How to Build a Last-Minute Stage Set in a Hurry For Your Customers

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An exhibition stage will need to stand out in a crowd of stalls all vying to get attention from potential new customers and building one quickly might not be ideal but it is possible.

It is essential to ensure a stage set will showcase your product or service and with the key to successful branding being exposure, what better place to expose your brand than at a trade show?

Let’s take a look at what a constructive stage set will need to include and how you can set it up in a short period of time.

How to Build a Last-Minute Stage Set in a Hurry For Your Customers

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Keep it Small & Simple

If you don’t have a long time to plan, then don’t give yourself too much to do as a small stage can be just as efficient as a larger one. Successfully showcasing what you are offering is not about showing off an expendable budget, as clients can be easily wowed by a small space as long as it suits your objective.

The simpler the design, the easier it is to convey your message and as long as your stage is inviting and exciting, it doesn’t need to feature flashing lights and a bellowing sound system.

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Make your Message Clear

You can use posters and signs to promote your brand on stage and the most important thing to focus on when building a stage quickly is making sure that it is easy to see what your message is.

Look at your stand and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it clear what your company name is?
  • Can visitors immediately understand what you are selling?
  • Will people instantly know where to go for more information?
  • Is your brand clearly visible?

When someone looks at your stage, they will want to be able to identify what you are offering them straightaway, who you are and how they can learn more about your brand.

You will have a few seconds to make an intriguing first impression and if you look at your display stand and you can’t immediately see what it is that you are selling, then you need to rework the design.

Check out other popular display stands at the event and don’t be afraid to make some last minute changes if you spot some errors in your initial set up.

Note that it is equally as important not to use too many signs or posters to avoid bombarding your visitors with lots of confusing visuals.

Be Creative

Even in a short amount of time you can still be creative. Some carefully placed lights, a simple speaker system and one screen is enough to entice people in and these things should all be easy to find in your office store room or they can be borrowed from someone you know.

Choose the Best Staff

Having the right staff on hand to present your company to potential customers is imperative. They will need to be knowledgeable about your brand, product or service as well as be communicative, friendly, professional and warm.

Hooking visitors in with a simple yet attractive stand is only the start as once they are interested, the stand becomes null and void and the job of turning a potential client into an actual client is handed over to your team members.

Putting together a great stage at the last minute is achievable as long as you keep the design simple, ensure your message is clear, make sure you creatively lure in potential clients with lights, signs and sounds and finally put your best team out there to secure the deal.

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