What Makes A Backlink High Quality One

The so-called backlinks – links from some other websites that lead to your business website, is a very essential part of your SEO strategy (SEO = Search Engine Optimization. Just in case there are still people, who are not familiar with the abbreviation).

These links can be very useful, since they can increase your current traffic and attract plenty of new customers. Backlinks are a great way for you to improve and develop your business and your website, making it much more popular and attractive.

However, there are some backlinks, which are not only useless, but also can affect very negatively on your website. Very often such links can ruin your marketing strategy and even your business. But how can you understand whether a backlink is a reliable one, or not?

What are the best ways to create only backlinks of high quality, which will bring you nothing but positive results? In this article we have decided to provide you with some further information on how to make the difference between a low quality backlinks and a high quality one. Here are a few tips.

High quality backlinks are the ones that you get from relevant sources

This is a very important thing. What is the difference? It is pretty obvious, if you think for while. Backlinks from relevant sources are reliable because that give you the opportunity to target your visitors. For example, if you are offering cleaning services and you have decided to start creating backlinks, in order to optimize your website.

The most logical solution would be to choose some websites, relevant to cleaning – cleaning detergents, furniture maintenance. You can even choose some websites, which offer different bathroom styles, for instance. You can be sure that people, who have visited these websites, would be interested in your service, since it is relevant to their needs and preferences.

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High quality backlinks are the ones that come from trust sources

If you want to create really good backlinks and achieve best results, you should consider the fact that the websites that you choose have to be also of high quality. This is a great way to make strong relationships with renowned web-owners. Also, this will be extremely beneficial for your SEO optimization, you can be sure of that!

In-content backlinks

In-content backlinks are one of the most popular type of backlinks. The are a really effective way to give web users further information on something at the exact moment they need it. In-content backlinks are usually inserted somewhere in a block of text and are considered as much more reliable than links down the page or in somewhere in the sidebar.

Uniqueness is the key to a high quality back link

At last but not at least, we decided to remind you of the fact that one of the most important things for creating high quality backlinks to your website is uniqueness. If your competitors are not able to create backlinks to the sites that you have already linked your business with, your backlinks automatically become twice as powerful.

Here are some great tips on how to create really reliable and effective backlinks.

Article marketing

Here is our first suggestion. Article marketing is one of the most effective ways to create really reliable backlinks. What is it all about? Well, basically, this is the so-called guest blogging. All you need to do is write!

As we already mentioned, it will be great if you manage to find some relevant websites since it will be much easier for you to provide up-to-date information, tips and sources. Also, you will not waste your time making research about things that you are barely aware of. This type of information will refer to people, interested in your type of business, which is a great advantage.

What it is so good about article marketing is the fact that you can hire a professional web content writer, who will do this job for you. Because, let’s admit it – not everybody can write. You just choose the website that you want to see your backlink in and then send them your article. For every article posted you get a backlink. It is really easy and effective!

Make a research and find out where your competitors get their backlinks

This one may sound more like a plan, but it definitely works. Make a short list of your biggest competitors and start making a research. This is the easiest way to get some useful ideas.

Video Marketing

And this is another great idea. In recent years this type of marketing has become more and more popular. One of its greatest advantages is the fact that the competition for website ranking is significantly bigger than the competition for videos. In this train of thought, if you choose this type of advertising and creating backlinks, you can be absolutely sure that you will be noticed.

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So I hope you enjoy these techniques for creating a high quality backlink. If you any more techniques to share on link building then mention below in the comment box or email me .

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  2. True. A link is not just a link anymore; it has to be high quality to give the desired results. It’s those days that just any link would do, not anymore.

    As rightly observed in this article, not only are some links not going to give good results, they might even negatively affect you!

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  4. Google has webmaster tools that can help you check your website’s health. You will understand your visitors and you can create strategies to improve your content.

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