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  • A Human Approach to Music
  • Piano Excercises
  • The Two Basic Jazz Forms
  • Case Study: Reharmonizing "'Round Midnight"
  • Chord Voicings
  • Case Study: Reharmonizing "'Round Midnight"
  • Expanding Your Harmonic Horizons
  • Jam Session: Rhythm in "Actual Proof"
  • Rhythmic Musicianship
  • Recomposing, Rearranging, Reinventing


  • A Little Bit Expensive

About Herbie Hancock

Herbert Jeffrey Hancock is a pianist, keyboardist, conductor, composer and American actor. Hancock began his career with Donald Byrd. Shortly thereafter, he moved to the Miles Davis Quintet, where he redefined the role of a jazz rhythm section and is one of the leading architects for post-bop sound. In the 1970s, Hancock experimented with the fusion styles of jazz, funk, and electro.

Herbie Hancock Masterclass Review

Herbie Hancock is best-known compositions include “Cantaloupe Island”, “Watermelon Man” (later performed by dozens of musicians, including bandleader Mongo Santamaría), “Maiden Voyage”, “Chameleon” and singles “I” thought “. It was you “and” Rockit. “His tribute album River: The Joni Letters of 2007 was awarded the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 2008 and was the second jazz album to receive this award in 1965 by Getz / Gilberto.

Herbie Hancock Early Life (Herbie Hancock MasterClass Review 2019)

Hancock was born on April 12, 1940, in Chicago, Illinois, to Winnie Belle (Griffin), secretary and Wayman Edward Hancock, a state meat inspector. His parents called him singer and actor Herb Jeffries. He attended the Hyde Park Academy. Like many jazz pianists, Hancock began with a background in classical music. He learned at the age of seven and his talent was recognized very early.

Herbie Hancock Masterclass Review- early life

As a child prodigy, he plays the first movement of the Piano Concerto n. Mozart’s 53rd Major, K. 537 (coronation) at a youth concert on February 5, 1952, with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (under the direction of CSO Vice Director George Schick) at the age of 11 years.

During his youth, Hancock never had a jazz teacher, but he developed his sense of hearing and his sense of harmony. He was also influenced by Hi-Lo’s vocal group recordings.

In 1960 he heard Chris Anderson play only once and asked him to take him as a student. Hancock often mentions Anderson as his harmonious guru. Hancock leaves Grinnell College, settles in Chicago and begins working with Donald Byrd and Coleman Hawkins. During this time he also attended courses at Roosevelt University. He then studied electrical engineering and music at Grinnell.

International Recognition

In the 1970s, after attending Davis’ early jazz-rock experiments, Herbie Hancock began directing fusion groups and playing electronic keyboards, from electric pianos to synthesizers. The fascinating colors and rhythms of the sound, stratified synthesizer lines, characterize jazz-funk hits like “Chameleon” from their hit album Headhunters (1973). Later Hancock hits include “You Bet Your Love” (1979) and “Rockit” (1983).

Herbie Hancock Masterclass Review- awards

At the same time, he composed music, jazz-rock and direct jazz for commercials, television programs and films like Blow-Up (1966), Death Wish (1974) and Round Midnight (1986). ; For the last time he won an Oscar. Since the mid-1970s he has been playing acoustic piano in jazz projects, playing duets with Chick Corea and playing in combos with former Davis trumpets and collaborators such as Freddie Hubbard and Wynton Marsalis.

Interest in the Hancock Blue Note catalog was renewed in 1993 when a show by “Cantaloupe Island” appeared in the international hit of Us3 “Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)”. In 1998, he gathered his group of headhunters and around the turn of the millennium, many joint projects were launched.

In Future 2 Future (2001), Herbie Hancock joined up with jazz legend Wayne Shorter and some of the biggest names in techno music produce a complete fusion of jazz rhythms and electronic music. Her next project, Possibilities (2005), was an adventure in pop music with guest artists like Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, and Santana. Hancock has added some prizes to its already important Grammy collection.

Herbie Hancock Masterclass Review 2019

Herbie Hancock comes with a piano masterclass titled “Herbie Hancock Teaches Jazz”. This is a very extensive network for a course with 25 lessons of 10 to 15 minutes. Here you can learn JAZZ in 25 relatively short video lessons.

Herbie is just amazing: not only is he a music legend, but he is also committed to the next generation of musicians, said David Rogier, CEO, and co-founder of MasterClass. “The depth and joy with which he shares his profession is a revelation.”

So, what do you get? They get the best of Herbie for many different topics, mainly jazz, but also music in general. This includes:

  • Much of Herbie’s philosophical approach to music.
  • Herbie’s approach to improvisation.
  • Herbie’s approach to writing and composition.
  • Interesting voices of chords and pronunciation lessons.
  • How he learns (and learns) new things and new tunes.
  • Some exercises (not much) of piano and technical things.
  • Herbie’s approach to navigating your music career.
  • Your favorite music and inspirations during the career.

Herbie Hancock Masterclass Outline

Herbie Hancock’s jazz career started in his family’s living room, listening to his favorite records and trying to play along. Now, he’s one of the most renowned musicians in the world. Join Herbie course on masterclass where he shares his approach to improvising, composition, and harmony. Gain access to 10+ original piano transcriptions, including 5 exclusive solo performances. Here is the outline of the course that you will learn over time.

Herbie Hancock Masterclass Review- masterclass structure

01 – Introduction
02 – A Human Approach to Music
03 – Improvisation
04 – Learning by Listening
05 – The Two Basic Jazz Forms
06 – Listen and Learn: “Oleo”
07 – Piano Basics
08 – Piano Exercises
09 – Improvising Alone
10 – Expanded Improv Techniques
11 – Jam Session: Improvising Together
12 – Composing
13 – Recomposing, Rearranging, Reinventing
14 – Jam Session: Two Approaches to “Watermelon Man”
15 – Working As a Composer
16 – Chord Voicings
17 – Case Study: Reharmonizing “‘Round Midnight”
18 – Ravel’s Creative Harmonies
19 – Expanding Your Harmonic Horizons
20 – Listen and Learn: “Maiden Voyage”
21 – Rhythmic Musicianship
22 – Jam Session: Rhythm in “Actual Proof”
23 – A Musical Life
24 – Listen and Learn: “Watermelon Man”
25 – Closing

Herbie Hancock Masterclass Is For Whom?

If you are the one who loves to play music, play piano, play jazz piano or love, you will definitely benefit from this masterclass. I do not know exactly where this class will take you on your musical journeys, but I think that those who are serious will appreciate “contact” about their potential.

Because? Since he is one of the best live musicians, he speaks with his heart and shares his knowledge and beautiful stories about a gaming experience with the best musicians in the world for over 60 years. A truly amazing opportunity and a refreshing change to learn from random teachers on YouTube.

Herbie Hancock Masterclass Review- course outline

However, starting such a large thematic network has the price of making certain elements obvious to some people (experienced jazz pianists), such as an introduction to Rhythm Changes. (But it’s probably good to know if Herbie is approaching that), while for others (like pianists who are only interested in jazz) a lot of things just “go berserk”. like some of the live demonstrations. Complicated jazz melodies. (but you probably still love her)

Benefits Of Taking Herbie Hancock Masterclass

You can certainly take a big step forward to find your own sound. Every day you do not have the opportunity to learn from someone who has been at the top of the class for 60 years in your class. Especially in an art form that is as impressive as jazz piano.

Without a doubt, Herbie is the most entertaining teacher you can learn. So charming, so real and so sensitive. A joy to learn. And Herbie seems to enjoy sharing his knowledge.

The master class is also about writing new music and not just playing with existing music and improvising.

Herbie Hancock Masterclass Review- benefits

The production level is exceptional. Cinematography is a work of art in itself. The side of the class. The renowned music studio and the $ 300,000 Fazioli piano. It’s not something you see on YouTube every day. I totally felt like I was enjoying an elite music class.

I think the number of lessons is great: 25 lessons are designed so that most people are not “too”, and I think that most people who receive the master’s degree will complete at least 70-80% of the time. Naturally. Lessons that interest you the most.

I love the exercise book a lot, it’s an excellent accompaniment, and although it’s not written by Herbie himself, it’s a great way, to sum up, the lessons and also offer exercises that some of them really did find useful and useful me.  Each lesson contains 1 to 3 pages that summarize it, and you can print everything as a book. Reading the summary before and after each lesson helped me a lot to integrate the new knowledge.

In the workbook, you also get the note of everything that is reproduced in the lesson: Note transcribed for note. (including every little riff that showed Herbie for a second or two)

Herbie Hancock Masterclass Review- what you learn

The comment section about the class sometimes has really great things! A group of other musicians, all in the same class, enjoying the knowledge of Herbie as they share their thoughts, knowledge, and experiences. Much more elegant than a random section on YouTube where people try to be funny.

If you’re talking about the price, I think the price for what I have here is very fair: $ 90 for life, visit 25 courses with a similar caption.

You can really enjoy listening to the artists who heard and inspired Herbie. It was great to know where it came from.


Masterclass is an exclusive online education platform created in 2015 by Aaron Rasmussen and film editor and director David Rogier in 2015 that allows students and learners from across the globe to connect with leading creative professionals Entrepreneur, top influencers and award-winning personalities from the art industry including Oscar award and Grammy award-winning filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, Multi-billion dollar grossing directors, and many more.

Spike Lee Masterclass Review- Classes

Masters at Masterclass

The masterclass is a great way of learning online from top creators as it brings in the best influencers from the art industry under one platform. The platform gives you the opportunity to learn various forms of arts like Creative Writing, Photography, Directing, Cooking Techniques, Acting, Music and much more from an elite list of masters like:

Carlos SantanaGuitar
Mira NairIndependent filmmaking
Helen MirenActing
Samuel L. JacksonActing
Serena WilliamsTennis
Gordon RamsayCooking
Thomas KellerCooking
Tom MorelloElectric Guitar
Steve MartinComedy
Margaret AtwoodCreative writing
Dan BrownWriting thrillers
Stephen CurryShooting, Ball handling and scoring in Basketball
Garry KasparovChess
Jimmy ChinAdventure photography
Martin ScorseseFilmmaking
Christina AguileraSinging
Ken BurnsDocumentary filmmaking
Ron HowardDirecting
Aaron SorkinScreenwriting
Judy BlumeWriting
Deadmau5Electronic music production
UsherArt of performance
Diane Von FurstenbergBuilding a fashion brand
Marc JacobsFashion designing
Herbie HancockJazz
R.L. StineWriting

And many more!

Masterclass Pricing Plans

There are two ways by which you can purchase a Masterclass, a single Masterclass and an All-Access Pass for any of the gurus on the platform.

Spike Lee MasterClass- Film-making Review

  • Single Masterclass: $90
  • All-Access Pass:($180) per year

The All- Access Pass comes in real handy when you wish to take more than one Masterclass, so this means that there is no limit on the number of Masterclasses on the All Access Pass.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is also available for any of the Masterclass packages you purchase and you will get a complete refund of the amount in case you are not satisfied with their services.

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Mobile apps: Access Herbie Hancock MasterClass on the go

Access your Masterclass lessons anywhere on the go by downloading the Masterclass app for your iOS or Android device for free from the App Store and Play Store. Save lessons as favorites, adjust the playback speed and watch them anytime you want to.

Conclusion: Herbie Hancock Masterclass Review 2019 | Should You Go For It?

Herbie Hancock is the latest artist to join MasterClass, an online learning platform that uses the expertise of celebrities, industry leaders and news professionals to provide on-demand classes for busy professionals, learning new skills or developing a new hobby.

In this masterclass, you will see 25 video lessons where 14-time Grammy winner shares his approach to improvisation, composition, and harmony, and provide their students access to 10+ original piano transcriptions, including 5 exclusive solo performances. there’s a downloadable workbook included in the course as well just in the cost is $90.

In my opinion, you must give Herbie Hancock Masterclass a try and you will never get disappointed. Let me know in the comments section what you liked about this course and your experiences if you have already opted for it.

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