How Finovate Asia Can Help You Grow As Entrepreneur?

With new technologies and more availability of resources, almost all of us have once thought of becoming an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as it seems. You would definitely need an innovation plus the investment. One of the ways to get the investors for you is to attend the startup  events, get the ideas and meet the investors. Knect365 brings the most exciting event- ‘Finovate Asia’.

Why Should You Attend Finovate Asia?

Date: 29-30 October 2018

Finovate Asia will take place on 29th and 30th October 2018 in Hong Kong. It will showcase the best innovations in finance and banking from over 30 leading established companies and brand-new startups. You will be hearing the discussions and panels on various topics like future of fintech unfolding in Asia, the evolution and limits of current financial regulation, and investment from within or without the region to the future of digital banks, AI, blockchain, and digital currency.


Each hand-picked company will receive just 7 minutes on stage to provide an inside glimpse into their latest developments. After the demos, the networking session will be held which will give you the chance to speak directly with the notable innovators and speakers that you will see on the stage.

Also, the demos will be followed by the expert content and commentary giving you a deep insight into the industry’s latest topics and trends. The sessions will be divided into specific tracks so that you can find your own session on the basis of ideas most relevant to you and your company. These short sessions will be hosted by over more than 80 of the most accomplished bankers, brokers, investors and other tech luminaries.

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