Host4Geeks Review 2023 | A Reliable Managed Web Hosting??

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To make your website up and running, you obviously need hosting as well as a domain.  The kind of hosting you require is based on the kind of content you intend to upload. In case the content consists of videos and heavy data, the host must be capable of collecting the data in a short time.

The market has a lot of host providers nowadays and the best one is the one which matches your requirements. One such host provider is Host4Geeks which provides hosting services for multiple purposes. Let us dive in to know more about this hosting service through our detailed Host4Geeks Review. 

Host4Geeks Review 2023 | A Lit Webhosting Platform?

In-Depth Host4Geeks Review

Host4Geeks LLC is amongst the leading web hosting companies which offer hosting services in the US as well as the UK. In order to ensure the presence of the business, one must have top quality web hosting, especially in companies whose products and services are being sold online through the internet. Most of the online businesses lose out on customers due to bad quality web hosting services. 

The company offers all our customers the best platform for their business operations. The team at Host4geeks constantly concentrates on innovation as well as customer satisfaction which are the main attributes for the success of a business venture. The team of expert consultants offers you the best solution required for success.

Host4Geeks Review - Host4Geeks

They aim at attaining excellence by way of managing clients with respect and integrity. They focus on offering innovative solutions to all our clients at reasonable prices. They have a team of experienced and motivated professionals who are passionate regarding their work and aim at offering better services every single day.

Host4Geeks Features

Host4Geeks has about 6000 trusted clients wherein it constantly offers excellent uninterrupted responsive sites. The most attractive feature of the hosting provider is its reasonable pricing for a superfast website. Some of the main features of the service provider are as under:

1) The Cloudflare CDN

Host4Geeks Cloudflare CDN hosting offers protection as well as accelerates the website. On attaching the website to the community of Cloudflare, the web traffic is routed via the global network. The online functioning of the CDN ensures the delivery of the web pages’ is optimized to ensure the webpage loads faster and performs exceptionally. The crawler bots, as well as treats, are blocked so as to avoid wastage of bandwidth and server resources.

2) Speed and Performance

Host4Geeks has an incredible speed/performance wherein the website loads quicker than expected. This is possible with the help of the data centers. The online operation of Cloudflare CDN, optimizer, security, as well as Cloudflare analytics enables in not just loading but also enhancing the load times. 

3) Customer Support

You can get in touch with Host4Geeks customer support via Email, phone calls or through skype. You can get in touch with them as per your feasibility. The categories in this customer support section include sales, support, and billing.

Host4Geeks Review - Customer Support

You can get in touch with the customer support so as to understand the hosting services offered by them and you can opt for any of the services whenever you face an issue

4) Site Lock

Host4Geeks offer sitelock plans that offer security to the client’s web page. But, the daily security scans take place so as to seal the security gaps. The site lock not just checks for applications, websites, and emails, but also checks for spam filters along with blacklists of various search engines. It can identify the treat faced and automatically resolve them. Sitelocks function in the background thereby safeguarding the site when it is live. It also comes with a very powerful scanner, as well as an advanced firewall that locates any vulnerabilities. It blocks the firewalls and ensures you do not fall prey to the hacker.

5) Website Migration

Website migration is free and is very. You do not have to worry regarding the data on various other hosting service providers because Host4Geeks offers migration.

Host4Geeks Review - Free Migration

6) Unlimited Bandwidth

Host4Geeks offers an unlimited bandwidth which helps in reducing the load time of your web pages.

7) Impulse Monitoring

The monitoring system of Host4geeks manages the server round the clock. As and when any issue is identified, alerts are sent by the server to the technician. On getting the alert, the technician can quickly log in and begin the diagnosis as well as resolve the issue. The monitoring system will give you full information pertaining to your server.

Service restoration will help in detecting the server and focuses on restoring it automatically. In case an auto-restart fails, the technician can modify it. Network flow monitoring takes place in real-time. It indicates a detailed and transparent overview of the network and provides alerts on outgoing as well as incoming traffic. In addition to this, you will be aware of the time to upgrade with the help of server metrics monitoring.

8) Swift Network

The servers are quite fast. Customer support is exceptional and the network is quite dependable and reliable.

9) Free DDoS Protection

Free DDoS protection safeguards all of Host4Geeks websites from small and direct attacks. There are a few rules that have been pre-defined by way of manual along with automatic detection which is quite helpful for migrating seizures.

10) VPS Plans – Managed and Unmanaged

VPS plans such as unmanaged or managed care provided by Host4Geeks. When you make use of managed VPS, the server will be managed by you. The VPS can be rented, however, it can also be set up from scratch. Host4Geeks responsibility will be limited to making the servers online, offering network along with power connectivity. When you use unmanaged hosting, it can be quite tricky because it has to be updated, Cpanel must be downloaded on your own and the monitoring can be a bit tough. On the contrary, managed VPS is a ready solution offered by Host4Geeks, where the company sets up the server, monitors and secures the website as well.

11) Protection

The firm offers advanced protection which offers protection from every kind of attack and ensures the site is safe. The IP address will be well-protected with the help of DDoS for the website and ensures it is protected overall from all attacks.

12) SSL Certificate and SEO

SEO tools are provided to optimize the website. Also, the SSL certificate is offered by Host4Geeks.

Host4Geeks Pricing And Plans 

Based on the requirements for your website, all the facilities of the host server will be decided. The price plan and package will be decided based on the features and facilities you need. There are web hosting plans which begin at only Rs.99/and this is quite cheap shared hosting with good features at affordable prices.

Host4Geeks Review - Pricing plan

FAQs of Host4Geeks

1)  Which plan should commercials go for?

For commercials, many projects keep operating simultaneously on just one server. Therefore, the commercial plans will be different based on the features you need. Opting for a business plan is a good choice for commercials. The business plan can even be customized according to your requirements.

2)  Which plan should a startup go for?

A startup can select the plan based on the business/industry it is in. For instance, if you are into website development, a business plan will be apt. In case the business does not focus on website development, however it is dependent on hosting services or a website, the personal plan will be ideal.

3)  Which plan should a blogger go for?

Bloggers must opt for the personal plan until the blog number is minimal. In case you are expecting a lot of podcasts as well as blogs to run on one server, you could opt for a personal plan with some extra benefits. Generally, bloggers have a lot of textual content along with image content which does not need a lot of space. But, if it includes uploading of video content on the server, you must select the plan accordingly.

Host4Geeks Review From Customers

Host4Geeks Review - Customer Review

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Conclusion: Host4Geeks Review 2023 

Everybody would love to have an exceptional and reliable host server. Host4Geeks is amongst the very trusted, flexible and reliable host servers currently available in the market. It offers the best security and a lot of updated features.

So, if you are on the lookout for a good hosting service provider, you need not think twice before selecting Host4Geeks host services.

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