How to Choose the Right Business Software for Your Organization

Software reviews can sometimes be incredibly useful. In other cases, however, they’re next to useless. Finding good evaluations of software aimed at entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses and freelancers can be tough, simply because there’s so much marketing noise mixed in with the reviews that are actually useful.

cloudswave Choose the Right Business Software for Your Organization

The  Cloudswave Score is a software rating system that might help small business owners and freelancers to determine whether or not a piece of software is right for them and their business. Here’s some information on how it works.


Aggregate Opinions

The use of the word “cloud” in  Cloudswave Score is not accidental. This score is derived from many different software reviews, all by experts, which provide a means to determine an aggregate score.

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Having that score gives you a way to get an overview of what experts thought of the software, how it performed and, by doing so, helps you to get an idea of whether or not the software is really worth your money.

There are significant reasons why you’ll want to use the  Cloudswave Score as a measure of whether or not a software offering is worth the money charged for it.

More than One or Two

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Taking a look at the Goanimate review on Cloudswave reveals that there are 16 reviews that went into garnering the software and aggregate 9.2 out of 10 rating. With 16 different experts trying the software, it makes it very likely that the software has been tried under various conditions, on different computers with different capabilities and so forth.

This makes the review a lot more useful.

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The Smartsheet review on the same page has even more opinions that went into getting it a very high score; 82 out of 100 from experts. There were 29 experts that contributed reviews of the software, which means that their determinations are likely very trustworthy, as well.

Evernote reviews can be found all over the Internet, but the  Cloudswave Score for this very well-known software gives it a 78 out of 100 rating based on 127 reviews by experts.

Even though it may be easy to find reviews of this particular software, the Cloudswave Score makes those reviews more useful by combining them with other reviews and coming up with an average, allowing you to quickly discern whether or not the software lives up to the hype it may have gotten on one site or deserves the negative reviews it may have gotten on another.


Easy to Read

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 Cloudswave Score gives you a color-coded review, which makes it easy to visually assess whether or not you want to go any further in reading reviews and investigating a piece of software. The fact that the reviews are aggregates is also important, because it’s fair to the software being reviewed.

If a simple video editing program is tested by an expert who specializes in advanced video editing software, it’s likely that the review is going to reflect the fact that they are accustomed to working with something a bit more powerful.

Conversely, if a reviewer has only worked with very low powered video editing software in the past, it’s likely that any review they do of something a bit more powerful is going to be glowing, perhaps a bit more than the software deserves

 Cloudswave Score is more objective. Rather than having to go through potentially hundreds of Internet pages looking at reviews before you decide whether or not to buy software, you can look at one review in one place and get an aggregate number that gives you a very good idea of how good the software is.

By reading the featured reviews, you can see whether or not the software is good for you and your needs, as well.

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