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  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Free Security services
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Scheduled IP change
  • Easy to use convenient application
  • Fast servers
  • Good and attentive support
  • HMA Pro VPN very easy to use and intuitive
  • It is easy to use and install


  • No free Trial

Privax Ltd is the parent company of HideMyAss, it was established in 2005 by CEO and founder Jack Cator. HideMyAss is one of the leading VPN service providers. Cator started Privax Ltd when he was 16; he created a free proxy server to unblock the websites that were blocked by his school. Headquartered in London, HideMyAss is one of the first personal VPN service providers.

With the aim of providing the best VPN service at the cheapest price possible, HideMyAss is providing their services to more than 10 million users worldwide. They offer more than 113,000 IP addresses in 182 countries with the help of 848 VPN servers located across 300 different locations all around the globe.

HideMyAss Review homepage


  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Free Security services
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Scheduled IP change
  • Easy to use convenient application
  • Fast servers
  • Good and attentive support
  • It is easy to use and install
  • HMA Pro VPN very easy to use and intuitive


  • They Keep Logfiles
  • No free trial
  • Email responses only from support…. Several days later
  • This VPN service has serious flaws in terms of right management in Europe.
  • HideMyAss do not give refunds on time
  • Management and server network is predominantly located in the USA
  • Dynamic IP with no Fixed IPs for using with PayPal & Credit Card merchants
  • Only 128 bit encryption

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How HideMyAss Works?

HideMyAss Review how it works

The main purpose of using a VPN service is to maintain anonymity online, majority of masses use the VPN service so that no one can monitor their online activity, and protect themselves from hackers, but if you are planning to use a VPN service for some illegal activity then you shouldn’t, as these VPN service providers are also bound by law just like other companies.

HideMyAss Review how it works 2

Though, if you are using VPN services for security and privacy, then HideMyAss VPN service is ideal for you. Once you connect with HideMyAss, you are provided with thousands of fake IP addresses and servers. Also, they encrypt the data which you send and receive, so no hacker or Government agency can access your data.

HideMyAss Review how it works.

You can also switch between servers from different locations, for ex, if Netflix is not available in your country, then you can connect to a US server and watch shows on Netflix. HideMyAss VPN service gives you complete freedom on the Internet; it frees you from any internet restriction and geographical restrictions. However, due to laws of UK they have to keep a log of your internet activities for 2 to 3 months.

How does VPN Works

Here are some features of HideMyAss

Privacy and Security

HideMyAss Review privacy

HideMyAss supports various protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP; any user can access these protocols from any server location. Unlike other VPN service providers, they are bound to keep a partial log of their customer’s internet activity.

They have stated their logging and privacy policies on their website:

  • Record of time when you connect and disconnect from their server
  • Your IP address through which you connected to their VPN
  • IP address of the individual VPN server you used
  • Amount of data uploaded and downloaded

They keep these data for 3 months and delete it afterwards, in case of spam and fraud; they keep the logs for a longer period of time.


HideMyAss Review compatibility

Compatibility of different devices is very important; a VPN which is not compatible with different devices and operating system is of no use. If you are using HideMYAss then you don’t have to worry about compatibility, as it is compatible with personal computers, routers, mobile devices that support PPTP or OpenVPN. It is also compatible with Windows, iOS and Linux. You can use it on any mobile devices.

Customer Support

HideMyAss Review customer support

Customer support is the most important factors, you may have the best product in the market, but if your customer support is poor then your business will never grow. This is why while writing this review I contacted Hide my ass’s customer support team with my made up queries, I was quite impressed with the way their customer support team handles every query. Their team is very professional, patient and knowledgeable. They gave me my time to ask my question and explained me everything as simply as possible.

They have a live chat option available on their website, in order to chat with an agent you need to enter your name and email first, the waiting time is around a couple of minutes. You can also email them your query or issue, they will reply to your email within few hours.

HideMyAss Review support

They also have a blog, where they keep updating new offers and services; they keep adding new blogs frequently. If you are a newbie, you can go to their support page and learn about VPN and HideMyAss. You can literally find everything there is to know about hide my ass and VPN. They have an inventory of step by step tutorial on their support page.

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HideMYAss Setup

Enter you details like username & password.

Hidemyass Review My Experience


Choose the Proxy

Hidemyass Review My Experience setup


You are ready to use HMA.

Hidemyass Review My Experience setup 1

Server Location

HideMyAss Review server location map

HideMyAss has over 700 VPN servers spread across 105 countries, as per the updates, new servers are being added frequently at existing as well as new locations. They recently added servers in Iraq, Syria and Bahrain.

They also have servers located in United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, Ireland, Germany, and Netherlands etc. They have their servers spread in 4 different continents. HideMyAss has over 100,522 IP addresses available, which any user can use anytime and switch between servers while they are browsing the Internet for free.

HideMyAss Review server list

They have a load balancing feature, which gives you details as which server has less traffic and which has most, so that you can choose which server to connect to, with the help of this feature you can connect to the servers with least traffic so that you get the best speed possible.

Hide My Ass  Free Proxy List

Hide My Ass Free Proxy List


HideMyAss Review pricing

When it comes to pricing, HideMyAss is not the cheapest option available in the market, their monthly plan costs $11.52 per month, but if you sing up for their yearly plan, then you can save some money as it will cost you only $6.56 per month, it is also their most popular plan.

If you sign up for their semi-annual plan, then it will cost you $8.33 per month. And if you are sceptical that you might not like HideMyAss then don’t worry, they offer whopping 30-day money back guarantee, which is rare when it comes to VPN service providers. Follow HideMyAss  on Facebook,Twitter & Google+.

If you are not happy with the service provided by HideMyAss then you can ask them to refund your money within 30 days from the date of purchase.

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Watch this video to know how you can purchase and register with HideMyAss

Price of HideMyAss might be little more than other VPN service providers but they make up for it by offering various free security tools.

HideMyAss Review method of payment

There are plenty of payment options available; you can pay through your credit card, PayPal account, Bank Transfer, Webmoney. They also accept bitcoins now, which is ideal for the customers who are extra conscious about their privacy, apart from bitcoins, there are other ways through which you can make a payment anonymously, and keep your identity private.

Mobile Security HideMyPhone

Hide My Phone


Yup, HideMyAss also has an android app, which is a blessing if you travel frequently. The Android app will not only protect your device against any Trojan attack and data theft, but also lets you watch blocked movies, tv series and access blocked websites. You can download their android app from the Google PlayStore for free, the app is very easy to setup and use.

Check out this video by HideMyAss to know how you can setup their Android app

HideMyAss’s android app is compatible with smartphone, which have Android version 4.0; with the help of this Android app you can connect to any server and IP you want to connect to. You can also contact their customer support team via the application. HideMyAss Android app is a great addition to your phone as it will protect your smartphone against any Trojan attack, virus, malware and data theft.

VPN Routers:

Get a pre-configured VPN router for HMA! Pro VPN and secure all of your devices using only one connection!

Hide My Ass Recommended VPN routers

HideMYAss Review:


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Free Services

Unlike other VPN service providers, HideMyAss offers lots of free security tools to their customers. They have a free basic proxy server, which you can use for anonymous internet activities, though it is very basic, it is ideal for signing up with HideMyAss.

With the help of HideMyAss you can set up an anonymous email address for free. You can keep its life span from 1 day to 1 year. They also provide you with plug-ins like Panic button, IP checker and Proxy extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox


HideMyAss Review customer testimonial

If you are looking for a reliable, efficient and fast VPN service, then I strongly recommend HideMyAss. It is fast, safe, secure and gives you the anonymity and privacy you want. The number of servers, IP and countries are very impressive, there load balancing feature will make sure that you always get the best speed possible.

Though their prices are little on the higher side, but the quality of their service is top notch, apart from that they also offer free security services. On top of that every customer is covered under 30-days money back guarantee. There customer support team is very prompt and experienced and easy to reach. So, stop reading and get yourself an annual subscription of HideMyAss.

> Click Here to Try HideMyAss Risk Free  For  30 Days

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    I use Hidemyass vpn for 1 year ..

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    I onyl say about hidemyass….: It’s very ver good..


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