How To Create an Email List With The Best Services 2024: Which One Should You Choose?

In this post, we will provide You How to Create an Email List With The Best Services 2024, lets start

Building an engaged and active email list should always be the top priority for most businesses today. However, the question here is ‘how.’ When building an email list, you will find many tools to help you do the same, which we discussed in this article.

One of the most important tips for website owners is never to underestimate the power of building an engaged email list.

This list will be the first to receive new product launches, webinar invitations, blog posts, and special offers. These people will be brand advocates or loyal fans, so they will likely convert.

What Are Some Best Services To Create An Email List?

Some of the best services that you can use to create an email list are:

1. Sleeknote

Sleeknote is an amazing tool to help you put popups and slide-ins on your website. This tool is known to be one of the best popup builders in the market today.

Sleeknote: How To Create an Email List With The Best Services

With the help of this tool, you can easily design any type of content with no problems.

This tool offers various unique features. For instance, the page-specific targeting feature allows you to add personalized on-page messages to the target audience at the right time.

The tool is also Google policy-compliant, which means it follows the Google interstitials policies. This means that you can convert your mobile visitors to email leads without experiencing any Google penalties.

2. Outgrow

Are you familiar with interactive content? If yes, you know that we all love them. Outgrow is one of the best tools for creating the best interactive content.

Outgrow How To Create an Email List With The Best Services

For instance, you can create various types of content like e-commerce recommendations, surveys, chatbots, calculators, and quizzes.

One of the best aspects of this tool is that it is very easy to understand and use. You will be provided access to a drag-and-drop interface, which means that you can create interactive content even if you have no prior knowledge of coding.

You will be provided with a wide range of templates that only follow modern design principles and practices.

You will also be provided with the choice to customize the designs so that you can create something that will suit the requirements of your business. You will also be provided analytics of the performance of your content.

3. SignalHire

SignalHire is also a tool that can create a fantastic email list. It allows you access to a huge number of contacts that include their full name, position, company, location, spoken language, recruitment stage, a brief summary, and a list of e-mails and phone numbers. You read that right, it includes an email search tool. 

SignalHire - Find Email Tool

If you want up-to-date business contact information and verified e-mails, it’s one of the best choices. And there’s a free trial, so you can see if it’s the right fit for your needs.

The Google Chrome Extension makes things even easier because it helps with hard-to-locate e-mails, improving the speed of your workflows.

4. AddThis

AddThis is a free tool to help you create list-building sliders, popups, and banners. You can add this tool to the top or bottom of your page, which will keep flashing the CTA.

AddThisHow To Create an Email List With The Best Services

However, you need not worry – it will not affect your user experience. Similarly, the popups and sliders will not annoy the users since you have the choice to set the parameters.

Using AddThis is very easy. You do not have to be a developer; all you need to do is place the code on the web pages and wait for the results. The tool will also analyze the content performance and will keep sending you weekly reports.

5. Free Form Maker by HubSpot

The Free Form Maker by HubSpot is an amazing marketing tool with many features, like an email search tool. With this tool’s help, you can acquire relevant information about the site visitors.

Free Form Maker by HubSpot

Once the data is stored in the CRM, you can create personalized welcome and follow-up emails based on the information.

The tool is quite easy to use, thanks to the drag-and-drop feature. You will be able to embed and customize the forms with no hassles. You do not require any coding knowledge to use this tool. All the relevant data can be collected via the customizable form fields.

The Form Maker will also sync all the contact details automatically from the CRM, which will help you send follow-up emails based on the available information.

6. Picreel

If you want to build a contact list for clients that leave your website, Picreel is considered the best choice.

Picreel Overview

Picreel is an amazing tool that you can use to create popups to grab the attention of the users and acquire contact information. This tool provides special discounts and leads magnets so that you can achieve your goals quickly.

You will have access to more than 100 templates to make the changes according to your needs without creating anything yourself. The A/B Testing feature will help you create or select better popups with more engaging designs, CTAs, and copies.

Picreel is also fitted with exit-intent technology, which means that the tool can detect the exit intent of the site visitors. Therefore, you will be able to create exit popups to help grab the attention of the users.

7. LeadPages

If you want to build an email list quickly, then LeadPages is considered the best tool. To quickly build an email list, you will have to dedicate some landing pages focusing on your opt-in.

Leadpages Overview



Apart from helping create these landing pages, you can create alert bars, popups, and opt-in texts.

The tool is straightforward to understand and use. You can add a timer to your website to entice the visitor to make a quick decision. You will also be provided with analytics to make the best decisions. You will also get real-time conversion tips, and A/B split test.

8. Wishpond

Wishpond is another great list-building tool that can help you create a wide range of things like popups, landing pages, promotions, contests, etc.

You will be provided with a robust lead management system to help you segment, track, and manage your leads.

WishPond overview

This tool is fitted with a wide range of features. For instance, you can retain customers and nurture your leads automatically. Additionally, the tool sends hot leads to your sales team in real-time.

Wishpond also offers the referral suite feature, enabling you to run bonus contests to increase user engagement and embed leaderboards.

You will also be able to analyze your campaigns in real-time and get done with A/B Testing. The tool is easy to understand and use, so you will not require any prior coding knowledge or skills.

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Final Thoughts: How to Create an Email List With The Best Services

Overall, these email list-building tools are critical if you want to increase the number of email subscribers for your e-commerce platform. With the help of the right tools, you will be able to engage with your visitors, thereby driving and converting them into loyal customers.

Once you manage to entice the new subscribers, you will also be able to get them to sign up for your website. All these tools mentioned in this article will help you convey the right messages to your target audiences at the right time, thereby helping you grow your email list.

If you have more suggestions or questions, you can drop them in the comment section below. We will get back with the answer quickly.

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