How Sets Up Your Individual Data Flow 2022

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When it comes to running your digital ad campaigns, many times we stumble into the problem of your unique metrics and scenarios. In spite of the fact that each campaign is an individual case with more and more granularity, most of the available tools offer a limited level of customization.

However, luckily for digital marketers all over the world, there is a fresh solution to such worries. In this piece, I am going to show you what has to offer regarding your digital marketing needs; and how it can help you set up your individual data flow. 

 How Sets Up Your Individual Data Flow 2022

About is a focused marketing analytics platform that any business would ask for. It can easily extract, process, and merge your data from numerous sources within a single interface. Thus, it is capable of securing your complete control over ad spending and performance. 


Features for your individual dataflow 

In a nutshell, makes it possible to: 

1.  Extract raw data. On the basis of the campaign names, geos, individual managers, and platforms can be recognized. The extraction of metadata is real as well. Raw Data

2.   In addition, data filtering is also possible: by media buyers, geos, platforms, Data filtering

3.   As it has already been mentioned above, info covering your profits from third-party trackers and/or inhouse BI can be provided and info covering4.  After such info has been added, data covering your sources and other ‘tags’ can be Data covering5.  As a result, a complete picture of your digital marketing campaigns is generated and a proper report built. You can see such an example below. Digital Marketing campaigns


If you are interested in how it looks like, there is a selection of actual screenshots below. 

Here is a general overview of dashboard: general overview dashboard

Here is a sample of potential customized data dimensions for this particular example potential data

And, finally, an example of applicable filters that can be used for your individual data flo individual data flow

How sets up your individual data flow

It is worth mentioning that all the screenshots are just a potential instance of truly unlimited capabilities. Pros and Cons

Pros Of

  • The best part of is it can link almost 40 data sources almost instantly. More than that, almost any other source that hasn’t been linked yet, can be expediently activated on-demand, with no extra charges. 
  • Another appreciated the part about is that it avoids any kind of distortions and discrepancies and collects data as it is in its original state. 
  • The frustration of too many tabs and spreadsheets is significantly reduced. 
  • Data updates take place with the required frequency 

 Cons Of

  • There is no SSP currently. As of now, you will work with their support team to set up your dataflow. 
  • Visualization opportunities are also still being improved. That is to say, you can always get your customized report based on your unique data flow, with the metrics you need. But right now, one cannot change the way it looks, except for the columns (for instance, you cannot change colors, themes, etc). Pricing: comes with a free trial for you to decide whether or not you can get on board with its services. But when it comes to the pricing plan, then, unfortunately, there are no free versions of it. Its basic plan starts at 500$. 

Best Alternatives of Just

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🤞Does offer regular report updates?

Absolutely yes, is known widely for the scheduled automated reporting that is obtained on a timely basis.

✔Which sectors can use is specially designed in a way that suits every other commercial sector. It can also be used by non-profit organizations if they need to analyze their digital marketing activities.

Conclusion: How  2022

The early adopters of this platform were very much impressed by its flexibility and the accurate collection of data. can be viewed as one of the most prominent solutions for digital marketing analytics.  

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