon’s existing niches. With this product search, you can easily find profitable products and achieve higher ROI.

      Helium 10 vs Sellics vs Viral Launch- Black Box

      How can Black Box help you find the best products?

      • You can discover your next products in seconds
      • You can find the right product options for your specifications.
      • You can simply get results based on data by simply using a multifactorial algorithm
      • Just search on a platform.
      • Also, you can directly access the Helium 10 suite to easily create your new entry.

      2. Magnet

      The magnet is one of the most profitable keyword research tools on the market. Many successful marketers use these optimal keyword tools for their product lists. And here, you really do not have to waste your time switching between different tools and hoping to get the best keywords available.

      Helium 10 vs Sellics

      However, this tool will help you find the most appropriate keywords for your products. All you have to do is enter a basic keyword directly into Magnet and in a few seconds, a list of the most relevant and related keywords will be created.

      Now you can easily rate the most profitable search terms and generate more revenue by simply integrating the keyword research tool Magnet into your Amazon SEO process.

      With this tool, you get the most profitable and best keyword that you can add directly to the user interface and back end of your Amazon product page. Use this new collection of keywords for your Amazon product page to make sure your traffic grows and your sales grow exponentially.

      How can Helium 10 Magnet help you with the Keyword Research Tool?

      • In a few minutes, you will discover tons of relevant and profitable Amazon keywords.
      • You can potentially rate your Amazon keyword ranking using keyword ranking and search volume data.
      • It helps to increase the traffic of your Amazon FBA product list by simply displaying the most searched phrases.
      • This can easily help you generate more sales by simply meeting more frequently in the results of the A9 search engine.


      Frankenstein is one of the most influential Amazon keyword research tools in the business. With this tool, you can easily add thousands of keywords to your keyword lists in seconds and process them directly for revenue.

      By running deduplication filters, removing unwanted characters, and sorting keywords, anyone can easily manage a long list of really perfect keywords for your product pages to help you mass-sell traffic.

      How can Frankenstein help you in the keyword research?

      • It helps you create a long list of keywords and easily turn them into a more profitable group to optimize the Amazon list.
      • You can combine your lists picked up by Amazon Keyword Research which will be much more powerful.
      • Filtering and sorting keyword results are helpful by simply using a variety of output parameters, including deduplication filters. You can also remove unwanted characters and words and sort keywords by popularity
      • It also makes it easy to remove unwanted words and their characters directly from their results, quickly as ASINS and irrelevant terms.
      • You can sort your keyword lists by frequency to easily identify the terms that are most common.
      • It helps to improve the tracking of your Amazon product on the A9 search engine and simply generates more traffic to your listing.

      Helium 10 Pricing Plans | Helium 10 Discount Offers

      Helium 10 offers very convenient pricing plans which are very simple and affordable as well so that anyone can easily get started right away. And the best part is that they have a free plan as well that lets you try its services and find out how it’s actually working for you.

      Let’s discuss its plans in detail and find out what plans and features they are actually offering:

      Helium 10 Review- Pricing

      1)Free Plan ($0)

      • Black Box (20 Uses)
      • Trendster (30 Days)
      • Magnet (2 Uses Per Day)
      • Cerebro (2 Uses Per Day)
      • Frankenstein (30 Days)
      • Scribbles (30 Days)
      • Index Checker (6 uses)
      • Keyword Tracker (Upto 20 Keywords)
      • Alerts  (Upto 2 ASINs )
      • Inventory Protector (Unlimited)
      • Refund Genie (Limited)
      • Multi-use Login
      • Xray (1000 Requests)
      • Profits (Weekly Updates)

      2) A LA Carte Plan

      • Black Box ($37/Mo)
      • Trendster (30 Days Free)
      • Magnet ($37/Mo)
      • Cerebro ($37/Mo)
      • Frankenstein (30 Days Free)
      • Scribbles (30 Days Free)
      • Index Checker ($17/Month)
      • Keyword Tracker ($57/Month)
      • Alerts ($37/Mo)
      • Inventory Protector (Unlimited)
      • Refund Genie ($97/Month)
      • Multi-use Login
      • Xray ($17/Month)
      • Profits ($37/Month)

      3) Platinum Plan ($97/Month)

      • Black Box
      • Trendster
      • Magnet
      • Cerebro
      • Frankenstein
      • Scribbles
      • Index Checker (150 Uses)
      • Keyword Tracker (Upto 2500 Keywords)
      • Alerts (Upto 300 ASINs)
      • Inventory Protector
      • Refund Genie
      • Multi-use Login
      • Xray
      • Profits

      4) Diamond Plan ($197/Month)

      • Black Box
      • Trendster
      • Magnet
      • Cerebro
      • Frankenstein
      • Scribbles
      • Index Checker (300 Uses)
      • Keyword Tracker (Up to 5000 Keywords)
      • Alerts (Up to 600 ASINs)
      • Inventory Protector
      • Refund Genie
      • Multi-use Login (Up to 3 Users)
      • Xray
      • Profits

      Now you have got all the detailed insights about its pricing and you can now get started with it’s free right away. So that you can check its plans in order to find out how it’s working for you. We highly recommend you to get started with Helium 10 as it can help all Amazon Sellers out there in the market.

      Pros & Cons Of Helium 10


      • Easy To Do Product Research
      • Listing Optimization Through Magnet And Black Box
      • Effective Keyword Research
      • Multiple Keyword Tracking
      • Product Launches
      • Allows Competitors Spying
      • Hijacking and Product Monitoring Alerts
      • Helps in Inventory Protection
      • Comes with Keyword Index Checker
      • It Offers Free Plan for its customers
      • Comes with 13 powerful Tools for Amazon Seller


      • Limitations are there in the starter plans
      • Beginners may find the tool difficult to use

      Viral Launch

      Viral Launch is a growth platform from Amazon. Viral Launch focuses on product launches, Amazon list optimization, product discovery, package and label design, optimization and more. And believe me, this tool is more than just a product launcher. It has many features and specifications that make managing your Amazon FBA business easier and more profitable than ever.

      Helium10 vs Viral launch Vs Sellics- comparison

      In fact, this tool is probably best known for product launches, market intelligence, list optimization services, and more. The best part of this tool is that there is an amazing collection of Amazon data that you can use to get detailed product information. This database is usually based directly on the product search, the market research, and the keyword tool. This tool really stands out from the competition because of its features.

      Viral Launch Features

      Viral Launch offers many products that can help your business in many ways. This tool actually offers products like product recognition. Market Intelligence, Keyword Research, Competitive Intelligence, List Analyzer, Keyword Manager, List Creator, Split Tests and more.

      In this review of the viral version, I will review all features offered by this tool. Let’s begin, without wasting time, with a review of all these functions:

      Product Research

      Product research is a trusted tool from Viral Launch that allows anyone to find potential products for sale directly on the Amazon Marketplace. This tool is very easy to use and comes with thousands of unique filter combinations. With this product recognition feature, you can find reliable products and beat the competition by finding product opportunities faster.

      Helium10 vs Viral launch Vs Sellics- product finder

      This is, without doubt, the most accurate Amazon search engine. The best thing about this tool is that you can have a filter for a personalized list of potential products that exactly meet your business goals.


      • Personalized results offered by viral launch
      • Easy options for a quicker overview
      • It comes with intelligent procurement
      • Best results with data accuracy
      • One of the fastest ways to find more product options.

      Keyword Research Tool

      With the help of this tool, you can now easily improve your SEO. From now on, there will be no more assumptions, since all data comes directly from Amazon here. You can easily save time by finding hundreds of keywords that work best with the Advanced relevance filter.

      And believe me, it will also boost your sales with many hidden keywords your competitors really miss. In addition, this tool offers free features to create lists that anyone can easily create a powerful Amazon SEO list.


      • Reverse Market Research
      • Find Amazon Volume Data
      • Historical research and volume trends
      • Integrated into the Viral Launch Software
      • Benefit directly from the low-competition keywords

      Keyword Optimization Tools

      Without a doubt, this is the best keyword optimizer on the market. You can also use this tool to optimize the list, keyword information, and Amazon SEO.

      Helium10 vs Viral launch Vs Sellics- listing optimiser

      In fact, this tool contains three tools: the list parser, the keyword manager, and the list generator. In this case, list optimization tools perform a fully automated SWOT analysis by simply specifying how their products compete with competitors in the marketplace.

      Listing Builder primarily optimizes the process of creating lists. In this way, you can develop an SEO-optimized listing that optimizes keyword placement in Amazon search results.


      • Complete Competitive Analysis
      • Automated Keyword Discovery
      • Complete Content Evaluation
      • Advanced Keyword Insights
      • Intuitive Keyword Tracking
      • Listing Optimization Score
      • Interactive Keyword Bank
      • Helpful Keywords Metrics
      • Integration with other tools

      Pricing Plans:

      The pricing plans offered by the viral launch is very flexible and affordable so that anyone can get started with Viral Launch right away. It’s you go to the platform to source, launch and easily dominate on the Amazon platform.

      Let’s find out what pricing plan this tool is actually offering:

      Pricing Plans For The Software

      Helium10 vs Viral launch Vs Sellics- Software Pricing

      Beginners Research kit ($49.79/Month)

      This plan is best suited for beginners on the hunt right for the next great products.

      • Market Intelligence
      • Product Discovery
      • Product Idea Score Included
      • Competitors Intelligence
      • Tracked Competitors (3)
      • 24/Customer Support

      The Pro Seller ($70.12/Month)

      This plan is best suited for sellers who are actually looking for a competitive advantage right to get success on Amazon.

      • Market Intelligence
      • Product Discovery
      • Product Idea Score Included
      • Competitors Intelligence
      • Tracked Competitors (3)
      • Keyword Research
      • Listing Builder
      • Listing Analyzer
      • Listing Analysis  (50)
      • Keyword Manager
      • Daily Keyword Rank and Ad Tracking (2000)
      • Hourly Keyword Rank and ADs Tracking (30)
      • 24/Customer Support

      The Brand Builder ($124.17/Month)

      This plan is best suited for sellers looking to build a successful brand right through data and automation.

      • Market Intelligence
      • Product Discovery
      • Product Idea Score Included
      • Competitors Intelligence
      • Tracked Competitors (100)
      • Keyword Research
      • Listing Builder
      • Listing Analyzer
      • Listing Analysis  (100)
      • Keyword Manager
      • Daily Keyword Rank and Ad Tracking (5000)
      • Hourly Keyword Rank and ADs Tracking (100)
      • 24/Customer Support

      The Data Hunter ($332.50/month)

      Actually, this plan is best suited for sellers who are looking for unparalleled levels for data and analysis.

      • Market Intelligence
      • Product Discovery
      • Product Idea Score Included
      • Competitors Intelligence
      • Tracked Competitors (250)
      • Keyword Research
      • Listing Builder
      • Listing Analyzer
      • Listing Analysis  (250)
      • Keyword Manager
      • Daily Keyword Rank and Ad Tracking (15000)
      • Hourly Keyword Rank and ADs Tracking (300)
      • 24/Customer Support

      So these are the pricing plans offered this Viral Launch Tool. Let’s find out the pricing plan for other services offered by Viral Launch.

      Pricing Plan For The Services

      The Product Launch

      With Viral launch, anyone can easily out-rank and outsell the competition right with their safe and reliable strategy for one-page visibility. Let’s find out the pricing plan for it.

      Helium10 vs Viral launch Vs Sellics- Product Launch Pricing

      • Master Package ($2500/Month)
      • Viral Subscription ($450/Month)
      • Uber Launch ($400/One Time)

      The Listing Optimization

      Now you can easily get strategic, sales including the keyword rich content right form Viral Launch from Amazon Listing Specialist. Let’s find out the pricing plan for it.

      Viral Launch Review- The Listing Manager Pricing

      • Optimization & Branding Consultation ($897)
      • Listing Optimization ($447)
      • Title Curation ($197)

      Product Photography

      Now you can easily drive more click and conversion on your products with this stunning photography service offered by Viral Launch.

      Helium10 vs Viral launch Vs Sellics- Best Amazon Product Photography Service

      • Branding Expert ($1447)
      • Conversion Master ($797)
      • Conversion Starter Kit ($597)

      So this was the pricing plan for the Viral Launch Paid Services. Now you have better insights into Viral Launch pricing plans.

      Advantages Using Viral Launch Software

      • The idea of ​​validating the product that evaluates the sale of the product by using the original time on a five-point scale.
      • You can extract all historical data of the specific product of the market to identify market trends.
      • The software will help you understand the sales estimate that uses Amazon BSR’s bestseller rank and the time it will take place.
      • Every day, the software takes into account the fluctuation of the BSR.
      • The fashion market analyzes the details of growth, seasonal sales and the decline of any type of product in certain categories.
      • The software assesses the potential monthly sale and provides information about the revision level of the product on the market.
      • The software informs the seller about the respective product. As an active warning by the seller regarding a particular category and rating
      • You can access the software from your mobile phone and the internet.

      Why You Need To Use Viral Launch?

      The Viral Launch team has worked with Amazon for more than 5,500 brands. You have so many successes. The Viral Launch Company provides the software and services for the hard-working seller. If the seller comes back with the satisfaction story and how the software changes his business, nothing is more satisfying than that.

      The seller’s Amazon product is safe with the software. They preserve the confidentiality of the Amazon seller. They value the data of their customers. To use your service, you must purchase your subscription. If you enjoy the service, you may renew or cancel the subscription to the Software.

      The decision is yours. Although the payment for a current subscription is not refunded, the service will remain in effect until the end of the invoice date. If you want a free trial, create a free account and get a free search in all categories.


      Sellics is the leading all-in-one software tool dedicated exclusively to Amazon’s success. Increase organic website traffic, automate PPC campaigns, track profits, and more. It is a powerful and useful software tool for any business. Thousands of brands and sellers rely on Sellics products and services. They provide a complete tool for Amazon sellers and Amazon sellers.

      You know that statistics are important. So look at the numbers:

      Helium10 vs Viral launch Vs Sellics- sellics dashboard

      The ROI of Amazon PPC campaigns has multiplied by 1.6, averaging 63% more than the marketing dollar.

      If everything goes together: better ranking, customer satisfaction, and PPC campaigns, the Amazon business will certainly grow. Sellics achieved a 42% increase in sales.

      It can be difficult to satisfy everyone, but customer satisfaction reaches 93%. This issue became his inspiration for endeavoring to give Amazon sellers the best possible experience.

      Advantages Of Using Sellics

      If privacy or data security issues arise in the Amazon Marketplace. Sellics Web Service API access token provided by limited data from your Seller Central account. Your credentials will not be shared. As a member of the Amazon Solution Provider network, Sellics never shares your account information with anyone else or Amazon.

      1. Product Finder

      The product detector gives you a detailed overview of the various products sold on Amazon. This can help you find the most profitable niche if you have trouble finding new product ideas.

      Sellics claims that Amazon’s top 10,000 suppliers are filtered by category in its product database. With filters such as sales area, estimated sales, number of revisions, and weight, you can quickly find thousands of products that meet your criteria.

      2. Niche Analyzer

      By analyzing the sales volume and competitiveness in your desired niche with the Niche Analyzer, you can easily see how much revenue is generated in a niche and how difficult it will be to rate keywords more effectively.

      3. Control Panel

      Helium10 vs Viral launch Vs Sellics- control panel

      The control panel contains widgets that display all sorts of useful data, such as: For example, revenue and profit, tips, performance, keyword ranking, PPC performance, and a list of all products including revenue, revenue share, and revenue. together. It’s good to have a quick overview of the location of your products.

      4. Spy tool

      With the spy tool, you can control the prices of your competitors and discover their best-selling products. In addition, you can track the actual sales volume of your target product, reducing the risk of investing in poorly sold products and receiving unsold inventory.

      Helium10 vs Viral launch Vs Sellics- keyword selection

      You can determine the actual sales volume of a product on Amazon and see at a glance how the lowest and lowest prices are developing and how the prices of your products are developing. With the spy tool, you can also set up a hacker alert to warn you when unscrupulous traders try to sell your products at a cheaper price and steal your income.

      5. Classification of keywords.

      With the Sellics Keyword Ranking Tool, you can search for new keywords, keywords rated by your competitors, and any combination of keywords. Sellics claims to have 180,000,000 Amazon keywords in its database.

      Helium10 vs Viral launch Vs Sellics- listing selection

      The volume search helps you find the most relevant keywords for your products. By tracking keywords, you can monitor the evolution of your assortment and track the impact of your optimization efforts.

      6. Inventory management tool

      The Inventory Management Tool can notify you immediately when you receive an evaluation of the product. It is no secret that negative valuations can seriously affect sales.

      Receiving instant alerts helps you respond quickly to negative comments and reduce damage. With Sellics you can leave a negative comment with one click directly in the panel.

      Manual inventory management can be a problem, especially for a diversified product portfolio. Inventory Management automatically calculates the ideal replacement date for your products based on your current inventory, sales speed, and delivery time.

      7. Interest Panel

      The pay table will be seamlessly integrated into your Seller Central account to show your exact profit margins, including all prices (FBA price, shipping, PPC costs, Amazon fees, merchandise value, premium equipment costs) deducted in real time
      The panel is updated every five minutes and can be used to track the benefits of all your products throughout the day.

      You can enter your costs manually to get more accurate results, instantly see the profitability of each product, and determine who loses disproportionately.

      8. Sellics Cockpit

      Sellics consists of widgets that display all sorts of useful data: benefits and benefits, ratings, services, keywords, the performance of PPC and a range of all its services and products, revenue, revenue share, etc. The current level of sales. Here is a brief overview of how your products work.

      With the Sellics Keyword Ranking Tool, you can explore new keywords and phrases, search for keywords that your competitors rank for, and find all sorts of keyword combinations. Sellics claims to have 180,000,000 Amazon keywords in its own database.

      Helium10 vs Viral launch Vs Sellics- SEO

      The search volume index is useful for knowing what keywords are relevant to services and products. In addition, using keyword tracking, you can track changes in your positions over time and envision the impact of keywords. Advertising campaigns.

      The Inspection Management application can notify you immediately upon receipt of product inspection. By receiving quick notifications, you can respond immediately to negative comments and limit the damage. With Sellics, you can comment on unwanted changes in one click directly from the Dashboard.

      Prudent inventory management is sometimes a problem, especially if you have a diversified product portfolio. The Inventory Management application automatically calculates an ideal order date for services and products based on inventory size, sales speed, and delivery time.

      Sellics Pricing Plans

      Before you buy any of the sellics packages, you can test all the free features for 14 days (no credit card required). Sellics recommends that you test your classification optimization program with two products. First, search for as many relevant keywords as possible.

      Helium10 vs Viral launch Vs Sellics- sellics pricing

      If you do not know which keywords are most appropriate for your products, you can use the Keyword Rating feature to show the ranking of your most relevant keywords.

      For example, if your product is one o’clock, the keywords might be “Best Watch Below $ 1,000” or “Brand Watches.” Sellics recommends using the PPC Optimizer tool to identify the keywords you want to convert. You should see your first qualification at the end of the test phase. At this point, Sellics has collected enough data to produce meaningful reports on the keywords being analyzed.

      At the end of the free trial, you can choose a subscription. Sellics uses a variable pricing model where prices are based on the products sold.

      Sellics recently changed its pricing model as it used a credit system for keywords or tracked products. This became very confusing and excluded software users because they did not understand how this was done.

      The new Sellics pricing model is an improvement, but it can be confusing as the subscription rate is now tied to Amazon sales.
      For example, if your income is between $ 1,500 and $ 60,000, Sellics calculates $ 67 per month with a semiannual option of $ 342 ($ 57 per month) and an annual option of $ 564 ($ 47 per month). ,

      Here is a breakdown of Sellics prices:

      Regardless of your level, each plan gives you access to all the important features, all Amazon markets with unlimited products and keywords, and the mobile Sellics app.

      Quick Links,

      Conclusion: Helium10 vs Viral launch Vs Sellics (Our Recommendation)

      In our opinion, Sellics is a great tool because it contains all the analysis software you need to sell on Amazon in a unique and successful package. You get all the information and efficiency indicators you need to grow your Amazon business. You have the opportunity to deepen your understanding and understand the basics of efficiency.

      If you want an analytic control panel that gives you the estimated productivity of your suggestions along with handy features such as a pay per click administrator and follow-up tracking, Sellics is the answer. Let me know in the comments section below what you think about all three tools and what you liked the most.


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