How to Build a Free Website for Your Non-Profit

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It’s probably not the first time you’ve heard this, but building a website for your charity or not-for-profit can provide a huge boost when it comes to raising funds or awareness for the causes you champion.

From updates on your latest campaigns to soliciting donations, right down to providing sharable content that helps your visitors share your message for you, the potential to really make a difference online has never been greater.

Of course, you already know this, but there’s just one thing stopping you from heading out and setting up your own website: The cost After all, aren’t websites expensive, complicated things to set up?

Sure, they can be, but there’s absolutely nothing to say that yours has to be.

With just a few simple tools, you can bring your non-profit to the web without spending a penny.

How to Build a Free Website for Your NonProfit

 Free website builders

Many of the best website builders provide completely free plans, giving you everything you need to set up a website that looks just as good as anything designed by a professional. Try comparing the website builders to see which one suits you the best, visit this site for more details on finding the most suitable website builder.

Though you will need to pay a little bit extra for things like your own domain name ( for example), if you really need to do this without spending anything, you can always do without that, and use a URL which directs people to a subdomain provided by your website builder, such as

Free of complications

Arguably the biggest benefit to these site building tools is that they’re a breeze to use. If you can use the Internet and put together things like PowerPoint presentations, you’ve already got all the skills you need to create your own website.

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Even if PowerPoint is still a step too much for you right now, don’t worry. When you register an account with a website builder, you’ll receive instant access to a wealth of how-to guides and video tutorials guiding you through the whole process.

What you’ll find as you go through these guides is that building your website is no more difficult than dragging and dropping items into place and customising a few things to get your site looking just the way you want it.

To help with the process, you’ll also have access to a wealth of pre-designed, professional looking website themes that you can install on your website with just the click of a mouse.

Themes come in all varieties, and designed to suit any number of specialist interests, so no matter what cause you’re supporting, you’ll be able to build a website that looks just right for the job. What’s more, if you’re not 100% happy with a theme as it stands, you’ll always be able to tweak and modify it until it’s perfect.

Free to do more

In most cases, you’ll also find a vast selection of apps which add extra layers of functionality to your site. Whether you need to create an email newsletter to keep your supporters updated with your campaigns, sell merchandise online as part of your fundraising efforts, or add videos and photo galleries to really get your message across, you can do it all simply be installing and configuring apps provided by your website builder.

So, if the only thing that’s been keeping your charity or not-for-profit away from the web is the cost, with free website builders and the great selection of tools they provide, there’s nothing stopping you from really using the Internet to its full potential in raising funds and awareness for your next campaign.

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