Hide.me Review 2023 Should You Try This VPN (Pros & Cons)

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So who dont need VPN for their security ? Everyone in this internet era needs privacy and Hide.me VPN have something great to offers in terms of privacy & security. Hide.me VPN is trusted by more than 15 million users globally because of its top grade security, anonymity & speed. So here is my detailed HIDE.me VPn review 2023 in detailed.


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  • Locations – 56.
  • Countries (across Asia, Europe and The Americas) – 35.
  • Servers – 1400.
  • Simultaneous connections – 5.
  • Protocols – OpenVPN, IKEv2, SoftEther, SSTP (Legacy support for L2TP/IPsec & PPTP).
  • Trial period? No, but there is a completely free version available. On all levels within the Premium Plan there is a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Refund – 30-day refund period; almost every refund accepted
  • Audited – hide.me was the first VPN provider that underwent a comprehensive audit. hide.me has been certified as the most anonymous VPN service in the industry by Leon Juranic, Founder and CEO of Defense Code Ltd. Full certification here.
  • Zero Logs – hide.me has a strict no-logs policy.
  • P2P traffic – hide.me allows P2P traffic on almost all locations, with the exception of 4 highlighted locations that don’t allow P2P. You can view these locations here.
  • OS/Platforms – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Routers, Windows Phone, Chrome, Firefox, BlackBerry, Amazon Fire OS.
  • Support – 24/7 over Live Chat and Ticket System. Detailed articles in our Knowledge base and tutorials available.




VPN Split Tunneling

HIDE.me’s split tunneling feature allows users to choose which apps they want to route through its secure VPN, and which they don’t. By connecting to a VPN on certain apps or devices and maintaining direct internet connection on others, you get to: keep certain apps that manage downloads, file-sharing, and browsing secure via VPN, access pages and apps like Netflix that block VPN connections, maintain low latency connections in online games and take up less internet bandwidth on most internet activities.


Stealth Guard

Stealth Guard is a unique feature that gives you the flexibility to either choose certain apps or

your entire internet connection and limit them to a VPN connection. So if you have limited

uTorrent to VPN, it will never work unless you have your hide.me VPN connected and if your

hide.me connection drops, uTorrent drops the connection as well. This way your IP is always

hidden from everyone, even your ISP.


No Accidental IP Leak – has it ever happened to you that you started using an app (which you should only run over a VPN connection) and you forgot to connect to the VPN? Well it happens to all of us but with hide.me these accidents don’t happen because of the awesome Stealth Guard. Activate Stealth Guard and never worry about leaking your IP accidentally.


Peace of Mind While Downloading Anything – At hide.me VPN, we understand that you need a complete peace of mind when it comes to your anonymity on the internet. Our Stealth Guard is purely designed to give you that peace of mind so you could download your favorite content anonymously.


Save Data While Traveling – Using mobile data is quite expensive, especially if you are traveling abroad. With Stealth Guard, you don’t need to worry about data consumption. As long as it’s active, it won’t consume data traffic. You will be in full control of your data usage. All you need is to connect with hide.me VPN



Hide.me has full IPv6 support on all platforms. Public IPv4 and IPv6 are assigned with each VPN connection. Full connectivity and future proof, since many mobile networks do not assign a unique IPv4 anymore (cgNAT might slow down the connection). Hide.me’s native IPv6 support accelerates speeds. No accidental IP leaks since IPv6 is tunneled over VPN as well.


Auto Connect Feature on Wifi and Ethernet Networks

With this new feature, a user can define default behaviour for WiFi and Ethernet networks. You can also select to remember the default settings for each network.





HIDE.me wanted to build a VPN service that you couldn’t feel. That’s why hide.me offers gigabit speeds and use cutting-edge hardware and software, some of it custom built by us to do the job. hide.me is one of the fastest Offshore VPNs which offers uncompromised speed. hide.me handpicked its servers so that users can enjoy maximum uptime.



hide.me does not log any personal data to avoid legal liability, and to ensure the online privacy of users. Furthermore, hide.me does not store any log file on our VPN servers – all of the usage data hide.me receives is completely anonymous, and is not connected to a user’s real IP address or location. hide.me is not part of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes or Fourteen Eyes Network – an agreement between multiple countries where internet traffic is logged. No internet activity through hide.me’s VPN is logged whatsoever.  


Worldwide Network of Servers:

hide.me has created a dynamic VPN network by carefully selecting VPN servers and locations that fulfil high standards of online security and fast speed. To protect our users’ privacy, hide.me control and run self-owned VPN network with no involvement of outsiders. hide.me covers 56 locations in 35 countries and 1400+ servers throughout Asia, Europe and The Americas.


IP Leakage Detection & Kill Switch

Hide.me offers complete protection against IP leaks and DNS leaks. hide.me’s apps protect against any sort of IP leaks and limits connectivity to the VPN connection. Protection against any sort of IPv4 / v6 leaks if the connection drops (Kill Switch). hide.me configures their uncensored internal DNS to avoid unwanted DNS leaks. DNS queries are only resolved inside the VPN tunnel.



With up to AES-256 encryption, hide.me encrypts your internet connection and buries it below several layers of security – making your personal information untouchable and unseeable on the Public WiFi hotspots. For downloads – music, videos, pictures or businesses who regularly exchange sensitive documents – hide.me makes sure these things don’t fall into the wrong hands – at home, or on the go.


In addition, hide.me has been certified as the most anonymous VPN service in the industry by independent security specialist, Leon Juranic, Founder and CEO of Defense Code Ltd., a company that performs security audits of application source code.


HIDE.me offers the latest protocols for use on PC, Mac, mobile devices, game consoles and home router. Protocols include OpenVPN, SSTP, SoftEther and IKEv2, offering up to AES-256 encryption.



HIDE.me integrates the SOCKS proxy with its VPN to offer optimised speed and security to its users. SOCKS is an internet protocol that is supported by most applications to route data packets through an optimised connection over our VPN servers. By coupling the SOCKS-Proxy with hide.me’s VPN, users enjoy a completely different level of security, providing absolute protection against any kind of IP leaks.


Bypass Internet Censorship

With hide.me, users can protect their online identity. Access websites and services such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Vimeo, Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, Skype, Facetime, and more securely. By encrypting activity with hide.me and using an anonymous IP address, users are safe to say and do what they want on the internet.


Uncensored DNS

Most internet users typically rely on their ISP’s DNS server or 3rd party services, which tends to monitor and record log of internet users’ activities and block access to certain websites. These DNS servers are unencrypted and your ISP can spy on your browsing history. hide.me runs its own DNS on every server. When users connect to hide.me VPN, all your internet traffic will be routed via the same tunnelling protocol and protected with the same level of encryption when using hide.me’s DNS servers.


Anonymous IP Address

When a user connects to one of hide.me’s server locations, it creates an encrypted tunnel for their online activity. Hide.me assigns an anonymous IP and camouflages a user’s real one. The ISP sees unreadable encrypted traffic, and websites see the new, anonymous IP address.


User Friendly

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Register in three simple steps. 





  • 2 GB data transfer
  • 1 simultaneous connection
  • 5 worldwide locations


  • 1 month:
    • $14.95 /mo
  • 1 year plan:
    • $9.99 p/m (Billed $119.95 every year)
  • 2 year plan:
    • $5.41 p/m (Billed $129.95 every two years)
  • Features:
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • High-Speed unlimited bandwidth
  • Full protocol support
  • Ultra fast servers in 56+ locations
  • Windows, macOS, iOS, Android Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


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