Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Promo Coupon Codes 2020: 33% Off

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Promo Coupon Codes
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Value for Money






  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Very easy-to-use
  • P2P support on all servers
  • Incredibly fast in most locations
  • Incredible User Experience
  • Torrenting is Fully Supported
  • Netflix Compatible
  • Ѕaving your timе and monеy


  • The monthly plan is expensive
  • Only works with Hotspot Shield apps

Hotspot Shield is Wi-Fi security software created by Anchor-Free, a Mountain View California corporation. Hotspot Shield locates a market of over 1.6 billion Internet users, in need of secure browsing, privacy, and freedom online. Hotspot Shield guards every Internet communications and web browsing and guards each user’s privacy and identity online.

Hotspot Shield protects all browsing making each page you visit as secure as your banking site. Securing the users on many devices and all browsers, Hotspot Shield is the preferred and most trusted way to browse the web for millions of consumers.

It is a venture funded private company located in Silicon Valley. Our engineers create the most innovative technologies to enable users to stay protected & private online. We believe that everybody deserves to be secure & private online.  Today’s top deal: 33% off. Hotspot Shield Elite has 20 coupons & discount vouchers in October 2020.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Virtual Private Network coupon codes discount codes promo codes

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Promo Coupon Codes October 2020: 33% Off

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Why need Hotspot Shield Elite

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Coupon Codes

Using the hotspots and Wi-Fi without the protection of Hotspot Shield will risk to us! That’s why we created this application. It secures and conceals our information and identity in a few easy steps. The strategy of Hotspot Shield Elite is to not only secure and protect your data but also gives you an entirely safe environment for all your online activities, anywhere, anytime.

Top reasons to get Hotspot Shield Elite

  • Uses technology to protect your identity and content
  • Accesses of portals and blocked sites from anywhere
  • Intercepts spammers using a range of malware packages
  • It gives support five devices with a single license
  • VPN position available in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Canada and Germany
  • It configures easily for access
  • Gives complete VPN coverage on one click
  • Develops a secure VPN tunnel between you and the networked world
  • Anonymizes your logon


Hotspot Shield has big claims about the performance of its Catapult Hydra protocol, but is it fashionable? We’re checking the service on Fast, Speedtest, and other Netflix sites to find out.

The closest UK connection generated speeds of about 68 to 70 Mbps, which we could expect from a VPN on our 75 Mbps high-speed fiber test lead

The arrival in neighboring European countries (Netherlands, France, Germany) made practically no difference with speeds of about 65 to 70 Mbit / s.

What is a VPN? | Hotspot Shield

The connection to the United States has shown that our download speeds have hardly changed at 60-65 Mbps. This is a significant improvement over our last full test.

Oddly enough, many of the more distant hotspot Shield servers were even faster: Brazil, India, Japan, and Singapore had about 65-70 Mbps. In Australia, the speeds have finally dropped, but only by 55 to 65 Mbits / s, which still trample almost everyone.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Coupon Codes - VPN worksThese are outstanding results for both maximum speeds and durability, especially for the most remote locations. If you want to connect to remote servers on a regular basis, Hotspot Shield could be one of the best VPNs of the moment.

Client Configuration

When you sign up to Hotspot Shield, you will be redirected to your web console, where you’ll find download links for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS clients, as well as the Chrome extension.

If you expect instructions to manually configure connections on routers or other platforms, you’ll be disappointed. Hotspot Shield has supported standard protocols like OpenVPN. Now you can only use the patented “Catapult Hydra” technology.

The company says it’s worth it, as the speed of remote connections increases 2.4 times. However, since nothing else is compatible with Catapult Hydra, you can only use the service. With the own applications and clients of Hotspot Shield.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN coupon code - window codeThese applications and clients are at least easy to install and use. The Windows client has been configured like any other application, while the mobile applications and the Chrome extension can be found and installed in the appropriate application stores. Log in with the username and password you created during registration and explore the service.

Windows client

Most VPN applications are easy to use, but the Windows client of Hotspot Shield takes that simplicity to another level. The interface is a dark character, almost empty; The only function is a large on / off switch in the middle. and if you do not already have it, a title below says: “Click the button to start the connection“.

Follow the instructions and you will be connected to the service within a few seconds (Hotspot Shield is connected faster than most VPNs).

The power button becomes smaller and floats up on the control panel. Then there is a map that indicates your new virtual location and your new IP address, and some numbers indicate the total amount of data you have. We downloaded and downloaded. It all looks good and is very well presented.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Coupon Codes - VPN for Windows PCIf you click on the current location, a list of other countries from which you can choose will be displayed. This is a simple menu that contains no information about server removal, load or ping times, no option to select locations in a country, and no favorites system or list of recently used to speed up the reconnection relatively short in 29 countries.

Since site selection changes quickly to the server, about three seconds in our verification system, much faster than most VPNs, the Hotspot Shield is still very fast to use.

The Hotspot Shield configuration dialog is also simple and offers few options. However, the basics are still covered, with switches running the client at Windows startup to prevent IP leakage and allow a power-off switch to block Internet access in the event of a VPN loss.Hotspot Shield Elite VPN coupon code - window code

There is a welcome bonus in the customer’s ability to automatically connect to Hotspot Shield when accessing insecure wireless LAN access points, secure access points or all networks. This option is almost not as often available as we would like and it is good to see it here.

The option of helping the customer is another advantage. Instead of simply opening your browser on the Hotspot Shield support site, the most important FAQs appear on the client UI (you can not connect, log in, but not surf, etc.). You can get step-by-step tips with one or two clicks.

If this does not help, the browser will open via the Contact button on the Live Support Hotspot Shield page for professional support.

Android Apk

The Android Hotspot Shield app has about the same simple and clean interface as its Windows cousin. Open the application, click Connect and your current location will appear on a small map.

Touch the name of the place (or on the map) and you will find that this is especially useful. While the Windows client initially connects to the last used server, the Android application can be configured to connect to the server more quickly at its current location.

Another way to move around the screen is to automatically protect traffic from certain applications. Add the required applications to the list, and Hotspot Shield automatically connects each time it connects.

There are additional tools to detect malware and extend the life of the battery (the application previously used a Bitdefender-based malware scanner, which was apparently emptied). and you can get very similar features from a variety of free maintenance applications for Android.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Coupon Codes - download free

A configuration window also follows roughly the same pattern as the Windows client. There are options to start when the device starts or to automatically enable the hotspot shield for certain network types (secure, unsecured, mobile). Unfortunately, there are no integrated shutdown parameters. However, you can disable the VPN if your device is idle, which can save you power.

We are pleased that the Android application also contains Help documents embedded in the Hotspot Shield site. So you can get ideas about common problems in your interface instead of just opening a site. Web support and allows you to browse relevant articles yourself.

In this case, there is not much power or configuration, but the Android application is easy to use and automatic selection of the best server is a positive advantage over the Windows client.

iOS application

The iOS Hotspot Shield application is another nearby interface for other clients, with little more than a login button, a world map, a list of locations, and some configurations.

As usual, the iOS version has a more visual touch style than the desktop competition. After clicking the Connect button, the application not only highlights your current location on the map but also flashes gently. This makes it easier to recognize your position and also looks very good.

What you do not get is a lot in terms of functionality. The “optimal server” connection option that comes with Android is not available here and you still need to select a specific country as the default location.

The configuration field is also tight, there is no automatic start or automatic connection options or an off switch. The only option available is the “insecure connections” setting, which notifies you when you connect to an unsecured network. You may be prompted to sign in manually. (Again, this is disabled by default).

We quickly noticed another problem when the application asked us to give an evaluation. This is not unusual, and we expect free or trial applications, but not if we buy a relatively expensive commercial application that will appear a few hours after installation.

In general, the iOS App looks good and is easy to use. However, it’s hard to see why you can not connect to the best server in your environment, especially as Hotspot Shield has proven that with the Android application.

Browser extensions

Many VPNs offer browser extensions. However, these are usually very simple and simplified tools with some features and not with a list of locations and a login button. However, this is not the case with Hotspot Shield: the Chrome extension offers many features and is in some ways more powerful than desktop and mobile applications.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Coupon Codes - helpThe opening surface gives no indication, as it looks very similar to the other clients: a dark, almost empty sign with a central connection button and almost nothing else. The point, click and connect.

It’s also an almost instantaneous connection since the browser extension is a simple proxy system that only protects your browser traffic. This does not work in all situations, but if you are primarily interested in unlocking sites, this can be very useful.

The extension becomes more interesting when you click the Settings button in the top right corner. For example, you can define a default server to access the Hotspot Shield when you log in to the connector for the first time, which automatically connects to the nearest server.

There is also a problem because you only have a relatively small number of servers available: Canada, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. However, additional control is always welcome.

There are many privacy enhancements that start with ad blocking, cookies, tracking software, malware, and WebRTC. You can also ignore any resources you access and that is hosted on your site. local network

The best additions can be the Auto-Protect and Bypass Lists, at least if you’ve found them (they’re on the Chrome Hotspot Shield settings page, not the expansion console).

Add sites to the first hotspot Shield, and every time you try to access them, Hotspot Shield is automatically enabled. This is useful if you want to fully use the VPN. Add sites to the alternate solution, and Hotspot Shield will redirect you through your ordinary login instead of the tunnel.

This is convenient for sites that do not need to work with a VPN or view your actual location (a flat transfer platform only available). in their country).

It’s not as powerful as it seems. For example, the ad blocker is not as powerful as the market leaders and has no settings or options to customize the operation. However, it generally works very well and the Chrome extension is better than most proxy competitors.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Coupon Codes - featuresAlthough Hotspot Shield is almost not published on the website, it also has an extension for Firefox. It looks and works the same as the Chrome extension, with only a few omissions (it does not include the optional sword mode to provide web browsers with incorrect browsing information).

Chrome version and is a welcome addition to the Hotspot Shield range.

Hotspot Shield Elite provides:

Anonymous online access

It masks your IP address to ensure an anonymous browsing environment, knowing that you’re browsing, and communication history is private and confidential.

Attention : Top Best VPN Service Providers of 2020: Updated Reviews

Identity theft protection

It protects your personal data, such as credit card information, passwords, and personal records.

Malware protection

Its tool of anti-malware function protects you from over 3.5 million known malware threats, phishing sites.

Fast browsing

Hotspot Shield Elite leveraging the power of dedicated networks to speed up your browsing experience.

No reinstall required

When to purchase, you can use a unique code to activate your subscription. No installation or reboot is requiring.

Protect business

  • Make email private and web browsing
  • Leading VPN provider trusted by millions
  • Encrypt online communications
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Protects Wi-Fi access at work
  • Economical pricing for small businesses
  • Unblock restricted websites & apps
  • High speed


  1. Freedom – Access to you’re favorite blocked and censored sites via multiple virtual locations
  1. Security Secures your Internet traffic, making websites safe
  1. Privacy Anonymizes your IP address for private browsing
  1. Malware Detection Identifies and prevents known malware blocks deceitful, Phishing sites.
  1. Ad-free browsing offers ad-free internet browsing
  2. Dedicated Elite Network Delivers fast browsing and downloads


  • Incredibly fast in most places
  • Unlock Netflix
  • Very easy to use
  • P2P support on all servers.
  • The fastest speed (except in the US)
  • Incredible user experience
  • Torrent is fully compatible
  • Compatible with Netflix (for the time being)


  • It works only with hotspot shield applications.
  • The monthly fee is expensive.
  • Some operational problems
  • Bad support website

Plans and prices

Hotspot Shield Premium is more expensive than most VPNs but offers at least many options with no less than four packages.

A monthly billing option costs $ 12.99, placing it on a much more exclusive marketplace. The monthly fee for private Internet access is $ 9.99 cheaper, and even a high-level VPN such as ExpressVPN is slightly cheaper at $ 12.95.

Renewing your subscription allows you to get better deals. If you choose the six-month plan, the price will increase to $ 8.99 per month, while the annual bill will reduce it to $ 5.99 per month and reduce the three-year prepayment to $ 3.49.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Coupon Codes - pricing plan

There are better deals: NorthVPN’s three-year contract costs only $ 2.99 per month, but Hotspot Shield has a low price, and you’d expect a decent VPN in the lineup.

Payment with Bitcoin is not supported. However, you can use a variety of other methods, including cards, PayPal and (for more anonymity) gift cards from hundreds of companies.

Open a Premium account, and although the details of your payment are required, you will not be charged for the first 7 days. Cancel within this time and pay nothing. Even if you deliver the money, it is still protected by a generous 45-day money-back guarantee. 

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Hotspot Shield Elite Review & Coupon Codes: Conclusion

The thing that we fancy the various about Hotspot Shield Elite version is the minimum connection speed slowdowns. The ads were gone; the connections are now more stable and more secure. Regrettably, we can’t help but think that there’s something missed with this virtual private network service. Equate to its challenges, it failed to match what top VPN providers have to offer.

I hope you like this Hotspot Shield exclusive discount coupon code October 2020. Please share these coupon codes if you find it helpful.

The price of $4.99 per month, one of the inexpensive premium VPNs today, we can say that it is best than the expensive VPN services. The baseline here is Hotspot Shield Elite works, and it’s inexpensive.  If you have wanted to access content from the countries mentioned, Hotspot Shield Elite is an excellent choice for a premium Virtual Private Network.

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