How To Build Your Email List And Get To 1000 Subscribers Fast?

 You may get a lot of traffic but it’s useless if you aren’t able to convert that traffic to a source of revenue. What most people do not realize, is that sales do not happen at once. It’s very difficult to convert a raw audience, an audience that has just discovered your website. It takes some nurturing. A relationship needs to be built. That’s where building an email list comes into play.


An email list is profitable, very…

You need not take my word for it. A  McKinsey & Company’s report suggests that email is 40 times more powerful when it comes to acquiring customers compared to social media channels.

Also, 91% of all U.S. consumers use e-mail daily, and the rate at which e-mails prompt purchases is thrice that of social media. The average order value is also 17% higher.

There are many ways to get those elusive 1000 subscribers fast. Most of these ways require some effort from your part, but the results are worth it.

Create a landing page to build your list

A landing page is the first page visitors see when they come to your site. It could also be your homepage. With landing pages there are certain rules that you need to follow for optimum conversion rates.


What are they?

  • There shouldn’t be any mismatch between the heading of the landing page and the heading of the advertisement, if you’re using an advertisement to drive traffic. They should maintain the same scent.
  • The call to action should be crisp, clear and big enough to be easily visible. The color of the button should stand out from the rest of the content.
  • The landing page or homepage copy should be compelling, understand and reflect the needs of your target audience.
  • Whenever possible, direct the attention of the user towards the CTA. Here, you can see the baby looking at the CTA. In a split test it was seen that with the baby looking at the CTA, more people paid attention to it, than would have otherwise.
  • Make the landing page distraction free. There’s only one goal for the landing page. It’s to drive signups. You have not created the landing page to get social media shares, app downloads, or traffic to blogposts. The only goal is to get a lead. Any element that doesn’t contribute to that has to be removed.
  • Use a video on the landing page. Time and again, different case studies show a positive correlation between video on page and conversion rates.

An example to drive home the benefits

Let’s have a look at the landing page copy and different elements on the page by Unbounce. The landing page spells out the benefits of the service that Unbounce offers. It’s easy to read. It has small green check marks on the left that drives attention to the point.

Scrolling further, we can witness customer testimonials from recognizable names in the industry. The testimonials spell out specific benefits creating an imagery of increased revenues and less time spent as potential benefits.


They also have a video. The video not only has a call to action which can improve view rates but it’s just under 2 minutes. Mentioning that on the video improves the view rates further according to studies.

All in all, the landing page is a good example of making use of all available resources to the best.

Use pop-ups to drive conversions

A pop-up is one of the most popular ways to drive sign-ups these days. Some marketers call it a distraction that drives away visitors but others swear by the benefits of a pop-up.

Truth be told, I’d say pop-ups definitely improve sign-ups. Unlike sidebar opt-in boxes, this isn’t something visitors can ignore sub-consciously.


And they can be made less irritating. It’s advisable not to show the pop-up on every page or blogpost. Also, most pop-up softwares are intelligent in that they don’t display them to subscribers (people who have already signed up). But it has its drawbacks. If for example, the person visits the site from a different computer or different internet provider the pop-up will get displayed again.

Chiefly, the one that boasts most conversions is the exit intent pop-up.

The exit intent pop-up pops up when the visitor is about to leave the site. What’s interesting is that, since the visitor is already about to leave, the pop-up doesn’t make a negative impact on the site’s metrics like bounce rates.

Heck, you may even get a lead.

Offer Content upgrades

A content upgrade is anything that goes into more detail on an existing piece of content. You can offer it as an upgrade to a popular post.

For example, sometime ago, I wrote a post on 120 sites that pay for guest posting. It has become very popular amongst freelance writers. I can now offer a content upgrade that goes along with the main topic and something that could be appealing to the visitors. For example, a content upgrade that lists out the best places for finding easy freelance writing gigs, or a content upgrade on starting a $5000/month content writing business.

I am sure it would have a lot of takers.

If you have a popular blogpost you can offer content upgrades to easily drive sign-ups. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, just that you need to be able to create something valuable similar to the existing post at hand.

Concluding thoughts

I hope you found the post useful. Email marketing generates more in revenue than any other platform for every dollar spent.

Building an email list is one of the smartest decisions you can take today for earning higher revenues tomorrow. Google can penalize your blog, your webhost can take your site down, but your email list never lets you down.

Do let us know in the comments below if you found any useful tricks to drive higher number of sign-ups to your list.

Author bio

George is a freelance writer by profession. In a career spanning over five years, he has created content for notable startups, content marketing agencies and popular Conversion Optimization blogs. You can see more of his posts on his blog

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  1. Thanks for your excellent article. It is really a helpful article. I want to build my own Email list. I get an interesting idea from your article.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful post. Popup is one of the best technique to build your email list. I am using this and see some increment in the email list. Landing page is also one of the best technique to drive email subscription.

  3. Thanks for the ultimate tips folk. Really helpful !

  4. Die casting mold

    Thanks for this wonderful post. Popup is one of the best technique to build your email list. I am using this and see some increment in the email list. Landing page is also one of the best technique to drive email subscription.

  5. Anamika

    Thanks for this sharing this information

  6. Tushar P.

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful article.

  7. George, I love the actionable tips on building subscribers list, But I know you didn’t discuss much if any about Inbox Placement.

    I know Email Marketing is a long-term strategy, but people should always run tests to see what works best for their target audience.

    One thing that I recommend that working on Inbox placement is also very critical; after all you want your best work to be available in your user’s inbox.
    Inbox Placement Checklist:
    1. Content Verification (Text)
    The body of the email should not have any spam words or spam links to misguide users.

    2. Html Coding
    Email template should be designed using plain HTML codes only.

    3. Campaign Platform
    No matter what is the size of your database, your email service provider or the platform from where you want to execute the campaign should be a genuine and with a good reputation.

    4. Setting-up campaign platform with the Authentication process
    You should have a proper domain and IP reputation setup in place.

    5. Reputation Check
    You should have a neat and clean background with no %spam complaints and blacklisting. If you do, fix that before you execute your next email campaign.

    6. Database Hygiene check (Validation)
    Gone are the days when users used to stick with one emails of Hotmail or Yahoo, Now since Google offering so many flexibility with emails, It has become quite challenging to make sure your database is clean with all effective emails.
    You need to run a proper validation check on your email database every 90 days from acquisition. If you have any complain of hard bounces or dead emails above 10%, it might affect your campaigns badly.

    Look at for step by step guide to plan Email Campaign that hits your user’s Inbox.


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