How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes When Hosting an Online Webinar

Every minute a brilliant idea is being born in someone’s head, though it doesn’t mean that once you get the idea and launch the webinar to share it with the world, you will succeed and your knowledge will improve someone’s life. A lot of great messages stay “unsent” because of poor webinar organization.

You can either choose a wrong platform for your online training which doesn’t support top-notch audio and video streaming or fail in composing the message; this means you are losing clients. So, how can you avoid common mistakes when hosting a webinar?

Let’s talk about 4 key areas that can make or break the webinar experience for your clients and participants.

How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes When Hosting an Online Webinar

Choosing a Solid Platform 

The same as you can’t paint an outstanding landscape with your toothbrush; you can’t create a great webinar with a tool that wasn’t designed for it. Webinars are about high quality sound and video, they are also about maintaining chat, answers and questions, real time control and ability of sharing different visual aids. Your greatest work will be created using premium webinar service like ClickWebinar, for instances, that is specifically designed for delivering these features while maintaining quality.

Another great advantage of this service is that it supports any platform and any browser; therefore no limits on who you can reach and where. So even if you don’t know which browser or platform your client is going to use, you are calm, because this barrier in your communication was taken away.

Eliminate Any Noise 

Once you have chosen the platform for your future webinar, you have to learn its features properly. It looks awful in client’s eyes when you feel uncertain and fumble around having no idea what button to press to show him something very important.

If you have already developed the screen for your webinar, rehearse it several times with your colleagues to test the features of the software and make sure you maximize the quality of video and sound so nothing that would distract the client form the message. Think about the sounds your clients are going to hear.

If your baby cries or your dog barks against the background of your voice, your clients will definitely have some difficulty trying to grasp the information as these are serious distractions. Listen to your own voice: how audible are you and how well do you speak over this medium?

If you talk like you are proclaiming a graveside oration or reciting a phonebook, you are going to lose your client. Remember that you are talking to real people!

Make your message clear and informative

Planning your Webinar, dissecting it to different steps and having a clear goal is mind helps achieving the most out of it. Spend time rehearsing your message and reviewing your content to have a clear direction for the webinar and to also deliver fluid and easily consumed content. The key here is to be as informative as you can, but not to overwhelm the client with the knowledge.

You have to be sure your client can digest what you say. If you are going to promote the product, avoid heavyweight advertisement. Clients want to consume useful and entertaining information, not ads. There is always something you can enthusiastically tell about the product from your own point of view and from other’s experiences.

There is always a temptation to stuff your clients with knowledge. Take it easy. Remember that the human brain is best able to focus on information over 10 minutes spans. Deliver short messages and then ask if clients want to know more. Offer downloading extra material – in case they want to look at them later.

Engage your clients 

Visual examples, slideshows, short videos, jokes (only suitable, please) keep clients tuned and help them understand your messagenbetter. Boredom is the worst enemy of any webinar! In addition, engaging your clients mean also asking questions and allowing them to provide their own feedback, giving them an open field to express their concerns without judgment.

They should feel that each of their own personal needs and ideas are acceptable for open discussion.

Webinars possess the power to push your business and brands forward if you focus on delivering a professional, informative, useful and entertaining experience for your audience. Starting with these key foundations you’ll be on the right step towards successful seminars and an enriched business.

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