hellotax Review 2021: Best VAT service provider and automation tool

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Ease of Use


  • easy to use
  • automates VAT calculations
  • lets me know when I need a new VAT number
  • Address Validation
  • Data Verification
  • Taxability Verification
  • Audit Trail
  • Exemption Management
  • Transaction Tracking
  • Consumer Use Tax


  • It takes some time to discover all its features.

hellotax is without a doubt a useful software paired with impeccable service. If you are an Amazon seller looking for somebody to take over all your VAT duties in the countries in which you sell your products via Amazon, you have to look no further. With their start in the FBA field hellotax is the perfect service provider for you.

Price:$ 490

Is hellotax the best VAT service provider for Amazon sellers and online shop owners? In this post, I will do a review on the automation tool by hellotax that takes care of your VAT in Europe.

The only thing harder than taking care of your VAT duties in several European countries at once is finding the right tax accountant in each country to ensure that you stay VAT compliant and prevent fines and penalties. This is where cross-border VAT service providers and automation tools like hellotax come in.

Bottom Line Upfront :

hellotax is the latest tool for online sellers, entrepreneurs, and dropshippers that I have reviewed. Since it was originally specialized in Amazon FBA sellers and their VAT compliance it is the best tool for sellers to be VAT compliant. But their automation services that considerably ease the VAT burden in several countries at once can be used by independent European online entrepreneurs as well and is worth a look.

Data of hellotax

Features of hellotax

hellotax Review

hellotax is an amazing service provider that takes over all the VAT duties that arise when buying and selling products via marketplaces or online shops in Europe.

  • Specialized tax accountants

The team includes specialized tax accountants from Europe’s biggest market countries. They help not only with the necessary VAT registrations but also with the regularly necessary VAT returns and filings and, if necessary, with the registration for Europes One-Stop-Shop.

  • Automation software

The service also comes with the proprietary hellotax automation software. Inside the software, all important information, deadlines, and documents are clearly displayed and can be overviewed. It includes all orders, returns, the tax letter inbox, registrations, and necessary returns. All data is validated and checked in real-time while the software monitors storage and threshold limits, the movement of goods, and creates invoices.

  • Translation services

At the same time, the tax letter inbox acts as a digital inbox of all documents received by foreign tax offices, which are translated into the seller’s language. This is crucial since most tax authorities only communicate in the country’s own language and documents needing to be filled out are rarely available in English or other languages.

If there is a need to act, the software will send a warning. The software also has additional data analysis features so the user can optimize their business.

How to start using the hellotax automation software?

hellotax offers both a free sign-up to try the software and a free demonstration. The free consultation with a hellotax VAT expert can easily be booked via the website in English, German, or Turkish. They will answer your VAT related questions,demonstrate the automation software and explain the offered VAT services for interested online sellers. This way you can learn more before you buy.

hellotax pricing

Pricing- hellotax

hellotax’s pricing structure is based on the billing periods, the countries included and the services. The software is free to use and the sign-up requires no credit card information. Without any fees, you can monitor the threshold limits and view all reports and transactions.

  • VAT Registration & Returns

VAT Registration and regular returns cost around 100€ per month per country. If you choose a yearly plan, hellotax also waives the one-time registration fee payment of 300€. You can choose to commission hellotax to take care of your VAT duties in up to 8 countries at once.

Additionally, hellotax offers. With the usage of OSS, each sale needs to be taxed with country-specific VAT rates, but additional VAT registrations in each country you’re selling in are no longer necessary. You need to register for OSS itself, however. hellotax can take care of your registration for about 150€, of the regular reports and filings for the OSS for circa 90€ per month, and put together necessary reports for an additional 50€ a month.

Whether you are a seasoned online seller with a lot of turnovers or a small FBA seller just starting out, hellotax offers a pricing structure to fit all needs.

Why choose hellotax?

What client says

hellotax is undoubtedly one of the best VAT service providers and creators of automation software on the market. The software is even free to use, which means you can try it out before you commit to trust hellotax with your VAT compliance.

Other Reasons To Choose hellotax

Accountability: hellotax offers a guaranteed refund for all penalties that arise due to mistakes on their side and even unavoidable delays to make sure their customers don’t have to worry about their VAT compliance.

Accountability: hellotax operates in conformity with the European GDPR, using encrypted communication protocols and services as well as state-of-the-art data centers

Client Satisfaction: Until now hellotax has reduced 75% of the arising workload due to VAT duties for their customers, filing over 99.5% of their over 10,000 returns on time. This speaks not only of their experience but also their commitment to their clients.

MY verdict: is hellotax worth it for your business?

hellotax is without a doubt a useful software paired with impeccable service. If you are an Amazon seller looking for somebody to take over all your VAT duties in the countries in which you sell your products via Amazon, you have to look no further. With their start in the FBA field hellotax is the perfect service provider for you.

But even if you are an entrepreneur with your own online business hellotax can help you with all VAT-related questions and document filings.

hellotax is an excellent choice if you are looking to avoid penalties and fines. Book a free consultation today or leave feedback in the comments if you have used hellotax in the past.

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