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Hotspot Shield is Wi-Fi security software created by Anchor-Free, a Mountain View California corporation. Hotspot Shield locates a market of over 1.6 billion Internet users, in need of secure browsing, privacy, and freedom online. Hotspot Shield guards every Internet communications and web browsing and guards each user’s privacy and identity online.

Hotspot Shield protects all browsing making each page you visit as secure as your banking site. Securing the users on many devices and all browsers, Hotspot Shield is the preferred and most trusted way to browse the web for millions of consumers.

It is a venture funded private company located in Silicon Valley. Our engineers create the most innovative technologies to enable users to stay protected & private online. We believe that everybody deserves to be secure & private online.  Today’s top deal: 33% off. Hotspot Shield Elite has 20 coupons & discount vouchers in July 2018.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Virtual Private Network coupon codes discount codes promo codes

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Promo Coupon Codes July 2018: 33% Off

30% off 12-24 Month Plans

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20% off Hotspot Shield Elite

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20% off Hotspot Shield Elite

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25% off Hotspot Shield Elite

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10% offSitewide

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Why need Hotspot Shield Elite

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Coupon Codes

Using the hotspots and Wi-Fi without the protection of Hotspot Shield will risk to us! That’s why we created this application. It secures and conceals our information and identity in a few easy steps. The strategy of Hotspot Shield Elite is to not only secure and protect your data but also gives you with an entirely safe environment for all your online activities, anywhere, anytime.

Top reasons to get Hotspot Shield Elite

  • Uses technology to protect your identity and content
  • Accesses of portals and blocked sites from anywhere
  • Intercepts spammers using a range of malware packages
  • It gives support five devices with a single license
  • VPN position available in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Canada and Germany
  • It configures easily for access
  • Gives complete VPN coverage on one click
  • Develops a secure VPN tunnel between you and the networked world
  • Anonymizes your logon

Hotspot Shield Elite provides:

Anonymous online access

It masks your IP address to ensure an anonymous browsing environment, knowing that you’re browsing, and communication history is private and confidential.

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Identity theft protection

It protects your personal data, such as credit card information, passwords, and personal records.

Malware protection

Its tool of anti-malware function protects you from over 3.5 million known malware threats, phishing sites.

Fast browsing

Hotspot Shield Elite leveraging the power of dedicated networks to speed up your browsing experience.

No reinstall required

When to purchase, you can use a unique code to activate your subscription. No installation or reboot is requiring.

Protect business

  • Make email private and web browsing
  • Leading VPN provider trusted by millions
  • Encrypt online communications
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Protects Wi-Fi access at work
  • Economical pricing for small businesses
  • Unblock restricted websites & apps
  • High speed


  1. Freedom – Access to your favorite blocked and censored sites via multiple virtual locations
  1. Security Secures your Internet traffic, making websites safe
  1. Privacy Anonymizes your IP address for private browsing
  1. Malware Detection Identifies and prevents known malware blocks deceitful, Phishing sites.
  1. Ad-free browsing offers ad-free internet browsing
  1. Dedicated Elite Network Delivers fast browsing and downloads


Hotspot Shield Elite Review & Coupon Codes: Conclusion

The thing that we fancy the various about Hotspot Shield Elite version is the minimal connection speed slowdowns. The ads were gone; the connections are now more stable and more secure. Regrettably, we can’t help but think that there’s something missed with this virtual private network service. Equate to its challenges, it failed to match what top VPN providers have to offer.

I hope you like this Hotspot Shield exclusive discount coupon code July 2018. Please share these coupon codes if you find it helpful.

The price of $4.99 per month, one of the inexpensive premium VPNs today, we can say that it is best than the expensive VPN services. The baseline here is Hotspot Shield Elite works, and it’s inexpensive.  If you have wanted to access content from the countries mentioned, Hotspot Shield Elite is an excellent choice for a premium Virtual Private Network.

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